The Origin of Matter and Humans

Origination of Matter (and Humans)

from The Gnostic Religion

by Hans Jonas, The Valentinian Speculation


After the Mother had thus passed through all the passions and, barely emerged, had turned around in supplication to the Vanished light of Christos, the Aeons took pity on her,


and since Christos himself would not again leave the Pleroma they sent "the common fruit" of the Pleroma, Jesus, to be the consort of the outer Sophia (he being the only one of the Aeons produced without a spouse) and to cure her of the passions from which she suffered in her quest for Christos.


Accompanying him were the angels who had been emanated with him as his escort. Stepping outside the Pleroma, he found the Sophia in the four primary passions: fear, grief, bewilderment, and supplication, and he cured her of them by now imparting to her the "informing" of knowledge (her previous "forming" by Christos having been one of substance only).


Those passions he separated from her, but he did not leave them to themselves as had been done with those of the upper Sophia; on the other hand he could not simply annihilate them, since they had already become "habitual and effective states," in their own way eternal, and peculiar to the Sophia.


Therefore he only detached them from the Sophia, that is, externalized and solidified them into independent substances.


Thus, by the Savior's appearance, on the one hand is the Sophia freed of her passions and on the other hand are the things external founded; and thereby the Savior "potentially" brings on (makes possible) the subsequent demiurgical creation.


From incorporeal affection and accidence he turned the passions into matter, which was still noncorporeal; but then he imparted to them the capacity and natural tendency to enter into compounds and form bodies, so that two types of substance originated: the bad from the passions, the susceptible from the turning back.


And the Achamoth (Sophia), freed from her affections, joyfully "received" the sight of the lights around the Savior, i.e., of his escorting angels, and from this conception brought forth pneumatic fruit in their image.


This is the origin of the pneumatic element in the lower world. (Compiled from Irenaeus, Exc. Theod., and Hippolytus.)



Editor's Note: This is the origin of the human spark (pneuma) beings on the material earth. Humans in material bodies are the emanated conception of Sophia using the escorting angels as the image to be emulated. Humans are therefore made in the image of the escorting angels of Jesus.


The Apocryphon of John says the following about the origin of humans:


"And from the foreknowledge of the perfect mind, through the revelation of the will of the invisible Spirit and the will of the Autogenes, <the> perfect Man (appeared), the first revelation, and the truth.


It is he whom the virginal Spirit called Pigera-Adamas, and he placed him over the first aeon with the mighty one, the Autogenes, the Christ, by the first light Armozel; and with him are his powers. And the invisible one gave him a spiritual, invincible power.


And he spoke and glorified and praised the invisible Spirit, saying, 'It is for thy sake that everything has come into being and everything will return to thee. I shall praise and glorify thee and the Autogenes and the aeons, the three: the Father, the Mother, and the Son, the perfect power.'.


And grace belongs to the light-aeon Armozel, which is the first angel. And there are three other aeons with this aeon: grace, truth, and form.      

Wisse translation; derived from all four known manuscripts of The Apocryphon of John.


Humans were placed over the first angel Armozel in the first aeon of grace, truth and form. So humans were emanated higher than angels but lower than Christ and they were given an invincible spiritual power by God the Father.


The next time we fall into the three lower emotions of fear (anxiety, worry, panic), grief (sadness, loneliness) and bewilderment (confusion, feeling lost) we can remember our Divine origin, our Divine emanation making us gifted with an invincible spiritual power by God the Father.


This remembering is the repentence, the turning to the Divine, the fourth emotion that leads to the fourth realm of pleroma or pneuma, not the lower psychic, intellectual or bodily realms, all of which are in ignorance of our Divine Glory and Grace.


The just god is jehova or yaldaboath and he rules the world with justice but not Mercy which is from God. An eye for an eye is the law of yaldaboath, but Christ taught us to turn the other cheek and not strike back in vengeance, knowing that violence never solves anything, only creating more violence and bloodshed.


Christ is the direct emanational father of humans, with the virginal Spirit or God the Father presiding over the emanation through his son Christ. God the virginal Spirit names the first Human, Adam or Adamas. Humans were immaculately emanated by God the virginal Spirit and Christ.


The light angels with Jesus must be the human emanations. So Sophia imitates the human angel Forms to create the lower humans on earth, while the higher humans still remain in the pleroma.


Adam was given Eve as his partner and they both incarnated through Sophia into their lower human forms. Each human on earth then would have a partner on earth as did Adam and Eve.


Even if one does not have an opposite gender partner on earth they are still eternally connected to their emanated consort and will be reunited in the pleroma. A soul mate would not equal a human spirit mate, since the soul is given by Yaldabaoth.


