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Essene Therapeutics by the Gnostic Founder of Christianity -

THE NEW COMPLETE VERSION By The Founder of The Vitalogical Sciences


J. LOVEWISDOM, N.H.D., M.D., Sc.D, Ps.D, Ph.D, D.D.


POPULARIZED BY A 1/8th PORTION OF PROF. EDMOND BORDEAUXSZEKELY’S VERSION OF A SIMILAR VATICAN CODEX PUBLISHED IN1939. “Essene” or “Therapeutic” means the HEALING or Healer’s, as well asbeing the translation of “Jesus” or “Savior”, which are all titles or names givento Saint John. GOD SPELL is the original English translation of “GodEntrancement” or God-Rapture now spelled “Gospel”, hiding the EsotericSignificance, in Christ Consciousness. Perfect Christians are the Gnostics orSaints, while Johanan means the God-Endowed, or Grace of God, referring to theChrist, or Anointed with the Holy Spirit, Gnosis. Our Complete uncensored newEnglish translation of the full John Scroll from a Samaritan original, reveals thetrue original Spirit of The GNOSTIC FIRST CHRISTIANS OF ST. JOHN,-

rejecting the tyranny of both Rome’s politics and Jewish Slaughterhouse-Templeworshipers and scriptural doctrines. After the fall of Jerusalem, the great heroesamong Essenes became the monastic ideal of Carmelite tradition, but in aRoman Church supporting Roman dogmatism and Imperialism. The EsseneSpirit,- rooted in their Buddhist missionary origins from India,- with beliefs in arigid Vegetarianism, Reincarnation, etc.,- were banned by Roman ChurchCouncils, along with Gnostic tenets, holding to the Buddhist, Yoga andUniversal Spiritual Oneness, in moral essentials, but with Freedom intheological and metaphysical theories. St. John, the Baptist,- or the ‘SpirituallyAnointed Savior Exalted’ (the Aramaic meaning of Jesus Christ Crucified) withhis Disciples,- gave rise to the allegories and wonders in HEALING told of inthe Biblic legends, as amply explained in our text. The Gnostic Apostles of Johnwere responsible for writing the N.T. Bible, as we reveal, and thus, a wholly newconcept of Primitive Christianity, as it really was, unveils, also vindicated byGnostic Scrolls. Our illustrations represent an ancient pictographic Paradisianorigin of the Cross ( + ) as a Symbol for Immortal Divine Spirit, and the Tree ofLife;- the Symbol of Aramaic: “Crucified” at Sunrise, O in X used by the EsseneOrder of Mt. Carmel as their symbol, and at Antioch, the Greek letter “X” (orChrist), was adopted in naming the Christened, Anointed, with Crucifixion-

allegory of John’s preaching, baptizing, life, and resurrection. “Wise as Serpents,

harmless as doves”, in the Spirit of Essenes, Gnostics evolved a “Mystical Bodyof Christ” in the N.T. Bible. Only Mother Nature and her Angels heal. Secretstold in this new Complete Scripture.


Edited and Translated by






The Healing God Spell Of Saint John


San Francisco California USA


Disclaimer notice: This book is sold for information purposesonly and is not intended as medical advice. The information inthis book does not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure anydiseases, rather it promotes general health and well-beingthrough better nutrition, exercise and lifestyle adjustments. Theinformation given here is designed to help you make informeddecisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute forany treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. Ifyou suspect that you have a medical problem, we urge you toseek competent medical help. The dietary programs in this bookare not intended as a substitute for any dietary regimen that mayhave been prescribed by your doctor. As with all diet programsyou should get your doctor’s approval before beginning. Allforms of diets and lifestyle changes pose some inherent risk,

therefore the editors and publisher advise readers to take fullresponsibility for their safety and know their limits. Due to thefact that there is always some risk involved, the author, publisherand distributors of this book are not responsible for any adverseeffects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestionsor procedures described herein. Neither the author, the publisher,

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Joannes Amadus Apostolus Christ: Lovewisdom


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THE NORTHERN PONTIFICAL ACADEMYChartered by the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch


for the advancement of learning, and the Eglise Gnostique Chretienne, tradition gnostique chretienne alexandrine etjohannite, Nantes en France


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That we, the Council, acting upon the authority granted to us and having examined the credentials and qualifications ofthe


Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom




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Doctor of Sacred Theology (S. T. D.)


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diploma duly signed and sealed by the Hand of the President


this 30th day of November Nineteen Hundred Sixty-Eight


John Trsuna,








(Seal of the Archbishop of Denmark, Scandinavian Countries and Baltic States Incorporatedin Denmark.) The above authorization also covers the CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC PRIMITIVE ANTIOCHORTHODOX CHURCH


in its Charter, and thus Honoris Causa The Gnostic-Essene and “Heavenly Ecclesia of theLiving God in Aeonion Revivification” (Heavenly Church of God) whose foundation thisdocument commemorates, authorizing Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom as the Head of the HeavenlyHierarchy. Registered in Archives No. 42.




With Emanations of Love - Wisdom to unfold Immortal Divine Spirit within, like a fragrantblossoming Rose, may you too hearten unto Cosmic Insight of a Living Oneness of our True -

Being! THE HEALING GOD SPELL OF SAINT JOHN FINALLY - THE COMPLETE ARAMAICORIGINAL OF The Essene Gospel of John PATRIARCH ARCHBISHOP OF THEGNOSTIC CHRISTIANS OF SAINT JOHN and Apostolic Primitive Antioch OrthodoxCatholic Church since 1968, the Essene Order of Mt. Carmel (The White Friars) since 1959,


APOSTLE BELOVED OF CHRIST, PATRIARCH ARCHBISHOP OF THE HEAVENLYECCLESIA OF THE LIVING GOD, Apostolic Successor of the Gnostic First Christians ofAntioch, Syrian Orthodox Apostolic Church of Johanine and Alexandrian Tradition (1968),

Reunited with the Apostolic Catholic Church (1972). With Emanations of LOVE-WISDOM ToALL! The NEW AGE MESSAGE. + The cross is a symbol for Divine Immortal Spirit


Dr. Lovewisdom was vested with the Habit (Garment) of the Essene Order of Mount Carmel,

known as the “WHITE FRIARS” or Carmelites in the Strictest Tertiary Order on May 14th1959 in Quito and given the Religious Name of “John of the Cross” ((the “+” or Cross) or Yoke(Yoga) is used by those who are Christed (the + pr. X is the Greek letter called “Christ”) whichalso means Anointed with the IMMORTAL DIVINE SPIRIT, the Gnosis). Prior to that, he hadalso been ordained with a Minister’s License, with his Doctorate as a Metaphysician orSpiritual Healing Practitioner by THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WHITE LODGE, Inc. in theU.S.A. in 1949, after his Initiation as the Tashi Hutulktu, Kut Humi Lal Singh, successor to Pr.

Dr. O.M. Chenrezi Lind, of THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD, LODGE AND LOTUSORDER OF GURUS of Tashi Lumpo, Shigatse, Tibet and Tiwa, Sin Kiang in 1948 as the MahaChohan of the 7th Root Race, and the Living Buddha Maitreya, beside already beingrecognized as the Father of the New Race and the New Age since 1942, the Reincarnation ofJohn the Illumined (or Baptist) in 1944. Copyright 1978 by ++ Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom. AllRights Reserved. Copies Available for $10.00 Bank Check, airmailed. +++ (From the 1978printing) Published (Publicado por) by LA PRENSA DE UNIVERSIDAD INTERNATIONAL,

Casilla H, Loja, Ecuador. (Address no longer valid) HIS HYPERBOREAN HOLINESS. THEHEAD OF THE HIGHER HEAVENLY HIERARCHY CENOBIO ”EL PARAISO” Publicadopor la Prensa de UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL FUENTE DE CIENCIASVITALOGICAS CELESTE ECCLESIA DEL DIOS VIVO, Orden Pristina de la PerfeccionParadisiaca, Reg. Of. 892 Acdo. 1725-18-IX-75 del Ecuador, Casilla H, Loja, Ecuador


THE RESURRECTION SEAL OF LOVEWISDOM: John, Apostle Beloved of Christ, PatriarchArchbishop of the Seven Churches of Asia, embracing Catholic, Orthodox, All Eastern andGnostic First Christians, Essene, Therapeutae, Parsee, Sufi, Taoist, and Yoga tenets; BuddhistTashi Hutulktu Jnana Karuna, Maitreya Buddha Incarnate: Oneness of ALL, THE HEAVENLYECCLESIA of Living God Divinely Directed by The PRISTINE ORDER OF THEPARADISIAN PERFECTION, in the Strictest Discipline on earth. To realize the strictabstinence from the Active Causative Substances that give origin to Cravings, Lust andDisease, as the Basic Source of Thoughts, Attachment and a Life in Sin:- WE FORSAKE theconsuming of eggs, nuts, grains, legumes and other SEEDS, - which augment ReproductiveSubstance-Activities; beside fish, fowl or all animal FLESH, cooked foods, leather, pesticides,

drugs, etc., - which augment Killing or destroy Sentient Life. The ideal of this SpiritualizingDietetics, or VITARIANISM, is eating only Juicy Fruit, - supplemented with succulentvegetables, when necessary. When one achieves true Sublimation of Libido thus, thru ourprecise Dietetic Science of Continence, or VITALOGY, one eliminates and heals menstruationas well as seminal losses. Only while this Natural Reproductive Control does exist, - do weallow the use of 10 to 20 % avocados or clabber (a bacterial plant culture) to dress RawVegetable Salads. All Sin and Unhappiness is the Lack of Love for our Creator and for one another. When we live byloving, also as male and female, one in the Image of God, sustained by Living Water in juicy fruits of Paradise,- the idealwe live for,- we shall be Perpetually Born again from our embryonic seed if we retain it within and nourish this Agape ofLove. Thus, we Forsake the World of Sin, Crime, Deception and its evil Karma to BUILD PARADISES to be with God andto Nourish from the JUICY FRUITS,- HIS HEALING, SAVING AND LIVING WATER OF LIFE EVERLASTING! //








 Before all the scattered vignettes, oracles or “Sayings of the Savior” occurring unorderlylike the “Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas, were assembled into a narrative to tell the Story ofChristna, but fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies, in what is now known as the NEWTESTAMENT, the private life of John (meaning God-Endowed in Aramaic, hence Savior,

Anointed by the Holy or Christ Spirit) was much different than the “all things to all people”

scriptural accommodations invented to fit into a theory of Immaculate Conception preachedabout all Saviors. The Great White Brotherhood, Lodge (Ekklesia) and Order of Essenes, withSanctuary-Colleges in the foothills of Mt. Carmel (White Friars), like their Eastern Brethren inthe Lamaseries of Tibet and the Himalayas (with their “Bhagavad-Gita”, “Songs of Milarepa”,

etc.), wove deep allegorical narratives that capture the reader’s mind to illustrate cosmicprinciples of Spiritual Truth. Often, only small fragments of recognizable historic fact remaindecorated by artistic literary Spiritual Conceptions of heart-begotten Love and mind-bornWisdom narrated, except to those who can witness the Living Word in a New Spiritual Birthwithin.


 John tells of his former life before he had “risen from the dead”, as the Anointed Savior(Jesus Christ), or “born again of Holy Spirit and Living Water”, saying: “Among those born ofwomen, there is not a greater prophet than John, the Illumined” (Baptist is mistranslation, Lk.

7:28). After the Feb. 16, 1542 Convocation of Papal Bishops, 99 “Sacred Words” were revisedin the N.T. Bible to hide their original meaning, occurring with Protestant versions also, althothe first English N.T. of Wycliffe in 1360, translated from Old “Vetus Italica” of the secondcentury, used “Healer” or “Healing man” in place of Jesus or Savior, and “God-Spell” or GodEntrancement instead of Gospel. Baptism roots in dawn, sunrise or day light meaningIllumination, John being Illumined, Initiator or Founder of Christianity which Roman papistswanted to hide, crediting “Peter”


 The Illumination (Baptism) occurred on the Jordan at BETHANY, which means “House ofFigs”, but fig trees have gum “tears”, leaves wail or moan in wind; beside echo, whichallegorically led to Tearful Mary, repenting sins. It was at the crossing, thus christening (+) ofJordan, still another meaning, that the Savior was Anointed with the Holy Spirit thru Mary’sLove at Bethany, and John was born again of the Holy Spirit by Immaculate Conception.

Simon was not a “leper” his house being of pots or a potter’s house, Simon meaning Listener,

so dwelling pots, or the container of soul meant body-conscious. John translates to mean“God-Endowed”, he is son of “Zebedee” (meaning God, the Endower) as well as “Zachary”

(also meaning God-penetration, or born of Spiritual Consciousness). Zachary’s house was at“Bethlehem”, meaning House of Bread, Sustenance or Living. There are thus 2 Bethanys, 2Bethlehems, 2 Johns, 2 James, 2 Marys, etc. giving Gnostic allegories as to body and spiritualconsciousness, flesh and Spirit, but the political Papacy hid all this by adding genealogies andother data making “Jesus” a historical man, replacing John, the origin.


 Historically, Josephus records that he was also a follower of BANUS, but Banim meanssons, like “Sons of Prophets” as Essenes of Mt. Carmel were called (2 Kings 6:1) initiated“Sons of God”, so Banus may have been John or Jesus (Savior), the key originals beingcensored or lost. That John wore camel hair and skin is unthinkable, the Aramaic wordmeaning rope beside camel, so he wore rope hemp garment, which grow wild, just as he atewhat grew of itself, referring to Carob husks or fruit, not locusts, being of the locust bean tree.

John ate no bread, drank no wine and killed not.


 The National Cancer Institute just announced research findings that boiling food causedmutations in protein, giving cancer causing factor, so with earlier warning against carcinogenichydrocarbons resulting from broiling and roasting, all cooked or “dead” food is beingscientifically proven disease-producing as John historically taught, as well as “Jesus” who gavethe key to “Fount of Living Water Springing up into Life Everlasting” as Living Food (Bread)

for born again Spirit and true Sons of God. Excess Phosphorous, in the seed substances asfood, super phosphate fertilizer, Organophosphate pesticides, etc. displace calcium the king-

pin of mineral-balance in the body, causing caries, and most other diseases.



 "PROLOGUE" (as given by the Samaritan Order for)




“Here within we present:


THE SECRET DOCTRINE that Christ taught in his time to aselect group of Disciples, under the leadership of Saint John, inorder that this teaching might be published and taught in ourpresent time, and thus only being released at the start of theTwentieth Century. (1899) This Healing God Spell reveals theSecrets of the Way to acquire a long and pleasant life, enjoyingtherein the fullest use of the physical, mental and psychicfaculties without pain or sickness, with a plenitude of materialblessings, spiritual gifts, of an imperturbable peace and theineffable joy of living in everlasting contentment. ‘AGAIN, IHAVE MANY OTHER THINGS TO TELL YOU, BUT YOUCANNOT GRASP THEM NOW’ (St. John 16:12).


 With these words the Christ meant that there remained muchwisdom to be revealed, but the time had not come to teach all ofthis because mankind was not ready to receive such advancedknowledge. This is the reason why Christ did not publicly teachall his doctrine, except to a privileged few, in secret, a chosengroup of disciples led by Saint John, so that when the time wasripe this doctrine would be publicly taught.”


 This is how the thus named HEALING GOD SPELL OFSAINT JOHN was born which this illustrious Disciple condensedinto 42 Chapters, whose original was carefully guarded thru-outtime by the millennial Samaritan Order, founded by the DivineMaster at the time he issued forth the precious parable of theGood Samaritan.


 Thus, we publish the English translation of the Aramaicoriginal that was conserved at the famous University LIBRARYOF ALEXANDRIA, arduous protector of Greek, Egyptian and allancient Arts and Letters, of which various translations exist,

including Spanish (among those we carefully compared ourswith).


 The mentioned Library containing the most valuable worksfrom most ancient times of inestimable value, was burned byuncontrollable hordes of the invading armies, but we haveobtained our translation from the original God Spell manuscriptmiraculously saved because this papyrus original had beencarefully protected in fired clay jars hidden in secret vaults.





 Altho this Healing God-Spell (Gospel) has appeared invarious apocryphal editions, in mutilated, partial and incompleteforms, issued from the hands of various translators who werecautiously only given parts of the originals and never thecomplete text for their translations, the present version ispublished as truthfully as it was transmitted. THIS IS THE FULL,



 “This is because the very Spirit of Christ watches over theseprecious originals, due to the doctrine they contain, having suchan exalted destiny to accomplish in future culturaladvancements, for which it was specially designed. Already atthat time it was known that in the 20th Century was precisely thetime for publishing this teaching (see Apoc. 20:4-6), whenmankind would be prepared to understand, assimilate and,

above all, realize its practice in everyday living. Up to that time,

the study of the Holy Bible was enough preparation and hasmade it known that Christ is comparable to a grain of wheatwhich if not planted remains inert, but as soon as it is planted, itissues forth an abundant harvest of grain identical to the oneoriginally planted.


 This verse clarifies and makes reasonably understandable theMYSTERY OF GOLGATHA (in the Place of the Skull), the occultjustification as to why Christ, notwithstanding his OmnipotentPowers, did not want to use them to free himself from hisexecutioners, but freely submitted of his own will to beingcaptured, insulted, spit upon, whipped, crowned with thorns,

and finally crucified and buried in the earth. Thus, it was so hisSpirit would become buried deeply in all human hearts and fromthere germinate, like a grain of wheat germinates in the earth, toripen and finally in one immense human wheat field, give forth afabulous harvest of CHRISTIANS, equal and identical inDivinity, Power, Harmony and Love to the original seed planted.


 This is because each human being is in reality a CHRIST INPOTENTIALITY, in that, with the passing of time surely one willbecome so, complying with the Will of the SUPREME CREATOR.


 Just as in schools, with each new period, new textbooks formore advanced studies are required, so are new teachings inSacred Scriptures. Foreseeing all conditions in Life, the Divinityalso foresaw preparation of Textbooks for Living to teach us. Soin the propitious time the text of the most Sacred Scripture, the





Holy Bible, was prepared as the PRIMARY mystical, moral andreligious Teaching, which thus in our present time has beenfulfilled with the times we are living in, that is in this Age ofMaterialism, and differs with the SPIRITUAL NEW AGE. Just asthe teachings of religions is realized in CYCLES, each of TwoThousand years duration, the First Cycle will be finished withthe end of the present century, beginning a New Cycle, theforetold Spiritual Cycle.


 For the Teaching of this New Age, the Divinity has foreseen amore intensive and penetrating study of the Holy Bible, and alsoto complement this wonderful Scripture, has prepared theforetold HEALING GOD SPELL OF SAINT JOHN. The greatvariety of teachings that this work contains, little by little shallelevate the culture and wisdom of the people, making them morebrotherly, more noble, and of a more cosmic scientificadvancement. This Cycle of Life shall be so advanced, sodifferent and superior to the actual one, that all mankind shall beremoved from its very foundations to give birth to it.


 Then shall the SPIRIT RULE OVER MATTER, firmly holdingthe bridle reins of the body and leading it on the pleasant pathsof Natural Living, confident in their purpose in human beings ofthe greatest enjoyment of Physical and Spiritual Health,

awakening and revealing within them their highest abilities.


 The only possibility of achieving this Sublime objectivewould be thru intensive training in INTEGRATED NATURALLIVING which shall then become the OFFICIAL STATETEACHING, taught from PRIMARY SCHOOLS TO THEUNIVERSITIES.


 This Second Cycle will also only last two thousand yearswhich shall be followed by a Third Cycle, when the Teachingshall include the astral and the heavenly planes, which, at thepresent time, remain beyond our understanding.


 Fulfilling the aforementioned ideals of the SAMARITANORDER, we are pleased to make public the contents of theCOMPLETE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT IN ARAMAIC. We havethe devoted desire that this sublime doctrine descending fromheaven, will adjust health teachings to all social levels, to bringthem up to the Dawn-lit Peaks, of PURE TRUTH by theharmonious paths designed by our loving MOTHER NATURE.

These are the only paths capable of leading us to the COMPLETEREGENERATION OF THE HUMAN SPECIES, by exterminating





its vices and bad habits, moral and physical suffering and relatedevils, precisely caused by mankind’s neglect or ignorance of theTranscendental Truth and Teachings of the Divine Masters.


 Our Guiding Angel would love to guide the footsteps ofthose who are eager to find the Healing Fountain ofRegeneration, to give us a hand to support our efforts to reachthese Dawn-lit Peaks, where the SUN OF TRUTH unfurls all itsbeneficial rays, without being eclipsed by the dense mists ofIgnorance, Prejudice, Errors and Vanities that cover it today.




Editor’s Note: The above Prologue appeared with the SpanishEdition, “Evangelio de Salud de San Juan”, which we haveadjusted in translation to propitiously fit our English rendition,

to give the exact information and explanation as to how and whyour original manuscript in Aramaic rescued from theAlexandrian Library by the Samaritan Order, does not containcopyist interpolations, nor the OMISSIONS REMOVING SEVEN-


Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s translation of the Vatican LibraryAramaic Codex contained. Usually, as explained in our“Introduction”, the Roman Church or the Vatican has taken theoriginals that the public liked, and eliminated “the poison offalse doctrines”, contrary to their dogma, to return theseScriptures with omissions or interpolations for public use. Beingof the Carmelite Order or Essenes or First Christians of Samaria, Iwell know how well Truth is thus censored within the PapalCatholics of Rome. It would have been hard to get a full AramaicVatican mss. copy in Prof. Szekely’s time, hand-copying oldpapyrus, etc. even if repeated visits to do it were allowed. As toProf. Szekely’s story that archaeology was unable to reconstructhow the Nestorian priests got his Royal Hapsburg Library Slavversion, it is especially strange.


 Why this branch of Eastern Church Nestorians would valueand rescue a Monophysite manuscript, or of their enemies, seemsillogical. The story of Jesus transfiguring from a human bodyappearance, created by auto-hypnotic mystical experience orinitiation, the God Spell of intensive faith and meditation, asknown also in the Spiritual Nature of vivid dreams andclairvoyant visions or visits, into a heavenly figure levitation intoradiant light like the moon or sun (Chapter XII Szekely versionand Chapter XIII here within) illustrates the Monophysite,





Alexandrian Gnostic and Samarian First Christians of St. Johndoctrine. Nestorians hold that Jesus was a man of history. Wereceived written permission from the International SamaritanOrder Headquarters in Santiago, Chile for our English version,

also of the Great White Brotherhood in the Andes. (The Editor’sNotes, giving alternate meanings or clarification, are inPARENTHESES).






 As the most ancient Order of Knightly Nobility, theINTERNATIONAL SAMARITAN ORDER seeks out HumanSouls of Real Aristocracy and genuine moral beauty, showingfaultless behavior in right living, a conduct free of vice anddedicated to Natural Living. The Order was established after themodel of the Good Samaritan of the New Testament, in SelflessService of true Brotherly Love and the Regeneration of Mankindby teaching each person to become their own healer and priest.

The former international center in the USSR sector of Berlin(whose last honorary president was Empress Augusta Victoria ofGermany) has been relocated in Santiago, Chile.


 In a course of study in Spanish that the InternationalSamaritan Order began to publish in 1944, “Plan Evolutivo delMundo” (3 volumes), the authors state that this Plan is of the true


Government of Governments, often described as the GREATWHITE BROTHERHOOD of the Masters of Wisdom that haveguided mankind for the last 18 million years from various hiddenmt. retreats on earth.


 With well-chosen brief illustrations, this text shows how inthe New Spiritual Age mankind will consciously accept agovernment ruled by the Most Qualified, true Masters ofWisdom, rather than past monarchies, dictatorships and thepopular vote of the ignorant masses, all of whom follow theirsensual dictates rather than higher guidance in Love andWisdom offered by the Masters, to give a faultless reform ineducation,- hygiene based on strict natural diet, living andhealing, and the Union or Religion of all Faiths in One Religionof Love, all coming about by the spontaneous growth of manlearning by painful experience from suffering ages of error. Manevolves thru error and pain that build the virtues that bless





mankind with health, happiness and peace within.


 This Plan of the Samaritan Order states: “The FamousGNOSTIC DOCTORS were the True Masters of Wisdom, whoseinspiration became the Christian Religion (perverted in practice),

and originated with the Wise Men who came from the Orientwho were the only ones who knew when and where the Christwould appear to leave the Gnostic Gems and Treasures describedin the N.T. Bible, actually being emissaries of the Great WhiteBrotherhood. The Gnostics taught the Law of Karma (Cause andEffect), Reincarnation, and many truths Christians avoid.


 In another work distributed by the Samaritans “Error de unJesuita” (by Carlos Otero V.) it states quoting about the famousGnostic Christian: “St. Clement of Alexandria (120-220) in hiswork ‘Paidagogos’ defended his position against the abominablepractice of eating animal flesh saying: “Is it not true that withinour frugal simplicity, there exists a great variety of healthy foods:

greens, bulbs, olives, salads, fruits and so many other vegetarianfood products? Among these foods we should give Preference tothose we can eat in their natural state without the use of fire.

Flesh foods paralyze the Spiritual Faculties. Thus, the Gnosticsabstained from flesh foods seeking to avoid inclinations tolustful desires by their bodies. Such food is condemned.”


 St. Basil the Great, Church Father and Patriarch of EasternMonastic Orders held: “The body is burdened by flesh foods, itbecomes infected by disease and the decomposition of suchabominable food darkens the Light of the Spirit. No matter whatthe animal flesh may be, all of them always give rise to impureactions. In terrestrial Paradise there was no wine or killing ofanimals, or flesh foods. As soon as we begin to live frugally andrationally Happiness will rule our homes, there will be nobloodshed and our tables will only have the fruits and vegetablesof Nature giving growing satisfaction to all.” St. JohnChrysostom and other Eastern Church Fathers gave identicalviews.


 From the aforementioned text of the Samaritans, I shallcondense some more of the author’s views: “What is the origin ofthe monstrous habit of killing and the shedding of animal bloodin the worship of God? The religious teachers of theantiquity...taught that man’s body, or the animal part should besubdued and sacrificed for the Spirit, to overcome vice and evilhabits or deliver him from his sins. But in time this was taken to





mean that the beast or animal flesh, that man domesticatedoutside his body, was to be sacrificed or killed for Spirit, toplease God as practiced by the Jews. Moses received hiseducation in Egypt, pampered by the king’s daughter, unworthilytaught the magical arts and Egyptian Mysteries, while he came touse them as black arts for killing, war, slaughtering Ethiopians,

deception and other crimes.


 But let us take a glimpse at the Temple and Doctrine which helaid foundations for in his teaching. Going within the Temple ofJerusalem one could witness the sacrifice of slaughtered beastsby innumerable priests, working in shifts, who killed theinnocent animal victims, hung up the carcasses, disembowelledand burned their offal parts in an enormous holocaust, peeled offtheir skins and finally delivered each ritually consecrated carcassto their donors. Blood covered the floor up to the ankles of thepriests, whose white robes became completely stained to thecolor of blood. Truly, never has a greater Slaughterhouse existed,

and such an abominable monstrosity was dedicated to Jehovah(Yahweh) as a Temple. Watching only 6 hours, an estimated tenthousand victims were sacrificed, 256,000 in one Pasch.

