Vitalogy is the dietetic science of chastity,

or how to heal the sexual organs

through diet and physical training

and thereby conserve your sexual energy. 


Jesus in the New Testament:

"For when the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. In this respect they will be like the angels in heaven.

New Living Translation Matthew 22:30

"At this, his disciples said to him, If the case stands so between man and wife, it is better not to marry at all.

That conclusion, he said, cannot be taken in by everybody, but only by those who have the gift. 

There are some eunuchs, who were so born from the mother’s womb, some were made so by men, and some have made themselves so for love of the kingdom of heaven; take this in, you whose hearts are large enough for it."

Matthew 19:10-12

Paul is even more explicit:

I would that all men were even as myself; but every one hath his proper gift from God .... But I say to the unmarried and to the widows, it is good for them if they so continue, even as I.

But I would have you to be without solicitude. He that is without a wife is solicitous for the things that belong to the
Lord, how he may please God.

But he that is with a wife, is solicitous for the things of the world, how he may please his wife: and he is divided.

And the unmarried woman and the virgin thinketh on the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and spirit.

But she that is married thinketh on the things of this world how she may please her husband.

And this I speak for your profit, not to cast a snare upon you, but for that which is decent and which may give you power to attend upon the Lord without impediment.

(1 Corinthians 7:7-8 and 32-35)


Among Jews and pagans the priesthood was hereditary. Its functions and powers were transmitted by natural generation.

But in the Church of Christ, as an antithesis to this, the priestly character was imparted by the Holy Ghost in the Divinely- instituted Sacrament of Orders.

Virginity is consequently the special prerogative of the Christian priesthood. Virginity and marriage are both holy, but in different ways.

The conviction that virginity possesses a higher sanctity and clearer spiritual intuitions, seems to be an instinct planted deep in the heart of man.

Be fruitful, and multiple, the command given in paradise, in the Gnostic interpretation means produce an abundance of fruit and berries and not physical offspring.

Procreation of children goes against the ideal of working to free the human spirit from the material realm and return it to the pleroma, spirit realm.


Fruit frees the spirit from matter, whereas bearing children binds them to further involvement with the material.

China limits the number of children per family.

In 2007, approximately 35.9% of China's population was subject to a one-child restriction.[3]

In November 2013, the Chinese government announced that it would further relax the policy by allowing families to have two children if one of the parents is an only child.[2][4]

In heaven or the pleroma realm every human has a partner like Adam and Eve. This is our spiritual partner.

They are not legally married by the state or church, they are eternally united.

No human is without their double. I believe on earth the Divine does not allow Real partners to reincarnate together seeing what happened with Adam and Eve and their disobeyance in procreating physical children.

There are three sexually healthy lifestyles:

1. Married couples, legally married by the State who have children legally protected by the State. Some married couples decide not to have children. Some adopt children if they cannot have them due to medical reasons.

2. Monastics ordained by the Church (Christian or Buddhist or other Religion) who renounce sexual relations and giving birth.

3. Hermits, Solitaries, Singles who adopt a sexually regenerate life and renounce giving birth. Some choose to be in a relationship with the opposite sex and decide not to have children, living alone part-time and together part-time. 

Taoist sexual dual cultivation is a regenerate sexual practice for couples.

For couples a good practice is conservation as exemplified by karezza with which taoist practices can be integrated.

Karezza, pronounced Kar-ret-za in Italian, means caress. Karezza is explained in the links below.






The Karezza Method

by J. William Lloyd





Ethics of Marriage

Second Edition





  Karezza in Four Easy

      Steps (for men)



Taoist Lao Tzu's

"Hua Hu Ching"

dual cultivation

Although most people spend their entire lives following the biological impulse, it is only a tiny portion of our beings. If we remain obsessed with seeds and eggs, we

are married to the fertile reproductive valley of the Mysterious Mother but not to her immeasurable heart and all-knowing mind.

He says that,

If you wish to unite with her heart and mind, you must integrate yin and yang within and refine their fire upward. Then you have the power to merge with the whole being of the Mysterious Mother.

He explains further that,

The first integration of yin and yang is the union of seed and egg within the womb. The second integration of yin and yang is the sexual union of the mature male and female. Both of these are concerned with flesh and blood, and all that is conceived in this realm must one day disintegrate and pass away.

So far we are on familiar ground, but then he suggests that there is an entirely different level of existence open to us through union.

It is only the third integration which gives birth to something immortal....The new life created by the final integration is self-aware yet without ego, capable of inhabiting a body yet not attached to it, and guided by wisdom rather than emotion. Whole and virtuous, it can never die.

Here he refers to the state of enlightenment that the Taoists called Immortality.

Remarkably, Lao Tzu explains that this mystical union of yin and yang can be achieved through sexual intercourse.

Because higher and higher unions of yin and yang are necessary for the conception of higher life, some students may be instructed in the art of dual cultivation, in which yin and yang are directly integrated in the tai chi of sexual intercourse....If genuine virtue and true mastery come together…the practice can bring about a profound balancing of the student's gross and subtle energies [otherwise it can have a destructive effect].








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