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Johnny Lovewisdom (born John Wierlo; July 23, 1919 – October 12, 2000), also known as the "Hermit Saint of the Andes",[1][2] was an American-Finnish author who wrote about diet, health, natural living, religion, and spirituality.



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Johnny Lovewisdom originally promoted a strict fruit diet but later changed it to the "Vitarian" diet with vegetables, raw yogurt, clabber, kefir and avocado. Experimenting with many diets throughout his life, including a diet of papaya leaf salads with clabber, which he claimed healed an avascular tumor,[3] he also promoted "Modern Live Juice Therapy", breatharianism (the idea that humans do not need food or water and can live on "spiritual energy" alone.[4]), aquarianism (water fasting), heliovorism (solarism), and a number of other unusual "lifestyle" diets. He suffered from paralysis, poor eyesight and neurological problems, which he claimed to be a result of working as a farm laborer in the pesticide contaminated orchards of California.[5]



In 1938, he made plans to emigrate to South America to avoid being conscripted as a soldier in World War 2.[6] In 1944 a U.S. newspaper article reported how in 1940 a group of young Americans including Lovewisdom and the Windish family (including Marian, James, Dick and Fred Windish) set out to found a nature colony in the equatorial forest.[7] The article, which was to be titled Father Of The New Age, depicted Lovewisdom as the biological father of the New Age and New Race, even though he wanted nothing to do with the scheme. The reporter later changed the title to Danger In Paradise. There were two previous articles, Dec.,1942, and May,1943. In those, he mentioned that Marian Windish grew up with her brothers in White Pigeon, Michigan. Their farm was sold in 1940 to John W. Boughan. They moved to Florida. There, Marian Windish met Walter Siegmeister (1903-1965) at her college. He told her of his dream to make a super-race who worship the sun. When Siegmeister met Lovewisdom in Ecuador in 1941, they spoke of plans for creating a paradisian utopia and a super-race in the Ecuadorean jungle, but Lovewisdom later stated that he only wanted to begin what he called a Propitiatory Shelter for the Apocalyptic Camp of the Saints.[6][8]




In the 1960s, Lovewisdom lived as a hermit in the mountain crater lake, Quilotoa, in Ecuador,[9][10] which he felt would shield residents from nuclear fallout.[11] This was further documented in Lovewisdom's book Ecstatic Recreation Thru Paradisiacal Living where he invited 'paradisians', to build a 'camp of saints' in Quilotoa.
An article about Vilcabamba - an 'island of immunity' from cardiovascular disease, in Reader's Digest ignited Lovewisdom's interest, besides its abundant fruit varieties, so he moved there from Otavalo in the north of Ecuador. Dr. David Davies of University College London, and Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard University, both gerontologists, visited Lovewisdom due to his many articles on the longevity of the Vilcabamban people.


Lovewisdom believed himself to be the reincarnation of Ananda (the primary disciple of Buddha), Milarepa and John the Baptist.[12] As the official successor to Kuthumi Lal Singh,[13] Tashi Lama and Maha Chohan, he founded the International University of Natural Living at Vilcabamba, Ecuador in 1962 with its credo "build paradise and eat the fruits thereof" and correspondence school which issued the degree 'Doctor of Vitalogical Science' or D.Vit.Sci., and Ph.D in Philosophy and Agronomy. He founded the "Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection", a religious order, which was registered with the Ecuadorean government, and later founded the International University of the Vitalogical Sciences.[14]



The early 20th century nature cure movement inspired authors such as Walter Siegmeister, Theos Bernard and Johnny Lovewisdom. Siegmeister told of his search for the safest place on Earth from radioactive fallout in order to build a paradise,[15] an idea later developed by Lovewisdom in Handbook on Radioactive Nuclear Fallout. Lovewisdom's many beliefs were documented in Viktoras Kulvinskas' Survival Into The 21st Century in the 1970s, which sold over a million copies.

In 1998, near the end of his life, inspired by Spanish fruitarians who visited him, he returned to promoting a strict juicy fruitarian diet, which he called the "Vitarian Fruit-Salad Diet", described in The Ascensional Science of Spiritualizing Fruitarian Dietetics (1999). His low fat stance was also corroborated by Dr. Corwin Samuel West of the International Academy of Lymphology,[16] Dr. Douglas N. Graham who warned against high raw fat diets[17], Otto Carque [18] and Arnold Ehret.[19] Johnny Lovewisdom returned to living food, lacto-vegetarian diet after failing to thrive on a strict fruit diet. Lovewisdom died in Quito, aged 81.