Belonging to the Altar, a gigantic oven 16 meters square and 7high, fired constantly from below, was attended to by 70 priestswho received the sacrificial victims like processing in a modernmeat packing factory.


 How could these Priests of the Old Law,- who produced somuch pain and shed the blood of so many victims, have any trueconcept of God, Spirit, Love?


 How could Moses have talked with God, like man with man,

and mystified God’s “chosen people” in such practices, living asa war criminal and all the deception and plundering he did? Theexplanation rests precisely in the fact that whatever good may befound in him, such as the Ten Commandments, “Mosaic Law”

and other Concepts of Yahweh, are all to be found in the Ancient“BOOK OF THE DEAD”, texts which date before Jewish history,

studied by Moses in Egypt. Chapter 17 and especially Chapter125 reveal word for word the origin of their Commandments, tobe Egyptian Doctrines. Engaged in crime, the Jewish tribes hadno culture, religion or land of their own, all being usurped fromothers.”


 From the above condensed text of explanation, beside the“Secret Doctrine” of Helen Blavatsky and numerous other Bible





critics, all evidence shows the Jewish doctrine and history to bepure myth, the fictitious repetition of the legends they purloinedfrom Mesopotamia, Egypt, Arabia and Palestine, along with thewealth of whoever they were able to plunder from; those theyvictimized.


 To cover up this long history of bloody butchery of peacefulpeoples and monstrous crimes they admittedly boast about intheir Scriptures, the Old Testament Law Giver, Moses became the“Angel Messiah” of ancient legend, who went about with a“magic Wand” or staff, which he could make turn into a Serpent,

or cause to bring suffering and death in plagues, fire and a voicein a bush, water from a rock, and in an endless bag of tricks ofMagic, conjure up dew that became food to feed his people for 40years, win their wars, etc. A ruthless butcher of helpless people, awar criminal who killed the captives and was wroth with officerswhen they had not killed women and children, he establishedMosaic Law, “Kill every male among the little ones (beside alladults) and kill every woman that hath known man. But all thevirgin girls keep alive for yourselves.” (Num. 31:17) The Holymen of Yahweh had the job of fingering all the pretty youngwomen to see if they were virgins to serve for immoral purposes,

while all other human captives were slaughtered and their citiesburned after plundering their riches. Their Bible established thisLaw.


 Just as we have established the allegorical nature of NewTestament facts in history, originally intended as symbolic talesand miracles wrought by a super-physical Spirit, “Jesus”, thatwalks thru walls and locked doors etc. completely hiding theidentity in the resurrect spirit of the beheaded Saint John theBaptist; to which the etherealized deeds in the Zealot rebellion toJewish and Roman Government in Palestine were integrated, theOld Testament likewise was fabrications of Nazarite and Esseneallegorical writers in the tradition of Egyptian Hierophantsversed in the Mysteries. For this, from the earliest time, the tribeof Levi was made free of war and warring expeditions, theirwelfare being taken cared of as a gift from God, receiving tithes,

which gratuity claimed that the Nazarites or Essenes shouldwrite flattering tales for historical record to be used to Modelfuture generations. Crime and sin of the Jews were overlooked asbeing counselled by Yahweh. In the same way the religiousorders and Saints of the Roman Church and Holy Empire became





the soul, model or “front” for the Inquisition and theConquistadores. All men tend to defend their homeland. Not todo so has meant death often.


 Symbolically, the rod of Levi blossoming to bear fruit,

revealed the Biblical Forbidden Food to be almonds, lackingLiving Water and reproductive substance begetting a lustingreproductive nature to the consumer. Like the religious orderspreaching of not killing, but harbouring self-righteousness forkilling among their countrymen, the cultivation of peaches,

apricots, etc. that are exploited for seed food (almonds, walnuts,

etc.) become stumbling stones for those seeking the Living Waterof Everlasting Life. This is why the Essenes, in spite of abstainingfrom killing and giving an “aura” of holiness to the Jewishnation, vanished from historical records after the fall ofJerusalem 70 A.D., taking away their hypocritical basis as Jews,

henceforth being described among the Christian Gnostics. Theyloathed and repented their former collaboration perpetuating theSlaughterhouse Temple and plundering wars. Too often,

religious ideals are exploited as tools or fronts for cover bysinners.


 However, the mystical “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” thatunlock the Mystery that reveals how Christianity owes its originsto the Gnostic First Christians of Saint John the Baptist, are to befound in the New Testament Bible itself. In John’s Gospel weread: “There was a man sent from God whose name was John(which in Aramaic is written “God’s Grace” or “Gift”). This mancame as a witness to give testimony of the Light that all menmight believe thru him...That was the true Light whichenlighteneth every man that cometh into this world...John gavetestimony saying, “I gaze upon the Spirit descending as a doveout of Heaven. It remained on him. Yet, I was not aware of Himbut He Who sent me to baptize with water. (John saw no man,

but the Spirit that led him to baptize.) That One said to me, “OnWHOSOEVER you perceive the Spirit to descend and remain onhim, this is He Who is baptizing in the Holy Spirit. I have seenand testified that this One is the Son of God. On the morrowJOHN AGAIN STOOD WITH TWO OF HIS OWN DISCIPLESand looking he saw the Savior (“Jesus”) among them, and said“Behold the Lamb of God”. (John has seen a lamb personifyingthe Savior, instead of the dove symbol just mentioned, showinghe is speaking in ALLEGORIES like the Gnostics and Essenes).





And the two disciples followed this Savior. (In a like mannervarious Disciples witness the Spiritual Baptism of those in Christmeaning they were anointed with His Spirit, or Christened)

...From now on you will see Heaven opened and the angels(messengers) of God ascending and descending to the Son ofmankind.”


 The first Chapter just quoted, speaks about the experience inthe Gnosis. The testimony is of the Spirit among the Disciples ofJohn. “What is born of flesh is flesh, and what is born of Spirit isSpirit...God is Spirit and they who worship Him must worshipHim in Spirit and Truth”. Those who worship man in the flesh,

thus cannot be worshipping God who is Spirit and Truth. Jesus isthe Son of God, or Spirit, and thus, He is the Spirit among HisApostles, not man with a self. In Chapter 4, it says “The Lordknew that Pharisees hear that the Savior is making and baptizingmore disciples than John, though the Savior did not baptize, butHis Disciples.” Again, it shows the Light of the World was theSpirit that continued in the Disciples of John the Baptist (as theGnostic Gospel writers claimed ever to be), and that theyperformed all their works of wonder in His Name, who did theworks by the Father in Him. So the Disciples do the works Hedoes, and even greater works than told of Him, Since the Father,

Spirit and Truth does the works (Jn. 14:10, 12, 20).


 When the Samaritan woman asked, the Savior Spirit in theDisciples answered, “If thou didst know John (the Grace or Giftof God), he would have...given you Living Water...He that drinksof the water that I will give him shall not thirst forever but thatwater shall become in him a fountain springing up into lifeaeonian...My food is to do the will of Him that sent me that Imay make perfect his work.” This food was told of in Genesis1:29, where God gave herbs and fruits that yield up their seedsfor planting, are to be our food, which is a 90% Living WaterDiet. John “was a burning and shining Light” because hisWORKS gave testimony of Jesus, and not that a man or self otherthan the Spirit and Truth that saves existed beside John and hisDisciples. (See Jn. 5:33-36) “The Spirit will teach you, He will notspeak of HIMSELF” (Jn. 16:13).


 With the above Keys, the so-called historic or SynopticGospels are understood by showing the Savior (Jesus) to be theSpiritual Title that John was known by when seen continuing inthe Disciples, who said the Savior travelled with them and did





the works done in His Name by them. The Protevangelium, Bookof James states that the Father of John Baptist, Zachary, knew theVirgin Mary in the Temple, when she was 14, altho she wasraised by this priest and others since the age of 3 years. Maryconceived and lived in Zachary’s home 3 months when thebarren wife of Zachary in spiritual rapture felt “the Grace ofGod” (John) leaped into her womb. John was the Horn ofSalvation come to give Knowledge of Salvation to his people, inother words, he was the Savior (Jesus) “the Orient from on High”

thus (Luke 1:69, 77, 78). What is veiled in Scriptures authorizedfor the Bible is that John is the child of Zachary and Mary, who ispresented as John the Baptist, giving the priestly office, but toavoid infant’s slaughter, the stories of the Hidden Life of theSavior are told so as to give the Life of Jesus, the Name Johntaught as the doer of God’s Word and Works among the Apostles.

One can see why the Roman Church prohibited the translationand publication of Bibles, since it would reveal the Mystery ofthe Savior (Jesus) among the Gnostic Disciples of John theBaptist.


 “The Kingdom of God is within you...For where 2 or 3 aregathered in my Name, there am I in midst of them”...The Word ofGod came to John...The people in their heart thought John wasChrist...(they said Jesus or Savior) was John risen from the dead.”

The New Testament allegories reveal the Savior Spirit and Truthof John Baptist revivified in the Apostles, a Living God manifestas a Holy Spirit among men, altho their body form is not Spirit.





T H E H E A L I N G G O D S P E L L O F S T. J O H N


The Original and Complete Aramaic Text now translated for thefirst time by the Apostle Beloved in Christ, Johnny Lovewisdomin Living Incarnation as the Patriarch Archbishop of theGNOSTIC FIRST CHRISTIANS OF ST. JOHN in combinedApostolic Authority from the Syriac Orthodox and AncientCatholic Churches for the HEAVENLY ECCLESIA.


CHAPTER I (1-18)


 In those days many that were sick and maimed came to theSaving Healing One, asking him, “Thou who knowest all things,

tell us, why do we suffer these infirmities? Why do we sufferwith illness and pain? Lord, heal us, that we too need not suffer,

and that we may be of use to ourselves and to other humans.

Thou who hast the power to heal us in thy hands, make us welland in good health again. Lord, free us from the power of Satanfrom whom we suffer. Master have compassion on us, do notforsake us and heal us.”


 The Anointed One answered: “Happy art ye who thirst andhunger for Wisdom, for I will satisfy thee with Living Water, thatye may never thirst (for other water) and I shall grant youknowledge of Living Bread (food) that ye may never hunger (forother bread). Blessed art ye who come to me filled with faith andknock at the only true Door to Knowledge and Wisdom that Imay open it to you, wide without hindrance. Happy art ye who Ishall free from Satan because I shall lead you into MotherNature’s Kingdom of Angels where only Joy and Happinessabide and from whose realm Satan is excluded.


 John had always lived close to the Lord God, so that thosewho hungered for Wisdom, especially his own Elect Disciples, aswell as many of their followers, listened attentively to his DivineTeaching lest any words of Wisdom escape unheard from thisDivine Source, and occasionally asked their Teacher Anointed inthe Spirit of Divine Wisdom (Gnosis, Christ) questions such asthis: “Master, please explain to us, Who is our Mother Nature,

and who are her Angels?


 Thy Mother in Nature, or Creation, is within thee and you inher. She gave thee birth, thy body and all that you are becauseshe gave you Life in Creation. And this body that she gave theeyou must likewise each day return to thy Mother Nature. Happy





art ye for you shall experience the unmeasurable Joy of knowingsuch a Good Mother and Her Kingdom. And ye shall know thyHoly Mother as soon as you receive Her Holy Angels devotedly,

that is to say, as soon as you obey the Unchangeable Laws ofNature, because each Angel has one particular law to declare toyou, one Divine Blessing to grant and one human virtue bywhich it is known. Now, let us embrace in Mind the SupremeTruth, that states: “Anyone whosoever strictly keeps theCommandments of our Mother in Nature, honoring them daily,

SHALL NEVER BE SICK”! This is because the power of ourMother Nature is Infinite and Almighty thru-out Creation andfull of the Creator’s Infinite Wisdom, Love, Mercy and Beauty.


 Mother Nature in her power of Great Compassion shall castout Satan who takes possession of men’s hearts, causing them todo evil, to defraud, to commit crimes and even to kill. Yet whenSatan has been cast out of your heart, and it becomes thedwelling of the Angel of Life, your way of living will radically bechanged: You shall become good, kind, righteous, honest andyou shall love one another as much as yourself, including eventhose who hate you, and likewise, you shall love every creaturethat God created on earth. The Power of the Almighty within HisCreation manifests thru-out Mother Nature, and thus, reigns inyour body, and in the bodies of all living beings and even in theMineral, Vegetable as well as Animal Realms.



Editorial Footnotes: Many people never really understood theBible because it used the out-dated, anachronistic dialect of the16th century, giving a dignified, mystical and forbidden aura astho only the clergy could interpret such matters. To the otherextreme, if the Aramaic N.T. Bible is stripped of all the multiplemeanings of its words, we have only a small fraction of the Truthin the original significance. One Aramaic word is translated withup to 24 meanings. So, to establish the Spiritual Mood of SacredInvocation seeking Truth, in this First Chapter we have used thesolemn familiarity of “thee” and “thou” as found in “OurFather” and other prayers still in use. But henceforth we shallcome forth in frank mid-twentieth-century language of greaterscientific truth.


 Yet, our plain-spoken revelation of Truth shall require greatspiritual courage to accept: to some it will mean taking awaywhat little they knew as to legendary biblical history and





interpretation. Christians in general under Roman Churchtutelage, including Protestants, have come to believe “JesusChrist” was a man in the flesh separate from the Apostles, HisBrethren and Sisters as well as Disciples, because the Key Wordswere never completely grasped or even translated completely.

When the Jews asked John (who was called “Baptist”,

interpolated to match Josephus’ writings), if he was the AnointedOne (Messiah, Christus or Christ), he denied that God wasmanifest in his body, or to be seen as flesh. “No man has everseen God but those first born of God, who are in the Father’sbosom, as he (John) declared Him (God).


 To clarify the meaning of the “Christ” or Anointed One, thismust be first understood as anointing with Spirit, and not asritual anointing with oil dependent on physical substances andpersons. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because the Lord hasANOINTED me and sent me to preach good tidings to themeek...You shall be named priests of the Lord and calledministers of God”,- found in Isaiah 61:1-6,- explains the meaningof Christhood, which is an Initiation in Divine Rapture, the GodSpell or Illumination. John means God-Endowed (Grace of God)

and in the Aramaic text of Jacobites, Nestorians, etc. the word forBaptist is Establisher, Initiator or Lustrator who illuminesrevealing God within the initiates: the Anointing, Baptizing, etc.

is symbolic. To become an Apostle Beloved in Christ, in the TrueInitiation of Enoch, Elias, and John in the Order of Mt. Carmel, Ihave experienced the God Spell anointed with the Spirit of Truth,

fasted 40 days on Mt. Quilotoa, beside two over 6 months fastslater and realized the Baptism of Living Water, etc. to know whatis meant by these Scriptures as to Ascension, Anointing andBaptism of the Holy Spirit.


 Again, to illustrate who he was, John quoted another passagein Isaiah: “I am the VOICE OF ONE (God) crying in thewilderness”, as the mouth of the Lord shall speak, adding “Allflesh is grass...grass withers, flowers fade, but the Word of Godstands forever” (Is. 40:3-8), which was illustrated above inChapter I also, meaning that our flesh dies daily, but Spirit isEternal.


 Thus, John declared he manifested the Word of God, or theTruth, receiving God in him as His Son, first born of the Father,

full of Grace and Truth: Jn. 1:11-14. For this he was sent from God(Jn. 1:6), and was named “Grace of God” or the meaning of John





in Aramaic, because he, “Grace and Truth (Word of God) cameinto being by the Anointing Spirit of One who Saves”, or “JesusChrist” translated in meaning from Aramaic, as stated in John1:17, which is the Key to the Mystery. When the “One” is spokenof as “the Voice of One”, “the Saving-Healing One”, “theAnointed One”, etc. and so often left untranslated, this refers toOneness in God’s Spirit, “I am that I am” or Being ness, whichJohn (10:30) states best saying “I and the Father are One”. ThatJesus Christ was Spirit, appearing and disappearing among theDisciples of John, he did not leave any question about saying,

“Among you stands one whom you do not know.”


 In Aramaic, as a Peshitta N.T. Lexicon can illustrate, the wordfor SPIRIT, breath, wind, Vital Principle, Life, heart, SpiritualBeing, God, Divine Spirit, Angels and evil spirits or evil powersare all expressed in one word: ROKHA. This will account for abroader scope of interpretation requiring Spiritual Insight.

Nature is the system of the earth’s laws, everything on earth thatis not made by man. As illustrated in the “Our Father” prayer, inAramaic “Bread” is used to mean food of any kind, as GeorgeLamsa tells in his works, so that Living Bread really meansLiving Food.




 Your flesh, your bones, your veins and arteries, and the bloodflowing in them all came from Mother Earth, from her minerals,

greens, vegetables, fruits, and her waters, air, sunshine and allthese blessings that we enjoy due to the kindness of MotherNature. Seeing by our eyes, hearing by our ears, smelling by ournostrils, all are gifts born of colors, sounds and aromas given usby our Mother Earth. The blood that gives us life has its origin inwater where ever it is to be found which is the bloodstream ofMother Earth. She fills the oceans, lakes and rivers. Sunshinecauses it to evaporate and rise up into the atmosphere as cloudswhich descend again as the morning dew and beneficial rainsthat makes vegetation grow, including crops that give us ourdaily food.


 The atmosphere is a blessing that penetrates to the depth ofour being, and encloses us like water does a fish, the earth a seedand the air the birds of the sky. Where the atmosphere containswater, it forms the many colored clouds that adorn the heavenswith beautiful scenes which may turn into tempests with flashing





lightning that often sets fires, and whose deafening thunder maycause a shuddering, shaking, stirring, awakening and reviving ofthe sleeping earth’s topsoil yielding many benefits to growingplants. All of such phenomena in Nature have reason for beingbecause they are necessary and useful, altho as yet, men may notunderstand or fear them. Where there are changes in temperaturewithin the various layers of atmosphere, violent winds arecaused which stir up the stagnant air, filling it with oxygen, evenas the fresh breeze scatters the pollen that fecundates theblossoms that make all vegetation fruitful. Likewise, water,

which is the basic substance of Nature and the livingbloodstream of Mother Earth, flowing within and around her, tobe found from the clouds high in the atmosphere which giveproductive rains and dew to the crystalline well springs of herdepths, which gives Life to all that lives on this wonderful planetcalled earth; the eternal snows that sleep upon and adorn hermountain peaks melt and likewise, drop by drop, gather theprecious substance that forms the murmuring streams andbrooks that enlarge into imposing rivers that finally flow intolagoons and the rushing sea.


 I say it is very true that you are the children of MotherNature, of the Earthly Mother because from her you received allthat you are, all your earthly body just as you received yourspiritual body from your Heavenly Father. This fact is as true andundeniable as the truth that a new born babe is the child of his orher mother.


 Soil (dust) you are, and Soil you shall become, because fromthis Earthly Mother you came, and to her each day you shallreturn, since you are One with the Mother Earth, she is in youand you are in her. Of her you were born, from her you live andto her each day you must return because your body is of hersubstance and to her substance it returns. Thus, you must honorand keep the wise Teachings that your Mother in Nature yieldsfor you, because no one can attain to perfect health andlongevity, nor be happy, but by the faithful observance of theCommandments of your Mother in Nature, loving and servingher with all your strength and all your understanding. To loveher and to serve her means to practice and live exemplifying thegreatest human virtues based on Love. You are intimately unitedwith Mother Nature because your breath is her breath, yourpulse is her pulse and your emotions are her emotions. Your





blood is her blood, your flesh is her flesh, your bones her bonesand your bowels her bowels. Also, your eyesight, hearing earsand sense of smell are (part of) her eyes, ears and sense of smell.


 The Truth of what I am telling you is that whenever yourvicious and evil habits harm you, your body or any of the body’sorgans, by the serious violation of any one of the wise preceptsof Mother Nature, you make yourself worthy of painfulsanctions in disease, suffering and sorrow. The body you believeto be your own, in reality, is not yours at all, but rather it wasloaned to you by Mother Nature, as a tool or instrument ofevolution with which your soul will be able to work in the Lord’sLaboratory, acquiring experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Whenever you suffer from any disease or any pain, this is a suresign that you have abused your body and disobeyed MotherNature’s Commandments.


 In, turn, if at any age you know perfect health, and especiallyif it be at an advanced age, this is a sure sign that you have keptthe Commandments of your Mother in Nature, who thus rewardsyou with good health and long life. The Truth is that if you abuseyour body you are acting in grave violation of Mother Nature’sLaws, and in that case you cannot escape punishment, consistingof serious ailments, chronic disease, much suffering andpremature death.


 Blessed are the children of the Earthly Mother who fully obeyher, because she shall caress and cherish them, granting themwell being and happiness, material and spiritual prosperity, goodhealth and long life.


 If you are suffering chronic illness, disease and pain, I assureyou that these evils shall go away as if they vanished by the workof some unknown charm, if you live and work as One withNature, strictly observing all her Laws, all of which is the rewardfor returning to the bosom of Mother Nature. Thus, your old ageshall be pleasant, without chronic illness, nor pains, enjoyingperfect health and long life, filled with happiness and DivineProtection.


 The prodigal son who returns to again cling to the bosom ofMother Nature, receiving all her love and protection, shall beprotected from attacks of the lawless, accidents, bites ofpoisonous snakes, ferocious animals, fires, bad harvests, floods,

earthquakes and all risks and dangers that plague the rebellioussons who scoff at their own Mother and trample on her





commandments. Yet in spite of this rebellion, Mother Naturetenderly loves even these bad children, sacrificing to care forthem when they fall ill. This is because only Mother Nature hasthe Power to Heal us if we get sick. Outside of her, nothing andno one in all the world can heal us, not even the most learnedamong physicians with all their miracle remedies and formulas,

because medicines and remedies never heal, nor can they healever. The only thing that CAN HEAL DISEASE or restore healthis the STRICT ADHERENCE TO THE LAWS OF NATURE. Dueto this cause, acting in violation of her Divine Laws, no scientistwill ever discover a miraculous drug (same as poison in Aramaic)

that can heal any disease. Blessed are they who are humble andobedient children and obey Mother Nature, because they shall befondled and protected, safe in her gentle bosom.


 Verily I say unto you, Mother Nature never ceases to love herchildren, altho she is saddened when they are disobedient,

becoming ashamed of her laws and abandon her. Great indeed isher Joy when a prodigal son or daughter returns, repents andagain receives her embrace. Such is her Love, vaster than giganticmountains and deeper than the deepest oceans. These penitentchildren she showers with her blessings, with her gifts andprivileges. She cares for and protects them as a hen protects herchickens, as the lioness her cubs. Just as the newborn babe canconfide and feels safe in his mother’s arms, those who return tothe embrace of our loving Mother Nature with absolute faith andtrust shall be cared and protected from all evil.




Ed. Note: The Living Water of Living Food of Living Trees of theLiving Soil is the Natural Healing message of the Eternal Healer,

Savior or Jesus Anointed with the God Spell. As revealed already,

Life Sciences are Eternal, Paradisian.




 Never shall I tire in repeating that our Mother in Naturetenderly loves her children. Even the most evil ones she lovesand eagerly protects in their ignorance after they bringmisfortune upon themselves. Nor does she deny her lovingprotection even to those who insult her, shun her and scorn her.

In her loving, gentle and persuasive ways she speaks to themthru the Voice of their Conscience, giving them a feeling ofuneasiness in wrong actions so as to convince them that they





should return to her gentle embrace in the path of right living.

But when her good council fails, as well as her persuasive efforts,

the loving and smiling face of Mother Nature becomes solemn,

grave and severe. Not accepting her Mercy, they hand themselvesover to the Lord of Pain, to the harsh Angel Pain, who thruunbearable but sometimes convincing torment, is sometimes ableto make them return to an honorable and decent life, the practiceof human virtues achieved thru valiant and honest work.


 Angel Pain comes under the symbolic figure of a congenialdevil in appearance,- attractive, agreeable, smiling and alwayshappy, of courteous manners, but deep within is mischievous,

wicked and criminal. This is why he is known as Beelzebub, whois the Prince of Devils, the most evil of the evil ones. He is amaster in setting traps for humans, in weaving fine nets, like aspider’s web to catch them like flies. As hook and bait heemploys the enticements and weakness of each individual, theirmost gleeful, merry vices, by which they shall gain painfulexperience, which contains no motive of vengeance, but is highlyeducational and instructive in essence coming out of the purestLove. His followers he exposes to grave dangers, seriousaccidents and calamities without end to make them feel and seethe effects of their own vices, and thus, persuade them toabandon them and to return to Right Living.


 This Prince of Evil, taking on pleasing raiment and clothed inriches, knows how to tempt and entice each and everyone, usingtheir Desires and whatever their heart is most inclined to. Somefollowers are best enticed by dazzling Riches, shining gold andsilver, splendid palaces with luxurious accommodations; othersin turn are most easily tempted by Power, rulership, fame,

luxury, titles of nobility, renown and glory, and still others heattracts with lustfulness, sexual orgies, drugs, gambling, riotousliving and idle pleasure. Blinded by these alluring wonders, allthis splendor, beauty and glory, they soon become caught in theweb of Satan.


 Once they do become snared these delights are generouslyprovided for their pleasure for a short while, to enjoy to theirpassionate desire. But then, when they reach the summit of theirdesires, Satan sends them tumbling down into the deepest abyssof depression. He snatches away all that allured them, - riches,

gold, silver, palaces, luxury, fame, sexual pleasure and even theirhealth, giving them a Trip that sends them stumbling headlong





down, head over heels, to the uttermost depths of horrible moraldepravation, the Trip of Drug Addiction, Drunkenness, sexualorgy, gambling, crime, licentious life of the slothful, and finallyends, landing like social trash and rubbish in slums, hospitals,

correctional houses, madhouses, prisons and death in utmostmisery.


 So many vices have poisoned their organism that their bodieshave become a morbid mass of waste matter. Their bodies are fullof abominable filth, coming from their riotous and pollutinggluttony, intoxicating liquors and narcotic drugs. Their organsare foul with great amounts of accumulated, indigestible anddecayed food, converting them into human dung heaps, comingwith worms, an infinity of infectious microorganisms, causingeven visible plagues of rotting flesh, starting from skin sores,

boils, ulcers, tumors and going on to cancer, gangrene andleprosy in the most chronically morbid. It all begins withirregular bowel movements of nauseating stench, telltale filth.


