The Upward and Downward Spiral




From Fragments of a Faith Forgotten  by G.R.S. MEAD:


      Doubt is regarded as a downward tendency, a path downward to even 

more dense and gross states of existence than the physical; while supplication

(prayer, repentance, or aspiration) is regarded as a path upwards to the Heaven-



She [first] feared, then grieved, then doubted, and then flew for refuge to prayer

and supplication.


Here is Christ's response to the doubt and fear of John:

He said to me, “John, why doubt?

Why be afraid? Don’t you know this image?

Be not afraid. I am with you (plural) always.

I am the Father The Mother The Son

I am the incorruptible Purity.

I have come to teach you

About what is And what was

And what will be

In order for you to understand

The invisible world

And the world that is visible

And the immovable race of perfect humanity.

Raise your head;

Understand my lessons;

Share them with any others who have received the spirit,

Who are from the immovable race of perfect humanity.”


note: The downward spiral of the alcoholic, drug addict, rebellious youth and the

sexual libertine come to mind. The downward spiral comes from doubt; doubt that

you are a divine human emanation in essence, doubt of your spiritual pneumatic

self in the divine order of the spirit realm.

The ogdoad or eight is the Father, the Mother, the Son, Mind, Adamas, Eve, Seth

and Seth's mate. Adam, Eve, Seth and Mate are the four first humans in the

pleroma spirit realm.

We are among these humans, all created equal in divine spark.

When you ''hit bottom'', you repent through prayer and supplication which allows

you to aspire to a higher realm. It can happen on a large scale in your life over

months or years or on a small scale within a day.

I have been singing in my mind Save Me by Aimee Mann over and over, and I did

not know why. The song is a prayer, a supplication. To look for salvation from

another lover or any human is like looking into another's eyes to see the totality

of the infinite, it just does not make it, compared to prayer to Christ and the


In some cases doubt can lead to an upward spiral through release of the

physical, world order, which is really chaos in disguise; the order of religious,

political and economic power on the earth today.

Doubting these crusty old institutions can lead to freedom from the mundane and

rising to the Real pleroma realm. In the sixties the youth rebelled against the

man, the conventional order, but it often fell into drug abuse and sexual



The desire to get high is a valid emotion trying to spiral up, but psychedelic drugs

are in the psyche level not the spirit level and you always come down afterward.

They also take a toll on your body, wasting its vital life essence. Prayer or

supplication for Divine Aid combined with fasting (one or two days on living water)

is the truest way to spiral up to higher realms.

Being born again as a christian is a turning point but then one doubts the validity

of the conventional christian order, but finds it again in the inner essene teachings

allowing one to spiral up on the escalator of supplication, prayer and faith.


How Sophia is Saved

From her chaotic state she is rescued by the Divine Power from above, the

synthesis of the powers of the intelligible or noetic universe.

Chaos becomes cosmos; un-order (becomes) order.

The "passions" (fear, grief, doubt and supplication) are separated from her, and

she is purified and remains above, while the passions contract into denser

phases of substance, constituting the sensible universe.

Above them broods the Power, the representative of the three highest planes

(the intelligible universe or Plērōma) and of the One beyond, the Supreme Deity.

This Divine Power is called the Common Fruit.

The four "passions" (fear, grief, doubt and supplication) are separated from

Sophia, and she remains as the substance of the highest of the lower planes.

Fear and grief become the substances of the psychic and hylic (or physical)

planes respectively.

note: our essential essence is Thought. And Foreknowledge - Incorruptibility -

Life Everlasting - Truth and so fear, grief, doubt and supplication are fallen

emotions since they did not exist before in the pleroma or spirit realm i.e.


Nonetheless we experience these emotions being in physical bodies and psychic

minds, living on an impermanent island in space and time, thus the need for

supplication and asking for aid from the pure spirit world.

She, Barbelo, asked the virgin Spirit for foreknowledge (prognosis).

The Spirit agreed. Foreknowledge came forth and stood by Providence

[This one came through the Invisible Virgin Spirit’s Thought.]

