The Industrial Revolution

How it changed the
simple life on the family farm
to a money based job working in factories
and services in a city.

The First Industrial Revolution begins around 1760 in the textile industry in Great Britain. Over the next decade, manufacturing will move from hand production in the home to machine production in factories. People began to leave their family farms and move to the city to work for money in factories.

The Industrial Revolution spreads to the United States in 1793 when Samuel Slater opens the first textile mill in Rhode Island. Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin in 1793 greatly increasing the productivity of processing cotton.

This was about the time of the founding of the country. Most of the founding fathers had agrarian family farm estates like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

Before this happened money was not that important because people grew most of their own food and handcrafted many household items in home businesses and then traded for things they needed.

The 18th century or the 1700s began the age of Enlightenment which was reason and science over the faith and belief given by the church.

Nature and the world was now seen as a clock machine and its laws could then be used to produce things. We were no longer a part of nature but now were detached from it and therefore could manipulate it to our desires.

Home production of food and crafts and mutual giving and trading in communities in the country turned into factory production in cities where money was made and used to buy food and other things.

This is where we lost so much by losing our contact with nature and the soil and the joy of producing your own food and making your own crafts and other necessities of life.

Homesteading and backyard gardening are the way to get back to the land and our contact with nature.

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