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Healing Acne Naturally


At age 13 I had acne so severe it ruined my life. Junior High School, which is now called Middle School, is an important transition time as we move from childhood to young adulthood.


At age 12 when I started Junior High I had a clear complexion and was very popular with the girls and a class clown and leader. Around the time of my 13th birthday I began to get acne or zits as we called them back then.


This devastated my confidence and I hated going to school on Mondays because my face was full of zits and blackheads. I started to lose my self-confidence and became more quiet and subdued and not out-going.


My grades all dropped, due to missing school, and I no longer was the straight A student I was in fifth and sixth grade.


I had acne all through junior high and high school, until it started to clear up in my senior year a bit, but by that time I had scars all over my face, and worse I was scarred inside, in my being, for life.


All of this could have been prevented. If I knew what to eat I could have prevented having acne. So, I am writing this to the children (teens) who are 12 and 13, or even 14, 15, 16 and 17 and to their parents who are desperately trying to find a remedy for their pain.


Vegetables and fruits, and yogurt and cottage cheese, in combination with short juice fasts would have saved my face from acne.


At that time nuts and fried foods like french fries were infamous for causing acne so I cut them out at age 13. It did help somewhat, because I could feel the pimples grow any time I ate nuts or fried foods.


No grains like bread, or pasta, or muffins or cookies, is a very hard diet for a child of 12 or 13, but the scars of acne are much worse than giving-up some food groups.


No nuts, seeds, grains, bread, buns, rolls, pizza, cookies, muffins, chocolate bars, candy, pasteurized fluid milk is hard for a child but the pain of acne with its physical and psychological scarring is worse.


The diet is fresh salads of lettuce, grated carrot, tomato, spinach dressed with yogurt dressing seasoned with herbs and garlic and topped with cottage cheese or grated natural cheese. Also steamed vegetables like broccoli, string beans, cauliflower and kabocha squash are eaten. No baked potatoes, or fried potatoes. Kabocha squash is the best tasting cooked squash. It can be steamed or baked quickly.


As your fat to dress the cooked vegetables, use butter or sour cream. Herbs both fresh and dried, garlic and lemon are the seasonings.


Fresh green vegetables and cooked starchy vegetables dressed with plain, natural yogurt seasoned with herbs and garlic and cheese are the basis of the diet.


Fruits also are eaten before the salad. Wait about 15 minutes until the fruit digests and then eat salad and cooked vegetables.


The best fruits to eat, in moderation, are fresh figs, cherries, plums, peaches, grapes and grape juice, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, sweet grated apples and cooked apple sauce, watermelons and melons.


Avoid dates, dried fruit, bananas and citrus fruits since they damage your teeth. Don't eat excess fruit, just a moderate amount is eaten before the vegetables and dairy products. Drink juices, if thirsty, before the fruits.


Start the diet with a short fast of one day.


To start the fast take the laxative sen or senna in bulk herb form by boiling a handful in 2 and a half cups of water boiled down to 1 cup and then filter out the herb fiber. 


Skip breakfast and drink coconut water, freshly juiced vegetable juice, bottled V-8 juice, grape juice Welch's etc., and steam distilled water herb tea, early grey tea etc with stevia sweetener.


If you clean out the bowels with a laxative first and then drink delicious juices when weak or hungry, the fast will be very enjoyable and you won't miss eating at all.


Fast from breakfast on the first day, then skip lunch, dinner (drinking juice or V-8 vegetable juice) then go to sleep fasting, which is where the real healing and cleansing occurs.


If you are not hungry when you wake up do not eat solid food. When needed take some juice. Listen to your body when it is time to eat. It may be later in the morning or at noon, just listen, tune-in to your body.


Try to do the one day fast once a week if possible, in order to keep the body internally clean and healthy.


Sometimes you will look forward to your fast, because you are completely resting and you feel great after it's over.


Fasting and prayer was the remedy given in the Bible for what ails the body and soul.


Fasting and prayer and a diet of fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables supplemented with natural yogurt and cheese will heal acne and many other diseases.


Cooked starches cause so many ills. Cooked potato, cooked rice, French fries, corn chips, bread, muffins, cookies are all cooked starch which is known to enter the tissues and clog the capillaries directly from the stomach by the process of persorption.


Nuts and seeds are laden with highly oxidizable oil which goes rancid or oxidizes in your body. You are best eating range fed chickens, if you have to have some meat, but it's best to avoid it since cheese and yogurt are better sources of protein than any meat and also they provide calcium and the vitamins A, D, and K which are non existent in non animal foods.


This regimen will heal acne. It is a strict diet, but enjoyable once you get used to it.


Make the effort, and avoid all the suffering I went through for  6 years as a teenager. Avoid the permanent scars on your face and to your psyche by doing one day fasts and adopting a natural vegetable, fruit and cultured milk diet.


Read The Healing God Spell of Saint John to find out more about fasting and the diet.


In addition to diet there are vitamins.


How I Cured My Acne with Pantothenic Acid

(Vitamin B5)

Having Severe Acne Really is No Fun


"I read the usual stuff about antibiotics, Accutane, herbal remedies and various over the counter ointments and creams. "Been there, done that, tried that, doesn't work", I thought.


I clicked to the next page and my eyes fell upon an article on a study that had been done in Singapore with a group of people of Chinese descent who had acne.


The participants were aged from 10 to 30 years old. The study talked about how Dr. Lit-Hung Leung (the doctor responsible for the study) had given the participants 10 grams of Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) every day in 4 divided doses. They were also given a cream to use which contained 20% Pantothenic Acid.


Within a few weeks, almost every participant in the study had reduced their acne significantly or cured it altogether. They also noticed an enormous difference in oil production (sebum) on their skin and markedly smaller pores.


After reading the article, I looked on line and discovered that Pantothenic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin.


What this means is that you can take just about as much as you want without any overdose problems as, whatever your body doesn't need, is simply eliminated in your urine. Obviously, from everything I read online, there was no danger in trying the large doses of the vitamin. So, I tried it.


I went to the drugstore and bought a huge bottle of Pantothenic Acid and took my first dose. I started off by taking 10 grams (twenty 500mg pills) every day. Within 3 days of beginning the treatment, I began to notice my pores were smaller.


The amount of oil my skin was producing was also less. As you could normally run a small car off the amount of oil my skin produced daily, this in itself was a huge development. Then, within the week, new acne stopped appearing all over my body and old acne began to heal.


One month later, I had completely clear skin. Clear skin on my face, my chest, my arms and my back. After over 20 years of severe acne, you can only imagine how this made me feel.


I have since continued to take the Pantothenic Acid. After about 6 months of staying with the 10grams a day amount, I gradually decreased it down to 4 grams (8 500mg pills) and that's what I continue to take daily as a maintenance dose to maintain my clear skin.


I do notice if I forget to take the pills for a few days, my skin begins to erupt again. Going right back to taking the pills gets rid of the acne quickly though."


Dr. Leung's study by reading his published paper at





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