 This waste matter thickens, coagulating the blood, givingleukaemia, blood clots or darkens it to form gangrene, varicoseveins, and gives forth an appearance uglier and more morbidthan the dead, stagnant morass waters of a swamp. The defiledbloodstream scatters its filth and toxins thru-out the organism,

infecting it thru-out, the bones, the nerves, veins, beside the flesh,

till the most vital organs begin to fail. The bones lose theirfirmness, becoming fragile, knotty and brittle. (osteoporosis,

arthritis, bone cancer) The breathing becomes laborious, at timeswith gasping asphyxiation. The lungs become perforated and nolonger do they function normally. From within the fetid stenchcomes forth in the breath, vomit, wind and evacuations of thebowels. The eyes lose their brilliance becoming cloudy, glassy,

bloodshot or of muddy colors without life and finally becomeblind partially or completely. Nor do the ears function properly,

because their delicate cavities are obstructed with toxic waste,

ending eventually with complete deafness. In a similar fashionthe keen sense of smell becomes dull and absent.


 In a similar way, all the blessings of Mother Nature that therebellious and incorrigible child originally had, are now takenaway: breath, blood, eyes, ears, nose, flesh and sleep. His mindfails, finally becoming mentally deficient or completely insane.

Such is the punishment of wicked children who do not heedMother Nature. Yet, if this obstinate son be sorry for his sins and





willingly undo them, returning to his Mother’s bosom in Nature,

she will greatly rejoice and again receive him with open armsand pardon. All that is needed is that he returns to an honest lifeof honorable work and right living, without evil habits and vices.

Above all, he must keep the Laws of our Creator in the Preceptsof Mother Nature, so as to free himself from the clutches of histormentor, the unappeasable Satan, and his torments, to resist allthe temptations with future enticements he may offer. Once theprodigal child proves to Mother Nature that he really is takinglife seriously, and makes an effort to regenerate himself, she willafford him every aid within her immense Love for all. As soon asthe prodigal son sees himself free from the torments of Satan, hewill realize with joy that the only way to free one’s self fromsuffering, is to remain steadfast within the gentle and safeembrace of our loving Mother in Nature, obeying all that sheteaches us.


 In conclusion, to make it very clear, whenever the erring Sonof Adam, or Man, returns to the bosom of Eve, or Mother of allliving, forsaking all sin, vices and bad habits of those in Satan’sfold, resisting all temptations of the evil one, he shall beemancipated, safe in the embrace of our Mother. For no man canserve two masters. Either he serves God (Spirit, Angels, etc.) andMother Nature (Ecology, Environment, Paradise), or else youserve Beelzebub and his devils. Behold, I set before you the Wayof Life and the Way of Death.




Ed. Notes: Adam means red earth, since the Image of theHeavenly Father was formed from the soil, containing earth dust,

inflated by the Wind, Breath or Spirit of God to give him Life as asoul. The Heavenly Man (Natura Naturans) gave body, flesh andbone, to the Earthly Man-kind (Natura Naturata) thru Eve, theMother of all the Living on Earth, our Earthly Mother in Nature.

(Genesis 1:27; 2:7,23; 3:19,20, and the multiple meanings ofAramaic words for the above.




 All those gathered around John and his Elect Discipleslistened to these Words of Wisdom (Gnostic Logos) with wonder,

due to his intimate relationship with the Lord. His Teaching orWord was full of Wisdom in Spirit, and with a profound moralsignificance, spoken with Power and Authority, without





hesitancy or unsure statements like those of the Priests andScribes. So great was the Power of the Lord’s Anointed that heinevitably drew a multitude that even with the setting of the sun,

they departed not, continuing to sit around him listening andasking him questions.


 And they asked him: “Teach us the Laws of Life, explain to ushow we may live in harmony with Mother Nature and keep hercommandments, because we want to be healed, to be happy andto live long.”


 The Healing and Saving One answered them: “Verily theTruth is as I tell you: No one can be happy unless they keep theCommandments of Mother Nature.”


 And the Scribes and Pharisees answered “We do theCommandments in the Laws Moses, our Lawgiver, gave us asthey are written in the Holy Scriptures.”


 And thereupon the Voice of He who Saves and Heals spokeout with vital emphasis and clarity: “Seek not the Law of Life inyour Scriptures. Your Scriptures are only a Dead Word inwriting, but the Living Law quickens (makes live or enlivens).

Surely you know that Moses did not receive his Law in writing,

but rather they were of a Living Voice. The Law of Life is theLiving Word, of the Living God, to Living Prophets for LivingMen, Mankind. The Law is written in the ineffaceable Word in allLiving Creation, or Nature, in all that quivers or vibrates withLife from where she speaks forth in thousands of ways. You maylearn to hear and read this Law in the Book of Life, the LivingBook seen in Nature, the Living Creation: in the herbs when theyspeak forth with blossoms and aromas; in orchards of fruit treesripening with delicious fruits, Life speaks to us from the LivingWaters in a Voice of Eternal Tenderness. Nature likewise speaksin the crystalline springs that feed streams and rivers, in theoceans that seem to breathe in and out with high and low tidesbeside their threatening waves. Even the hardest stones are heldtogether due to the vibrant life without which power they woulddisintegrate like dust. The Truth thus manifest, speaks forthcrying out from the stones and solid rocks, (Luke 19:40) as wellas the vibrant minerals; from both the animal and vegetablekingdoms; from the seas with multiple named, sized, shaped andcolored fishes of the depths, to the heights of heaven fromwhence come birds to sing among the trees.


 Verily, verily I say unto you, Seek the Living Law of Life,





above all, in your very selves, and try to understand and put it inpractice; this is the only way to have good health and to behappy. In Truth, all these quivering, vibrating manifestations arecloser to God than any “Book of the Dead”, whose writings lackLife and are inert. The Living God, in His Infinite Wisdomcreated the miracle of Living Creation with all that lives, movesand has being, so that by her very Nature she might reveal andteach the Wisdom of her Laws thru thousands of ways andinfinite manifestations. (Acts 7:22,38)


 In turn, the Creator endowed man with Reason, Intelligenceand Wisdom by giving him a share in His Divine Spirit, so thatthru enlightened insight he might understand Nature’s LivingScriptures and the Living Laws so as to be able to practice them.

This is why people should use their intelligence to search outWisdom in the Laws of Creation because this is the only waythey will know what to do to keep them. Woe unto whoevershuts his or her eyes to avoid seeing the Reality of Life, and Woeunto whoever stops up his or her ears to avoid hearing thecoming of the unswerving advance of unrestrainable progress.

Again, may I reiterate, the Scriptures are the work of erring men,

subject to errors of interpretation, while the unwritten Word is aTeaching manifest thru-out all Living Creation, and is God’sWork, the only Authentic Scripture found in His UniversalTongue, so as to be without error, Infallible.


 Woe unto whosoever prefers to hear the Dead Scriptures ofanachronistic papyri and musty manuscripts, to hearing the freshLiving Word that God speaks thru-out the Nature of LivingCreation, whispering to all thru infinite ways but with OneTongue within the heart, mind and conscience of each individual.

He is not the God of the dead, but of the living.


 //////////////// (Read Acts 7:22=Moses)


Ed. Notes: In this 4th Chapter, God’s Word spoken thru Johnreveals that the O.T. Hebrew Scriptures were not given by theLaw-Giver or the Living God, but are really taken from theEgyptian “BOOK OF THE DEAD” which contains the TenCommandments, rituals and all history prior to coming to Egyptback to Paradise. The “Mosheh” is a transliteration from theGreek Moses meaning Law Giver. In John 5:39 we are told toSearch these Scriptures, if therein any Life exists... A-Brahm is aHindu word, “Brahm” meaning God and “A” is First or“Supreme”, which by traditions the Jews named “Father of all





who live.”


 As to “Jesus” in John (Jn. 7:5), even his own brethren did notbelieve in him! This later was proven by his half-brother when hewrote the Hebrew historical mss. “Protevangelium”, (of whichthe 4 N.T. Gospels are but versions), that this “Jesus” appearingas John Glorified in the Apostles, was the son of Zacharius andMary born out of wedlock, because Elizabeth was old and barrenmaking Zacharius’ priesthood appear fruitless in Jewishtradition. Thus, John was first recorded as the son of Zachariusand Elizabeth, and later claimed to be “Jesus” born of the HolySpirit to Joseph and Mary. This is why Jews accused “Jesus” ofbeing born in sin, while God spoke thru their Law Giver (Jn.

9:29,34). Every time one prays the “Hail Mary”, oneacknowledges Mary was big or “Full with Grace” of God, theliteral meaning of John, making him as Savior (Jesus) the son ofDavid thru Zacharius an anointed priest (Luke 1:28-32).


 When Aramaic was translated into Greek, it began using theword “of”, a word non-existent in Aramaic, and this non-existent“of” is given 13 English equivalents. Thus, the Scriptures becameeven more veiled or mystical. Having spoken a dialect similar toAramaic (Estonian), I know how deceptive English expressionsare compared to Peshitta, or Pure Tongue. If one will retranslatetheir N.T. Bible stating things without using “of”, the Message ofthe Healing God Spell therein will be discovered. The N.T.

written in our hearts tells us that instead of “Tree of Life” itshould say living tree, “Water of Life”, is living water, “Bread ofLife” is living food, “Book of Life” is living book. Deceptivespeech gives death to works, since one “lives” by reading “of”



 When St. John arose from the dead, he had not really beencrucified, but the allegory was derived from the fact that inAramaic “elevate, exalt, lift up and crucify” are one word, Mark15:25,27; John 19:15; Matt. 26:2, all referring to the Ascension ofJohn “the Baptist” to Savior and Messiah after he lost his head.

“When you shall have lifted up the son of man then you shallknow that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself but as theFather hath taught me I (in my Apostles) speak: Abide in me andI in you” (Jn. 8:28; 15:4). Even the sea is said to arise or get“High” in a storm (Jn. 6:18) with the same word but in Aramaicone does not mean the sea was crucified. The allegory of John(Apostle) of the N.T. having Salome, his mother, accompany him





contemplating the crucifixion comes with John’s head beinggiven to Peace unharmed, which is the literal meaning of Salome,

relating to Herod’s daughter and John’s accusations againstHerod. John lost his head in holy anger, becoming “mad” ravingabout Herod’s act of incest, but Herod heard him willingly,

honoring him as a holy man. (See Mark 6:28; 15:40; 16:1) Whenthe 12 Apostles were sent out they preached God’s Kingdom andhealed the sick in the Savior’s name, and when Herod heard of ithe was told THAT JOHN HAD RISEN FROM THE DEAD! (Luke9:1-8) Thus, the Gnostic First Christians of Mt. Carmel Collegesestablished an Order in Samaria under St. John. It was a Disciple(Matthew in Aramaic) named Manaen, foster-brother of Herodwho went to Antioch (Acts 13:1), Manahen meaning “numbered”

or appointed in place of Judas, also called Barnabas, who wrotethe First Gospel, and Allegory Key with John’s Gospel. He wasknown as Maen-Andros, founder of the Gnostic Maendeans,

Manicheans First Christians of Antioch and Teacher of Basilideswho founded a school in Alexandria. In Ephesus he is known asthe writer of the Apocalypse, Disciple of St. John (Baptist). Paulgave the single Gospel of Marc John (Marcion) at Pontus whotranslated it in Greek. Confusion of many untranslated titlesgives the illusion that all the mentioned were different people. AsMaerinthus it meant Merciful.


 This would account for Church Father Irenaeus stating “from40th to 50th year our Lord taught the Gospel as all our Elders inAsia with John will testify”, quoting Polycarp, proving without adoubt the Anointed Savior manifest in John was not executed in33 A.D. In this Immortal Spirit, and biologically in the flesh andbody of John, I continue to teach since I again began writing inEnglish (at Quilotoa, 1945) that the righteous who live not in sin,

do not die unjustly early in youth (33 A.D.), but this is the wishof sinners who fear that Karmic Law may be true! Only “He whokills by the sword shall die by the sword”,- Law of Karma ofGnostics, from Christianity to Eastern Philosophy.


 But after finding life hard hunting fruit of the Locust Tree(Carob in Aramaic) and becoming like Milarepa’s “hungryghosts”, John found flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdomof Heaven even in Nature. Thus, he began his career as Anointedor Ordained Apostle of God’s Word, Logos, giving early GnosticChristian Vicars or Doctors. Thus, like Buddha’s Bhikshus, theApostles lived on Alms. Yet as told in John 21:23, for near 2000





years (Apoc. 20), I remained patiently to now reveal thatmankind does not inherit Fruitful Paradises until he begins toBUILD PARADISES and keep the First Paradisian Law of Life,

nourishing from the Living Water of juicy fruits, to get lifted upon High instead of crucified. Serpents of Wisdom shall lift upParadises in the Desert! (Gnostics, Jn. 3:14)




 Then the Scribes and Pharisees said to him: our forefathersonly taught us the knowledge of the Law of the Scriptures. Thus,

to read the Law in Natural Phenomena is something new to ussince we have neither inherited or learned such a way ofinterpretation from our elders. Moreover, we ask that you teachus the Law of which you speak, because learning it, we willinglywould put it in practice, so we may become healed and be rightwith God”.


 The Anointed responded: “Since you only understand thedead Word in the dead Scriptures, your Spirit is dead also, andnothing makes sense, like the blind walking and stumbling indarkness. This is why you cannot even discern a glimmeringsemblance in the vibrant manifestations of Life in LivingCreation.


 Verily in truth I tell you that your poring over the Dead Wordin musty books and rancid manuscripts has profited you nothingat all, since you have lost sight of the Living Word in the openbook of Ever-living Nature in perpetual renovation. The DeadWord, lacking Life, deadens your heart. Since you deny yourHeavenly Father in your deeds, no new human virtue can bud orspring forth to make you worthy of Him. Deep in your souls Ifind only those evil emotions that drag one down to lowerpassions, great moral sins such as sexual abuse, alcoholism,

gluttony, conceit, selfishness and greedy desire for more andmore riches, usurping even the little the poor, the aged, widows,

orphans and the invalid may have, while their souls cry out toheaven for justice in such abuse. Woe unto those Scribes andPharisees who do nothing to escape the punishment theydeserve. Even your great Commandments tell you, Thou shaltnot Fornicate, but you fornicate; Thou shalt not Kill, yet you kill;

Thou shalt not bear false witness, yet you falsify; Thou shalt notHate, but you hate, not only your enemies but even your ownbrethren. Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees who do nothing to





escape a most certain punishment you deserve.


 The Living Truth is that your living bodies were created to bethe Sacred Temple of the Living God and your Hearts, His HolySanctuary. But when this Temple is defiled and made into the denof dishonest scheming, thieving and abominable practices, theLord refuses to inhabit therein.


 If you want God to dwell within your hearts, along with theangels of His Heavenly Paradise, you must restore immaculatepurity in cleanliness within your Temple, which is to say, youmust live an honest life, in purity and in morality, withoutresorting to the evil habits and vices, dedicated to honest andearnest work restoring God’s Realm, along with Fasting andPrayer.




Editor’s Notes on Scriptures continued: Saint John’s GnosticFIRST CHRISTIANS OF ANTIOCH were founded by remnants ofa Samaritan ORDER OF MT. CARMEL, also described as theSons of the Prophets, the Gnostic Essenes, or of the “GoodSamaritan” epithet their Savior attached to their pious, datingback to Elias. They were believed to be a “Shoot of the rod ofJesse (father of David, which means Beloved), “on whom theSpirit of Wisdom (Gnosis) shall rest”, where the wolf and lambdwell together, cow and bear feed together and a little child shalllead them, play with a Serpent and put the hand in an asp’s hole.

They shall not hurt nor destroy life on all God’s Holy Mountain,

for the earth shall be filled with the Lord’s Gnosis...and whomthe Gentiles shall seek...They shall trust in God as their Healer,

the Lord as their Strength and Salvation. (See Isaiah 11 and 12)

The followers of the Savior (Jesus) would be called Jessenes orEssenes as Epiphanius identified them, also saying they wrotethe N.T. Gospels and Epistles, just as Church Historian Eusebiusalso confirms but names them as “Therapeuts” or Healers, whichcomes from “Jesus” meaning Healer.


 The early Church Father, St. Clement of Alexandria, clearlystated, “After the Resurrection the Lord delivered the GNOSIS toJames the Just, John and Simon Peter, and they delivered it to theApostles,” proving the so-called Essenes were Gnostics, whichthe Church later sought to eradicate from their usurpedmembership. In the “Gnostic Gospel of Thomas”, Robert Grantwrites, “When such people (Essenes) transferred their hopesfrom earth to heaven, they created the religious movement





known as Gnosticism.”


 Samaria, properly denominated “Israel”, north of Judea, hadits temple on Mt. Gerizm which they held holier than Jerusalemof Judea, since they kept to the purest origin of Religion,

rejecting the history of bloody wars and conquests made by theJews, accepting the Five Books of the Lawgiver (Moses) and thuswere regarded as heretics by Jews. The Samaritan doctrineaccepted the existence of Angels, the Resurrection, that theMessiah would manifest only as a prophet as John Baptist did,

rebelled against Jewish dominion and in the temple taught thatGod’s kingdom could not be localized in any earthy State, whichcoincides with the Essene Gnostics of Mt. Carmel in Samaria.

Thus, like Abraham (A-Brahm) they claimed an Eastern origin oftheir inhabitants, coming from Assyria in 722 B.C. beside thruKing David, the Anointed (2 Sam. 23:1) whose son was King overall Israel, and married Pharaoh’s daughter, just as Moses was(believed) a son of Pharaoh’s daughter, as an Egyptianhierophant, making possible his amassing of wealth and wisdom.

“Jesus” tells us, many, but not Jews, are to be saved and God’sKingdom will be given to another nation (Matt. 21:43) and hepresented the “Good Samaritan” as his model Healer, showinghow his disciples “love one another” (Luke 10:27-37) and also inthe case of ten lepers healed, only the Samaritan gave thanks forbeing healed (Lk. 17:16), illustrating that both Faith andKnowledge are needed to establish God’s Kingdom within one.


 This should justify our seeking the origin of the ChristianGnostics in Samarian Carmelite Colleges. In our Introduction wehave illustrated that Simon Magus, an Essene, became theDisciple of John Baptist, which corresponds to the N.T. “Simon”

called Peter, Rock of Faith or Church cornerstone. Simon’sarrogance and gaining power over other humans coincides withSimon of Gitta Samaria, both being accused by the Anointed asbeing of Satan (Mt. 16:23), and named Simon Zealot among theApostles. Two or more Simons correspond to Simon Magusteaching of reincarnation, the Zealot dying crucified we matchedwithin Josephus’ claim, and of Roman Church “Peter”, the deathbeing karma from incarnation as Zealot soldier or “living by thesword” as a fisherman of Galilee, and reborn as Simon of Gnosisand Power, educated Greek scholar.


 Simon means Sun, and thus as Simon Magus he was knownas the “Incarnation of the Great Power” or “Almighty”, as to Life





on earth, while his consort is Helen which comes from the Greekword for Moon. In Simon’s “Great Announcement” mss. (GoodNews or Gospel) Simon Magus, like “Peter”, teaches thefundamental concepts of all the Gospels, especially elaboratinghis Crucifixion of Simon Zealot, the Galilean, of whom he is theResurrection (Reincarnation). Likewise to illustrate his Power ofGnosis over all obstacles to Salvation, Simon Magus gives anexample from his own life in which he selects as a consort Helen,

an abused woman who had to suffer much indignity in this lifebecause she is the reincarnation of Helen of Troy, who Simonrescued from destiny in a brothel. This rescue from abuse andindignity corresponds identically to the Savior of the N.T. whoalso makes Mary of Bethany his consort in the Love Scene orAnointing as the Savior, heals the woman who has had bloodflow (menstruation) for 12 years, and gives John’s secret of LivingWater (Vitalogy, Dietetic Science of Continence) to the Samaritanwoman with 5 husbands, who becomes the earliest evangelistteaching about the Savior (John 4:9-42), just as Gnostics claimed.

This is the Gnostic Mar-iame who gives the Gospel account of theCrucifixion (dramatized by Simon Magus) to James, and otherApostles not present, accounting for Gnostic works aboundingwith early teaching of Women’s Liberation illustrated indialogues of 3 or more Marys, Sophia, Martha, Salome, etc.

giving physical, mental and spiritual concepts of “Mother ofGod” or Love, “the most Spiritual among Disciples” or “LadyElect” of John. While the Sun is the King of Heaven, in Simon’sAeonology, the Moon is the “Queen of Heaven” and the 12 signsof the Zodiac will be represented by 12 Apostles who rule aspectseach of us are born under in the 12 months of the year.


 Not only is the dialogue going on in Martha-Mary, VirginMary-Mary Magdalene, Sophia-Helen questions, but we alsohave the multiple Simons controversy engendered by gossip,

taking of sides by interested parties and resultant myth. Simon,

the Wonder-Worker of Samaria (Israel) is mistaken by Zealot-

Galileans to be the very Simon that was their leader, and thus,

like the resurrected Alexander Josephus tells about the exploits inhis History, this rapidly develops into the Resurrected SimonZealot, Risen King of Israel. Already, he has become famous forbeing “Almighty” in Power of Miracles, which Simon recorded inwhat is known as “The Lost Gospel According to Peter,” theoriginal from which other Gospel versions were built around. In





named Apollos, a disciple of John the Baptist, according to JeanSteinman’s it Simon cries out: “My Power, my Power, thou hastforsaken me”, and immediately he is taken up after crucifixion,

Petronius with guards keep watch over the rock sealing the tombbut a great light came and the crucified “reached unto heavenand beyond”, so Petronius and Pilate agree to tell no one of theescape. The pseudo-Alexander likewise acquired fame by tellingof how he escaped from supposed Alexander’s tomb, but Simonsought no lie, because in truth he was a reincarnation of theGalilean hero, just as Helen had been Mary, Simon’s wife, andbefore that Helen of Troy. But after the Fall of Jerusalem, theSavior of Israel and Jews, was no longer a valid Passport forWelcome,- so why not be born again in a new mission, avoidingmuch of the accusation and being found out, like “Alexander”?


 Paul is generally agreed to have written before the 4 Gospelswere known, being the earliest source of the Vision of Christexperience. Paul like Simon of Samaria know nothing about theSavior’s life except being born of the Holy Spirit. Paul says thatafter his Gnosis experience, when Christ began to dwell in him,

for 3 years he did not talk to any of the Apostles, “I conferred notwith flesh and blood, neither went I to Jerusalem to them thatwere Apostles before me, but went away to Arabia (Gal. 1:16)

contradicting the writer of Acts (9). Now, this gives a clue, sinceDositheus was from Arabia, his disciples lived like the Essenesand both Simon and Dositheus were Disciples of John Baptist.

The “Wise Men” were supposed to have come from Arabiaaccording to Justin Martyr, and this has been believed to be asource of Essene Gnosticism. But when Paul seeks to communewith priests in Jerusalem, he takes on the reputation as a hereticdue to his doctrine against Jewish rituals.


 Baur and his followers in the Tubingen school havedemonstrated the theory that Simon Magus is simply thelegendary symbol for Paul, giving clues to the multiple Simondrama. Peter and Paul are said to have quarrelled in Antioch,

never to meet again (Gal. 2:9-14), dramatizing his own internalconflict or schizophrenia. No longer is he merely the follower ofJohn Baptist and Ebionite Jews, but as he discovers his nameSimon to mean Sun, among the Greeks he might be consideredApollo,- Apaulo, or Paul. He now shaves his head and beginningwith Priscilla and Aquila he acquires his new name from Apollo(Acts 18:18-26). Paul’s Epistle to the Hebrews according to





Menequez “is a converted disciple of Philo of Alexandria” and isnamed Apollos, a disciple of John the Baptist, according to JeanSteinman’s book “St. John the Baptist”. All this correlates inidentity to Simon, the Sun, Samarian Wonder-Worker, who alsostudied in Alexandria, taught at Antioch, gave his Gospel toMarcion at Pontus, and thus after Ephesus, eventually arrives inRome. This reconstructs how Simon, in Luke’s Acts istransformed into Paul, which in Rome is identified as both SimonPeter and Paul, altho contained in one person, and giving thePeter and Paul founding of the Roman Church with Simon’sorigin as heretic erased appearing as Peter, meaning Cornerstoneof the Christian Church. The Gnostics not only had theirMysteries taught by Allegories, but the New Roman Church, outfor political imperial gains, also interpolated Scriptures to hidetheir Gnostic origins.


 Of great importance is this fact that the whole structure of theChurch is supposed to rest upon Apostolic succession, withSimon Peter as the cornerstone, thru whom the approved N.T.

Canon in Scriptures, doctrines, and authority has beentransmitted, and supposedly the Gnostic Christians lacked thiscausing their deficiency. However, the Gnostics had proof andtraditions just as authentic if not more so. Another of theSamaritan Gnostics who also taught at Antioch, and who’sdoctrine resembled Simon Magus so that Mead considered himSimon’s teacher, was Menander, Maenandros (Man, Mani,

Manas, Manda all meaning Gnosis and Andros meaning man,

son, so combined becomes God-Man or son of Truth-Spirit). Hethus gave origin to later Manicheans, Mandeans and the GnosticFirst Christians of St. John. John the Baptist was a strangeanomaly in being a son of a priest who rejected the exercise of hispriesthood in the Temple, which shrouded John’s youth inmystery. Zacharias was not of the House of David, being ofAaron lineage, so that out of Zachary’s desire to have his son ruleIsrael, he put John’s legal custody under Joseph of Galilee, whohe marries to the 14 year old Mary, Mother of Zachary’s child (astold in the Protevangelium), because his wife is barren. Thus,

thru Joseph, the Savior is the son of David and thru Zachary apriest, and the life of fasting and fruit diet yielded the ChiefProphet, Anointed in the Spirit of God. When Maenandros wasteaching in Asia, Ephesus, he was known as Cerinthus(Merinthius by others) and after a long Gnostic career he saw





how the Roman Church greedily usurped power, and soprophesied in the Apocalypse, “And in her (Rome symbolized asa Babylon harlot) was found the blood of prophets and of saintsand all who were slain on earth. The Roman Church has robbedthe earth of the true saints, prostituting Truth in Spirit, bystanding alongside the “Merchants of earth”, first accepting theirliving spirit to gain membership, but crucifying, burning andmartyring them (like Joan of Arc burnt as a heretic and thenmade saint), if not denying they were Christians even (as withearly Gnostics). So it was with John Apostle, who Gnosticsinsisted wrote the Apocalypse, beside developing the “Gnosis” inJohn’s Gospel and Epistles. “The John Book”, an early MandeanScripture states: “After the death of John (Baptist), the world willfall a prey to error. The Roman Christ shall overthrow thepeoples, the 12 seducers shall travel the world thru-out...corruptJohn’s sayings, pervert the Baptism of the Jordan, distort thewords of truth and preach fraud and malice thru-out the world”.

This states clearly what the Apocalypse says about Rome, andwas accepted (interpolated)! The Gnostics KNEW what Scripturesthey had written, and clearly illustrated the original versions oftheir writings, while the Roman Church relied on Faith in amythical tradition of Popes, claimed infallible, as the word ofGod. The Gnostics did not need to defend doctrine by violence,

being popular for their Wisdom. Rome had no recourse butaccept their Scriptures, interpolated to Roman interpretation, andruthlessly destroying all signs of their source.