Foreknowledge gave glory to the Spirit



Moreover, he says, the psychic substance is of a fiery nature, and they call it

[Middle] Space and Hebdomad and Ancient of Days.

note: (Earth is our physical world and physical body of which our psyche or

brain/ego mix with, although the pneumatic part or spirit spark like sophia never

mixed with the material. So we are a mix of animal lower psyche and a higher 

pneumatic being, your true or higher self.

And whatever other statements of this kind they make concerning this [space],

they [in reality] refer to the [cosmic] psychic substance, which they declare to

be the fabricative power of the [physical] world.

And it is of a fiery nature. Moses also, says the writer, declares, 'The Lord, thy

God, is fire burning and consuming,' for thus he would have it written."

"As, therefore, proceeding from the psychic substance, [and not from an aeon or

plērōma], the first and greatest power [of the Sensible World] was an image,

[and not a plērōma, namely the Workman (Demiurge); while the power

proceeding from the material substance or 'grief' was] the Accuser (Diabolus), the

ruler of this world.


"[The power, moreover, which proceeds] from the elemental [or damonian]

substance, that is to say 'doubt,' is Beelzeboul.


"[And] Wisdom herself energises from above, from the Ogdoad, as far as the



[For] they say that the Workman knows nothing at all, but is, according to them,

mindless and foolish, and knows not really what he does or works.


Owing to his ignorance Wisdom energised and strengthened for him everything

he made; and, though it was she who had done so, he imagined it was himself

who had of himself achieved the fabrication of the universe, and so he began to

say: 'I am God, and beside me there is no other.'


all excerpts From Fragments of a Faith Forgotten by G.R.S Mead;



a Prayer;

Still upwards and inwards are they to soar to the Space of the Great Light which

surrounds or The Great Light. transcends the outer Treasure of Light itself. Ieouis

there too, he is the Great Light; this is the Second or inner Light Treasure.

The guardians will open the Gates and they will pass into the Orders of the Triple

Powers of the Second Light Treasure; thence inwards to the twelfth Order of the

twelfth Great Power of the emanation of the True God.

There are twelve Great Powers with twelve Chiefs in each of their Orders (of which

the authentic names are given). These Twelve will stand apart in this Space and

invoke the True God with this "Name" (? prayer), saying:

Invocation to the True God."Hear us, O Father, Father of all fatherhood [Here

follows a sentence in the mystery-language containing four of the vowels each

seven times repeated--with the interpretation: That is to say, Father of all

fatherhood, for the All hath come out of the Alpha, and will return to the Ōmega

when the consummation of all consummations will take place.]

We will now invoke Thy imperishable Names that Thou mayest send forth Thy

great Light-power, and that it follow these Twelve Uncontainables [that is to say,

the twelve disciples], for they have verily received the Mystery of the Forgiveness

of Sins, and therefore are they not to be held back from approaching Thy Light-


Thereon the True God will send forth his Light-power; it will shine forth from

behind the disciples, and cause all the Treasures of the Second Light-realm

to withdraw, and they will reach the Space of the True God.





The Origin of the Negative Emotions:

The four passions; Fear, Grief, Doubt, Supplication.  

also described as Fear, (Shock), Grief (Sadness, Mourning), Doubt or

Bewilderment (Confusion), Supplication, Repentance, Prayer (guilt,

shame, your conscience bothering you).


                             All of Which Arose Out of Ignorance


The account we are mainly using offers at this point the following series of

emotions: grief, because she could not get hold of the light;

fear, lest besides the light also life might leave her;

bewilderment, added to these; and all of them united in the basic quality of

ignorance (itself counted as an "affection").

And still another state of mind ensued: the turning (conversion)

toward the Giver of Life.

"This, then, became the composition
and substance of Matter, of which this world consists; from the
turning back, all the Soul of the world and of the Demiurge took
its origin; from fear and grief, the rest had its beginning."


Consequences of the Crisis. Function of the Limit

The passion and recovery of the Sophia have an effect reaching
outside the Pleroma.

The formless entity to which in her striving
for the impossible she gave birth is the objectivation of her
own passion; and at the sight of it, and reflecting upon her fate,
she is moved by varying emotions: grief, fear, bewilderment,
shock and repentance.

