Got to Get Back to Paradise


John, the Nature Boy, Baptist became a Witness of the Spiritual Being Jesus Christ when he was reborn on the Jordan. Reborn in Spirit guided by Conscience which abides in the Spiritual Realm and is your Higher Self.

The Conscience lives with Christ the Son of God and is guided by Him, He who is the Closest to God and to the Spirit Maria (Mary) who is the Image of God the Emanation of God.

So I am living inspired by the Realm of my Higher Self, my Conscience and Jesus Christ who becomes alive through Me and My Conscience which is My Beloved Bride and My Guide.

It's a Spiritual Wedding to me in this lower material world wedded to my Match made in Heaven, my Spiritual Mate in Heaven.

I am guided by Her and Him (my higher Self in Heaven) and by the Spirit of Christ Who Guides Them in the Divine Family of God, Barbelo (Maria) Christ, Mind, Adamas, Eve, Seth and Mate, the Ogdoad or 8 family members from which all humanity arose.

      Now we have an accretion, a growth, a cancer, on this Original Family by distractions, the Circus Maximus of Rome, Bread and Circus keeps the people tied to the mundane world of food, entertainment, riches, fame, power, social standing and popularity, worse now with followers counted in the Age of the Internet.

      As long as you are human you are part of the Family, some are lost in desires in the emphemeral world, but they are still Human and part of the Light of God.

      I lost many of my teeth not doing the Diet correctly, by eating too many fruits or just fruit alone with no mineralizing vegetables and raw cultured milk products to balance the sweet fruits. Since 1978 when I was 22 I dedicated all my life to the Pristine Order of the Paradisian Perfection: the Paradisian Lifestyle.

      We worry about what Harvard University or CBS news will say if I really speak my Truth, the compulsion to conform is so strong driven by the threat of social ostracism.

They're worried about their scholar's reputation and what the University will think about their innovative ideas, and what the Government heads will think about their radical ideas and about what the Catholic Church thinks about their uncommon, unorthodox, unconventional ideas. Many entrepreneurs dropped out of college to pursue their own business ideas.

There is a compulsion to want to be accepted by the Establishment, the Crown, the Queen, the Pope, but will we lose our own dream if we do so?

Christ said give to Cesar what is his, i.e. pay his taxes, but pay to God what is God's and that is Paradise, a new Perennial, Millennial, Order of Paradise.

The New (but in reality ancient, primordial, original, in the Beginning) Earthly Order: the Garden of Eden, the Order of Paradise on Earth.

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