 The writer of the N.T. Gospel of Matthew can be traced toBasilides, Gnostic Christian Doctor of Alexandria. Basilides ishistorically the first writer of Christian Scriptural exegesis,

having written 24 books of Commentaries on Hebrew Scriptures,

and thus the only person in his time thus capable of taking all theOld Testament prophecies about the Messiah, and integratingthem in his version of the Gospel history of Christ. Otherwise,

we might have had a Greek or Aryan Wise Men’s version of aSavior. He said his doctrine was first revealed by Jesus toMatthias after the Resurrection, yet his teacher was the GnosticMaenandros, and having studied at Antioch with Simon,

Marcion the writer of the original Gospel of Mark, and othergreat Gnostic Doctors, developed the elaborate Alexandriantheory of Gnosis.


 Valentinus is known to have written a Gospel, and for some





reason he was the Greatest of Gnostics of impeccable moralcharacter. To the end he persevered in conciliatory efforts to gaintolerance for the Gnostic viewpoints, but Rome refused to givehim recognition as Bishop of Alexandria, in spite of spendingyears in Rome making a complete elaboration of all previousscriptures and history of the Church acceptable to Rome knownas the Acts of Apostles and the Gospel of Luke. Unexcelled inknowledge of other Gnostic sects and the Gnosis of each, yetwilling to compromise for a share in recognition by Rome, hispearls were cast only to be trampled on after usurpation byinterpolations stating that First Christian Gnostics differed fromthe mentioned Christian Apostles.


 Oddly enough, of all the “Acts of the Apostles” documents inexistence, only the part having to do with Simon Peter and Paulwas considered canonical, showing how the Roman Churchfavored only its own tradition of Peter leading the Apostles ineverything as their Prince and Bishop, hardly giving mention tothe Bishop of Jerusalem, James the Just. Perhaps this may be dueto seeking equality with the Gnostic John which in the N.T. mightbe interpreted that the Beloved Disciple would succeed all theApostles, giving Simon part as a pupil and pastor of Christ’sfold, and “John should never die, but so I will have him remaintill I come” (Jn. 21:16-23), just as the Apocalypse obviouslycondemns Rome as a Babylon harlot, honoring only the 7


Churches of Asia. G.R.S. Mead tells us that the earliest collectionof Gnostic Acts of Apostles is that of a certain Leucius, surnamedCharinus, a disciple of John. James held that Leucius (Leukios)

who wrote various Gnostic Acts, including those giving theactivities and viewpoints of John, Andrew, Thomas beside Peterand Paul. Robert Grant thought Theudas was a name interpretedas Luke, as we do. Valentinus is claimed to have his witness inthe tradition of the Gnosis in “Thadeus” as Matt. 10:3 spells it,

“Theodas” by others or Theo-Deus (Greek-Roman) meaningGod’s God just as Elijah (Elohim-Jehova) was said to be God’sGod for John the Baptist. Basilides had said a “Matthias”

(Aramaic for Disciple) had received his Gnosis from Jesus afterthe Resurrection, and he was a student of Glaucias (G. Laucias)

and associate of Peter, tho Basilides was a disciple of Saturniusand Maenander, earliest Doctors at Antioch, and he was theteacher of Valentinus.


 Marcion, the author of the N.T. Gospel of Mark (Marc-John),





son of the Bishop of Pontus, and a Man of Letters according toJerome and Augustine, while Epiphanius wrote “Marcion’sfollowers were to be found thru-out the whole world in his time”

when the Church of Rome was unknown. Yet Tertullian thoughthe was “the most dangerous heretic of his day”, and tauntedMarcion for not putting his name on his Gospel, but he answeredthat it was not his to put his name on it, for he had onlytranslated into Greek the Aramaic Gospel Paul used at Pontus.

Mark’s Gospel is about the Crucifixion, and with it the Epistles ofPaul, which illustrates Simon Peter’s Gnosis, identify Simon(Sun) with Paul (A-Paulo). This is identical with Marcion’sdoctrine that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not people, HolySpirit being Mother of God, in Christ of an incorruptible andimmutable body of Light of Ethereal Fire. Jesus means Healerand son of David means son of the Beloved, knowing nothing ofJewish genealogies.


 When Papias claimed Mattheu (Matthias) composed theOracles (Gospels) in 149, if we would fully translate it, it onlymeant the Disciples composed the Oracles. These GnosticChristians of St. John are known as Mandeans in Iraq and Iran,

but in Syria-Palestine they were called Nassarenes, Nass-Aryans,

meaning non-Judaic inhabitants (just as Samarians and Galileanswere from Assyria) who followed the Wisdom-Serpent sect,

whose Savior said “Be wise as Serpents”. They follow the Gospelof Peter and honor the Anointed wrote Theodoret. Before beingcalled Christians the N.T. Bible called them Nassarenes: Act. 3:6,4:10, 6:14, 22:8, 24:5, 26:9, Jn. 18:5, Luke 18:37, Mt. 2:23, 10:47,26:71. At the time of Christ there was no town of Nazareth,

unknown to Josephus, but established by myth.




 Overcome the temptations of Satan! Conquer the evilpassions! Make war unceasingly against all vices and uprootthem from your lower emotional make-up by concentrating onthe opposite virtues to replace sins that once tormented yoursoul. If you are an alcoholic, your Salvation is to be found in totalabstinence and dwelling in sobriety. If one is a sexual offender,

one’s mind must be filled with the benefits of purity andcontinence. To obtain power and protection in your self conquestyou must seek out the Lord and pray for Faith. Purge your moralstructure thru abstinence from vices and evil habits, starting with





the most gross, such as sexual abuse and alcoholism. Rigorousfasts and devoted prayer will greatly help one put up anoverwhelming fight against Satan. The Truth of the whole matteris that Satan and all his evils can only be cast out from the depthsof your being thru FASTING and PRAYER, which like the warmsun that drives away the cold, can remove all these evils.


 Flee to the solitudes of the unspoiled country where it is theeasiest to fast and pray, meditating in contact with Nature. Thereamongst the living green surroundings contemplate themagnificence of Nature, the earth and the heavens, and God’sgreat Wisdom in creating all these wonders. Above all meditateupon the greatness of human virtues in good that I shall berevealing to you.


 Remember that watching over you in secret is God whogreatly rejoices when He sees in your heart the sincere desire andyour effort to be good and practice human virtue. He willencourage you onward with the blessings of good health,

abundance, honor and eternal happiness. But you must haveFaith in the most powerful weapon that exists for the castingaway of Satan, which is devoted prayer and dedicated fasting.

With these two weapons you can free yourself from the evil oneand make clean your being, physically and spiritually, makingyour Temple a worthy Sanctuary of the Lord, so that his Angelsmay serve you. Truly, truly I tell you, without Fasting and Prayeryou shall never be free from Satan, who manifests in your evilhabits and vices, in your disease, pains and mental depression.

Only Fasting and Prayer can make clean your Temple, enablingyou to live an honest, honorable, pure and holy life dedicated tomaking better the lives of all and especially your own thruWORK. The Heavenly Father shall be pleased to witness suchefforts and shall shower all his kindness and blessings upon youand fill you with joy and happiness.


 Yet, this I require of you, that you FAST and PRAY devotedly,

for this is your Way of Emancipation from all your conflicts andafflictions materially, morally, emotionally and so many otherways they make torment of human life. Then shall the Spirit ofGod descend upon you and dwell in your heart. You shall beillumined, anointed with Heavenly Enlightenment, and God’sAngels shall aid you in finding the fundamental elements inNature that can heal your body and soul. (Mt. 17:19, Lk. 4:2, “Dopenance”, not just repent: Mt. 3:2, 4:17)





 Seek the fresh pure air of the forests, fields, mountains or theseashore. Verily I tell you, air is the most essential food for man.

You can go many days without eating, but a few momentswithout air will leave you life-less. Take off your shoes andclothing so that the pure air can bathe all your skin. This air bathshould be taken as often as possible because since the beginningof time the skin has had the environmental requirement of beingbathed with pure air. Practice deep breathing, embracing theAngel of Air within your lungs allowing deep penetration so thatit will charge your blood with Life Energy (Prana) and distributethe healing qualities. In this way, the Pure Air Angel can cleanseyour blood and every cell of your body, eliminating all theaccumulated wastes and toxins which are the very cause of thediseases and aches that trouble you. Just as air and fire are bothnecessary to burn bad smelling refuse, so air and heat arenecessary for the internal combustion of the fetid wastes even inyour body so that bad breath can be made fragrant again. Verily,

verily I tell you, no man can find himself in God’s Presenceunless the Wind of God’s Wisdom allows him to do so. GodPresence is only achieved thru a thorough Physical and MoralPurification. No man can enter the Paradise Realm of God unlesshe is born again of this Baptism of the Wind Angel of Breath, theSpirit in Truth, to cleanse his body and soul.




Ed. Notes: Words were concealed in meaning in translations ofthe Bible. All of the HEALING GOD SPELL was contained in theAramaic originals of the Bible Christians now use, but becauseTruth in the Spirit of God did not dwell in the vehicles oftranslation, they could not fully grasp and convey the depth ofGod’s Word. Only realizing that “Rokha” in Aramaic can be usedto mean Air, the Vibration of Love, Heart, evil spirit or power,

temper, pride and rheumatism, one soon realizes how tocontemplate for the Spirit in Words, the symbolic or allegoricalTruth, rather than man’s limited understanding of copied words.




 After the embrace of the Angel of air, wind and breath, seekthe embrace of the Angel of Pure Waters. Take off your footwearand other clothing (if you have clothed again) and again in thenude totally submerge your body in this liquid substance, thatyou may be Baptized with the Holy Spirit of Water, cleansing and





activating your skin and internal organs. The Truth is obviousthat the Pure Water Spirit can purify every cell of your body, tocleanse it of the wastes and toxins eliminated from its depthsthru the skin pores. Just as the rapid waters of a stream or rivermay be used to wash clean our clothing, the lively movingcurrent and our living movement in the waters (swimming orsplashing) shall cleanse and purify your bodies of much of itswaste matter.


 So great is the Spirit of Water Power, when not left stagnantto become stale and unhealthy in swamps, ponds and dead seas,

that in the free rapid flow of streams and rivers, where it may beoxygenated, purified and made healthy as it continually beatsupon the rocks and churns around here and there, not onlyproviding man with his bodily need for water, but gives him thepower to move huge mills that grind wheat for the daily bread ofworldlings.


 However, it is not enough to clean the vessel of life only onthe outside. Of even greater importance is it that the Power ofWater cleanse within. (Matt. 23:25, Luke 11:39). Truly I tell you,

just as the Angel of Water cleanses and quickens life on thesurface of the body, in the same way Pure Living Water quickens,

vivifies and purifies the innermost cells of the body. You shouldpartake of LIVING WATER in preference to any drink since theSpirit or Angel of God quickens or gives the Life Principle to thiswater, making it unsurpassed by other liquids artificiallyprepared by man.


 Partaking of this River of Living Water, you shall not thirstbecause this is the Living Tree yielding Living Fruits that areLIVING FOOD indeed, both Healing and Life Giving. (Apoc.

22:1,2,14,17; Jn. 4:13, 6:33-64; Gen. 1:29, 3:22) Only by alwayspartaking of this Living Water shall your digestive organs andinnermost cells be cleansed and remain pure, eliminatingintestinal fever, indigestion and constipation in the intestines.

This is why I have formulated such parables to explain that it isnecessary to make clean the inside of your vessel first with theBaptism of Water made Living by the Holy Spirit of God, whichis much more important than merely washing the surface of thebody, for the source of wastes eliminated by the skin is inside.

Thus, I have said also that those who clean the outside leavingthe inside filthy are like the whited sepulchres which appearclean and holy on the outside, but within are filled with the





abominable corruption of the dead. Truly, truly I repeat, that ofutmost importance is it that you be Baptized with Pure LivingWater to receive the embrace of the Angel of the Holy Spirit,

within and outside, the water within and outside your body, thruand thru, freeing you from the deposits and accumulations ofinfectious waste matter that gives cause for disease.


 However, when it is necessary to remove intestinal wastes bywashing, make or obtain an enema catheter and water receptacle,

and place the water receptacle high enough so the water flowsdown thru the tube and catheter in thru the anus with enoughforce to penetrate far enough to loosen up the intestinal wastes.

The water should be purified and warmed by the sunlight. Onemay add a bit of honey or the essence of healing herbs todisinfect and neutralize the evil smelling impurities. To facilitatethe penetration of the catheter into (or up thru the loop of theanus, if it is a long and flexible one) one can apply olive oil to it.

Let the water remain within as long as possible so as to soften,

loosen and remove the wastes adhering to the intestinal canal,

mentally directing the Angel of Pure Water to clean well thebowels, freeing them of the impurities that poison thebloodstream and the most vital organs causing their dysfunctiongiving rise to disease, pain and premature death. Then let thedirty water escape removing all the fetid smelling filth. You willbe amazed to see with your own eyes and smell with your ownnostrils the fetid abominations that so long have remained storedin your bowels.


 The days that you fast use this internal intestinal bathrepeatedly, and one should make holy one day each week as theLord’s Day (Sunday) with a complete rest, fasting, since this isthe secret to a long life, to good health even at an advanced age,

and everlasting happiness. However, the enema need only berepeated until the wash water no longer removes decayed, rottenor hard deposits of a fetid smell. Each time you participate of theexternal and internal bath, receiving the full embrace of theAngel of Pure Water, make it holy giving thanks to the Lord,

God, for He has thus shown mercy on you and freed you,

forgiving many sins which you committed against MotherNature.


 Unless you become fully baptized, pure and worthy in bodyand soul, the Angel of the Holy Spirit in Living Water shall notgrant you passage thru the path within the gates of Paradise to





live in Highest God Presence. If you have the will power topersevere in your New Covenant with the Lord, in notcommitting sin against Mother Nature, the Holy Spirit in Windand Water shall serve you thru-out all your life, that you may livepeacefully, enjoying good health, success, longevity and anEverlasting Joy in Living.




Ed. Notes: The N.T. Bible’s Gospel of John contains all of this inessence in that in Samaria the Savior establishes Living Water asthe Fountain of Life Everlasting, then revealing that it did notonly satisfy thirst but also it was Living Food cast down fromHeaven, which he named as Paradise in his exaltation(crucifixion), as well as show how living water came from thefruits of Paradise when used for living food (or ”bread”) and thatthis was the very essence his body and blood consisted of in theLord’s Supper. John’s first Epistle 3:9, as well as Matt. 19:12,

reveal that the Savior’s Message on Life also is the DieteticScience of Continence, eliminating seminal and menstrual losses,

like eunuchs the seed abideth within, which distinguishes thehuman Gods from Satan’s offspring. The author of John’s Gospelin the 1st Century was Maenandros who said his interpretationof the Baptism gave internal purification enabling Enlightenmentso that one rises from the dead in this very life, “to never growold or thus become immortal”, and thus each of us can become aSavior, a Christ anointed with God’s Spirit and a consciousLogos. In fact, Gnostic Christians, unlike the 4th CenturyOrganized Church of the Roman Empire, held strict abstinencefrom wine, flesh foods and marriage, preferring uncookednourishment, as the Gnosis or Truth of their Doctrine.


 Now, the original “Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles” or“Didache” which dates back to the “First Christians of Antioch”,

contemporary to N.T. Bible originals, agrees with our God Spellrevelation. It begins,- “Behold, I set before you the WAY OF LIFEand the WAY OF DEATH”, quoting Jeremiah 21:8, followed bythe statement that the Way of Life is first to Love God and secondto love one another as one loves oneself: that which you wouldnot have done unto you, do not to another. Jeremiah containsmuch of our Healing God Spell: 10:10, The Lord is the true Godfor he is a Living God and Everlasting King; 17:7-14, The Blessed“shall be like a tree planted by the waters, spreading roots out bya stream and is not afraid of heat, it’s leaves remain green ever





never fearing a year of drought and never ceasing to fruit...Thosewho leave the Lord, leave this Fountain of Living Water. ThisLiving Lord shall heal me, this Living God shall save me, fromHim alone I receive Praise; 7:5-22, “You are the Temple of theLord, if you amend your Ways...Lying words cannot profit...Hasthis Dwelling called by My name become a Den ofthieves...Neither did I command you holocausts and bloodysacrifices when I brought you out of Egypt.”


 “The Doctrine of the 12 Apostles” states in its SeventhCommandment: “You shall baptize in the Name of the Father, theSon and the Holy Spirit with Living Water...Before partaking ofBaptism, all participants, the baptizer and baptized, must firstfast in preparation.” Afterward the partaking of food and drinkin the Agape is described with the Thanksgiving, which one canbe sure ritualistic organized churches will only translate to fittheir tradition. However, Dead Bread and Alcoholic Spirits canonly give forth Insanity and Death, the attributes of theirprepared ingredients. Wine does not keep long unless preservedby fermentation giving alcohol (also used to preserve tissues thatwould rot otherwise) and such “spirits” bring on possession byevil spirits or insanity. Bread is disintegrated grain requiringremoval of essential living enzymes and vitamins to keep longand killing heat to bake. The fact that bread means food in OurLord’s Prayer, and if wine were made anew or fresh in Christ’sreturn to be with us in His Paradisian Kingdom, with Lifeenzymes and vitamins, should alert us to the fact that our Lord’sSupper is to be seen in a bunch of grapes for breaking bread andclenching the grapes over the chalice gives instant wine withoutfermentation. Moreover, the Roman Church knew that if theyrevealed the true Holy Eucharist, it would reveal that JohnBaptist, Beloved Son of God, was the Savior, since he NEVERATE BREAD nor Partook of Wine, and the foretold UnbloodySacrifice would be the Holy Communion with Living Saints andwould be like taught by the original Gnostic Christians of SaintJohn. Instead the Roman “Savior” is celebrated with Dead Breadand Alcoholic Spirits to commune with dead Saints and acrucified Savior, who died so we might be forgiven in our way ofsin. A god that died is a dead god!


 Meditate on the Law of the Lord day and night, be like a treeplanted on a stream that brings forth fruit in due season, whoseleaves fall not off and whatsoever you begin you accomplish: For





the Lord watches over the Way of the Righteous, but the Way ofthe Unrighteous shall perish. (Psalms 1:1-6, 82:6, Mt.7:14, Jn.1:7)




 To complete the Joy of Living close to Mother Nature, sheholds for you yet another Angel: the Angel of Sunlight. For theAngels of Air, and of Water and of Sunlight are brethren, andalways work together to accomplish the most. Holy likewise, isthe embrace of all of them, to be seen in the many blessings wederive from them as Mother Nature and the Heavenly Fatherintended to provide. So along with the embrace of the Angels ofAir and of Water, receive the embrace of the Angel of Sunshine,

prudently for short intervals at first and increasing the time untilyou are fully accustomed. As you enjoy the warm sunshinebreathe deeply, filling your lungs with sun-ladened air andcharging your blood with Solar Energy which not only heals, butpurifies the body of evil smelling wastes. Just as darkness fleeswith the appearance of the sun, so also shall the darkeningmurky corruption giving forth evil stench and gloom withindisappear when Solar Power enters within our organism, causingeach cell of the body to vibrate and radiate with an illuminedaura reflecting one’s health potential and vitality. On the daysthat you fast you will find it most beneficent to also receive theBaptism of Fire for purification, because then one best receives itspower, not being burdened with digestion. Otherwise the SunAngel’s embrace is best utilized an hour before eating, or twohours after the mid-day meal. Verily, verily I say unto you, unlessyou are fully Baptized and born again, or continually renewed, ofthe Holy Spirit in Heavenly Fire, one is not ready to receive God’sPresence within to make earth Paradise.




 When your body is defended by the 3 flaming swords ofthese 3 Angel Brethren, Air, Water and Sunlight, it becomesfortified against any sort of invasion, so that Satan shall beaghast and flee as fast as he can go. This is because when yourTemple is pure, orderly, sunlit and sweet scented thru the godlyliving conduct of the soul dwelling therein, it means the end toBeelzebub, just as days of hot sunshine bring an end to snow.

When the Angel Brethren, Air, Water and Sunshine are inpossession of your body, they give it a thorough internal





cleaning to even the least accessible recesses, putting its entiretyin perfect order, because henceforth the true masters and lordsshall be in authority and re-establish rule in their castle. Just asthieves flee from an abandoned house with the coming of thetrue owner in authority, one by the door, another by a window,

and the third by road, each from where he is found and whitherhe is able, even so shall all devils,- which are none other thanfilthy habits, immoral conduct and sins against Mother Nature,-

flee from the Temple of the Lord with the return of the 3 AngelBrethren. That they shall flee by doors and windows is to saythat the toxic waste substances will be eliminated from yourbody thru the pores of the skin, mouth, nose, bowels, urinarychannels and every means possible. Like a brisk and efficientbroom sweeps clean, so shall all the filth and rubbish be sweptout from your organism removing the infecting andcontaminating materials with their toxins and stench, and oncethis house-cleaning is complete, it shall again be clean andbreathe forth the fragrance of purity like the blossoms of fruitorchards.


 When all your sins and uncleanliness are gone, your bloodshall become pure as the bloodstream of Mother Nature, knownto us in the pure crystalline water of streams, foaming and racingdown from the mountains to quench the thirst of fertile rivervalleys that yield human sustenance. Also you shall witness theworst corruption in abominable filth come out from within yourbowels, skin eruptions, boils, and in many ways visible to youreyes, smelled by your nose and removed by your hands. But afterthe necessary purging of wastes from all your cells, you aresurely going to have vibrant health and be full of vital energy.

Your flesh shall become pure as the flesh of the ripening fruitamong green leaves of the trees and your body and breath shallbreathe forth an aroma, fragrant like the blossoms in Paradise.


 Then shall your tired eyes with which you behold yoursurroundings become rested and be restored to their formergreater power of vision. Thru an intricate network of nerves,

your eyes are in constant contact with, beside reflecting the stateof, every part of your body, so that if your body is clean andhealthy, your eyes shall be clear and bright like the sun shining ina blue sky, and act like a wise healer capable of announcing fullrecovery of health. But if the reverse is true, or your body istoxic, functioning badly and illness lies ahead for you, your eyes





shall become dim, dull and dirty, of poor vision or even havecataracts and finally turn blind. These impurities are known toaccumulate to make even the lens unclear, the iris color spottedand muddy and the whites loose their sparkle. Verily I tell you, ifLight is in your eyes, then in Oneness the body is wholesome,

but if the eyes show wickedness, the body is full of disease.

(Luke 6:42, 11:34: The eye is one, with body). Applying somelocal remedy, or medicine to the eyes can never heal them, or thedysfunctions in other parts of the body they represent, sincedisregarding the oneness of the whole, only worsens the parttreated. Only the Integral practice of Natural Hygiene can restoreperfect vision. Likewise with the healing of the physical body thesoul (psyche) shall become pure and lightsome, because the bodyand soul are also intimately joined, all in one whole. Only thenshall the Angel of the Holy Spirit in Mother Nature clothe youwith a clean white garment among those worthy to be receivedinto the Higher Heavenly Hierarchy.


CHAPTER X (1-26)


 Verily, verily I tell you, only with the loving Grace of MotherNature, or true Natural Living, can anyone realize the SupremeAttainment, which is to become one with God, by becoming onewith All. Remember the experiences of childhood to betterunderstand what I say. When a little babe your mother nursed,

bathed, clothed, rocked your cradle and taught you to walk yourfirst steps. When you had grown, your father took charge of youteaching you his work. He took you with him to his work, to thefields or to his workshop, and taught you to work beside him,

just as his father had taught him before he became a skilled andcapable master of his work. When your father saw that his sonunderstood his teaching and did his work well, he gave him allhe possessed that his beloved son may use this to continue thework of the father.


 The same is true with the Sons of the Heavenly Father.

Mother Nature rears and takes care of them while they growstrong, teaching, instructing and disciplining them for their goodand evil actions. Then when they are ready, she sends them towork with the Heavenly Father. The Divine Father’s garden andworkshop covers the whole surface of our planet earth. This infact is a vast University of the Heavenly Father, in which Heeducates his student body on earth. When they, in turn, possess





the needed preparation and maturity, He turns over the Directionof the Universe to continue the Work of the Father thru-out theHeavens, thus realizing the intimate Oneness of the HeavenlyFather with Son. This is the Way of Human Unfoldment, thebudding, blossoming and fruiting of the Divine Life which isnever cut short or interrupted (as often it seems) but enduresforever in glorious and triumphant Eternity.


 Blessed is the youthful adolescent who willingly obeys hisMother, following her advise and teachings, for soon, at his earlyage, he shall be able to join in his Father’s Divine Labor. Blessedis the youthful adolescent who willingly obeys his Fathercomplying with his wise instruction, so as to become a GoodWorker, a Model Citizen, righteous, honest, hard working,

generous, kind and noble. This, then is what is meant by theCommandment: “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother, which isrewarded with Abundance, Happiness and Longevity. Rememberwell this commandment all your life, ever honoring and keepingthe wise Laws of Mother Nature, for this is the only way tolasting Happiness, Higher Attainment and Heavenly Blessingshere, now and forever.


 By ever loving and honoring your Mother in Nature, you arealso loving and honoring your Cosmic or Heavenly Father, Who,

well pleased, shall love and honor you with His Blessings. Now,

the Heavenly Father is Supreme and Almighty, infinitely greaterthan all our worlds and their inhabitants, just as Mother Natureis the Mother of all that live including all mothers. Truly, truly Itell you, so great is their love that there is no one, no father andno mother capable of loving us as much as our Heavenly Fatherand Mother in Nature. Infinitely greater is the Wisdom in theWord of the Heavenly Father, and the Commandments of MotherNature, than all the teachings and laws that our worldly fathersand mothers have given us. It follows that infinitely greater is theworth of the inheritance with which our Heavenly Father andMother in Nature shall reward to those who keep theirCommandments, than any possible inheritance our worldlyparents can leave for us.


 Likewise, thou shalt love one another, as true brethren,

because your true brethren are those who keep theCommandments, doing the Will of our Heavenly Father andMother in Nature, rather than those who mock and scoff at theirLaws, even if they be our brethren in flesh. I tell you truly, your





True Spiritual Brethren (and Sisters) shall always keep the Lawsof the Heavenly Father and Mother Nature, living ever in theDivine Will. And these Spiritual Brethren and Sisters shall loveyou infinitely more than your brothers and sisters in flesh whorebel against keeping the Lord’s Commandments. For since thedays of Cain and Abel, when brothers by blood transgressedagainst God’s Will, breaking His Law, the Brotherhood of Manwas destroyed. Brothers do unto brothers worse than they dounto strangers often. Therefore, Love your True SpiritualBrethren and Sisters who live in God’s Will infinitely more thancarnal brothers and sisters who do not. (Lk. 8:2, 14:26; Mk. 10:29;

Mt. 19:5)




 Verily, verily I say unto you, the law of Love is the Greatestand most important of all the Universe. All that is or exists issubject to Love’s Law. Love is God, the Father of All; Love isNature, the Mother of All, and thus, their Children are Love.


