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The Individual Human Soul


The real Christ-ian life is not about

joining a Church led by priests or

ministers in an orthodox or protestant or

essene or gnostic or catholic liturgy or way of worship.

It is an individual experience, a private, inward

personal experience not needing any rituals,

icons or public worship.

"But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you."
New Living Translation (2007)


The most important thing is our personal relationship to our

spiritual nature and to Christ. If this primary condition is met, then

an organization of spiritually based humans could come together as a

church organization to use their numbers to work for Christian values

and ethics in society.


Christ was wrath at the money

changers in the temple of the priests who

sold animals to sacrifice and burn in their

twisted picture of praise and worship.

The most well known service mentioned is

the last supper, where the disciples met in

the upper room of a humble home,

and drank new wine or pressed grape juice,

carob bread, figs and other fruits. Salads

and vegetables and cultured milk also

would have been part of these communal

feasts. Simon Barabbas was married, but John,

Simon Lazarus and James, the three pillar

Apostles were unmarried.

They eschewed the worldly life and lived

simply on a small plot of land

cultivating a garden for their food.



Christ-ian life is all about the communion

that happens three times a day when we

eat. Living water in the form of fruits and

vegetables are taken daily to live in union

with the spirit. The raw food movement

to be based on the health of the body

only is not right. Living water rich foods

nourish the spiritual faculties and allow

one to be reborn in Spirit as our true

Human Selves. The most important act

is to commune with the Spirit of Christ

as found in living fruits and vegetables.

Not just to give us physical and mental

health and longevity but to free us from

the materiality of this world. Meat will

silence the conscience, and bread will bind

us to earthy, inorganic matter and weigh

us down in spirit, yet fruit and vegetables

lighten us and free us in body and mind

from the ignorance of this material world.


John Wycliffe was the first to translate

the bible in English and thus the first to

protest against the Roman dominated

church. The key feature of Wycliffe's

 (1324-1382) reform was, "the endeavor to

 recall the Church to 'Apostolic

 Christianity'. Each human soul might

 have access to the divine life and was

 responsible to God alone. Therefore, the

 mediation of a priest was unnecessary,

 and the pride and greed of the ecclesiastical

 hierarchy for power over nations was

 nothing more than a fungus grown upon

 the primitive church of Christ. He

 denounced pilgrimages and the sale of pardons,

 indulgences and relics, as of no avail. The

 climax came when he denounced the

 cornerstone of priestly authority,


 and overshadowed by persecution, he

 withdrew to his parish church at

 Lutterworth and devoted his energies to

 translating the Bible into the speech of his

 countrymen and to training "poor priests"

 who would perpetuate his message. These

 men came to be known as Lollards. In due

 time Wycliffe was denounced as a heretic

 and although his writings were burned in

 accordance with Papal decree they were

 reproduced by the Lollards with marvelous

 rapidity and were read everywhere, even

 in the houses of the nobility and at the

 court of King Richard the Second." (from

the book New Light in an Old Lamp by

Joseph C. Bonner).


Wycliffe was right and he did the best

he could in his translation using the

Vitus Italica manuscript and not the

Latin Vulgate of Jerome which is the

official translation of the Holy See and

unfortunately what the King James Bible

is based on.


But, today in the third Millennium we have

translations direct from the Aramaic and

even lost scriptures from the mouth of

John found at Nag Hammadi, so there

is no lack of knowledge about what

the message of Christ was.


We don't need high priests or master

teachers or gurus to think for us.

 Krishnamurti said give up all gurus and

the Buddha gave up all teachers to

commune with the Light as an individual.

We all are born alone and die alone in

this world and likewise the religious

or re-leagueing with God experience is

alone, a personal experience. We can

read the teachings for ourselves and

understand the truth of who we are by

ourselves. Our intuition or conscience

made clear by a purified diet will guide us.

God, Christ and our own conscience are ultimately our only

teachers or priests. 









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