Only Mother Nature heals not drugs or injections.

Mother Nature also protects us from all types of viruses
and bacteria if we live by Her Laws.

If we accept an injection or ingest a drug this bypasses
the natural defenses of the body and we become ill or worse.  

Mother Nature is The Holy Spirit, Maria, Barbelo, the emanation of God the One,
from whom sprang forth Jesus the first born of God through The Holy Spirit/Barbelo/Maria.

The Healing God Spell of John is the Real Thing; the Words of
John the Baptist or Initiator of the Jesus Christ(ian) Religion or Way of Life.
Read for yourself the truth of these words and see if they ring True to you.


Let me remind you that, indeed, no one can enjoy Good
Health, nor restore their health if they lose it, unless they comply
with Nature’s Laws.

Yet, there are many who seek for health in
vain by erroneous ways using drugs (in Aramaic remedies
consisting of poison or venom are defined as drugs), scorning or
despising the natural sources or the very fountain from which
health flows in abundance.

These children of error are blinded by the dazzling promises spread
by the drug-mongers, who prey on the ignorance of the people,
exploiting their credulity and diseases for their own gain,
making it thus, the most profitable of all types of businesses,
proclaiming that their cure-alls are miracle drugs that are infallible
in curing diseases, which, altho being false, nevertheless is believed
by the great multitudes of the population.

Hence, once more I must warn you that no one can heal the
body with a medicine, because this would make void, or annul,
all the wise laws of our Creator, which only grant health to those
worthy of it, and never for the use of a drug. To obtain such
worthiness or merit with God, one must comply with God’s laws.

Now, one of the listeners happened to be one of these drug
mongers, or medicine men, who thus began questioning the Life-
Giver or Savior, saying, “Master, you have said that other
remedies never cure diseases. However, I have remedies that can
make skin sores and ulcers go away, and that will take away
headaches, toothaches, rheumatic pains and many others.

Can you explain any difference between what I claim and the results I
have, and those you claim and have in practice?”

The Life-Giving Healer replied, “Already I have told you,
which makes for the Natural Defense and Powerful Resistance of
the Human Organism. This Resistence consists of a great
multitude of little bodies, or cells, whose mission is to maintain

Cleanliness or Hygiene and Health within our bodies. These
cells, being living bodies, organisms, intelligent, complete, are
capable of rapid mobility and agility, and yet they are too small
to be seen ordinarily.

We can all admire their wonderful labor when one gets cut, and
we see the wound heal at once with such perfection that it appears
the same as the healthy skin around it.

If you are suffering chronic illness, disease and pain, I assure
you that these evils shall go away as if they vanished by the work
of some unknown charm, if you live and work as One with
Nature, strictly observing all her Laws, all of which is the reward
for returning to the bosom of Mother Nature.

Thus, your old age shall be pleasant, without chronic illness, nor pains, enjoying
perfect health and long life, filled with happiness and Divine

The prodigal son who returns to again cling to the bosom of
Mother Nature, receiving all her love and protection, shall be
protected from attacks of the lawless, accidents, bites of
poisonous snakes, ferocious animals, fires, bad harvests, floods,
earthquakes and all risks and dangers that plague the rebellious
sons who scoff at their own Mother and trample on her

Yet in spite of this rebellion, Mother Nature tenderly loves even these bad children,
sacrificing to care for them when they fall ill. This is because only Mother Nature has
the Power to Heal us if we get sick. Outside of her, nothing and
no one in all the world can heal us, not even the most learned
among physicians with all their miracle remedies and formulas,
because medicines and remedies never heal, nor can they heal

The only thing that CAN HEAL DISEASE or restore health

Due to this cause, acting in violation of her Divine Laws, no scientist
will ever discover a miraculous drug (same as poison in Aramaic)
that can heal any disease. Blessed are they who are humble and
obedient children and obey Mother Nature, because they shall be
fondled and protected, safe in her gentle bosom.

Verily I say unto you, Mother Nature never ceases to love her
children, altho she is saddened when they are disobedient,
becoming ashamed of her laws and abandon her.

Great indeed is her Joy when a prodigal son or daughter returns, repents and
again receives her embrace. Such is her Love, vaster than gigantic
mountains and deeper than the deepest oceans.

These penitent children she showers with her blessings, with her gifts and
privileges. She cares for and protects them as a hen protects her
chickens, as the lioness her cubs.

Just as the newborn babe can confide and feels safe in his mother’s arms,
those who return to the embrace of our loving Mother Nature with absolute faith and
trust shall be cared and protected from all evil.

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