 The whole Universe, the earth, moons, suns, stars, planets ofthe Heavens are inseparable in the Oneness: only thru suchOneness can Cosmos Live and have Being, just as your heart,

stomach, liver, lungs, blood and bones of your body areinseparable in their Oneness to be able to exist and live, sinceLove is the Law that holds everything together in Oneness. TheHeavenly Father, the Archangels, the Angels, All of the HeavenlyHierarchy and all of Humanity existing on earth, as well asbeings on other planets are ONE, held together by a powerfulattraction and cohesion, magnetized by the lodestone of Love.

For the Heavenly Father lives in his Sons and Daughters, andthese Sons and Daughters live in their Parents. One cannot haveBeing without the other. The Father exists because Sons andDaughters exist, and They have Being because the Father hasBeing.


 God being Love, humans are also Love, because the Spirit inhumans is a portion of God. That the Spirit in mankind might acton the physical plane, or in matter, Spirit had to manifest,

materializing on that plane of action. So to function on thisearthy plane, the Spirit had to clothe itself with earth elementswhich as a whole compose Mother Earth. Since Love is theSupreme Law of our Being, keep it with all the Power andUnderstanding given you. Love the Heavenly Father as He Loves





you, and Love one another as you love yourselves, because toLove the Heavenly Father means Loving One Another!


 Also, Love your Mother in Nature as She Loves you, becauseit was She who created, nursed, taught you to walk your firststeps and gave you all that you are. Love, also, all of Humanity,

without regard to color of skin, or to what nation they belong,

because this means Loving God and Nature.


 The Wisdom of all this shall be seen when all of Mankind onearth learns to Love one another just as God Loves each andeveryone of us; Heaven will be realized on earth since it willcease to be a Vale of Tears and turn into a Valley of Happinessand great Joy of Living. Then shall all hatred, all evil, fightingand wars cease, and Peace will prevail thru Good Will amongMankind. Each individual shall show and feel this Good Will bykeeping the Law of Love, seeking to comfort one another, theirneighbors, their friends and even more, their enemies. They shallseek to please them, to serve them without self interest, so thatthis earth may become a radiant star of Love.


 When mankind becomes Spiritualized, Divine Gifts shall befound common among humans, because with this discipline ofbehavior, certain endocrine secretion glands which are latent butundeveloped in the human body as yet and await activation,

shall be awakened thru the soul becoming mature enough tomake use of them. Such is the case with Astral Vision whichenables one to see even those who have left their bodies and visitwith them. Becoming more advanced they shall become free andable to get acquainted with the metaphysical or higher planes,

living in this world and in the world’s beyond this one. Oncehumans become spiritually evolved enough, they shall not needto reincarnate again and again on earth, having learned all thatearth living affords. Their perfection shall be continued onplanes more advanced than the physical in what is calledHeaven. Joyously our Heavenly Father shall receive them as apart of Heaven, and they shall inherit or share Supreme Being inthe Infinity of Cosmos. By Love the Heavenly Father creates HisSons and Daughters, by Love He teaches and prepares them forthe Higher Life in His Heavenly Realm. By Love the HeavenlyFather creates His Sons and Daughters, by Love He teaches andprepares them for the Higher Life in His Heavenly Realm. ByLove He shall receive us in His Heavenly Kingdom, and by Lovewe shall participate in Everlasting Life, Happiness and Glory.





Love is the motive power that moves all the Universe. Love is themost powerful and safest means of power that never failsbecause it is the only one that is Eternal and in perpetual motion.

To give you a fuller view of this Life, I have given you a faintglimpse of what lays beyond. Undoubtedly this still remainssomewhat a mystery to you which you shall only understand astime goes on. Meanwhile you only need Faith, great Faith, and tobelieve in my Word, because I speak the Word of my HeavenlyFather, and only the Word of Truth, the Gnosis shall flow frommy lips.


 So, in Truth I tell you, when you get to know the Presence ofyour Heavenly Father within you, the veil shall be lifted fromyour vision, and you shall know both the Mysteries of Life onearth and in the Heavens. Then you shall no longer need Faith,

which will be replaced with the Gnosis (Divine Knowledge ofTruth), without the need to blindly believe or put Faith inanything.


Ed. Notes: “All are but a part of one stupendous whole,


Whose body Nature is, and God the Soul.”




 However, I do realize that a great part of my teachings areMysteries that seem a riddle to you. The reason you do notunderstand them is because you have sought Wisdom in books,

Scriptures of a Dead Word in a dead tongue. They were writtenby dead men in spirit as well as body, and they are now alsointerpreted and explained by men who are the living dead whosesouls dwell in unclean, intoxicated bodies, dead to true Life,

materialists without the slightest bit of Spiritual Vision. Thus, itis easy for you to understand their teaching because you alsodwell in diseased bodies filled with impurities, which preventSpiritual Insight, like a dark cloud prevents one from seeing theSun. It follows that you see everything wrong, so you know notthe Truth. You are guided by the blind, following blindly, whichis the very reason you are suffering sickness in pain, and withoutFaith, walk in sin. To remove you from this disaster, theHeavenly Father sent me to make the Light of Life shine withinyou, which is the Light of the Gnosis of my Faith, Hope andTruth.


 In the meantime, you were not prepared to bear suchIllumination because your vision is used to Darkness only, so





you cannot bear the intense Light of the Heavenly Father. Tounderstand this teaching, I sent my Angels to prepare yourunderstanding to be able to get Insight without being blinded orflinching. With the kind aid of Nature’s Angels, the Angels ofSunshine, Air, Water, Fasting, Enemas and others, your bodieswill become strengthened and become sensitive so as to be ableto understand my Transcendent Teaching of Truth, the Gnosis.


 Also, you shall be able to gaze at the mid-day sun withoutflinching. However, at first you must be very careful because ifyou do not, you may damage your vision or become blind. Atfirst look at the early morning sun after sunrise, or when it sets.

At other times just look at it for an instant, opening and closingyour eyes. When your body becomes perfectly clean and purifiedwithin, your eyes will be able to bear more and more sunlightwithout being blinded. Thus, will you also be able to bear a moreintense Light, even to see the Heavenly Father face to face, whoseLight is infinitely greater than hundreds of suns.


 Without a thorough, cleansing of your bodies, both thephysical and spiritual bodies, or body and soul, you should notseek to contemplate the sun because it may provoke visualdisorders. If you believe I am sent by the Father in the Heavens,

and have Faith in my teachings, along with the practicalapplication of the blessings of Nature which I described asAngels, you shall be ever free from disease and pain, and thusenjoy perfect health, peace, Happiness and Long Life. TheHeavenly Father loves those who forsake their evil ways andfollow Him, seeking Him in prayer, letting Him show them thesolution to their problems. They shall be blessed with the goodthings of Life, rewarding their Faith in the Universal Father. Forwhat is impossible for men, is quite possible and only a trifle forAlmighty God, so He surely can solve your problems. To restoreyour health, He sends you His Divine Messengers, His Angels, toserve and guide you along the Path of Right Living.


May you Live in Love which is the Light of God.




 During the day, the Savior taught the multitudes thatcrowded around him because they all wanted to be close to Him,

and to receive the Emanations of Divine Power, Peace andHappiness of his resplendent aura. After nightfall, the moonappeared among the fleeing clouds as its silvery rays illumined





the face of our Lord.


 Suddenly, the Anointed of Spirit stood up and to theamazement of all those present, he was transfigured. He shonelike the sun as He arose above the earth heavenward. No onedared to move or say a word, for they were held motionless inawe, dumbfoundly gazing at this magnificent appearance of theAnointed. Time stood still so no one knew how much timepassed. Opening up His arms extended in a spiritual embrace Hebid them farewell, saying “Peace be with you”! Immediately Hewas hidden among the clouds before their very eyes. Speechless,

they remained as if in a deep sleep.


 The next day at dawn they awoke marvelling about theirheavenly dreams whose witness strengthened their Faith inChrist. It was a wonderful awakening: Heavenly music, soft andsweet penetrated their surroundings and they were filled withindescribable happiness. But at last one said to another, “What awonderful night,- if only it could be everlasting”. Othersremarked, “What a Joy to have been here”. Still others, “In truthhe is one sent by God, because only he is able to give us lastingpeace, fill us with happiness and give us hope for better times.”


 Following this magnificent experience of dawn, came aradiant sunrise with warming rays inviting them to enjoy asunbath, for now they were convinced at heart that the Sun wastheir star of hope for the wonderful future new world and age tocome,- a world of Peace, Understanding, Justice and Love. Thus,

all of them, together contentedly and happily began walking to anearby stream of crystal clear, pure water which seemed to bebeckoning them to partake of its waters. There they found theAngels of the Lord waiting for them to come cleanse their bodiesthat splendid morning.




Editor’s Notes concerning Luminous appearances of the Savioramong the Apostles and Spiritual Kingdom of Light within us:-

From “The Gnostic Religion” by Hans Jonas we quote fromscattered parts of the book: “Of inestimable value for theknowledge of Gnosticism are the Sacred Books of theMandaeans, no less violently anti-Christian than anti-Jewish, butincluding among its prophets John the Baptist, in opposition to,

and at the expense of Christ. They felt violently hostile toChristian Doctrine, whose Founder, according to Mandaeantradition had stolen and falsified the message of his Master





(John). The name (Mandaean) is derived from Aramaic MANDA,

“knowledge” so that Mandaeans are literally Gnostics. TheMandaean “Mana” the name for the transmundane Power ofLIGHT, the First Deity, Highest Godhead and at the same timethat for the transcendent nonmundane center of individual ego.

Manda d’Hayye was the Knowledge of Life, the Gnosispersonified in the central Divine Savior figure of MandaeanReligion, called forth by the Life in the worlds of Light, and sentdown to the lower worlds. Manda d’Hayye revealed himself toman to redeem him from darkness to Light. Flowing waterMandaeans called “Jordans” indication of geographic originof Mandaean communities...they only settled close to rivers. In aMandaean text Urtha of Life spoke: “Be silent Adam, thou headof the whole tribe. The world which is to be we cannot suppress.

Arise, worship the Great Life and submit thyself that Life may bethy Savior. The Life be thy Savior and do thou ascend and beholdthe place of Light.” “From the point of view of the history ofReligion, Manichaeism is the most important product ofGnosticism.” In conclusion, Hans Jonas’ viewpoint is of vitalimportance when he says, “Mani had the only Gnostic System ofhistoric force that must be ranked among the major religions ofmankind.”


 Mani was born in the Parthian kingdom on the 14th of April,

216 A.D. of Persian parents. His father was of the John Baptistsect of Mandaeans and he was educated in a school of MandaeanReligion, so that his writings show an influence of the Mandaeanmodels. Yet Mani’s catholicity went far beyond what now passesas the Catholic or Christian Churches, for this was truly theFIRST ATTEMPT to establish the true UNIVERSAL RELIGIONand model for the Heavenly Ecclesia. His main activity wasunder Shapur (214-272) and he was crucified under Bahram I(277). It was the threat of this new Universal Religion in worldpower that a generation after Mani the so-called Catholic orUniversal Church in Rome was organized under the leadershipof Saint Constantine (Nicea, 325) seeking to ignore and preventGnostic religious influence, in Persia, from overwhelming theailing Roman empire. Rome had true primitive Christians exiledto the East or killed.


 Mani’s father heard a voice that commanded him to abstainfrom meat, wine and sexual relations, repeatedly, which led himto join a John Baptist Gnostic community to practice his beliefs,





where Mani was born. With such spiritual aid from birth(miraculously as told of in N.T. allegories), Mani also had twooutstanding visits of the Holy Spirit, one at 12 and another at 24.

His writings also show he received the teachings of the GnosticSt. Thomas concerning the “Double”, “Twin” of our Lord inSpiritual significance, being one thru the Communion of Saints,

as taught early First Christians, preparing him to preach thegospel. This explains the fact Mani spent 2 years almost receivingindoctrination in India, realizing Buddhist truths. According to aCompendium of Doctrines of Mani,- the Buddha of Light,- hisaffirmed teachings consisted of: (1) A Universal Religion, (2) ofEternal Foundation thru the ages, (3) to save souls who have notobtained salvation in present beliefs, (4) the Revelation of hisBooks of Life, Wisdom and Gnosis being beyond the scope ofpast religions.


 Mani wrote his Books of Life because (1) Mani is wherever hisbooks are read, (2) disciples have a duty to translate them soothers may know his truths, (3) having been put into writing,

there is no room for arguing about principles as with priordoctrines. Here was the first attempt in recorded history todeliberately take the most important and most universal conceptsof Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Primitive Gnostic Christianityto form a truly Ecumenical, Catholic or Universal Religion. Heheld that God had nothing evil with which to punish matter. Ourdesires are not for being, but for possessing the better, and itsrecognition is not one of love but of resentment. “The Father ofGreatness called forth the Mother of Life, and the Mother of Lifecalled forth Primal Man”, so this Primal Man (Adam) was theemanation of the Highest Godhead. (All this shows identity toour Johannine teaching of Healing God Spell above). The Lightwithin is Changeless, Eternal and Immutable.


 Mani wrote (Shahpuraken): “From aeon to aeon, the Apostlesof God did not cease to bring here Wisdom and the Works. Thus,

in one age the coming was into the land of India thru the Apostleknown as the Buddha; in another age into the land of Persia thruZoroaster; in another to the land in the West thru a “Jesus.” Afterthat, in the last age, this revelation came down and thisprophethood arrived thru myself, Mani, the Apostle of the trueGod in the land of Babylonia.” Thus, like the Aramaic “Mana”

being the Godhead in Light, so “Mani” indicates the Son of theGodhead in Gnostic terminology and history.





 This Godhead is the Luminous Self or Savior, so when Manispoke of Jesus he would show this meaning: “Jesus theLuminous approached Adam and awakened him from the sleepof death”, just as with Buddha, Zoroaster and others beforeMani, all of whom received the original Light of Gnosis thru theLuminous Savior who existed since the foundation of the worldand universe. Mani’s doctrine included the doctrine of “Jesuspatibilis”, “who hangs from every tree, is served up in everydish, everyday is born, suffers and dies.” He is dispersed in allCreation, but his most genuine realm and embodiment seems tobe in the vegetable world, the most passive and only innocentform of life. “One should abstain from all ensouled things andeat only vegetables and whatever else is non-sentient, andabstain from marriage, the delights of love and begettingchildren to free Divine Power from successive generations ofsuffering on earth.” Also like the Buddha, Mani taught againstbuilding, made the people aware of destroying Life when theywalked on grass or tread on tiny animal life on the ground,

beside disciples needing to abstain from all types of animal foodincluding milk and eggs. Against the haunting appeal peoplehave for ceremony and myth, he preached the ceremony of dailylife, which is hidden in the mysteries that religions pretend topractice in their rituals. The clasping of right hands dates back tothe Manichaeans, still in practice even among the Churchesopposing the original Gnostic Christians, the N.T. Biblecommanding the “Kiss of Peace” which betrayed their Savior,

and back in the 1940s in Catholic Ecuador the fraternal embracewas preferred to the “Capitalist” handshake, altho the originswere known, not disclosed. With the change of times, Gnosticsare using the embrace and Catholics the handclasp! Mani’sdoctrine and their communities spread from Persia to Egyptbeside east to China. In the Gobi desert, the fabled region of“Shamballa” Sacred Island, and a short distance from one of myteacher’s dominions (Pr. Cherenzi Lind, Ch’An Cheng Lob,

Tihwa of Chinese Turkistan) at the oasis Turfan, Manichaeanarchives tell about the Living Luminous Self in all, “Mana”, etc.

It also reveal the source of the Spiritual Hierarchies of theTibetan Gobi mysticism such as the Great White Brotherhood andLodge of Theosophists and related doctrines, which are absentfrom Southern Buddhist beliefs. Gnostic Christians are known tohave arrived in the Gobi, Tibet and China in the first three





centuries before the founding of Rome’s Catholicism in the 4thcentury, and the arrival of Buddhism in 7th century Tibet.


 However the most sensational find was revealed in the 1945discovery of Nag Hammadi, ancient Chenoboskion Library inUpper Egypt, which are to be published completely now, whichwith mentioned Turfan manuscripts, beside others at Fayum ofEgypt and the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, should reveal the truenature of the Gnostic origins of both Christian and BuddhistApostolic Hierarchies and beliefs. The Chenoboskion SacredLibrary is predominant in Sethian books showing the communityto be Sethian. In “Revelations of Adam to his Son Seth” there isthe original doctrine of Succession of 13 Enlighteners (Christs,

Buddhas, aeons or Avatars) coming down into the world, eachgiving a fuller Gnosis.


 In “The Gnostic Religion” Jonas writes, “There would then besome kind of continuity between the disappearing Essenemovement and the emerging Sethian Gnosis,” explains Doressi’ssuggestion that since Gomorrah and Sodom are ancient Essenecolonies, and Seth took his seed in Gomorrah, which is believedto be Qumran (of Dead Sea Scroll fame) and sowed it in Sodomafter Qumran was destroyed, since Sodom is said to be thedwelling place of Great Seth. Thus, thru the Illumined Gnostics,

or Angel-Savior, from Seth,- whose tribe smelled like the trees ofParadise and nourished exclusively from fruits, Buddha wholived from forest food before Sambodhi, John the Baptist who ateno meat, bread or anything but wild carob fruit and nectars,

Mani who also ate no animal product, and others, I have receivedthe Gnosis of my past Incarnations for the New Age and RaceSalvation Message of Love-Wisdom. No one in history, or legendeven, has taught why and how bloodshed can be completelyeliminated, not only in the killing of men and animals, butwomen’s monthly bleeding including ovulation and seminallosses in men which deny purity with fetid odors, beside thebenefits of the complete integrity of valuable body substancesand avoiding pathological microorganism production. TheSethians claimed generative powers were the Beast or Serpent,

due to the hissing sound the female organ makes and the shapeof the male organ, but the pure and virgin womb was believed tobe able to produce immortal humans thru the Spheres of Light.

This is the descent of Perfect Man, Mana or Logos, which willdestroy the birth pangs of carnal man. This same practice is used





combined with Buddhist Philosophy in the Mahayana theory offorming the Divine Body, Dharma Kaya of Truth Light whichstops attachment to the wheel of births and deaths in the worldof suffering and in compassion saving humanity by example.

With the realization of the Divine Body of Light and Truth,

identifying Self outside the body and on the Inner planes is theescape from mortality, so one can transfer consciousness frombody to body, even materialize bodies out of thin air, and livethousands of years without death receiving fresh new bodyvehicles from volunteers who by initiation give up theirs forMastery. Vitalogy will bring the Dharma Kaya and the GnosticVirgin Conception of the Light Body to the practical ParadisianLiving Powers of the New Race thru Regenerative Sublimationand Transmutation of one’s mortal physical body. These were theprophetic implications hidden in the N.T. allegories on EternalLife and Life in the Resurrection, One in the Body and Light ofChrist, Luminous Savior.


 The teaching of the Jordan as the source of cleansing water ofBaptism, and on the other hand, the teaching of sexualtransmutation or making the Jordan flow back to its Source,

actually made for the breaking among two extremes, thosefollowing Simon Peter as the cornerstone of the Church of Rome,

and the Disciple of John. Marcion, still remembered as the “MostChristian” of Gnostics, made an attack on the Baptism of Johnwhen it became ritualized:- “The river Jordan is the strength ofthe body, the essence of pleasures, and the water of the Jordan isthe desire for Carnal cohabitation. John himself is the Archon ofthe multitude!” Underlying all these heated debates of Gnostics,

are seen the basic tenets of Buddhist missionaries combined withTantric Kundalini Yoga.


 Just as Savior (Jesus) and John are identical persons, bothbeing born of the same father, Zacharias, in the same year, withthe same stories of Immaculate Conception by the Holy Spirit,

seen by comparing the Protevangelion and Luke I N.T. stories,

are baptised in the Jordan, and are seen in resurrections andmiracles, so the wise will know John was the body born ofwoman whose Divine Body by living on wild fruits, carob andnectars (wild honey), the Living Water of Everlasting Life.

However, the Simon “Pure” doctrine which Rome took, camebecause eating grains, Christians like Buddhists, were so sexuallystimulated that they needed to sublimate artificially what came





naturally by John’s way.




 All those among them of one accord came together on thebrook’s shore with clear waters that came splashing down fromhigher regions finally forming a delightful shower at thewaterfall. Also, the news that the Savior was preaching therebrought many people from their vicinity as well as from afarseeking that the Healer might heal them.


 The Anointed of Spirit spoke with them and taught them,

inviting them to take off their sandals and clothing, and topartake of the beneficial action provided by the Angels ofSunshine, Air and Water while they fasted their bodies. One byone, they all partook of the refreshing shower, baptizing them inthe waters that noisily fell from above, followed by rolling on thewarm sand, in contact with earth, sunbathing.


 In this way the Angels of Mother Nature began in them awonderful work of purification, hygiene and strengthening oftheir weak and sickly bodies. All these sick people were amazedto see how they could eliminate such great amounts of filth fromtheir bodies, feeling an agreeable wonder of surprise about it, aswell as the pain and symptoms of elimination tormenting to bear.

Some of them had a nauseating foul breath that smelled like arotting carcass that they could hardly bear themselves. Othersvomited great amounts and suffered diarrheas of unbearablestench. The wonderful effects of these Angels of Purificationbecame more intense with time, so that some of the patients hadeliminations thru their noses, their ears, their eyes, and theirthroats in cases relieving them of persistent headaches which hadlong tormented them. Many perspired profusely thru their skineliminating a sweat that smelled so bad that those around themhad to remove to a distance. Many developed festering skin soresthat turned into ulcers expelling a smelly pus with blood; othershad urine with pus or with blood, as well as containing grit andstones from within. Some also belched forth evil-smelling gasesfrom their mouths and their bowels.


 Their internal baths also began to produce amazing results.

They prepared enemas with clear, clean water from the brookwarmed in the sun. They held this water in their bowels, whichcame with abominable soft or hard matter of an unbearablesmell, matter that had adhered to the intestinal walls for many





years infecting the blood of the patients as well as their wholeorganism, being the very cause of their many infectious diseases,

unbearable aches and tormenting ailments. In the water thatgushed out from their bowels were to be found horrible wormsof all sizes, some very long, which writhed in the hot sunshine.

Many of them trembled with horror to see such terribleabominations that they had eliminated from their own bowels.

But now their insides, becoming clean, no longer had fever andpain, and they clearly understood why these repulsiveabominations were the precise cause of their chronic illness. Theyrendered thanks to the Lord for having sent the kind Angels whohad driven out the devils from their bowels causing theirtorment. Nevertheless, not all were freed from their pains. Thesedisillusioned few went in search of the Master to complain abouttheir suffering, so that thru his power he might remove thestubborn and possessive demons who refused to depart fromthem.




EDITOR’S NOTES (continued from the last Chapter).




7. Mt. Hermon, Holy Mt. of Transfiguration (Meru) headtop Sahasrara


6. Caesarea Philippi, Road to Damascus vision forehead Agna


5. Lake Huleh, Mermon, clairaudience throat Vishudha


4. Sea of Galilee, Cana, Nazareth, mastery heart Anahata


3. Jacob’s Well, Living Water, Eternal Life solar plexus Manipuri


2. Bethany, Transjordan, Regeneration sex organs Swadhisthana


1. Mouth of Jordan, Spiritual re-direction perineum Muladhara


 To realize the Spheres of Light of the Great Body of theHeavenly Man, within, or enter the Ogdoad giving Immortality,

one must turn back the Mystic Jordan River, preventing entryinto the Dead Sea, for which the N.T. allegories taking place inthe named Mystical Spheres regions of Palestine are studied tolearn the Powers and Mastery which are acquired by prayer,

continence and living water baptisms. Life Swirls, Vortices orLight Spheres of Gnostic symbols correspond to Yoga MysticalChakras, as do Sacred River locations.




 When they went to search for the Master, he already knewthey urgently needed him and was immediately foundapproaching where they were, causing them to marvel andrejoice when he greeted them, “Peace be unto you!” TheAnointed of Spirit added, “Yes, I know why you seek me! You





seek me now because you want me to heal you when you are inintense pain, and suffering so much that nothing else can enteryour mind!” He then explained to them a parable that left themin even greater astonishment, realizing how well he knew alltheir needs and could speak with such Wisdom: “You are like thePRODIGAL SON who for many years abused the patience of hisFather. He neglected his sacred obligation in his duties byshunning his responsibilities in work, preferring to spend histime enjoying himself in festivity and pleasure-seeking with hisfriends, eating and drinking at his father’s expense. Without hisfather’s knowledge, he continued to incur new debts spending allhis father’s money he could get his hands upon, which hesquandered in the company of his friends. The moneylenderswillingly always lent him more money, knowing that his fatherwas wealthy and always would with patience willingly cancel hisson’s debts. In vain his father spoke to him, asking him to shapeup his character with kindly and persuasive words, admonishinghis son, who, in turn, always continued to say he would dobetter, but instead of behaving, he continued to behave worse.


 Uselessly, his father would always tell him to stop his riotousexcess and corrupt living, and to come help him in the work heneeded done in the fields, overseeing the workers in their labor.

Yet, always the son would promise to amend his ways so that hisfather would again pay up the son’s most recent loans. Thenagain, his son would continue in his vicious ways of life,

promising always to correct his ways and make right what heowed his father. Thus, for seven years his son continued to abusehis father. There then came a time when his father’s patiencecame to an abrupt end. He refused to pay the Usurers. He nowtold the moneylenders that if he continued to pay themcontinually, he not only lost all he gave them, but his son waslost with it all. If he refused to pay, he had only both to gain fromit! Now, the usurers, seeing they were out of their money, lost allhope of being paid. They took the son to the Judge, who in turngave the son to the moneylenders as a slave, that he might payback what he had squandered by his own work to pay off thedebt. This was according to the severity of the Law and thecustom in those days.


 This certainly put an end to the licentious life of the son.

From dawn to dusk he worked, now obliged to do very heavywork digging up the ground, to cultivate it, to plant it and to





harvest the crops. For the first time in his life he now earned hisbread with the sweat of his brow. Since he was not accustomed tothis hard work, his muscles in the arms ached and withered. Hishands and feet became covered with blisters. For the first time inhis life he knew what hunger was, for now he only had breadwith water to eat and drink. In the seventh day of such hardwork, he said to his new master to whom he had becomeenslaved, “No longer can I endure such heavy labor. I am notused to it. Look, my hands are all blisters, unable to do work, andmy feet also are so tender I cannot walk. All my strength atlength has left me. My body has become skin and bones. Havemercy on me. Why make me suffer anymore?” But the slavemaster answered him sternly without paying any attention to hissuffering: “Only when you have completed the seven years ofwork you owe me so as to cancel the debt you created, will yoube free. Now, get back to your work!”