Lovewisdom produced many books in English and Spanish on esoteric dietetics in religion, history and metaphysics. From the 1990s, Lovewisdom's books were published by Paradisian Publications, San Francisco.



Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism (also called Vitarianism: Spiritualized Dietetics), where he promoted a raw food diet called Vitarianism, which included raw fruit, raw yogurt and vegetables.
The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus explains John the Baptist's fruitarian diet as written in the original Syriac Peshito Scriptures and handed down through the centuries, through direct translation into English from the original Aramaic tongue spoken by Jesus and recorded by John. The translation showed how words in Aramaic lexicons, have dual or triple meanings, and how previous translators such as Edmund Bordeaux Szekely in The Essene Gospel Of Peace, used imprecise definitions, ascribing a biogenic diet to John and the Essenes, instead of a frugivorous one (frugivorous means fruit, vegetables and a protein source which in John's case was grass-fed dairy products like yogurt and cheese). The 2004 edition featured a new Appendix entitled The Healing Transition Diet.
The Ascensional Science Of Spiritualizing Fruitarian Dietetics, his penultimate book, where he promoted the juicy fruitarian diet which excluded fat-rich fruits.[20]
Truth About Healing, his final book, on diet and natural health, the problems of alternative medicine, and the dangers of nuclear fallout.
Maitreya: The New Age World Teacher: The Lovewisdom Autobiography (2 Volumes). His life-story is chronicled in the autobiography Maitreya: The New Age World Teacher.
Modern Live Juice Therapy.
Vitalogical Hygiene.
The Lovewisdom Message On Paradise Building.
Mystical Anthropology.



Dr Teofilo de la Torre of Panama, critiqued Lovewisdom declaring nuts and seeds were optimal foods, though earlier advised against them, in the same book.[21] Health writer Gabriel Cousens attributed Lovewisdom's health problems to B12 deficiency,[22] although Lovewisdom attributed these to pesticides exposure and hospitals.[23][24]



A 5000 Year Worship Of A God Of Death, 1967
A Brief Paradisian History Of The Buddhist Essenes
A Cosmic Universal Order Of The Holy Life: A Cosmic Universal Conception Of Religious Living, 1947
A God-Given Method Of Birth Control, 1960
A Look In A Nook Of A Vitarian's No-Cook Book (with Ruth Marie Lovewisdom)
A Master Course On Foodless Living
A New Vitalogical Natural Living Or Vegetarian Version Of The Christian Bible
Andean Home Of Humans
Apocalyptic Camp Of Saints Handbook On Radioactive Nuclear Fallout
Apostolate Of The Living Lovewisdom Message, 1977
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Handbook On Radioactive Nuclear Fallout, 1999
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How To Grow & Eat The Vitarian Fruit Salad Diet
If You Like What We Write, Why Not Teach It
Lessons From The Life Of Love-Wisdom: An Autobiography, 1962, 1945
Live Juice Therapy, 1964
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Poignant Memoirs Of My Virgin Birth & Consequent Vocation In Life
Powerful Muscular Strength Thru Fruitarian Continence In The Paradisian New Age
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The Keys To The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Lord Made Flesh Dwelt Among Us
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The Lovewisdom Message Of Paradise Building, 2006, San Francisco: Paradisian Publications
The Order Of Paradise: Lessons From The Life Of Lovewisdom, 1945, 1962
The Original Diet & Sin
The Paradisian God Spell: The Syriac Peshito Scripture of the Nazarene Savior, 1982/1983
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The Reclamation Of The Garden Of Eden
The Resurrection Seal Of Lovewisdom
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The Seven Churches Of Asia
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Why Paradisian Contemplative Hermits Will Live Longer By Migrating To The High Andes Proven By Scientific Research, 1984
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Eternal Youth Life 1947-1985: The Lovewisdom Message For The Paradisian New Age The Northern Pontifical Academy (Journal Compendium). Journal restarted 1996.
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Johnny Lovewisdom: Hay Partido, Dr Cesar Davila Gavilanes
Johnny Lovewisdom: Vive Todavia Con Nosotros, 1989, Dr Cesar Davila Gavilanes
En Maternas/Materias Sanatonas Del Doctor Johnny Lovewisdom, Dr Cesar Davila Gavilanes
En Yoga Y Cristianismo, 1988, Dr Cesar Davila Gavilanes



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FOUNDER of International University of Natural Living in 1962, an

international correspondence school with many students worldwide,

which was officially approved and accredited as a university by the

government of Ecuador in 1975.

