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The Roots of the hippy movement of the 60's was in the early German naturists.

The first nature boys were Adam and then Seth his son in Eden.

Buddha lived in mango groves in India. John lived on the wild fruits of the desert in the Holy Land.

Read the Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus also to get an understanding of the roots of the Naturist's back to Eden movement. Paradisian means paradise like, living the life of paradise. 


Children of the Sun
Gordon Kennedy
"Children of the Sun" (1998) is a pictorial anthology from Germany to California...1883-1949, and includes short biographies of 16 individuals and 4 social reform movements. But the story is told mostly through the 144 photos, both color and black and white.

It clearly describes the important links between the German health and nature pioneers, and their latter day California counterparts.

One of a kind compilation this work reveals the true origins of the alternative and natural lifestyles which eventually took root on American soil and have become the huge phenomenon that they are today.




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