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When people say bless the Lord they mean Christ the Lord, Prince of Peace. This is where royalty originates, in divinity, the divinity of God, Maria the mother of the Lord, Christ and His companion Mind.


He could never lord it over you, because He is directed by God who is Mercy i.e. true love. Not the love of the world based on physical attraction or psychic and intellectual power but rather real love based on mercy, compassion and understanding.


The king of heaven is God the good and merciful, but the king of the world is Yaldabaoth and his subordinate creation the prince of darkness i.e. the devil or satan.


If you are human you are royal or are of divine origin no matter your ethnic or economic origin. You hear the phrase Hollywood royalty like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and in high schools all over America there are homecoming and prom kings and queens.


There is a facination in America with the british royal family and their lavish palaces and lifestyle, so the attachment to royalty never really ended when the American colony became independent of England.


In terms of subordination or hierarchy and order among humans, Adam and Eve were emanated by Christ and Mind as partners cooperating as one being representing the male and female aspect of humans. They in turn emanated Seth and his mate.


In a normal family on earth the father and mother are above the children in rank until they become mature adult human beings, whereupon they become equal spritual human beings. The same thing happens in school or university, the teacher or professor is superior to the student until they graduate and they become adult humans.


There may be differences in quality like artistic talent, creativity, physical beauty, athletic ability, physical size and strength or various particular gifts but essentially all human beings are equal in value spiritually.


Olympic champions have a special talent that they develop to be superior to all other athletes but ultimately they are equal in spiritual value to all humans. All achievements on earth will fade away over time and after they are gone only the human spirit endures.


Who should rule on the earth? Since humans are essentially divine and equal in rights, they should rule themselves through direct governance. Representative government is the same as the priestcraft interceding between Christ and humans. One man or woman and one vote is true democracy (which literally means people power or people rule).


With the advent of the internet the ideal of one person, one vote can be realized. If a country wants to go to war then put it before the people because the majority rules. The masses are not ignorant in this day and age of information technology.


Right now money rules the world, so who ever has the most money rules the world making them the king of the world. You have the king and queen of music and they influence a large number of younger people, but ultimately they work for the kings of money because they control the record labels and publicity.


If you are human you are part of the divine, royal, human family by birth.


The Queen will always be Maria aka Barbelo aka Man with Christ's consort Mind being the secondary queen. They are the queens but unlike in the world with the queen ruling in place of the king, in heaven there is only one king and that is God with Christ ruling as God's agent. To have a fantasy of ruling as the queen bee is shared by many women and by men as the king in the music industry, sports, hollywood or politically.


Excess worldly fame comes with worldly problems that excessive money and power brings. Contentment with the middle way in income does not lead to temptations with heroin, cocaine, fast cars and the lifestyle of the super rich.


The decentralization of power and money in the world is the future, as humans realize they are equal in divinity. Wanting to be a star is sun worship, wanting to shine above other beings and be equal to God. The sun and the stars are the creative fire of Yaldabaoth and he is worshipped in the pagan sun religion.


This was Sofia's great error, trying to be like God by emanating without a partner and longing to know His goodness completely which will always be a mystery, although we can know God partially through Christ.


Humanity is a team sport so to speak, since we are emanated as partners; male and female and then as a group all humans are one, big, spiritual family.


On the earth problems occur due to material and psychic obscuration of our spiritual identity.


One race or country will discriminate against another race or country member because they are lost in the illusion of matter and the psyche, which are everchanging from minute to minute and ultimately unlasting. 


Spiritual understanding of who we humans really are underneath it all; the body and the mind or psyche, and living from that depth of spirit will allow us to live peacefully together. 









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