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Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism is a spiritual classic, and for the first time revealed that oily nuts and seeds are the original forbidden food of paradise, which now science is verifying with its revelation that seed oils are unstable and cause arterial clogging and cancer.


Excerpts from Spiritualizing Dietetics: Vitarianism:

Someone has said, “Your glands are you,” meaning thru our endocrine gland we mentally stimulate or create the conditions of our body. Mastery in sex sublimation precedes all regenerative processes and all physical and mental imperfections should be overcome with it.


“Just as the oil comes in the wick and burns with glowing light, so also the veerya or semen flows up by the practice of Yoga Sadhan (Path) and is converted into Tejas (Fire) and Ojas (Spiritual Energy). The Brahmachari (Celibate) shines with Brahmic Aura in his face...One who has perfect control over sexual energy attains powers unobtainable by any other means.”  


''Conscious sex sublimation can be used to invigorate one on all planes of existence. Many people spontaneously “gird up the loins” (pull a notch up on belt) when attempting any heavy work, subconsciously calling up the lower energies.


Sometime while out hiking till you feel you are exhausted to the point that another step would feel too much, remember this key to all physical and mental strength, and experiment activating the sexual force through the will, which will result in an astounding renewal of vigor not only mentally but physically.


New energy and will power take over the muscles as well as an alleviation from bodily exhaustion. Also this can be used to invigorate the mind, will power, Clairvoyance, and other powers leading to Divine Rapture.''

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