Human procreation was devised by Yaldabaoth to imprison humans on earth, so souls would be trapped in matter. Souls are driven by the most powerful force of sex attraction and the social demand to create a family to continue life on earth instead of in heaven i.e the pleroma.


St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila were friends and may have been human spirit mates as may have been St. Francis and St. Claire.


This is our human pneumatic or spiritual origin, whereas our psychic origin is from Ialdabaoth as is our physical body.


The whole key to the salvation of the pleroma is for the points of light scattered in humans and physical creation to be gathered and returned to the pleroma or plen or full spirit realm.


So salvation is not just about the human sparks or pneuma (not soul which is psychic, mental, material sense based), it is about restoring the integrity of the pleroma with Sophia, both higher and lower forms, being redeemed to the pleroma, now with knowledge or gnow-ledge of the Father's Love and Mercy due to His saving her from suffering,separation and death.


Jesus is the consort of the lower Sophia. But being immaterial aeons only the sparks of pneuma could incarnate and not Sophia or Jesus.


Death by crucification was not needed to redeem the pneumatic sparks to the pleroma only the teaching of Christ Jesus, higher and lower, was needed and it was transmitted to John the baptist on the Jordan river.


That is when John is reborn to the pleroma realm and Christ Jesus talks to John and tells him what to teach the people lost in matter. John's message according to the Essenes is a natural diet and a natural, holistic lifestyle.


John instructed them to fast and pray and eat a living water rich diet of fruits and vegetables and cultured milk because this was eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and not from the tree of life or biological material existence as promoted by Ialdabaoth.


Good and evil is to be known, what is good and what is evil, because there is a definite dualism between Good, the Father and evil or ignorance of the Father. Evil can mean a God energy veil or e veil. Good is a spiritual quality and its lack is ignorance of Good.


There is Absolute Good and that is God the Good. Only God can be absolutely good, the perfect Good, so therefore we have emanations that degenerate slightly from the Source. This is the origin of the ignorance and not knowing of the Good God.


Sophia was the farthest emanation from God being the 30th and the last, so she wanted to know the Father for herself and for the rest of the aeons in the pleroma. But God is unknowable because to know God completely would mean you are equal to God.


C. G. Jung and Alan Watts both believed that there was no ultimate Good and evil i.e. ignorance of the Good Father and that everything was relative even in the spirit realm, all being a mixture of good and evil.


Jung based his whole psychological system of the psyche or soul on the gnostic text The Seven Sermons to the Dead which describes an ultimate being called Abraxas which was both good and evil:


“Speak to us further about the highest god!” —“Abraxas is the god whom it is difficult to know. His power is the very greatest, because man does not perceive it at all. Man sees the summum bonum (supreme good) of the sun, and also the infinum malum of the devil, but Abraxas he does not see, for he is undefinable life itself, which is the mother of good and evil alike.


Abraxas generates truth and falsehood, good and evil, light and darkness with the same word in the same deed. Therefore Abraxas is truly the terrible one. He is the sacred wedding; He is love and the murder of love; He is the holy one and his betrayer.” — from The Seven Sermons to the Dead


The depiction of Abraxas is that of a crow's head with its crown or comb and wattle like beard similar to a lion's mane, besides  looking like the head of the bird god Horus of the Egyptians, and it had the body of a serpent or snake. It calls to mind yaldabaoth with a lion face and serpent body.


This so called gnostic text is supporting the ideas of yaldabaoth who is in the middle realm of ignorance, of psyche, between matter and spirit or pneuma. Yaldabaoth is a mix of good and evil being a psychic being which is between the Good pneuma realm and the completely ignorant material realm.


Jung, a student of Freud, based his whole psychological system on the psychic, middle, medium realm because it's based on Abraxas the good and evil god of the middle, psychic realm.


To enter the pneuma realm one needs to be born into it, meeting their conscience and then stay in that realm by a continual daily communion with that realm eating a living water diet or living bread and living wine diet, which is what is meant when Christ told about eating his flesh and drinking his blood. His Spirit was to be found in fruits and vegetable plants.


Mani, the Persian-Iranian prophet expresses this as, Jesus patibilis, the "passible Jesus" who "hangs from every tree," "is served up bound in every dish," "every day is born, suffers and dies."


He is dispersed in all creation, but his most genuine realm and embodiment seems to be the vegetable world, that is, the most passive and the only innocent form of life.35


Yet at the same time with the active aspect of his nature he is transmundane Nous who, coming from above, liberates this captive substance and continually until the end of the world collects it, i.e., himself, out of the physical dispersal.


footnote 35 "What is 'the soul that is slaughtered, by being killed, oppressed, murdered in the enemy'?—What has been called 'the slaughtered, killed, oppressed, murdered soul' is the [life] force of the fruits, the cucumbers and seeds, which are beaten, plucked, torn to pieces, and give nourishment to the worlds of flesh.


