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Sound Of The Spirit

Acuario Sol

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I recorded an album of songs in 1995 in a studio in Loja, Ecuador.

I was living in Tumianuma in the mountains with Johnny at the time.

The original title was Song of Paradise. In 2005 I published the songs on

the internet with the new title: Fruitarian Paradise.

I am kind of a Fruitarian.

I eat lots of fruit right before a big salad. So I am kind of a Fruitarian in

that I eat plenty of fruit (to fullness).

I wait 15-20 minutes or so and then eat a big salad dressed with about a

cup or more of yogurt cheese (strained yogurt to remove the whey fluid)

and yogurt.

I tried strict Fruitarianism eating only fruits without any vegetable salads

or raw yogurt and yogurt cheese, but I got tooth pain, tooth decay,

muscle loss, weakness and a constant tiredness, besides an

oversensitivity to my environment.

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