The Comprehensive Revision
      of the Genesis Story



Be Wiser than Serpents and Gentle as Doves

Pay attention, now! I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as  cunning as (in other words be more cunning or smarter than) serpents and as innocent as doves.  Matthew 10:16

Be smarter than the serpent Yaldabaoth, in all his worldly forms, who is warlike, promoting war not peace and agreement, greed for excess; money, power, fame, land, sense pleasure, hate, revenge, violence.


The Crux of the paradise story is: god or the demiurge, not the real true God, prohibited eating of the tree of knowledge or gnosis of what is good and evil.



But Ialdabaoth the demiurge allowed them to eat of the tree of life or biological flesh bound existence.


The Apocryphon of John spells out the comprehensive Gnostic revision of the Genesis story:


''The Chief Ruler took him and placed him in paradise, of which he said, 'It is [a] delight for him' but really so that he might deceive him. For their delight is bitter and their beauty is licentious. Their delight is a deception and their tree is iniquity.


Their fruit is an incurable poison and their promise is death to him. {For [their food was bitter and their [beauty] is licentious. Their food was a deception and their trees were [iniquity. Their fruit was an incurable poison] an[d their promise] is [death] to them. } Their tree which they planted is the tree of life.


Note: Paradise in the material demiurge world is a delight to the senses which keeps man asleep to his true spiritual nature. The tree of life is really the tree of death in disguise, and this is the tree that was deemed allowable to eat by the demiurge.


The tree of life or the continuance of material life through the seed, yields the poisonous fruit; the nuts like almond, cashew, walnuts, sesame, wheat or all seeds and even the fatty seedlike avocado, whose unsaturated fat content oxidizes in the body causing plaque formation and cancer. The forbidden fruit of the demiurge in reality was the opposite and was good to eat, the juicy fruit of the tree of the knowledge or gnosis of good and evil.


''That tree is of this sort: Its root is bitter. Its branches are shadows of death. its leaves are hate and deception. Its fragrance is an ointment of evil. And its fruit is the desire for death. Its seed drinks from darkness {[an]d its seed sprouted [from] darkness.}


The dwelling place of those who taste it is Hades. But the tree which they call 'knowledge of good and evil' is the Epinoia of the light. Concerning her they commanded, 'Do not taste (of it),' which means 'do not listen to her.' They issued this commandment against him so that he might not look up to his per­fection and realize that he was naked of his perfection.

But as for me, I set them right so that they would eat."

I said to him, "Christ, was it not the serpent who instructed her?"

He laughed and said, "The serpent is the one who instructed her about the sowing of desire, pollution, and destruction because they are useful to it. Yet it knew that she would not obey it because she is wiser than it. {and [he said], "the serpent appeared to them [. .] sowing of desire, which is the pollution [...] darkness so that he might be useful [to it]. [For] it knew [that] he was disobedient to it because he was [wiser] than it.''


Epinoia taught him about knowledge. From the tree in the form of an eagle, she taught him to eat of knowledge so that he might remember his perfection {[so that they might] remember their Fullness} for both were in a fallen state of ignorance.''

Yaldabaoth knew that they had withdrawn from him. He cursed them. Moreover, he adds concerning the female that the male should rule over her for he does not understand the mystery which came to pass from the design of the Holy Height.''

It was Yaldoboath who put man over woman because man did not understand the mystery which came to pass from the design of the Holy Height. This led to procreation into physical bodies for the offspring of Adam and Eve.

So the serpent is indeed the demiurge yaldabaoth but the epinoa of the light became an eagle and taught him to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which are all the living water rich juicy fruits which awaken Adam, in contrast to the tree of generation of life or the trees and plants bearing nuts, seeds, grains, beans and the nut like avocado.

Bread made from seeds makes you drunk forgetting your imprisonment. John later in his God Spell lays out greens and cultured milk as also part of the gnosis or knowledge diet, and condemning meat which dulls man and alcohol and drugs which also silence the conscience within.








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