Exclusive founder and developer of the Vitalogical Sciences into 7

divisions of research presented thru its International University.

In 1943 when on a 40 day fast at Lake Quilotoa he was visited and

initiated by Master Kut Humi Lal Singh, Maha Chohan, Prince O.M.

Cherenzi Lind, Tashi Lama of Tibet, (the first Tibetan lama to visit the

U.S. 1933). He appointed Dr. Lovewisdom to be his successor.

Even when tempted for fame when presented to 25 million readers in

the U.S.A. as the Father of the New Race he sought only to be a

Spiritual Father of the New Age and Race of Paradisians dedicated

to, "Building paradise and eating the fruits thereof." 

In the West this coincided with world recognition as the "Saint of the

Andes" appearing to millions in magazine articles in Europe and

Latin America. 

Appointed Patriarch Archbishop of Ecuador of Apostolic Gnostic

First Christians, including ancient Catholic and Eastern Orthodox

Churches as the Foundation of the Heavenly Ecclesia

internationally. Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom received his Doctorate in

Sacred Theology as the Patriarch Archbishop of Ecuador on

November 30th 1968, from the Gnostic Christian Church of St. John

(click hyperlink to visit the Apostolic Johannite Church with a

worldwide congregation) in Nantes, France, chartered by the Syrian

Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch. (click hyperlink to visit the

Patriarchate of Antioch)

The (Roman) Catholic Church sees itself as in partial, not full, communion with other Christian groups. "With the Orthodox Churches, this communion is so profound 'that it lacks little to attain the fullness that would permit a common celebration of the Lord's Eucharist.'"[12]


Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom was a Carmelite Roman Catholic monk in Quito, Ecuador for 7 years.

A total of 24 Doctor’s Degrees honor and authorize Dr. Lovewisdom’s

research establishing the Vitalogical Sciences as mankind´s future

hope for Survival and Ideal in Living a Healthy and Heavenly Life.


"Pioneering the Restoration of Paradise, or the original model of

Divine Design for man´s life, devoted to keeping of fruit trees, which

provide the Living Water of Everlasting Life, giving the Purity, Joy of

Living and all the Blessings of God´s Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

How the Alchemy of Living Plants, transmuting elements of earth,

manifests the Divine Materialization, which with God Consciousness

can make our life a true Paradise."  

Doctor Johnny Lovewisdom

from the book, The Lovewisdom Message on Paradise Building



The book Spiritualizing Dietetics, Vitarianism is a classic on raw food and the spiritual life. 

When the doctors and professors went to study the centenarians in Vilcabamba they used Dr. Lovewisdom as consultant and guide.


Viktoras Kulvinskas was greatly influenced by Johnny's writings which is very evident in Survival into the 21st Century.


Dr. Bernard Jensen highly respected Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom and wrote a forward to his book on Vitalogical Hygiene.


He boldly stated many years ago in the thirties and forties that seeds, nuts, grains and beans are not for human consumption (even sprouted or soaked) and now science is proving him correct.


Johnny is not perfect and makes errors like everyone. Not believing pesticides were harmful was a big mistake. It caused paralysis and destroyed nerve tissue, leaving him unable to walk.


I remember the last time I saw him; when I entered the door he flung his arms wide apart and beamed with a big smile. I forgot all about our differences and we talked for hours. This is what it was all about.



Posted on the Lovewisdom group bulletin board :

do you think it would be correct to say that dr lovewisdom must have been doing something wrong in order to lose the will to live and die? and if so? what?

I don't know why Johnny died after (a friend) sold his farm with
the intention of helping Johnny build the Camp of Saints, but I
see it as a rebirth and certainly not an end.

Dr. Lovewisdom died at the dawn of the Third Millennium, a very propitious and symbolic time. Dr. Lovewisdom ushered in the New Age, real or symbolic, and then departed.

