The Life Promoting Diet

vita Latin, literally, life.
Merriam-Webster dictionary

suffix forming nouns indicating a person or thing that advocates, believes, or is associated with something: vegetarian; millenarian; librarian.
Collins English Dictionary

So we get Vitarian: Life-Advocating, Believing, Associating. A diet, person that is Life Advocating, Believing, Associating.

A Christ-ian is a life or person that Believes, Advocates or Associates with Christ and Christ said, "I am the way and the truth and the life." John 14:6 New International Version


I am the way, the TRUTH and the LIFE." (The New Testament gospel of Christ) VerilY God in Christ is "VITA" Life, besides the "VITA" way and the "VERITA-VERUM" truth.

The truth is that we live by the Divine or CHRIST-VITA and the way is to be explained in the principles of "VITARIANISM."

Those of the world still labor for flesh to eat and
for their bread they sweat for this is their living, a living death, but we of the resurrection, restored to Paradise in the Celestial Kingdom live by Christ, who is Life Everlasting.

Jesus said: "For there are eunuchs who were born from their mother's womb: and there are eunuchs, who were made so by men and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. He that will take let him take

Though Jesus loved children and did not commit Himself about giving birth to them, he certainly sanctions the celibate life for the kingdom of heaven.

Making oneself a spiritual eunuch, doing away with sexual passion through right living and sublimation of the sexual building force, is the object of Vitarianism.

The Fountain of Youth is within you and as Jesus quotes the scriptures on believers, "Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water."

In 1978 I read these words for the first time and it changed my life forever




Another factor that is necessary for good digestion and assimilation of food is deep breathing. Air is the MOST IMPORTANT FOOD. You can live many days without any food, but within a short period we can die for lack of air.

So one should make a habit of breathing deeply always, because the Elemental Spirit (Angels, fairies, fays, fauns, elves, pixies, etc. found in myths, fables, traditions and poetry of all nations ancient and modern) of Air is as necessary for the digestion of food as air is needed for fire to burn fire-wood in the hearth.

If one does not breathe well, digestion becomes difficult, so that we only use a SMALL PART OF THE FOOD WE EAT, and the rest is cast out into the privy, or worse if the wastes clog the intestines, enlargening one’s abdomen or produce false fatness (edema).

So, remember that all the false stoutness that one has to carry around with one wherever one goes always, like a heavy load, from which one can never be free, unless one sticks to a strict dietetic discipline consisting of fasting, and eating only fruits and vegetables, which means a VITARIAN REGIMEN.

It is commonly known that excessive weight is an obstacle in very many jobs, occupations and athletics. It shows the disadvantage that a fat or corpulent body has against a lean one.

A beautiful body among humans does not consist in being stout, but rather in slender stature and lean of flesh.

The less excess weight a person has, the more strength a person will have. One can do more, and one is the least worn out by prolonged mental and intellectual works.

My Beloved Disciples, you can do much good for the fat folk by advising them to fast, and partake of a VITARIAN DIETETICS, and helping them practice this Discipline, which is the only way one can take away excessive weight and give them a graceful figure as well as lean stature.

Editorial Notes [of Johnny Lovewisdom]: To some who read this translated originally Aramaic Scripture, it will seem preposterously coincidental that John the Baptist, or Jesus speaking thru him, would be using the very words and teachings that Johnny Lovewisdom has used or coined for naming his doctrine (Vitarian Diet, Vitalogical Sciences).

However, until I had seen this Scripture and studied it in detail, I had not been so assured that I was the spiritual incarnation of John, and thus can account for the identical teaching, altho where other translators have failed (in the N.T.Bible, Szekely Version etc.), I have been able to supply the Aramaic correction in interpretation, to correspond identically with the Living Word of the Living God speaking from within at present.

Thus, it was not necessary to use obsolete expressions of the first century when the message can be given in the required scientific language of our time.

THE HEALING GOD SPELL OF SAINT JOHN goes on to explain exactly what the Vitarian diet consists of:


Also interesting is the data that condemns FRESH MILK as “the favorite food of Satan”. Even many babies have an allergy against using fresh milk, which is no substitute for breast-fed nourishment from their own mother’s milk, as do adults.

Yet, milk is included as one of the foods, along with fruit and herbs, that God gave for man’s food in another chapter (Chapter 33),showing that ripened milk, like ripened fruit, is to be used, in the form of clabber or bacterially cultured milk.

The tiny bacterial plants cultured in milk, restores the intestinal flora and augments disease-resistance (phagocytic index) enabling toxin neutralizing beside producing enzymes.

The Healing God Spell of Saint John Chapter XXIV page 81, 82


Quote by Johnny Lovewisdom in Mystical Anthropology on the Vegan diet:

For 30 years I held to the Vegan doctrine, except for an occasion
when I suffered malaria, and like the Buddha (taking rice-milk), I
went into a Samadhi trance due to immediate increase of Ecstatic
Regeneration. After many years of misgivings and suffering,
lacking health and inspired wisdom in living, near death from
pesticide poisoning, finally brought me the illumined insight to
disregard the untrue Vegan dogma, allowing the use of clabber
(curdled sour milk), and with it likewise came the abandon of depending on Roman Catholic Church dogma for Spiritual inspiration.