Also the wood, when drying up, and the garment, when getting old, will die: they too are a part of the total 'murdered, slaughtered soul'" (Keph. p. 176. 23; 178. 5 ff.).


Christ is the life force in fruits and vegetables and therefore to cook them would kill the Christ Life force which they contain, thus explaining the need for a living fruit and vegetable diet and also living, raw cultured milk since the life force is contained in milk and especially if the bacteria transform it into a pre-digested food.


Milk is not a product of the slaughter of the animal and thus is sacred as the hindus affirm. Thus by eating Life one becomes one with the Life force of Christ.


The shadow idea of Jung does not exist for the pneuma spark in our human being it only exists in the psychic part or brain and nervous system connected to the body or unconscious autonomic nervous system.


If we are projecting evil onto another being and judging them as evil, Jung is right this is a projection of our psyche and soma or body and thus we cannot judge others as totally evil since all humans have the spark of pneuma.


The anima of male humans and the animus of female humans is the androgenous part of their emanated spirit being derived from Christ and Mind his consort.


It is also the yearning to find our human spirit consort, being spirit of our spirit, eternally united as our emanated paired, partner consort. The wedding will be the reunion with our partner human spirit in the pleroma spirit realm free of the material world of Yaldabaoth.


Some humans are descendants of Cain who was the child of yaldabaoth and eve, and thus they are half pneuma from eve and half psyche from yaldaboath.


The children of Cain mixed with the children of Seth (the first child of Adam and Eve), so there are three types of humans on earth, the Seth descended, the Cain descended and the mixed Seth and Cain descended.


All three have the spark of pneuma or God, so all three can achieve salvation and return to the pleroma spirit realm by learning and practicing the teaching of Christ as it was given to John.


Sophia never incarnated like her human spark offspring and likewise Jesus similarly could also not incarnate being an aeon or spirit emanated being. Therefore John was sent to tran-scribe (be a scribe to Christ) the message of Jesus Christ.


Some of yaldabaoth's created angels did hear the calling and liberated themselves from the bondage of the material and psychic world. So, all humans and even yaldabaoth's offspring can heed the call of healing or salvation.





The spirits transformed by knowledge rest in the middle region of the Ogdoad, where their Mother the Sophia clothed with them awaits the consummation of the world. Her own final salvation takes place when all the pneumatic elements in the world have been "formed" by knowledge and perfected.


Then the spirits, stripped of their souls, with their Mother enter the Pleroma, which becomes the bridal chamber in which takes place the marriage of Sophia with Jesus and that of the spirits with their bridegrooms, the angels around Jesus.


With this, the Fullness is restored in its integrity, the original breach finally repaired, the pre-temporal loss retrieved; and matter and soul, the expression of the fall, with their organized system, the world, cease to exist.

Hans Jonas in The Gnostic Religion from the chapter The Valentinian Speculation




Nor was there ever an "original sin" of man, a guilt of the human soul: there was, instead, the time-preceding guilt of an Aeon, a divine upheaval, whose reparation in its course required the creation of the world and that of man.


Thus the world, unbeknown to its immediate author, is for the sake of salvation, not salvation for the sake of what happened within creation and to creation. And the real object of salvation is the godhead itself, its theme the divine integrity.

Hans Jonas in The Gnostic Religion from the chapter The Valentinian Speculation




The writer is at pains to make it clear from the outset that the Law of Moses, though certainly not from the perfect Father, is neither from Satan; nor is the world: both are the work of a god of justice.


Those who attribute creation and legislation to an evil god are as much in error as those who ascribe the Law to the supreme God: the former err because they do not know the god of justice, the latter, because they do not know the Father of All.


From the middle position of the legislator-god follows a middle attitude toward his Law—which however is not identical with the whole body of the pentateuch. The latter contains three elements: ordinances from "God," from Moses, and from the elders.


Those from "God" again are threefold: the pure legislation unmixed with evil, which the Savior came not to abolish but to make full, because it was still imperfect (e.g., the decalogue); the legislation tainted with badness and injustice, which the Savior abolished because it was alien to his nature and that of the Father (e.g., "an eye for an eye"); and the legislation symbolic of things pneumatic and other-worldly, which the Savior translated from the literal and sensible to the spiritual meaning (the ritual laws).

Hans Jonas in The Gnostic Religion from the chapter The Valentinian Speculation









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