 The desperate laborer then cried out: “But I have suffered all Ipossible can these past seven days. I am about to faint, worn outwith no more strength to go on this way working at suchunaccustomed labor. Have compassion on me. My hands arebleeding from the blisters and my feet are so swollen that I nolonger am able to walk or work.” However the cruel creditor onlyhurried him on in his work ruthlessly: “If you could waste awayyour days and nights for seven years in pleasures you enjoyedwithout limits accumulating such a great debt with me, certainlynow you must be able to pay back that debt with seven years ofwork. I will not forgive you till you pay the uttermost drachma.

Now, the slave master threatened him giving him a lashing of hiswhip, so he could no longer refuse to obey and was forced tocontinue working. After his day’s work, the prodigal son couldendure no more. He gathered together his last bit of strength, andmanaged to get to his father’s house. He threw himself before hisfather’s feet, begging of him, “Father, believe me for this last timenow it is the last time I will ever offend you. I swear that neveragain will I return to my life of unrestrained pleasure seeking,

and now I shall become a model son. I see my error and shallcorrect the injustice. Father, free me of my oppressors. But noweven his own father said nothing. Now, he too distrusted such aliar. After he had been only abused every time he believed hisson in so many promises, he could only distrust him withseverity. So again his son kept insisting as he wept, saying:





“Father, be not hardened of heart, look at my bleeding blisteredhands, that have come from working with a mattock, the scytheand the sickle. See how my feet are swollen and blistered. Havemercy on me for I truly repent all I did.”


 This time, the sincere pleading softened his father’s heart.

Now, with tears of happiness flowing from his eyes he took hisson in his arms, saying: “Let us rejoice together, because youhave this day given me joy. I have finally found my long lost son!

He again clothed his son in choice raiment, and they finished theday celebrating the reunion merrily. The next day, the father gavehis son a bag of money with which to cancel the debts he hadwith his creditors, so as to be freed from further obligation toserve them as a slave. Returning from this, his father said, “Yousee, my son, how easy it is to accumulate such a great debt thru alife of lust and dishonesty. How hard it is to pay back this debtthru your own effort with labor when forced to do so.


 “Father, how true that is, I now know, because not even foronly seven days can I endure it!” “Beloved son, this one and lasttime I have allowed you to pay your debts in seven days only. Allthe rest shall be forgiven thee if you forever abandon your life ofseeking pleasures and henceforth no longer acquire debts, as thecondition of this grant.


 The Heavenly Teacher continued explaining, “Truly, truly Isay unto you, only the Father, and no one else is able to forgivethe sins of his children, and this is true only when they sincerelyrepent and are really sorry they have sinned. They must not onlyask for forgiveness, but also do penance with constraint in theirhearts, and firmly determine in will not to backslide again intoevil paths.


 Now likewise, the father said, “My son, had I not pardonedyour sin this time, you know you would have been obliged torepay your debts with seven years of slavery this being our Law.

His son replied, My Father, from the depth of my heart I thankthee, and from now on I promise always to be your worthy son,

an example of one who respects his responsibilities keeping yourcommandments. Never again will I run up debts for you on myaccount now that I have experienced how hard it is to repaythem.” His son did just as he had promised: He forsook his sinfulway of life and became a dedicated worker, wholeheartedlyhelping his father watching over his Father’s work in the field,

helping in what ever he could do. Then the Father saw how well





he complied with his promises, and as the years passed, the landdedicated to his Father’s work increased under his hand. Finally,

his father willed all his wealth of land, tools, houses, and beastsof burden to this worthy son. In turn his son, when he becamethe lord of all his father possessed, he busied himself makingsure that when there were some who owed debts they could notpay, their debts he would also pardon, thus, ever rememberinghow hard it had been for him to pay his with hard labor.”


 “In our lives, what is true first with our carnal father, is alsotrue in regard to our Heavenly Father, who shall bless the worthyson’s and daughters with long life, good health, a faithful soulmate, many spiritual sons and daughters, good fortune, enjoyingeverlasting peace and happiness to an advanced age. All thisshall come true by truly regenerating our own lives, and thenjustly dealing with all our brothers and sisters among humanity,

all the animals, the birds of the skies and all who are subject toour Heavenly Father and Mother Nature.


Editor’s Note: St. John, the Initiator, used the shock method ofillustrating and teaching in his method, as do modern VajrayanaBuddhist Teachers. Whether we realize it or not, the Adversities,

and the severe Crisis in our lives are Spiritual or MysticalInitiations, just as in the prodigal son’s slave epoch.




 Then the Anointed Savior turned to the other sick patientsand said: “I speak to you in PARABLES because it makes God’sWord and Commandments clearer to understand. The sevenyears of eating, drinking and riotous living are one’s past sinsagainst God’s Commandments, which include the inviolableobligation to obey the Laws of Natural Living, symbolized by theAngels of Sunshine, Air, Water, Fasting, Enemas, Rational Living,

Prayer, etc. The cruel creditor or usurer is symbolized by awicked Satan, which is really a non-existent fictional character,

because it represents our own evil habits, our vices and our sins:

What he really amounts to is our IGNORANCE, because thosewho are wise will keep the Lord’s Commandments, and areNEVER SICK NOR SUFFER PAIN.


 The debts are the disease one acquires, because of one’sIgnorance which made one disobey the Laws of Natural Living.

The hard labor represents the aches and pains one has to suffer,

which are harder to endure than the effort one has to make to





work. The prodigal son is yourselves in your violation of theHeavenly Father’s Commandments which are the Natural Lawsof this Life. The payment of debts acquired against one’s moralobligations, consists of elimination of one’s vices and evil habitsfrom one’s character, purifying one’s soul, because this is whatwill take away one’s disease and pains one has to suffer. THIS ISTRUE, BECAUSE ONLY THE LIVING SOUL SINS, SINCE THEBODY, WHICH IS INERT MATTER (like a dead corpse) OFITSELF CANNOT SIN. The bag of silver received from the Fathersymbolizes paying the reward required for one’s release orfreedom, which will make possible robust health and a long lifethru Regeneration and a return to the Path of Living Righteously.

The Father is none other than the Author of all that is, God of theHeavens and the Universe. His servants are Holy Angels whichsymbolize the means by which one may purify oneself to get incloser and closer contact with the Heavenly Father, such as theSunshine, Air, Water, Fasting, Virtuous Living, Prayer, etc. untilone finally identifies with God himself.


 The possessions belonging to our Father are the wholeUniverse: the Heavens, the sun, the earth, the stars and theplanets, so that there is enough space for all of God’s children.

All of this whole Universe is the field of the Father, his lands, hiscrops and wherever the children of Mankind may collaborateharmoniously in the works of the Heavenly Father, which is allof Creation, so as to be worthy of reward and good fortune, ifthey will first humbly keep the Natural Laws here on earth.


 Now, my beloved ones, I ask you, is it not more sensible andreasonable to obey our Father, helping him in his work, earningour daily food by honest labor, rather than worthless merry-

making, as a spender who requires money, and spendingexcessively to the wicked creditors (or bankers) who exploit oneunjustly, so that when it comes time to pay our debts, one has towork seven years as a slave? Likewise, is it not wiser, also, toobey God, working in harmony with Nature, or His Creation,

enjoying the good fortune of having good health, a long lifefilled with joy and happiness, rather than disobeying our Father,

so as to live in misery, pain, unwanted, sick ailing, bitter,

depressed and unhappy with life? Remember that by yourbehavior you yourselves are who determine or carve out yourown destiny, whether you live happy or unhappy, healthy orunhealthy, with good or evil fortune, because as you sow, so





shall you reap!




 The number of sins and offences that you have committedagainst Mother Nature is certainly very great and of many kinds,

I assure you. For years you have sinned in shameful pleasuresagainst moral decency by which I mean against the Natural Lawsof Life. You have not lived according to these Laws by enjoyingyourselves by overeating, drunkenness, fornication, and so manyother vices too many to name even. In this way, you have defiledyour soul and poisoned your body, until you have hardlyanything but a stinking corpse to live with, due to all thesediseases that you have brought on with your evil behavior(Karma).


 Now, you have to suffer the consequences of your errors,

your sins committed against Mother Nature. However, do notdespair, because also great is the Mercy of our Heavenly Father,

even toward his wasteful, pleasure-seeking children, if they willrepent and return to Him to ask Forgiveness, for He shall forgivethe offences you have committed. Remember, that great andinfinite is the Love of our Heavenly Father for all his penitentfollowers who ask for forgiveness. Our Heavenly Father is somoved by our humble submission, our prayer and ourrepentance when we return to the Presence of God that He willaccept the payment of the debt in seven days what otherwiserequired seven years of forced labor in slavery, if one willsincerely repent asking forgiveness of our all-seeing HeavenlyFather.


 “But, what if one has sinned seven times seven years,- willthe Lord forgive us then?” asked a sick old man. “Exactly, even insuch cases, if they sincerely repent their sins, our HeavenlyFather shall forgive those who have sinned seven times sevenyears, by reducing their suffering to having to fast only seventimes these seven days repeatedly.”




 Whosoever shall persevere to the end in their Path ofPerfection, they shall live in Bliss. Whosoever shall with a firmpace and determined resolve cross the finish line or goal shall beworthy of laurels of victory. All the triumphs and downfalls thatyou encounter in life’s laborious career, all our virtues and errors,





are recorded in NATURE’S MEMORY in an eternal indeliblememorandum of all our past lives. For they are written in yourown bodies and souls, which are like an open book exposed toGod’s vision, and in astonishing faithfulness tell the wholehistory of our past lives. Even your most secret thoughts arewritten naturally and subconsciously in this EternalMemorandum, where they remain recorded from the beginningof time to eternity. So that when you come before your HeavenlyFather, which inevitable happens right here where we are livingon earth, His trained vision will at once read the history of yourbehavior, rejoicing in your good works and saddened when youfall short, committing evil actions. So perfect is this geneticrecord in your Book of Life that there is not the slightest detailthat escapes its accuracy. You may often escape justice accordingto man-made laws, but Divine Justice, never.


 However, if you repent your sins soon enough, and seek outthe kind servants or elements of Nature, which are the GuidingAngels of Mother Nature as found in Sunshine, Air, Water,

Fasting, Prayer, etc.. and if you practice all the great virtuesknown to mankind based on Love, then these scars and defectsshall be removed from your body and soul so that the good signsremain recorded in your Living Book. When you have removedevery page recording the evil accounts, and you again have aclean Genetic Memory, free of all defects disfavorable to yourbody then you shall again be worthy of the Heavenly Presence ofGod. Likewise the Heavenly Father’s heart shall rejoice to see thathis prodigal son or daughter, has returned penitent and willingto serve his parental home. He shall receive you with honor andrejoice to read in your Living Book of Life, how you havetriumphed thru all obstacles and difficulties that prevented youfrom access in getting up to a Cosmic Abode, and how yousucceeded in removing all the sins from that great book. Thenshall the Heavenly Father reward your efforts, granting you longlife on earth, without sickness and pain, without ailments andsuffering, beside serene peace and everlasting happiness. Youwill meet with good fortune in everything you do. God will sendforth Angels from Heaven and his Servants in Nature to guideyou into the best of everything and guard you from evil paths. Iffrom this moment onward you dedicate yourself to selflessservice of humanity, doing good to others then shall the Highestraise you up into the Highest Positions in His HEAVENLY





HIERARCHY as a Co-worker, with special gifts and powers. Andwhen you leave this plane on this planet, you shall ascend evenhigher into the Father’s Kingdom of Heaven beyond earth in thehereafter where there shall be Everlasting Life and Happiness.

Fortunate indeed are they whosoever with driving perseveranceand tenacious effort conquer the worthiness to be able to enterthe Kingdom of Heaven, for there shall be no more suffering, nosickness, nor pain, nor old age, nor death, but instead perfecthealth, perfect joy in living in Eternity. (Removing self from thewheel of births and deaths we reach NIRVANA).




 Immediately, leaving the multitude he bid them farewell withhis blessing with arms outstretched saying, “Peace be with you!”

Then he hastened to a group of invalids who lay helpless on theground, unable to do anymore than crawl with great effort. Theycried out, “Oh Master, Master have mercy on us in ourdeformities and suffering. What can we do to heal ourselvesfrom our disabilities and pain?” Some showed him their swollenand aching feet, others with knotted or twisted bones out of joint;

still others had ulcers, sores and other skin inflammations, whichshowed their internal uncleanliness with external eruptions. TheDivinely Anointed, filled with compassion, sought to inspirethem with courage by assuring them that, with all certainty, yourailments shall be healed, if you shall endure fasting for morethan the seven days, since the seriousness of your chronicailments came about with grievous violations. Do not despair,

have faith. Behold, I shall offer another angel to help you, theANGEL OF EARTH!” He pointed his hand to a swampy, muddyflat, consisting of soft clay or mud. “Now, bury your nakedbodies in this mud, leaving only your heads out, and patientlyand faithfully await the healing action of this marvellous Angelof Earth, and the powerful Angel of Sunshine which will heat orwarm the muddy clay and charge it with solar energy.”


 Those who were ailing did that very thing. Many of themimmediately were relieved, pleased actually, upon being buriedin this soft, warm and attracting substance that at once drew outthe pain and fever within that so often affected their stomach,

intestines and well being. And so, fasting and praying, buried fordays at a length in this healing mud bath, listening to theconsoling words of the Divine Physician which were more





nourishing than food to them, a Spiritual Food, they endured.

Also, there were others who shouted, “Master, I am healed ofailments that we suffered for many years!” Others, in great joy,

told how their swollen members had reduced or completelyhealed, being relieved of chronic pains that they had endured foryears. Still others rejoiced calling out that their bones hadreturned to their former natural position, rather than twisted, sothey could walk erect and effortlessly. To show what hadhappened they came out of their mud bath, and feebly managedto walk over to the Master. Finally, even others whose skin hadbeen troubled with ulcers, sores, or other inflammations, sincetheir first day in the mud had experienced notable relief, theirskin healed from defects, and after several days they nowshowed, a skin smooth and vigorous for others to see as theyproclaimed it to all.


 Their Instructor then commanded those who had left theirmud baths healed to take a shower under the crystalline waterfallthat fell from a spring located far above which fell like a heavydownpour of rain. Rapidly they washed off every bit of mud,

and exhibited their healed and vigorous new appearance. Afterobserving attentively the condition of each patient, he instructedthem to dry their bodies lying on the warm sand on the shorerolling over on front and back. This they enjoyed doing spendingsometime in this dry warm sand heated by the sun. Whencompletely dry, they again rejoiced as they gave thanks to theirDivine Healer. With sincere emotion they all prostrated andkissed his feet in thanks for these wonders of healing. All thethousands who had gathered there, from the most humble to thehighest chief officials of Government, Pharisees, Scribes andPriests, all of them, some with envy, and others well pleased,

were able to witness these miraculous healings realized underthe direction of the Master Healer.


 The last one to leave the mud bath was a young man, who hisbrothers brought dragging on his cot, because he had lostconsciousness and his skin had turned blackish; His brothers saidthat this came about due to a snake bite of a poisonous species.

So, instead of dismissing him, the Savior instructed them to buryhim again in the mud, keeping watch over him till he regainedconsciousness and was again perfectly healthy. Consequently,

following the instructions caring for this man, he too was healed,

and all were astonished to see how the once-blackish skin





now glowed, filled with a rosy color, after he recoveredconsciousness and was restored in health. After he got dry in thewarm sand, he too came and fell down to bathe the DivineMaster’s feet with tears of happiness, as did also his brethren.

The Savior, visibly moved then said, “Do not give thanks to me,

but instead, to my Father, who sent me to heal your ailments.

Now, return to your respective communities and proclaim to allthe healing effects and benefits of the Angel-Messengers ofSunshine, Air, Water, Fasting, Prayer, Earth, Mud, and otherswhich are given for the well being of mankind.




 Nevertheless, there remained many more sick people, that inspite of their fasting and prayer, still continued suffering horriblepain from their ailments. Filled with Faith, in the promises oftheir Life-Giver, they persevered in their fasting and prayer.

There were some among the sick persons who, upon seeking tostand up to go over where the Healer was, got dizzy and fell tothe ground. Filled with compassion, the Savior would approachthem and console them saying that, if they would continue theirfasting in prayer in complete Faith, they too would surely behealed.


 However, one of them who was unable to get up, came outdirectly expressing his lack of Faith, saying, “Lord, is it fair thatso many have been healed, and yet, we who have also fasted,

prayed and been baptized (lustrated or initiated in Aramaic),

remain sick?” Thus, the Anointed elucidated further, “Yourailments are more grievous than those who were healed already,

because you have sinned a longer time than those healed: youhave disobeyed the commandments of Mother Nature a longertime so you have to remain sick a longer time. But do not let thatdiscourage you and keep persevering in your fasting and Faith,

because, as things are, this is the only way you can get back yourhealth. So that you may understand the necessity and importanceof FASTING AND FAITH FOR YOUR HEALING, I am going toexplain the way these kind and beneficial Messengers or Forcesdo the Will of Mother Nature.


 When we fast, it makes necessary the need to not waste theforces and substances (in other words, modifies the functionaleconomy of our organism) in our body so that it makes itpossible to heal and cleanse our internal structure. Millions of





little bodies (or cells, in modern language), of which your largerbody is composed, have a work to do in changing the food youeat into the power of living, and when these cells do not getfood, they get time to heal and repair the parts, or organs, of ourbody that are out of order. Other cells dedicate their time to thecleansing or hygiene of the blood, the flesh or tissue of theorgans and whatever needs repairing. Now, these cleansing cellsof the blood (or phagocytes in modern medical terms) seek toclean out the trash or garbage that accumulates within the humanbody, or Temple, by the natural gates and roads. But when theamount of rubbish is excessive (or today we say, the phagocyticindex is high, in an analysis of blood morphology), they open upnew roads of escape and gates on the surface of the skin,

manifesting with oozing ulcers, skin sores, abscesses or tumorswhere the excess foreign substance can get out. In this way theskin sores, ulcers, abscesses, or tumors are not the ailments inthemselves, but instead they are the necessary means of gettingrid of the excesses, cleaning out or purging, in the healing orrestoring health to the body’s interior, provided by the AllKnowing Internal Physician (Healer within one), which we havewithin our organism. Do not try to disturb, or interfere with thenatural healing methods of this wonderful Physician who worksmiracles in healing.


 Only when this Healer has finished his work of cleaning andhealing what needed to be removed, leaving the body clean andhealthy, does he proceed to close these escape gates in the skin,

removing the ulcers, sores, abscesses and other skin ailments,

which then heal, leaving the skin smooth and luxuriant. Such isthe wonderful work of the Omniscient Internal Physician orHealer within, who is one of the Great Angels (or Messengers,

Powers, etc. in Aramaic) of Mother Nature, who spontaneouslycarefully purifies and heals your body from within, without anyneed of any External Medicine-men or Physicians.


 This whole, wonderful method of Healing or Salvation, (sameAramaic word is used for either) of your body was made possibledue to observing this rigorous Fast. It is then when the Angel, orPower, of Fasting finishes his mission of healing successfully thatsome are permitted to return to eating again. Even then, the firstdays after a long fast one must eat light juicy food, allowing for aslow return to the normal more nourishing food one normallyrequires.





 After this explanation of the importance that Fasting has inHealing your bodies, I shall now explain the very important partPRAYER HAS ON HEALNG or restoring Health. When you pray,

you should be sending out luminous rays or emanations that arereceptive to manifesting a renewed integration (or Wholeness) ofyour soul with God, the Great Cosmic Soul, that embraces orcontains all that exists, and which is an All Moving orOmnipotent Center of Wisdom of the Living Power, of Vitality,

Dynamism, Force, Goodness and Love. If this sincereCommunion with God is sustained in all you do, accompaniedwith Righteous Living, good works helping others, kindness,

and Love within an unbreakable FAITH, then your soul willidentify with God, and He shall become One with you, and youshall become a channel of Blessings in Plenitude streaming froma Great Reservoir of Health, to provide Living Power to thatweak and once-unclean body, charging it with vitality, energyand vigor, which shall rapidly restore it to health, both in bodyand soul. In this way you yourself shall be persuaded to also seethe importance of Prayer accompanied by good works andrighteous living.


Editorial Note: The Healer of Mankind forbade prayers of doubt,

as the N.T. also shows, saying a prayer one should believe,

anticipating reception of all one’s needs thru one’s commitmentto worthiness and God’s Providence,-the antiquated word“Prayer”, associated with ritual repetition, being today betterexpressed by the mental act of Faith, or Affirmation of God’sOmnipotent Omniscience. Thus, Prayer should be GodCommunion, acknowledging the Creative Law of Fulfillment,

already giving thanks and praise to the Lord of Life, Health andJoy in Living for what we are so abundantly receiving. A beggarbegs because he feels empty, unworthy, unwanted andconsequently ever thankless, lacking in everything andabandoned to chaos and ruin by Orderly Cosmic Intelligence thatis seen guiding every virtue of Creation and the Heavens. At firstglimpse, it would seem advanced concepts about hygiene andhealing could not possibly exist at the beginning of the


Christian Era, but we have used both simplified and resourcefulvocabulary of our times in alternate explanations of ourtranslation, as well as realizing Hippocrates long before had alsoemployed them. Too often, John, the Initiator (Baptist was usedby Rome to hide his identity as the Gnostic founder of





Christianity) is looked upon as a simple credulous ritualist, whenin reality he was the Sage who initiated his reform after achildhood life with the Essenes of Mt. Carmel with Colleges atBethel, Jericho, etc. In that former incarnation, I experienced thesame obstinate opposition that I have now in teaching theVitalogical Sciences today, -with unknown tenets, and principlesrequiring such-will power in discipline opposing passions.




 Let me remind you that, indeed, no one can enjoy GoodHealth, nor restore their health if they lose it, unless they complywith Nature’s Laws. Yet, there are many who seek for health invain by erroneous ways using drugs (in Aramaic remediesconsisting of poison or venom are defined as drugs), scorning ordespising the natural sources or the very fountain from whichhealth flows in abundance. These children of error are blinded bythe dazzling promises spread by the drug-mongers, who prey onthe ignorance of the people, exploiting their credulity anddiseases for their own gain, making it thus, the most profitable ofall types of businesses, proclaiming that their cure-alls aremiracle drugs that are infallible in curing diseases, which, althobeing false, nevertheless is believed by the great multitudes ofthe population.


 Hence, once more I must warn you that no one can heal thebody with a medicine, because this would make void, or annul,

all the wise laws of our Creator, which only grant health to thoseworthy of it, and never for the use of a drug. To obtain suchworthiness or merit with God, one must comply with God’s laws.

Now, one of the listeners happened to be one of these drugmongers, or medicine men, who thus began questioning the Life-

Giver or Savior, saying, “Master, you have said that otherremedies never cure diseases. However, I have remedies that canmake skin sores and ulcers go away, and that will take awayheadaches, toothaches, rheumatic pains and many others. Canyou explain any difference between what I claim and the results Ihave, and those you claim and have in practice?”


 The Life-Giving Healer replied, “Already I have told you,


which makes for the Natural Defence and Powerful Resistance ofthe Human Organism. This Resistance consists of a greatmultitude of little bodies, or cells, whose mission is to maintain





Cleanliness or Hygiene and Health within our bodies. Thesecells, being living bodies, organisms, intelligent, complete, arecapable of rapid mobility and agility, and yet they are too smallto be seen ordinarily. We can all admire their wonderful laborwhen one gets cut, and we see the wound heal at once with suchperfection that it appears the same as the healthy skin around it.


 There are many kinds of cells: Of these, we shall only dealwith the HEALING, HYGIENE AND MESSENGER CELLS. TheMessenger Cells are the ones that advise us when an accidentoccurs within our bodies. This advice penetrates ourconsciousness thru pain which we feel in the region that isaffected. For example, if a meal is bad for us, we have a stomachache. Now, if you had the means of using your inner vision to seewithin your stomach right at that time, you would see DefenceCells in feverish activity. Also you would see Messenger cellscarrying or relaying messages, one to another, by means of anetwork of informers, or nerves, which advise the centralheadquarters of leadership, or your brain, that danger exists. Thebrain, in turn, sends out its distress signal, or pain, that manifeststhat there is something regrettable developing therein. In thisway you become aware of any trouble when it develops and youcan help prevent this trouble by not eating some days. What I amsaying, is that you naturally do not eat, or you fast, until theindigestion disappears. This means taking only pure water(living water, not dead tap, distilled or bottled water). Then youwould see the Defence Cells are at the same time seeking to heal,

to mend or to repair and make the affected part better, doing aperfect job. After it has been repaired, the pain will go away ofitself, which is a signal that you may eat again.


 Now, if the aforesaid inner vision remained with you, youwould see the wonderful work of our Creator manifest in theHygienic Cells at work cleaning out the body from within,

carrying all the substances that do not belong there to the outsideof the body, leaving them on the skin, which develops the kind ofescape channel required, such as ulcers, eruptions, abscesses,

pimples, and other ailments with skin symptoms.


 In such critical times, there is a great need for PRIEST-

PHYSICIANS or Healing Clergymen (We have no reason tobelieve Clergywomen were not equally in demand or more so.),

who have the ability of counselling sick people because theyhave studied these Natural Healing Methods that we have briefly





discussed, and who also comply with our LOVING ONEANOTHER, out of the Charity in their hearts, would attend themmercifully and never for money. It is only on this condition thatour Heavenly Father comes to heal our patients, and this factorwas necessary for obtaining the successful wonders in healingthat you have witnessed. If the patients were wisely instructed,

so they would not fall victims of unscrupulous medical men whoexploit the ignorance, the disease and the pain suffered by thepeople, such abuses making men rich quick could not comeabout. Due to this lack of a GOOD SAMARITAN HEALINGCLERGY, Physician-Priesthood, or Medical Evangelists, (we addalternatives so as to not favor any), the sick are now forced todepend on these unscrupulous Black Magician Drug-Mongers, orPharmacologists, who peddle their formulas, which for themoment, PUT OUR TRUE INNER HEALER TO SLEEP, or deadenthe pain, so the signals of the symptoms of pain and diseasedisappear, including the eliminative skin irruptions. This is whysuch patients are contented with such wonder cures; believingthey have really gotten healed of their diseases. Hence, we havethe celebrated glory of these wonder cures and the Magicianswho conjure remedies from such things.


 Nevertheless, the new-found happiness is short-lived whenthe sickness that the patient suffers returns with worse evils. Thisis because the new-found medicine had only suppressed theEFFECTS of the Evil, so the evil could get worse. This is theRESULT OF INTERFERING WITH THE WONDERFULNATURAL HEALING PROCESS OF THE INHERENT SAVIOR,

the Healer within all or the Inner Physician (choice oftranslations again), worsening or aggravating the Cause ofDisease. The SPONTANEOUS NATURAL SELF-HEALING OFTHE ORGANISM was interrupted, and the medicines caused theacute disease to turn into a chronic and incurable disease.