I would be hard pressed to say that Johnny did something wrong. I
would be just as hard pressed to say that Johnny did no wrong.
Dr. Lovewisdom often wrote about mistakes that he made.

He lived an extraordinary life, and left and extraordinary legacy. His
mistakes are all a part of that. His life is a lesson for us to
learn from, mistakes and all.

If it was time for him to make a transition from this life, and he lost all will to live in preparation to go, than that was no mistake. Dr. Lovewisdom's
spirit lives on.

Dr. Lovewisdom was a real person with real problems, who sought to
overcome the imperfections of humankind. He failed in his
lifetime, but the dream lives on.



from the yahoo lovewisdom group:

Posted July 23, 2002 · Report post

In memory of Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom,

The Hermit Saint of the Andes

Born July 23, 1919; Departed October 12, 2000


Known as the Hermit Saint of the Andes, Johnny Lovewisdom was a true spiritual adept, a mythical mountain wiseman.


Dr. Lovewisdom was one of the world's foremost advocates of the raw-food diet and a leading pioneer in fasting and the fruitarian

movement. Dr. Lovewisdom inspired people around the world with his visionary Paradisian philosophy and was the inspiration for Viktoras Kulvinskas' landmark book, Survival into the 21st

Century, which sparked the New Age, raw-food, wheatgrass revolution. Dr. Lovewisdom's philosophy was rare for its breadth and depth; a complete holistic philosophy for humankind. Dr.

Lovewisdom suffered many hard lessons on his path and left a legacy for us all. Dr. Lovewisdom will be missed by all. Let us take a moment on his birthday to remember Dr. Johnny

Lovewisdom, the Hermit Saint of the Andes.


What a remarkable life this man lived, living the life of a contemplative, meditative hermit, publishing his writings from the Andean wilderness. Dr. Lovewisdom is an inspiration to usall. His death is a rebirth and a continuation of life and a new beginning for his teachings. Our love and blessings go with him.


Now we must work even harder to realize Dr. Lovewisdom's vision.


Daring to pursue an impossible dream is a sure road to suffering. Dr. Lovewisdom passed one of the most difficult test in life, the willingness to sacrifice all to pursue an impossible

dream. When the whole world seemed to turn away from that dream, he continued to kept that dream alive. With faith and determination, and against all odds, Dr. Lovewisdom continued to published his writings, on a tiny hand printing press, from the remote Andes of Ecuador, and through his unwavering determination, he managed to inspire people, world-wide, with his fruitarian teachings and Paradisian philosophy. Now Dr. Lovewisdom's teachings are slowly being accepted. The

Lovewisdom Message has been prepared for these times.


Suffering causes us to seek the truth. As the world's humanitarian and environmental crisis builds, the search for his teaching quickens.


His teachings, shunned and ridiculed, are more and more being accepted every day, and the influence he has had, directly and

indirectly, on people all over the world, is the reason why. No one will ever give credit to Dr. Lovewisdom for all that he has done,

because he was so far ahead of his time that his influence on human affairs cannot be seen, because he stands beyond the

horizon. Dr. Lovewisdom's influence is metaphysical, the most profound influence of all; the influence of a lonely voice crying in

the wilderness. I have great respect and admiration for what this humble man achieved.


Some of Dr. Lovewisdom's teachings are on a very high metaphysical plane, adaptable to spiritual adepts living an ascetic lifestyle. This lifestyle does not appeal to many. But it

does to some. The day will soon come when the world will accept other aspects of his teachings, as they are now coming to accept his teaching on diet and health. It takes many years for

new ideas to become accepted in mainstream society. Dr. Lovewisdom was way ahead of his time, just-in-time to prepare humanity for the Third Millennium and the Age of Aquarius.


Dr. Lovewisdom's departure was a great loss. We have lost the hard-won wisdom of his age. There has never been and there will never be another Johnny Lovewisdom. We must now live on

with him in spirit. Dr. Lovewisdom's teachings herald the Dawn of a New Age in these troubled times, at the Dawn of the Third Millennium.


In Memory of Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom, the Hermit Saint of the



Peace, Love and Truth




His last words were that, Paradise (and the Camp of Saints) is not a place but rather a state of consciousness, i.e. the Spiritual Realm or the Immortal Spirit or Conscience residing in each being.

Paradisian really means one who follows their Immortal Spirit, your own Conscience within.





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