The result was a remarkable increase in health and Spiritual
Insight. Of course, there was another perspective here as to cows,
in that unless man provides pasture, cows could not live, and if
not used for obtaining milk, they go to the butcher here, besides
being raised on pasture that requires no poisonous pesticides in
the farming practices. In actual practice, the keeping of a cow and
donkey soon becomes an endearing symbiotic relationship, animals
becoming “part of one’s family”.

Dr. John H. Kellogg found that the taint from decaying flesh
could be removed by immersion in buttermilk, and no putrefactive
bacteria will remain in beefsteak if kept in this sour milk; if it
is renewed periodically it will not rot. This basic principle of using
the friendly bacteria of cultured milk to eliminate intestinal putrefication, the basic cause of any lack of health, not only was used by Battlecreek Sanitarium, the largest Sanitarium in the world in the 1930s and 1940s, but also the basis of research by Nobel Prize winning Elie Metchnikoff as to health and longevity properties.

This use of bacterial plant life for food is what accounts for the fair
complexion, hair and blue eyes in European peoples, along with
the use of vegetables and fruit as the basic part of their diet, which
offsets their use of animal flesh and grains. In turn, one sees such
a contrast, for instance, with Andean Indians, Chinese, etc. who
since their racial beginnings have not used dairy products and subsisted on grains and legumes almost exclusively, which shows
in their short stature, black hair, and characteristic racial color.

Yellow color in the skin, if not the whites of one’s eyes, shows liver
trouble, the yellow or brown bile discoloration and coarseness, if
not blemishes coming from toxic waste elimination.

Dr. Jensen points out the darkening of the Gastro-intestinal
area in the iris, the muddy brown or black ring forming close
to the pupil, which indicate “great numbers of bacillus coli, a
gas producing bacillus, within the intestinal tract and a lack of
friendly bacterium, or acidophilus bacillus...Many people eat too
much starch and not enough protein, or vice versa, or starches
and proteins of low biological value, or do not include enough
vegetables and fruits...We have had laboratory fecal tests run by
the hundreds, and have found in nearly every case that the bowel
harbored about 85% bacillus coli and only 15 per cent acidophilus.

These percentages should be reversed...This black coloration (in
the iris) represents an acid-alkaline imbalance of the flora, or a toxic
condition, and is conducive to the development of worms, bacillus
coli, etc. The blood is only as clean as the intestinal tract because
it absorbs both nutritive and toxic materials from there.”                                                                                         

Dr.Jensen visited us at Vilcabamba and studied the centenarians here as he has done in other longevity regions. In regard to this he says,“Large amounts of organic sodium and calcium are essential in
the diet to replace that which is burned out by excess acids. When
the sodium has been burned out, the calcium is thrown into the
IN SOLUTION.” When the body is “turning to stone”, with stiffness,
rheumatic conditions, etc. he recommends the use of foods
rich in organic sodium, such as celery juice and whey.

The whey or liquid which is removed from cottage cheese, butter, and other milk solids contains the health and longevity factor. People who object to dairy products, claiming them mucus forming, would have had little difficulty if they paid more attention to getting the whey liquid, rather than seeking sensual appetite satisfaction in
eating only curds.


Buddha lived on one hemp seed until bone thin, then he was given curds, (bacterial milk product, clabber) and he immediately had strength to meditate under the Bodhi tree.

Gandhi's experiments with fruit were the same; months on fruit but after a while he returned to goat milk due to failing health.

Dr. Norman Walker who lived to be 99 years of age promoted a raw food diet that included raw dairy products. Herbert Shelton also advocated dairy products as did Bernard Jensen.

Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom’s experiments with a fruit only diet in 1998 also led him to return to a lacto-Vitarian diet of raw fruits, vegetables and raw cultured dairy products. In 1996-7 he wrote his book Vitalogical Hygiene describing the Vitarian diet as raw fruits, vegetables and raw cultured milk products.

The diet prescribed in the Essene Gospel of John (the real and original title of The Essene Gospel of Peace.) and the Healing Godspell of St. John a document which was preserved by the International Samaritan Order saved from destruction from the Alexandrian library, the greatest library in the history of the world and our link to the wisdom of our ancestors.

This document says raw food; fruit, greens, and raw cultured,
not fresh milk products are our food. Thus our ancestors our grandparents in this way of life left us their wisdom, handed down from generations.

In India the cow is sacred, not killed, thus the milk is cherished as a gift from nature/God whom they take care of like family.

Hindu Yogis are lacto vegetarian, not vegan who eat only vegetable origin food including nuts, seeds, legumes and grains which are problematic due to their containing anti nutrients which block mineral absorption.

Veganism is an ideal based on extremist Ahimsa ideals like those of the Jain religion who do not breath except with a mask for fear of killing the bacteria or insects in the air.

Raw cultured milk is calcium rich which prevents tooth decay a serious problem among strict fruitarians. It also promotes good intestinal flora with its abundant lacto-bacillus content.

The protein in yogurt is easily digested due to its pre-digestion by bacteria that are beneficial or probiotic to the intestinal flora.

Raw cultured milk could be mucus forming if eaten in large quantities or if not diluted with vegetables.

Try one cup of raw milk yogurt as the dressing for a green salad with tomatoes. Add more yogurt if needed.

Avocados are tricky, they taste good but later they can make you very sick, even with small amounts.

To adapt to a Vitarian diet it's easiest to slowly transition into eating fresh fruits, vegetables and raw cultured milk.

I detailed this gradual transition in my book: The Transition Diet

For further study read:

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