 You might be more convinced of this, if your inner visioncould again penetrate within your stomach and closely observethe affected part. You would now be surprised, because in thevery place where you had seen swarms of cells in diligentactivity cleansing or healing the condition, you would nowwitness piles of little dead bodies, or dead cells destroyed orpartially alive laboring under their heavy burden barely able tocrawl. What had happened there? This was the Result of takingone of these ill-fated drugs, or this formula concocted by the





trafficker of medicines, because all such remedies have, more orless in general, the basic quality of destroying the NaturalResistance or Immunity of the organism. The first effect of thedestruction of this Natural Immunity, can be readily observed inthe Messenger cells which stop transmitting warning signals, orcausing pain, which is a grievous thing, because the patient doesnot experience pain and believes that he is well. So he continuesto stuff himself with every kind of food, ruining his stomach,

which causes bleeding ulcers, which eventually turn into cancers,

resulting in death.


 The Healing Cells, of this Innate Healer-Life-Giver were notable to avoid this disaster, because they, too, lie there wounded,

and many of them completely destroyed. The same is true of theHygienic Cells, for the same reason that they too lie incapacitatedfrom performing their function cleansing within the body.

Without the removal of these wastes, and the absence of thefunction of the Hygienic Cells that remove the burden of excesswaste matter thru the escape gates in the skin, brings about theclosing of these gates since they no longer have a function, andgives the appearance of healing the boils, ulcers, abscesses andskin sores with healthy, smooth and vigorous skin. These skincells are far enough from the blood stream to receive the last ofthe effects of these deadly drug poisons, so that they stillfunction to the last moment, altho with difficulty. The continuedinner vision, if granted, would now be frightened by the horriblescene of the little dead bodies of dead cells rotting anddecomposing in evil smelling putrification as the result ofcontinued use of poisonous drugs.


 Later, the bloodstream seeks to spread out these wasteproducts, distributing them thru-out the organism, poisoningour most noble organs which start to fail in performance. Theheart beat becomes irregular when one gets up too quick, onegets dizzy with black-outs, difficulty in breathing and whatgenerally ends in heart failure, or partial or complete paralysis,

and a premature death. This is the end result of the use of drugs,

pain-killers and medicines in general, which at first relievesuffering, but later kill one.”


 Then, turning to the medicine monger, the Divine Mastersaid, “This is my answer to the puzzling problem you gave forme to explain, so that you may be convinced that medicines, thatyou so highly acclaim publicly, do not heal, nor cure disease,





but only poison the body. It does prove that medicines do notbring health, but instead give a worse disease, because their useconverts the beneficial Self Healing Process into a painful evil,

such as experienced in tuberculosis, chronic rheumatism,

diabetes, cancer and even leprosy.


 The truth of the matter is that the seemingly curing effects ofsome medicines are really so extraordinary that they dazzle andfascinate many learned men who do not know about the NaturalSelf Healing Process within our bodies. Those who know aboutthe latter, know that the former is pure illusion, which acceptsappearances for realities. Those who practice Natural Livingknow that due to VITALOGICAL LAWS, no medicine is capableof uprooting any disease. The only real natural resistance todisease, or immunity that is effective, is to keep the bloodstreamimmaculately pure, or Natural Hygiene. What a medicine reallydoes is change, or transform one’s acute diseases into chronicdiseases, a beneficial evil into a corrupt evil, or a disease easy toheal into an incurable ailment. When it comes to creating aNatural Defence against diseases that invade the body, there is nomedicine that can free, or immunize, the body from diseasescaused by future plagues of infection. This is why no other TrueMethod of Hygiene can exist, nor can it exist ever, becausesomething that casts spells against God’s Laws is not Natural, orSorcery, whose Black Magic opposes the fundamental Laws ofthe VITALOGICAL SCIENCES. No drug can guard the bodyagainst disease or other evil, as Sorcery taught since old, but asagain I repeat, it can change a beneficial evil into anunsupportable evil, because all that a drug does is deaden thebody’s responses, and suppressing the natural defencemomentarily giving the impression that a person has beenprotected or immunized against diseases, when in reality, all thatsuch sorcery does, is paralyze the Natural Hygiene or Resistanceto toxins of disease.


Editor’s Note: If it seems strange to readers that these principles,

not only seem very modern or resemble Natural Hygieneteachings, let me remind them that that is because Hippocratestaught many of them hundred of years before John the Initiator,

as did the Gnostic Healing Temples of Greece and Egypt. TheseSelf Healing Hygienic processes are included in the VitalogicalSciences; or Life-Giving or Saving sciences in contrast toDarwin’s Biological or Life-Destroying or “survival of the fittest”





chaotic theories of Biology. Instead of Sorcery, Magic, etc. thatthe Gnostic Christians of St. John, as well as the Essenes wereaccused of by the Church of Rome, the Roman Church did justthat!




 There were many gathered there that marveled at what theyhad been taught, which for the first time they now had heard.

Some of them pleaded to learn more about the new science,

“Master, teach us more about the Internal Hygiene of Physiologyof our body, so that we may know if everything within us is inorder, that we may better care for our health and so we do nothave to depend on these medical merchants that take advantageof our ignorance, and for each drachma in silver, poison us withtheir remedies which are worse than the disease. The AnointedOne thus gave into their pleas, saying, Verily I say unto you, thenumber of the cells within your body are about as infinite asinfinite as are the stars in the sky. Yet, all of them are absolutelyindispensable for the correct function of our bodies. These cellsare living beings, agile and dynamic, intelligent and rational.

These little bodies are very much like the human beings theycompose, because they are born, grow, reproduce, work, enjoy,

suffer, love, hate, age and die to be replaced by younger cells.


 However, among the human species, those who abstain fromall vices, and observe the frugal VITALOGICAL WAY OF LIFEClose to Nature, there is the Strictest Discipline and a Perfectionof Order even down to the cells composing their bodies, in thismost wise regimen of the Best and the Most Capable. Accordingto this Universal Law that binds the Ignorant, and gives Power tothe Wise, also within the human body, Nature rules that theseMicrocosmic bodies (cells) shall synthesize the Universe, theMacrocosmos. Now within this Strictest Order, the Cells are thusgrouped in Hierarchies (reflecting again the HEAVENLYHIERARCHY) each according to their Natural Capacity, specifictendency, affinity and mutual sympathy. The most vigorous cells,

the most active and the most dynamic, the most intelligent, ofthemselves put themselves in the highest positions, with themost responsibility, and among the highest hierarchies.

Accordingly, thus, the most intelligent cells form our Heart andBrain of our body, while the rest of the cells form the rest of thenoble organs, the liver, the lungs, the spleen, the stomach, the





intestines, the blood, the bones, skin, hair and others.


 The cells of each organ are the best prepared for theirparticular work, trying their hardest to maintain their own organin the best condition of function and most efficiency, but notsolely for their own and exclusive profit, but always seeking toserve the best they possibly can the rest of the organs with whichthey are joined in close and inseparable interdependence. Allthese organs together form, in turn, a harmonious whole, or onegreat ORGAN, which is your body, just as the body, in turn, is acell that forms the great Organism called Humanity.


 This Cooperation, or Love of Order in Wisdom ceases ineverybody when any individual, or group, disobeys the Laws ofMother Nature, giving themselves to the pleasures of city life,

worldliness, vice and evil habits. Such is the life (first or secondhand) of alcoholic drinks, the tobacco smoke as well as of otherherbs (marijuana, etc.), opium and narcotic drugs, marriage-

shattering prostitution or fornication, irregular meals eating allthat the eye desires, followed by counter-measures in remediesand pain-killers, all of which make for sickness, weakness anddegeneration of the cells of the participants, destroying theirnatural resistance to disease and dissipates all the vital energy. Insuch an organism, the Head of the Hierarchy in theConsciousness has been disregarded, losing supremacy over thedisobedient cells, which thus begin to form centers of subversioncalled DISEASE, which causes the DEGENERATION OF THEORGANISM, which can only lead to serious conditions such astuberculosis, consumption, rickets, diabetes, cancer, chronicrheumatism, gangrene, leprosy, and so forth, which are the endresult of cellular degeneration that ruins the whole organism.


 This Lesson teaches us that one’s well being depends ononeself. If we obey the Laws of Mother Nature we are assured ofPerfect Health, material as well as spiritual prosperity, peace andHappiness. If one disobeys, one has to suffer the mentioneddiseases, miseries and calamities without end. Also this lessonteaches us that we must follow the example of the cells of ourbody in our daily behavior, to identify in their Order and thusbecome the MOST PERFECT ORGANIZATION OF ALLCREATION. THIS PRISTINE ORDER OF PERFECTION OFCENOBITICAL LIVING, or cooperative common life amongmankind, little by little, shall be adopted by all peoples as soonas they unite with the Hierarchy in the evolutionary plan of





humanity. So, to be able to cooperate effectively in this strictsocial discipline, you should work with a complete dedication toSelf Perfection, just as much physically, morally as Spiritually,

but not only for your own personal and exclusive gain, ratheralways seeking to serve to the best of one’s ability the whole ofmankind, just as the cells of our heart serve all the body, and incase they rebelled and stopped working, the body wouldsuccumb totally. Just as there cannot be a deliberate paralysis incellular activity within our bodies, so also there cannot be aparalysis in the social organization of mankind, and when wereach such a perfection,- this perfection being the supreme goalof mankind,- we shall reach our unavoidable destiny. Thisdestiny requires that we keep climbing, on up to the snowyheights summit of Gods and Goddesses of the HeavenlyHierarchy, beyond earth, eternally. In this path, in the future, themost Enlightened and Cultured shall be considered those whoout of Love and Free Will practice the greatest social justice,

without resorting to the use of arms, strikes and blockades or adeliberate paralysis of work in progress, which in total constancyand good will cooperate with all including those most humble.




 Then speaking exclusively to his own disciples, the Healersaid, “Since you are endeavoring to learn the secrets of how toheal the sick, you must know how to manage this gift and guardthis ability once you have attained it. It is very easy to lose it byabusing it, for example, when you EXPLOIT DISEASE AS ABUSINESS, as do the official medical authorities, gettingimmensely wealthy from the suffering of others and themisfortune or misery of mankind. To the contrary, you must notfollow their methods. When you are in the presence of a personthat is ill, ask the Highest to heal her or him. This is because ofour own person alone you cannot make her or him to becomewell, since this can only be realized thru the Power of theHeavenly Father, who is the Maker of that organism, and thus, isthe only One who knows how such organisms get out of orderand how to heal them.


 One should exemplify the GOOD SAMARITAN as a model,

who had compassion on the man that robbers had left half dead,

beaten on the road, healed his wounds, took him to an inn forfurther care till he became better, and then did not charge him





anything for saving his life. To the contrary, he also paid theexpenses for his rehabilitation out of his own funds. This is theMODEL PHYSICIAN (Healer, Savior, Hygienist, etc.) who shouldbe the exemplar for Physicians always. However, if there are anyamong you, or those who come after you, who charge for theattention they give providing for the sick, whether this be inmoney, in donations or other benefits, they shall lose their gift ofhealing the sick, because God’s Presence no longer remains intheir actions. Every denarius (penny of N.T.) that anyone chargesin exploiting disease as a business shall be converted into a thornthat shall forever pain such a person’s conscience, taking awayhis joy of living. Under the True Divine Law within everyone’sheart, such a physician is CRIMINAL, and as such, he iscondemned to suffer the same misery, the same agony and thesame pain in his next reincarnations, that he caused his patientsto suffer, because the same unchangeable Law of Life, Healingalso applies, stating that with the same measure that one gives, itshall be given back to one.


Editor’s Note: In a May 29, 1951 letter, Prof. Edmond BordeauxSzekely wrote that he had translated the most important part of“The Essene Gospel of John”, which was only one-eighth portionof the full manuscript, which is obviously the one we aretranslating now, and that due to caring for 50 patients and otherworks, he could not take out a few months to finish translatingthe copies he made of the Gospel. He did give me the dataneeded for finding these Scriptures: “The number and file recordof this manuscript is 156-P. I studied the Aramaic text in theLibrary of the Vatican, ‘Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana”, underthe care of Anselmo M. Albareda, Prefecto.” Why was thecomplete version of St. John never translated or published? Theanswer became obvious when I finally found the Source thanksto the Samaritan Order, and read the above Chapter which accusethose who take money from sick patients as Criminal. Szekelyhad said originally that only two complete versions exist, one inAramaic, and another in Ancient Slav. After 25 years passed sincethe above letter, he now gives a new story. So pressed for theremaining seven-eights of John’s Gospel by students was Dr.

Szekely that in Book II the name forgets John and becomes TheEssene Gospel of Peace, with writings of Enoch, Moses, Dead SeaScroll, etc., but no more of those harsh words of John concerningcure-mongers, and there is a Hebrew Source for the Aramaic





manuscript. The Hebrew source is pictured with quotation,

question and other punctuation marks which were not existent inthose early centuries of our era, showing it to be the Professor’sRECONSTRUCTION of what he selected as the most importantpart, only one-eighth of John’s original.


 As to the Discovery of the Essene Gospel, we read a newstory saying he found them among the lost works of St. Jerome inthe Benedictine Monastery of Monte Cassino, in Hebrew, and theSecret Archives of the Vatican, in Aramaic. No more about acommon file-record number 156-P and Prefect AnselmoAlbaredo; but now it is Monsignor Angelo Mercati as Prefect andhis mysterious Secret Archives of the Vatican that ProfessorSzekely says he studied under in his new books. “Dust filledroom with over 10 thousand packages of unexamined documentsis a “terra incognita” that could never be proved not to containthe Essene Gospel of John, so why not search there for theanswer. Why a new “Discovery” story by Szekely? Rancho LaPuerta, from where Szekely wrote the letter to me, became “thelargest health resort in America and the world”, he owned theGolden Door (Escondido, Calif.), the most luxurious beautyresort in existence, an 80 acre meditation center (near San Diego)

that someone called a “Spiritual country club”, a dozen ranchesin California and Baja California, a publishing business, severalcorporations, cosmetic laboratory, or a corporate empire thataccumulated millions certainly speaks of success as abusinessman. Never having met him, yet I lived a portion of hislife thru friends working with him, at Natureland, Elsinore,

Calif., rehabilitating the adobe stable that became Rancho LaPuerta of this penniless idealist, as well as when those earlyhelpers were refused visits because he was entertainingmillionaires; his early printer inspired me to print my ownworks. Thus, virtually I had lived with him, racially beingHyperboreans (I of Finnish and he of Hungarian), we both livedjoined in vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience in CatholicOrders (He a Piarist and I a Carmelite), we studied comparativeeastern religions, anthropology, and in many other ways hecontributed so that I was able to seek out the source of thesemysteries, to tell you more of Christian origins. And it avoidedthe embarrassing need of him having to print this chapter ofJohn’s Complete Healing God Spell! In the end, possiblyremembering the suffering of the sick one takes over to the next





reincarnations, he willed the corporate empire over to his wifeand offspring, as an Essene contemplating Buddhist roots in hisIllumination under an Oak tree, seeking to mend former religiousvows.




 Then, the Beloved Disciple, John, the Anointed of Spirit beingthe closest to the Lord, beheld and immediately prayed for theLord’s assistance, “Father, there is among this multitude, one sosick that he lies cast on the ground, faint with weakness, thateven crawling on his hands and knees cannot come closer, butcalls out, “Lord, heal me for I suffer greatly”. For a long time theHealer sought within for an answer, having approached thehelpless invalid, so that by inner vision he might see within thebody of the patient for a diagnosis of the precise cause for hissuffering. The body of the patient was emaciated so as to appearlittle more than a skeleton. The skin of the patient was yellow asa fallen leaf in autumn.


 The patient contemplating the Presence of the Anointed,

wanted to get up, but his weakness prevented it. With his eyesfixed on the kind Master he implored of him, “Lord, have mercyon me, heal me. I know you are the Messenger of God, and thatyou have the power to loosen my twisted members, and cast outSatan who causes me the torment within me. He gnaws at myintestines, he chokes me in my throat and he gags me when I tryto breathe.” One of the sick one’s family added, “Master, I haveseen this with my own eyes that he has the devil within his body,

because I have seen this devil appear in the mouth of the patientwhile he was asleep. I saw his very face which was round, withbig eyes and whiskers around his mouth. The Anointed noddedforeword, affirming that he knew what the man was describing.

But John also then turned to the side where the group of hisdisciples who he was teaching the secrets of healing were, andexplained to them: “It is not simply an evil spirit, or a Satan, thatis lodged within this man’s body, for this is an advanced case ofhookworm. This worm got into this man’s body years ago whenit was less visible in form carried by unclean food eaten by thepatient. Thru the years this worm lived lodged within thedigestive tract, feeding upon the food that the patient ate. Thusafter a number of years now it measures about 4 cubits. Now,

after fasting a few days, the patient is greatly tormented by his





worm, which from lack of food, hungers, and has become angry,

tossing and coiling within his belly. With its fleshy gullet it bitesand pinches the wall of the intestines and stomach, coming outas far as the mouth in search of food, sucking at the residues ofold food still clinging to the intestines. When the corpulentworm finds no food within the body to eat, it may even appear atthe mouth, or choke and smother the patient by stopping up thebreathing passages. Since people are rarely accustomed to seeingsuch a thing, their explanation calls this worm Satan, so by thisname I will have to call the hookworm so the multitude willunderstand me.


 The Healing man, again speaking directly with the patientsaid “The fast you have been practicing for several days hasgiven good results. By not eating for a few days yourself, alsoprevents Satan, your unwelcome visitor, from eating also. This iswhy this guest has become so tormented, causing your body tobecome the Cave of Satan, rather than a holy Temple where Godmay dwell, all because you once ate some unclean food makingyou the host or carrier of this visitor. But do not fear, becauseSatan shall be destroyed before your body is destroyed. Whileyou fast and pray, the Angels of God protect your body, andSatan shall be overpowered by the Divine Power of theseAngels.” This greatly impressed those present with suchrevelations of the Divine Master, and they besought him, saying,

“Master have compassion on this helpless invalid, for he suffersmore than all of us. If Satan is not cast out from his body soon,

we fear he will not live to see tomorrow.”


 The Christ answered, “Great is your faith. By your faith shallyour prayer be answered. Soon you shall see Satan, face to face,

his frightening countenance, and then you shall all be convincedas to the power of the Angels of God when they cast Satan out ofthe patient.


 Immediately, Jesus milked a mare, a she-ass, that was grazingnearby, and the milk in the earthenware pan heated by the sungave off the aroma of fresh milk when placed under the nose ofthe patient, and the Anointed then said: “Behold, the threeAngels of the Lord shall now perform a miracle which you shallwitness with your own eyes. The Angel of Water rules over theessential component of milk, and the Angel of Sunshine shallwarm it and the vapor of the milk rising up shall enter thepatient’s nose, being draw within by the lungs, and consequently





the vapor shall enter the devil’s own nostrils, which will pleaseSatan because he esteems fresh milk especially. And so ithappened, because then the milk’s vapor in the pan heated by theblazing hot sun began to rise, it filled the air with an agreeableodor.


 The Christ held the head of the invalid in his lap, and broughtthe earthenware tray closer to the patient’s nose, saying, “Breathein deeply so the Angels of Water, Sunshine and Air within themilk’s vapor re-possess your body, and cast out Satan. “Theinvalid breathed deeply of the milk’s vapor rising from the pan ofmilk. Again, the Anointed encouraged his patient further, saying,

“Now, do not lose faith, there is no need to despair, becauseSatan shall immediately leave your body by your mouth, since heis overcome by hunger because you forced him to fast severaldays. Summoned by the welcome odor of fresh milk, he shallcome out of hiding to partake of the warm milk, because FRESHMILK IS THE FAVORITE FOOD OF SATAN.


 Then suddenly, the body of the patient was seized with agueas he sought to vomit but could not. He gasped for air but couldnot breathe, causing him to faint, as the Healer held his head andheld open his mouth to the air. Now pointing to the mouth of theinvalid, the Healer-Savior in John said, “Look within the patient’smouth, because you shall see Satan already coming out”. They alllooked as he bid them, and to their horror, and astonishment,

they all saw Satan slowly, and cautiously, coming out of thefainted victim’s mouth going straight into the pan of milk. Then,

the Savior took advantage of this situation and beheaded theaforesaid Satan, which was pulled out of the patient’s helplessbody which the abominable beast had tormented for so manyyears, the victim recovered his breath, breathed deeply and criedwith tears of joy. With great difficulty, he even got up on his feetand walked a few paces. He was filled with happiness to see hereally could walk again. His strength returned, his cloudy visionturned clear, and thus he was able to see clearly his Savior, theAnointed of Spirit, who with a loving smile looked upon him.


 So happy was the Savior for having been able to help thishelpless victim, that he rejoiced with him, observing, “Look atthis great beast that has been lodged in your intestines, howcorpulent and well nourished, it was, because it fed from therichest part of the food you ate, leaving your body thin, under-

nourished and without strength to work. Now that this may not





occur again, you must not feed upon such abominable foods asyou did before, so that your body may become pure and clean.

Then, it shall become a Temple of the Lord, your God, who shalllive within you in the dwelling of your heart.


 All that were gathered there were filled with Joy andmarveled at the Wisdom of the Anointed, and they said, “Master,

you certainly must be the Messenger (Angel of the Holy Spirit) ofthe Lord, for you know all the Secrets to removing illness andsaving health. The Newly Saved One, over all the rest proclaimedpraise for the Wisdom of the Savior, and came to cast himselfdown to kiss his feet as they all cried tears of happiness.


Editor’s Notes: It is an outstanding characteristic of the Healer inthat so far he has not used medicinal herbs, or other medicines,

to heal the body, but instead he has used the Angels, Powers orforces of Nature such as Water, Sunshine, earth, air, fasting,

prayer, etc. The Kingdom “Edessa”, the first Christian Kingdom,

was ruled by the Gnostic Christian Church, because, King Abgar,

was brought up with, and shared the beliefs of Bardesanes,

Gnostic theosophist of the Valentin school and great student ofHindu doctrine, reincarnation, Karma, etc., also he defended theChristian Faith so manfully before representatives of the RomanEmperor (then still “pagan”), that Epiphanius called him “almosta confessor.” Bardesanes taught, “From Nature cometh growthand perfection of the body. Nature ordains that old men wouldbe judges for the young and the wise for the foolish.” King Abgarwrote the Healer, “Jesus Christ, who appeared in Jerusalem:” “Ihave been informed concerning you and your healing performedwithout the use of medicines and herbs” beside offering him aninvitation, “my city is indeed small but neat and large enough forus both.” This chapter is also a foremost example of why Gnosticsects received Serpent titles, such as Nassenes, Nass-Aryans(Nazarens), Ophites, etc., which the Church of Rome accused ofSerpent Worship. In this case, the hookworm is the Serpent,

Satan, which Jesus casts out of the Temple (our body), as well asa deeper understanding of the N.T. Bible story of Jesus castingout the Money-changers and flesh-mongering Physician-PriestCorporation, that Jewish Rulers pretended to be, just as today theState accepts doctrines of flesh eating, drugs, usury as legalizedrobbery by our bankers, etc. taught as the State-Religion. Alsointeresting is the data that condemns FRESH MILK as “thefavorite food of Satan”. Even many babies have an allergy





against using fresh milk, which is no substitute for breast-fednourishment from their own mother’s milk, as do adults. Yet,

milk is included as one of the foods, along with fruit and herbs,

that God gave for man’s food in another chapter (Chapter 33),

showing that ripened milk, like ripened fruit, is to be used, in theform of clabber or bacterially cultured milk. The tiny bacterialplants cultured in milk, restores the intestinal flora and augmentsdisease-resistance (phagocytic index) enabling toxin neutralizingbeside producing enzymes.




 Then, the Anointing God-Spell left them, instructing John, “Inyour care I now leave this flock. I shall return on the seventh dayof fasting and prayer, to join in with those rejoicing because theypersevered to the seventh day. After these seven days of fastingand praying, the Heavenly Blessings reaped were very rewardingfor their perseverance. All the pain and agonizing complaintshad disappeared from those who had been ailing miraculouslyand instead they were proclaiming the wonders of healing theyhad experienced.


 On the last day, the fasting and prayer came with a happyand rejoiceful commemoration. The magnificence of the dawncontributed greatly to the solemnity of the gathering. Not a clouddarkened the heavens. The sun rose with great splendor andbrilliance. When this King Star had fully appeared on thehorizon, with astonishment all of them witnessed how the figureof the Exalted and Anointed (the Scripture could be mistranslatedas “Christ Crucified” from Aramaic alternatives) descended stillcircumscribed with brilliant illumination, even more dazzlingthan the sun seemingly, floating down to them from themountain top. (This figure of circle and cross gives the esotericsymbolism of this God-Spell allegory in the New Testamenthidden in the crucifixion myth). Finally, when the magnificenceof the Anointing Spirit came close with outstretched arms, theRadiant One greeted them. No one dared to say a word. In awe,

they could only cast themselves down before him and kiss thehem of his garment (a hemless garment) as a sign of admiration,

honor and thanks that they deeply felt for healing their ailments.


 “Do not thank me”, he told them, “but the Highest One whosent me. He made all that is and has being, including Mother





Nature (symbolized in the origin of Adam and Eve in the Genesisstory) and her Angels that serve us, if with obedience andrepentance, in fasting and prayer, we ask for her intercession(service, meaning of Virgin’s intercession in the Catholic rite).

And suddenly it seemed the Anointing Spirit was bidding themfarewell, asking them to return to their homes. Blessing them, hesaid, “Go in Peace, and sin no more against Mother Nature,

because this is the only way to be healthy without pain anddisease.”


 However many responded, “Master, where shall we go, whenit is so good to be here? We do not want to leave you, becauseyou alone radiate Peace and Happiness, that which elevates ourSpirit and gives us Joy in Living. Master, tell us, what are thegreatest sins against Mother Nature, and what shall we do toavoid them and maintain health.” The Anointing God-Spell(Ecstatic One leading the Assembly, Ecclesia, as St. John wasdoing) responded, “Your Faith in me certainly is encouraging. SoI will tarry with you a bit longer, and he began to tell them aboutthe Virtues, what people should practice, and the sins they mustavoid to live in Happiness without disease and pain for a longlife.


Editor’s Notes: We cannot just read these Scriptures once tounderstand them: All that is being said takes years of repeatedstudy and meditation, comparing them to the N.T. Bible, theChurch liturgy, Eastern Scripture and life’s many aspects ofexperience (material, mental, spiritual, etc.). Each one of us has agreat deal of this stored in our Cellular Genetic Memory orHeart’s Intuition, but Perfection requires the whole process. Eachperson has blocks or blinds that stop them short ofunderstanding fully, wanting to be as well as being the PristinePerfection of Paradisian order, a Heavenly Oneness in All.