Pleroma - the Gnostic concept of the spiritual world, representing the fullness of

the Divine Being and the eons emanating therefrom.

Eon - (Gnosticism) a divine power or nature emanating from the Supreme Being
and playing various roles in the operation of the universe.                             

note: operation of the pleroma not the material universe

These emotions too become embodied in the
formlessness, and their complete series, developed in ever-new variations
by the individual thinkers, plays an important ontological
role in the system: "From here, from the ignorance, the grief, the
fear and the shock, material substance took its first beginning"
(Iren. I. 2. 3).


"It was this ignorance concerning the Father which
produced Anguish and Terror.

Anguish became dense like a fog, so that no one could see.

Therefore Error became fortified [i.e., assumed subsistence].

It elaborated its own Matter in the Void"

(GT 17. 9-16).


This is the materialization or hypostasization of ignorance, or the creation

of the material world.


The actual transition to matter occurs only in the stage represented by the lower

Sophia, when we shall deal with it.


The first Sophia as we have heard was purified and steadied by the
Limit and reunited with her consort, and thus the integrity of the
Pleroma was restored.

But her Intention, once conceived and having
become effective, cannot be just undone:


together with the Passion caused by it, it is separated from her and, while she

herself remains within the Pleroma, is by the Limit cast outside it.


As the natural impulse of an Aeon, this detached complex of mental
states is now a hypostatized spiritual substance, but a formless and
shapeless one, being an "abortion" brought forth without conception.


hy·pos·ta·tize  (h-pst-tz)
tr.v. hy·pos·ta·tized, hy·pos·ta·tiz·ing, hy·pos·ta·tiz·es
To ascribe material existence to.
[From Greek hupostatos, placed under, substantial, from huphistasthai, to stand under, exist : hupo, beneath; see hypo- + histasthai, middle voice of histanai, to set, place;

see epistasis.]

hy·posta·ti·zation (-t-zshn) n.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright

©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


excerpts from The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas



note: Sophia had a consort, opposite companion like Adam and Eve, but she

acted out of envious desire to be equal to God and emanate a being without a



She was the last aeon to be emanated and the farthest from the light and thus

the weakest of the aeons. She, Sophia, was also the closest to the dark, evil

realm and thus the easiest for the dark forces to seduce.


This reconciles the Iranian Gnosis of Mani and the Zoroastrians with the Syrian

Egyptian Gnosis of the Valentinians et al.


Sophia is seduced by Ahriman and his demons as the first attack on the realm of

Light. Sophia is then saved by God and her failure is walled off to the material



Our earthly, material world is a mix of darkness and Light wherein Jesus the

Spiritual Son of God comes with his Angels and Humans to free the light trapped

in the Darkness.


Encyclopedia Britannica: Ahriman, Avestan Angra (Angry) Mainyu (“Destructive Spirit”),  the evil spirit in the dualistic doctrine of Zoroastrianism.

His essential nature is expressed in his principal epithet—Druj, “the Lie.” The Lie expresses itself as greed, wrath, and envy.

To aid him in attacking the light, the good creation of Ahura Mazdā (the Good God), the Wise Lord, Ahriman created a horde of demons embodying envy and similar qualities.

Despite the chaos and suffering effected in the world by his onslaught, believers expect Ahriman to be defeated in the end of time by Ahura Mazdā. Confined to their own realm, his demons will devour each other, and his own existence will be quenched.



So every emanated being has a twin partner of the opposite gender, male and female, except God Who emanates without a partner. God cannot be completely known by humans or aeons. Only Christ His Son can truly know God and even then he is subordinate to God and thus is not equal to Him. We can know Christ and through Christ indirectly know God.


God is totality undivided unity. He emanated Barbelo first also called Man, so the

Son of Man is Christ. This is the tripartate trinity. Christ asked for his companion

and Mind was Emanated giving Four.


Then the Human Adamas was emanated and you have 5, Eve 6, then

the first couple emanated Seth and his partner making 8. This is the

Ogdoad which means 8.




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