How To Heal A Toothache



If you have a tooth ache, stop eating fruit altogether or reduce eating it considerable and eat mostly raw salad vegetables dressed with raw milk yogurt and cheese.

Lettuce, tomato, spinach and grated celery make a nice salad base. Then add homemade raw milk yogurt, cottage cheese and raw cheese as the dressing.

Use a store bought plain yogurt (pasteurized is ok) to inoculate the raw milk, one half cup per gallon, heat to 110 degrees, stir, then store in an ice chest or wrap in blankets until it curdles overnight.

Pasteurized milk yogurt, cheese and butter can be mucus forming (cold forming; sneezing, runny nose, cough), since cooking the milk denatures the protein and kills the enzymes. Best to use grass-fed raw milk products.

Take Alive calcium by Nature's Way, 4 to 6 tablets or enough to stop the pain. Raw or low heat carob powder mixed with coconut oil will have a high mineral content.

Getting an extraction will undermine bone structure in the jaw in the future, so it's best to heal the problem.

Extractions, root canals and filling are best replaced, when possible, by specific high density nutrition to heal the problem from within and not resort to surgery.







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