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Make your own raw cheese
and sweet fluid whey using vegetable rennet.

This is an easy to digest form of cheese
since it's not heated to the high temperatures of
pasteurization (63 C or 145 F for 30 minutes or
72 C 162 F, for 15 seconds.)

Enzymes necessary for the proper digestion of cultured
milk products like cheese and yogurt start to degrade at
117F. Beneficial raw milk bacteria like lactobacillus are
destroyed between 105–115F.

In this recipe the milk is only heated to 95 F which avoids
killing the bioactive living food enzymes in the milk.

Food enzymes help the pancreas digest food according to
Dr. Edward Howell.

Dr. Edward Howell was born in Chicago in 1898 and passed away in 1998.


He was the holder of a limited medical license from the State of Illinois.


Dr. Howell joined the professional staff of the Lindlahr Sanitorium (devoted to nature cure or naturapathy), where he remained for six years.


In 1930, he established a private facility for the treatment of chronic ailments by nutritional and physical methods.


Dr. Howell was busy in private practice three days each week until he retired in 1970.


The balance of his time he devoted to various kinds of research.


Dr. Howell is the first researcher to recognize the

importance of the enzymes in food to human nutrition.


In 1946, he wrote the book,

"The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism."

Dr. Edward Howell believes that:

"Enzymes may be the key factor in preventing                                                   

chronic disease and extending the human lifespan."

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