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When I was 17 I became a born again Christian, accepting Christ as my personal savior.




It was in Carmel, California on the beach and a guy walked up to me and showed me this little booklet describing the ruling throne of my life being either your ego self or Christ.




It made sense to me to be guided by this higher Spirit rather than my own stumbling ways, so I prayed the prayer and accepted Christ into my heart. And instantly I was saved.




My mother raised us as Methodist, Protestant Christians and I attended Sunday School as a child and learned about Jesus. I don't remember actually accepting Christ as my personal savior formally although it was assumed Jesus was our Lord and Savior.




Instant Salvation is salvation by the Grace of God through Christ, through the conscious act of voluntarily accepting the gift of Grace. That is the beauty of Protestant Christianity.




The Protestants protested against the Catholic Church's salvation by works and merit system which meant that believers had to buy indulgences to expiate their sins, or say so many hail Marys.




The Protestant Reformation was based on free instant salvation for everyone without doing anything except believing and having faith in Christ. No indulgance money was involved, no confession, no transubstantiation of the bread and wine, just wholeheartedly accepting Christ as your Savior.




Now accepting Christ does not mean you become perfect and make no errors, it just means that you are doing your best to live a holy life and if you stumble Christ will forgive you and lift you up on the long and winding road of earthly existence.




Very similar to instant salvation in Protestant Christianity, is instant enlightenment in Zen Buddhism.




In Zen you start with the idea that your Original Nature is Spirit or formless and complete. From that beginner's innocence and purity you practice right posture while sitting, standing, walking and talking, right breathing, right view all to align your self with that original Instant Enlightenment.




In Zen you are not trying or working to become Enlightened, because you start with that in the beginning, accepting your Original Nature as enlightenment itself.




Enlightenment does not mean that you are equal to God or Divine Mind as the Buddhists call it, it just means your emanated spirit from God is pure and whole albeit less than God or Divine Mind.



In other words you do not become God Itself rather you return to your emanated original purity which is less than the totality of Divine Mind or God. God is Light and we are emanations of that Light.




In Protestant Christianity you are not trying to earn Salvation by good works and paying tithes, you are already saved by the freely given Grace of God.





Faith and belief without works is dead, as Peter stated.




There is a two way street to Instant Salvation and Instant Enlightenment in that you must align with your Conscience as it dictates and with your Original Nature.




It is a practice and way of life, a habitual way of acting after your acceptance of your Divine Salvation and Enlightenment.




Killing and Birthing are key points in any religion. We are all going to die one day, or be released from the temporal physical body which happens naturally but depends on how well you care for your body and mind. Accidents happen and are beyond our prevention many times.




But to kill or end the life of another person or animal is considered wrong or forbidden or not to be done in the major religions of the world.




Christians abhor the killing of dogs or the abuse of cats yet allow the slaughter of farm animals for meat. Buddhists do not kill animals for food unless it is needed as medicine or to combat the environmental conditions of extreme cold as in Tibet.




Buddhist priests, monks and nuns avoid giving birth. The Catholic orders and priests avoid giving birth. The laity or more secular believers are allowed to get married and have children in both Buddhism and Catholicism.




Christ said it is better to stay unmarried if you have the gift of continence or sexual control. Paul was unmarried and urged others to remain unmarried unless they were so passionate they were burning with desire.




Protestant ministers usually all get married and their followers usually all get married. Families is what Christianity has become and the celibate, unmarried and those couples against giving birth are considered rare, strange or odd.




There will always be a majority of the population who have children and families. Christ knew this and therefore was accepting of those who want to have families with children. The celibates or childless married or unmarried couples, the monks and the nuns of Christianity and Buddhism have always been a small minority of the general population.



So it's a long, long process over many years in which the population will increase to a point where it is not sustainable and then their will be a reduction in child bearing.




The desire to have a loving relationship is natural, to love and be loved by the opposite sex. I believe we already have a consort, opposite sex partner in the Spirit realm.





Instant Salvation is the free Gift of God. Our gift to God is practicing a moral and ethical life as our Conscience guides us.





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