 All these Scriptures and tales, including N.T. allegories weremasterpieces of Gnostic Wisdom, celebrating the HeavenlyTriumph of their Master and Savior in Consciousness, in whichthey see him ascend and resurrect into exalted glory of the TrueLight of the World. To the Initiates of their Gnosis, they did notpretend that Jesus Christ was a man ever, for as the N.T. reads:

“Where there are 2 or 3 gathered together in my Name, there am Iin midst of them.” That fact is most evident in this Chapter of theHealing God Spell, in which the Anointing Spirit is seen leavingand again gloriously returning to rest upon him, after the wary





trials of taking care of fasting patients for 7 days. The SpiritualLight Body manifests condensed in Life’s experience as well asextending to Heavenly Exaltation, yet more often than not, it isinvisible to the uninitiated (prejudiced, etc.), and not that Godever leaves an Initiator like John. One no longer speaks of theirindividual body, but all credit goes to His Name, The AnointedSavior (Jesus Christ) within one, when one acts or thus speaksteaching the God-Spell, altho not visible in the many chores ofdaily life.


 To know how the original God Entrancement, or Book ofIllumination (gospel) really started, let us observe that the oldestPeshitta N.T. did not contain any genealogies for Jesus. AHebrew writing, as claimed for Matthew’s gospel, should startwith a blessing, but it has none, and a genealogy would be at theend, never at the beginning, showing that this was a fraudulentinsertion by Papal Editors of the Roman Church. The Spirit ofGod, Christ or Savior needs no Jewish or Roman genealogy. Jesuswas the son of the Beloved or “David”.


 When did the separation of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, restingupon and associated with John, the Initiator (also called “Baptist”

or Founder in varied Aramaic translations) of Christians, and aseparate so-called “historical man” named Jesus Christ ofNazareth (or Nazarene) occur? Certainly at the Council of Nicea(325 A.D.) there was no disagreement, since there “The HolyCatholic and Apostolic Church Anathemizes those who say therewas a time when the Son of God was not,” it resolved. It wasclear enough, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is Eternal, not a Jesusthat is born or dies in time. The Disciples of John, Founder ofChristians, did not claim exclusive rights to that Eternal Spirit,

altho they knew his Gnosis manifested it, and he said it cameabout after his experience of the dove resting upon him whilebaptizing on the Jordan. The Christian Church had no “ApostolicCreed” until it appeared in a common prayer book in 600 A.D.

None of the early Fathers up to the year 400 ever mention it, buta careful study shows to the contrary, even creeds opposingreasoning as to an intangible Spirit, incapable of proof, exceptmyths of tradition and allegory, which eventually gained popularbelief among opposing parts, resolved by accepting compromisesto have peace in an embryonic Holy Roman Empire.


 It was not until Jerome (Je-Rome, God-of-Rome) produced theLatin Vulgate version of the Bible, after 400 A.D., do we learn of a





man named Jesus, with two different genealogies, of 28 and 42generations, claiming the Holy Spirit to be his Father, along witha long line of Jews and pagans as well. The Latin Vulgate did notbecome the official version of the Church until 1546. Before thisfictitious version, the Gospels started by telling of John, theFounder (Baptizer) of Christians, who after his 29th birthdaybecame known as the Healer, henceforth called Savior (Jesus)

Anointed (Christ) of the Holy Spirit. Now, the Church of Romedidn’t care too much what Christians believed, since they onlysought to be authoritarian Compromisers, to keep Peace in theEmpire and prevent religious uprising against Rome. Each one ofthe Gnostic Schools had sought to become the official doctrineduring the first few centuries, causing a spirit of discord thatRome felt made her Empire insecure. Origin openly affirmed thatJosephus who had mentioned John the Baptist, did notacknowledge Christ, in that Christ and Christian were lateradopted as titles at Antioch. Justin Martyr, Clement ofAlexandria, etc. affirm the same fact.


 Then in the 5th Century, Nestor, the Patriarch ofConstantinople, brought the “historic” human named “JesusChrist” into being. Not being philosophically or mysticallyinclined, he opposed the doctrine of “Mary, the Mother of God”

for he believed that Jesus was like any other man, but a littlemore virtuous than most men, and not the co-equal of theAlmighty and Eternal. George Lamsa, who presented me with hisautographed Peshitta New Testament in 1953, held that theChurch of the East was the Nestorian sect, but is his Englishtranslation of the Peshitta, “pure and simple” as he defines it tobe? He also adds the Latin Vulgate style genealogy of Jesus as ason of Joseph, showing later college training (Canterbury,

Oxford, etc.) misled him into such folly. Nestorians are of theChaldean Church, not being the Eastern Church exclusive.


 This made for the division of the Eastern Church, theMonophysites being the opponents of the Nestorians: TheMonophysite Patriarchate of Antioch roots from the FirstChristians, which founded the “Christian Church of Syria, Iraqand India, the Patriarchate of Alexandria with jurisdiction ofChristians in Egypt and Ethiopia. In modern times we havecharge of the Patriarchate in Ecuador. “Jacobites” are the bestknown Monophysites, named for Jacob Baradesus. Like Dioscoroand Cirilo, he believed Christ was God, but was not a perfect





man. If a perfect man were God, the nature of God is man, butGod and man are not of the same nature. Monophysites meansthose holding God has one nature, substance or attribute, whichis Eternal, Incorruptible, the Light or the Word, and thus cannotmanifest as a mortal being, born, dying, suffering, as claimed ofJesus Christ as historical man or individual. Yet, in manyoccasions, even for extended periods, Jesus Christ has dwelt inthe human frame as a temple, or vehicle, but not that all mendwell in God, or God dwells in them manifestedly, becauseChrist signifies the Anointed of the Holy Spirit, while Saviormeans one who saves or heals. St. Paul and St. John both teachthis doctrine in the N.T. Bible. But Nestor appealed to thematerialist who needed to justify human virtues, and thus headvocated teaching that Jesus was a good virtuous man, a modelfor others to follow, not just a Spirit or state of Illumination, thusdeveloping the belief that Jesus was a mortal man, separate fromJohn, the Initiator of Christ and Christians. Thousands of bookshave been written on this question, but they are arbitraryconcepts, or the result of the Roman Church forcingcompromises in dogma on the world, first in EcumenicalCouncils and then in its Canon of Scriptures inspired by God orthe Holy Bible. One cannot legislate and compromise God, Truth,

or Spirit. This is why the direct followers of John, the Initiator,

known as Gnostic Christians, Nassaryans (Nazarenes, Nassenes,

etc.) have a “John Book” that states: “After the death of John, theworld shall fall a prey to error. The Roman “Christ” shalloverthrow the peoples, the twelve seducers shall travel theworld. He shall corrupt John’s sayings, pervert his Initiation(Baptism) of the Jordan, distort the words of Truth, and preachfraud and malice thru out the world.” The Salvation of mankinddepends on restoring this Truth, it says.


 All of the above indications makes me wonder about Prof.

Szekely’s affirmation stating in the 1937 Preface to the “EsseneGospel of John”: “Nestorian priests, who under pressure of theadvancing hordes of Genghis Khan were forced to flee from theEast towards the West, bearing ancient Scriptures and ikons withthem”, as to the origin of his two versions, that is, the AramaicVersion in the library of the Vatican and the old Slavonic versionat the Hapsburg library. It seems strange that the Nestorians,-

who believe Jesus was only a good man, and not God in nature,-

would carry with them Scriptures that tell of the blinding intense





Light of the Anointing Spirit floating down and ascending up tothe Heavens. That only one-eighth of John’s original waspermitted in the versions Prof. Szekely obtained, shows that the7/8ths or missing portion has not been published in English andother Szekely books because the contents were censored by theVatican Papal Authorities that he studied under possibly.


 Instead of 4 Gospels in the N.T. Bible, there was only one, the4 coming from the same original, to which interpretations oftranslations added details enhancing the stories. The earliestrecord of Christian Scriptures found in the Library of Congress,

Washington, D.C. was made by Charles Waite, affixed to theGnostic Gospel of Marcion (Marc-John) dated at 128 A.D., andcontains only one Complete Gospel with ten letters or Epistles ofSt. Paul, nothing more, the rest being later additions. Irenaeusdecided that there should be four Gospels like the 4 winds. Marc-

John translated the original Aramaic Version into Greek, theLatin Version being made by Luke or “Paul’s physician” orCorrector (one giving remedies) later known as Censors,

Matthew’s Gospel making it conform to Hebrew prophecies, andJohn’s Gospel, Epistles and Apocalypse are a part of an originalGnostic Gospel completing Marc-John of the Sayings orTeachings. Another aspect of the study reveals that all fourGospels are portions of the same Gospel or Teachings that arenow separated into 4, which the Initiate must Restore.


 In discovering the Keys to God’s Kingdom, we soon find thatthe original God-Spell, or Initiation of the Illumined was forGnostic Christian followers of Saint John, the Initiator, and thatthe full teaching is revealed in the parts of a MANUAL FORINITIATES now scattered in the New Testament, other Gospelsand Epistles collected by the Gnostics. The Christ, Jesus are bothtitles, referred to also to with “Lord”, “Master”, etc. as alreadyexplained. Rarely does John refer to himself, because all thecredit belongs to God, Spirit, Truth, Light, the Word, or the Nameof God manifest, Savior, Anointed of Spirit, and not the mortalflesh person, mentality or ego, which are ever-changing and everevolving. Christ, Buddha, etc. are not persons essentially, butrather refer to a State of Consciousness in Cosmic relationship orDivinity. Nor can we pretend to Name or Describe God withWords, only indicating paths to Truth. Thus, John called himselfa Disciple of Spirit, Light, Word, etc., the Son of the Father inHeaven, but worldly Church teachings have presented John as





merely a humble Messenger, heralding another person named“Jesus”, while possibly John saw “Jesus” whenever he gatheredtogether with one or more disciples, for “there am I in the midstof them”. “Baptist” in English now only refers to a washing,

sprinkling or bathing ritual, but it originally meant in Aramaicone who Initiates disciples, or is the fountain-source of IlluminedTeachings. As the Gnostic “John Book” says, the Roman Christdefrauded mankind.


 Altho Jerome admits he used a Latin Version made beforehim, he did not reveal its true contents defending Romandoctrines. This was the VETUS ITALICA or Old Latin Versionwhich scholars prove precede Jerome nearly 200 years, havingbeen made about 150 A.D. from Aramaic originals. In 1066 anOld English translation of that Vetus Italica was outlawed by thePapal Church authorities because it had “all the Hebrew andChaldee (Aramaic) words translated”, this being made from atext Gregory, the Great, sent to England by St. Augustine in the6th century and used for teaching by the Early Celtic (British)

Church. Because such frank presentation of revealing truthswould do away with Papal subjection to Rome, Latin was madethe official language of Papal Church teachings and Englishversions outlawed. There were 99 words called “Sacred” becauseit revealed the mysteries hidden in the N.T. we now have, butbecame “an eyesore for the Popish party”. The papists doctoredeven English words, such as changing God Spelle to “GodSpelle” with accent on the “o”, so as to read “Good Spelle, GladTidings or News. God Spell was just that, God Entrancementbecause it was the Book of Illumination Initiation. This is notstrange because Buddhist Missionaries, called “Essenes” (thePure, Healers) or “Gnostics” (who know Wisdom) werespreading the teaching of the Great White Brotherhood inPalestine, Syria and Egypt, in compassion seeking to free theirpeoples.


 Another of those 99 “sacred words” is “Baptism”, whichcould have been revealed to mean the Sunrise or Illumination ofthe Initiation that John, the Initiator (Baptist) taught. The Teacherof Illumination, the Enlightened, was John, and thus, the Papalauthorities hid it by translating the Aramaic as merely meaningthe “Baptist” or bathing-ritualist! John, the Enlightened wasprophesied by Siddhartha Gautama Buddha to come 500 yearsafter him, so he was John, the Buddha, as well as the Anointed or





Illumined of Spirit, or Christ. The Essenes and Gnostic Christiansgreeted the sun at Sunrise with their arms outstretched, gestureof prayer, which made the outline of their bodies resemble across encircled by the illumining sun, the symbol of the crosscircumscribed by a circle the code of their life seekingBuddhahood or Enlightenment, as well as the Living Tree of Lifeand round fruit being the source of the Living Water that givesbirth to PARADISIANS and the fruits of Spirit, Truth andFulfilling God’s Plan.


 In fact, “John” is sufficient in itself, without “Baptist”

explanation of meaning: Yohanan in Aramaic being composed offirst suffix “Yo” (like Hebrew Je) being the abbreviated form ofthe Sacred Name of God, meaning the Ever-Existing One, or “He-

Who-Is” (That which is), the very meaning of “Tathagatha” orBuddhahood, as well as ”Hu-kikat” of Sufi teaching. In theChristian Bible, often the “Lord” is substituted for God, theHighest Name being Unspeakable or too holy for the profane toutter. The second part of John, Yo-hanan means to invoke or be“Endowed by the Spirit of God”, Anointed of Spirit (Christ) orGod’s Grace, all of which again must be defined as the Illumined,

or the Buddha in Eastern terms of Sanskrit and “Ju-Lai” inChinese. By reading “New Light in an Old Lantern” by JosephBonner we learn many of the these esoteric secrets now hidden inarchaic Bible versions of our day. The New Testament meansGod’s Covenant Anew of Ancient Teaching Restored, being theBook on Illumination or the God Spell of Saint John, or IlluminedBuddha as well as Christ, Savior. The Translators and Copyistscensored by Papal authorities made all the versions of AramaicScripture conform to their dogma, rather than seek the truemeaning. Even the Greek words took on so many meanings toconform to Church doctrine, “but” having 12 meanings, “by”

representing 11 English words, “for” 24, “in” 15, “of” 13, “on” 9,

“master” 6, “Lord” 16, and so on. “Christ” should read Anointedmeaning Endowed of God’s Spirit, “Son of David” should read“Son of the Beloved”, “Thomas” altho translated “Twin” butmeans Spiritual Double, Matthew (Mathetes) refers to Disciple.

The Old English, and Old Latin versions never used “Jesus”

which now is interpreted as a name of a man, but stated meaningto be “the Healing man”, “the Healer”, giving our title “TheHealing God Spell of St. John”, in Eastern terminology being theHealing Illumination of a Holy Buddha.





 It is not necessary to stop with “John the Baptist”, or studyany special Holy Scripture, or join any of several opposingreligious bodies that I have united under my leadership (Gnostic,

Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, Yoga etc.) or any tangible,

physical, historic entity or movement. All of them are onlyvehicles designing paths to Spirituality, to be described as aConsciousness, Spiritual Principles, Truth or Order of CosmicScope, beyond all materialistic sensual or intellectualevaluations. Even John could be done away with by criticalanalysis, either as an insect (locust) eating loafer, who robs wildbees of their honey, dressed in a camel-skin, who rebelled tohonestly working for a living as a demented wildman stirring uppolitical rebellion, or as we have almost reached to show Johncould really be an Aramaic equivalent for the Buddha, IlluminedChrist, whose message the missionaries from India sought toinstill among the people of Palestine to prevent furtherbloodshed as opponents of both the Roman political rule and theJewish religious hierarchy. What we are really working at in ourmodeling, sculpturing or mentally exemplifying is not somephysical, tangible, mortal human or body of followers to be tornapart by clever critical minds, but rather the realization of a newSpiritual Consciousness. To realize this Spiritual Consciousness,

Cosmic Thankfulness, Living Joy of Loving all, Inner Sunshineeven on cloudy days so that one can stand firm and not betempted by each passion to abase or demean those we love or donot love, and not fall into errors damaging our own lives and thelives of others by our actions, or lack of action, spirituallyoriented scriptures (such as our Healing God Spell and thecritical and analytical explanation of widely accepted Scriptureoften stirs up alternate avenues of being, and even living like anew-born Divinity!






 Our Heavenly Father created the earth, the heavens, stars,

suns, -planets, and all that exists. When the earth was ready toreceive human life, God created the first couple and placed themin a delightful PARADISE, called Eden, here on earth, wherethese children might nourish themselves from the luxuriant treesproducing delicious fruits. This Prehistoric Paradise was situated





in the land of flowing waters (Nile is indicated as one). DivineMessengers were put in charge of this first couple. Eventually, inthe midst of Eden they built a statue for lasting reminiscence oftheir destiny, which had the body of a Lion and the head of awoman. This was to symbolize the Ascension of the soul fromthe lower kingdom to a higher kingdom, from the animalkingdom to the human kingdom. This is the humanizing of thebrute, bestial animal part within mankind. In time this firstcouple began to multiply greatly, from which the races ofmankind were derived. The color of these first inhabitants wasgolden, or white slightly toasted by the sunshine.


 However, this color was modified when some of earth’sinhabitants were located in cold regions of ice and snow, sincethe color of snow became the best defence against the coldenvirons. In turn, those who went to live in the torrid regions ofthe burning hot sun, little by little became darkened, taking on ablack color which is the best defence against burning heat. This isbecause both heat and cold can cause injury, which broughtabout a cold pigment, white, like snow, and a torrid pigment,

black, like charcoal. The Heavenly Father loves all his children,

regardless of what color they may be, and he sent them Mastersof Wisdom, Guides, Messengers and Prophets to teach them.


 The First Great Commandment the Heavenly Father gavemankind was to LOVE THY GOD, Thy Lord, with all yourstrength, with all your heart, and all our soul. The Second GreatCommandment his children received was to LOVE ONEANOTHER as you love yourselves. When he indicated oneanother, this was meant to include every living being in Nature,

because they are included in God’s Creation, all of which shouldbe respected and protected by mankind. Love even your worstenemies, because only LOVE can extinguish HATE in whosoeveryou hate, turning it into Love. But if you continue hating oneanother, this only increases hate in the heart of others so as tonever eliminate it, and seriously damages both.


 We should Love all Mankind, all people, because they areBrothers and Sisters, Children of God, and of the first parents,

Adam and Eve, because even if the color of their skin is different,

whether black, white, copper, red or yellow, he loves all hischildren. In emphasis I repeat you must love your enemies,

considering them as your best friends. Bless those whocalumniate you, do good to those who injure you, love those





who hate you, give food to those who throw stones at you, prayfor those who hate, damage and persecute you, because all thisreally means you love God, and one another as you loveyourselves.




 Love Thy Father and Thy Mother, because this also is a veryimportant Commandment. This will give a long life of health andhappiness.


 THOU SHALT NOT KILL, is another Great Commandmentthat the Lord gave mankind. Since all Life was given by God, nohuman has the authority to destroy that which only the Highestcan give. He who destroys the Life of someone else, even if he isa king, a judge or an enemy, is an evil doer, a CRIMINAL, in theface of Immanent Justice within our being, which sooner or laterwill balance our deficiencies, as tho it were written in indelibleletters in our Living Book of Life, or our eternal genetic record.

He who destroys the Life of another in reality destroys his veryown life, in that it prepares the same kind of death in his ownlife. Whosoever kills or destroys animals by eating their flesh,

causes this flesh to turn into a poison within their own body,

poisoning oneself and producing disease, a life filled withhabitual failings, afflictions, menstruation and pregnancies and apainful death. The pain and agony, the fear and terror that manproduces in animals when they are slaughtered, sooner or later,

will produce the same agony within those who partake of theirflesh, according to the LAW OF JUSTICE AND LOVE (Law ofKARMA), described within the axiom, “With the same measurethat you have meted out to others, you shall be measured.”


 Flesh is a detestable food, a poison with the power ofpoisoning the bloodstream to its last drop, sooner or latercausing painful diseases, and a miserable early death. When theanimal is slaughtered, it suffers mortal fear, shivers, groans,

overcome by terror, that produces a cold sweat, the sweat ofdeath, which is a powerful cadaverous toxin that becomes theroot cause of the deadliest ailments, that lurk, laying in wait formankind, because it upsets all the physiological functions withinman’s body. Of equally deadly consequence it alters everypsychological faculty, eventually even bringing on the completeloss of one’s mind. On top of all this, it alters the functions of the





heart, stomach, the digestive organs, the vision, hearing, smell,

taste and one’s higher sensitivity. For instance, if your nose losesits normal sense of smell and savor, so that one feels a greatrepugnance for certain salad vegetables, it is a sign that one’snose does not smell things right, in putrid perversions, becauseNature does not produce foods that smell bad, but instead theyshould always be of pleasant aroma, attractive to the appetite.

The normal healthy sense of smell in full and perfect functionenjoys the aromas of vegetable salads.


 However, to the contrary with the lower vibrations of animalflesh, along with their emotions and passionate feelings of theirbestial nature which can transform a man who eats their flesh, tore-live or assimilate their psychological nature, lowering such aperson to the passionate feelings, emotions and the desires ofthese animals. Such humans become worse than animals at timesin their behavior in blood-thirsty ferociousness andaggressiveness, so they no longer have any conscientiousscruples as to killing, and even provoke bloody participation inslaughter and massacres. The majority of all military conflicts areprovoked by men who act like animals, worse than ferociousbeasts. Then one of the disciples, knowing it troubled many,

brought up the question, “Master, if it is forbidden to eat animalflesh as a food, what should we eat?”



GARDENS, AND EVERY KIND OF FRUIT THAT GROWS INYOUR ORCHARDS OR GROVES FROM WHICH TO SELECTYOUR FOOD, BESIDE THE MILK OF YOUR ANIMALS, FORTHE USE OF ITS CULTURED PRODUCT. Eat not flesh andblood that lives in animals; it is Sacred, to be respected, for to doso trespasses against the Supreme Law that “THOU SHALT NOTKILL!”


Editorial Notes: The reader will observe in the paragraph justquoted that the Samaritan Scrolls rescued from the AlexandrianLibrary,- in contrast to Prof. Szekely’s Vatican Version,- do notcontain the confusing censored interpolations, in which thepurpose of seeds in propagating plants (of Genesis 1:12) isconfused with the purpose of green plants and vegetables, besidethat of fruit and trees, being for the food of mankind (of Genesis







1:29) along with the bacterial plant product of milk alone. Inother versions Bible Scribes were able to hide the identity of theForbidden Food of the Garden of Eden, in that seeds wereintended to propagate plants alone and not to be used for food,

which brought about man’s destruction of forests to grow grainsand other seed crops that eroded the soil creating the Gobi,

Sahara, Arabian and other deserts, beside reduce man’s longevityafter taking to a diet of bread from very near a thousand years toonly 120 years. With this cunning confusion everyone is able tojustify bread-eating: God gave us “every herb bearing seed” forfood, but with the Samaritan Scrolls there no longer remains thiscover-up recourse to self-delusion. Later, the Samaritan Codicewill show how seeds or grains are to be used only to makevegetables (or fruit trees), and not to be used for food in theirconcentrated form, just as integral whole milk is to be usedsoured for its cultured product, clabber, but not to be used asfresh milk, which is for calves and the “favorite food of Satan”.

Since seeds reproductive substances, intended to reproduce “itskind” as Genesis states, when they were eaten by man andwoman, they caused shame, woman having a fetid running ulcershedding blood each month, and man becoming a belligerentvictim of passion causing excessive population problems andviolence as a way of life, to give expression to his sadistic bestialinstincts craving sex and cruelty for pleasure. Alexander, Hitler,

Mussolini, Bolivar, etc. not only were great warriors but alsovegetarians. God accepted Abel’s offerings of dairy products, butcondemned Cain in conscience for building a desert by erodinggrain-growing, beside becoming the First Murderer in SacredHistory, as the consequences of grain growing and bread-eating.

When milk is used fresh it is adapted for calves’ nutritionalneeds, not those of man, and thus transmits animal psychicattributes while endocrinal components remain intact, whichmust be broken down naturally by ripening, or allowing bacterialplants to transform the animal product into plant protein which,

like fruit and vegetable juices becomes directly assimilable by thebody. Thus, clabber is able to immediately regenerate theintestinal flora, saving the life of those in whom it was destroyedby the use of drugs, pesticides and food intoxication.


 As to the Original Paradise, Herodotus, the Greek Father ofHistory, held that the Hyperboreans in northern East Turkistan(Altai-Baikal) were the first dwellers of “the Cradle of Mankind”,





as we describe in “VITALOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY”. Quotingfrom the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” we illustrated how theEgyptians, and Atlanteans before them on Thera and Krete, alsoheld their origins to come from a “golden race” of Tschudic(Finnic) Aryan origin in a gigantic white race with turquoise blueeyes like the Heavens just as the Aryan “Zenda Avesta”, and theTaoist Chinese Scriptures all concur, along with the Pre-Incatradition who speak of the Vierachochas as their origin being likewhite foam on the blue seas. The Pristine Order or GREATWHITE BROTHERHOOD of Central East Asia, as well as theWHITE FRIARS of Mt. Carmel Essene Colleges, are all describedas the Spiritual Guides and Architects of mankind’s HeavenlyOrigins.


 The Gnostic First Christians of Antioch from the Johanine andAlexandrian tradition, (as described in my Patriarch ArchbishopApostolic diploma), along with the Essene Order of Mt. Carmel Ialso can speak of from Apostolic tradition, just as I do for theGreat White Brotherhood, Lodge and Order of Gurus of Tibet,

and they all point to a Buddhist origin, beside N.T.: the ThreeWise Kings or Magi of the East (Matt. 2:1). Yet Philo ofAlexandria describes the doctrines and origins of Essenes andTherapeuts as being of northeast India named “Gymnosophites”

as Buddhist-Yogi missionaries due to “naked Philosopher”

attributes. Describing our “PARADISIAN” principles in “TheOrder of Paradise” (Copyright 1962), we gave direct ApostolicOrigin to the Essene Order of Mt. Carmel, which relies uponPhilo’s “De Vita Contemplativa”, as one can also see in our“INNER ORDINANCE OF THE HEAVENLY HEIRARCHY”, aswell as St. John and Genesis.


 In these Rules of Contemplative Life of what Philo calls“Wisdom Lovers”, the meaning of the word Philosophers, thecopy in Mead’s “Fragments of a Faith Forgotten” we read:

“Indeed in Trismegistic (Hermetic) literature we find a number ofdistinctive doctrines of Gnostic Christianity, but without thehistoric Christ, and all these doctrines are seen to have existedfor thousands of years previously in direct Egyptian tradition,

especially the doctrine of Logos, the Savior and the VirginMother, second birth and final union with God.” Therapeutcolonies had crowds in every Egyptian Province, beside Greeceand Palestine, which gives a Greek origin to our wordTherapeutics, Therapy, etc., but not only did they pretend to heal





the body, but their way of life was designed to heal the soul, justas Jesus means Healer and the word Essenes means Healers ofboth body and soul. All the traditions of the Ancient CatholicChurch of the West, as well as the Eastern Orthodox, agree asdescribed by (1) Eusebius (Father of Ecclesiastical History), (2)

Epiphanius and other Earliest authorities, (3) Cardinal St. JohnNewman (most famous English Theologian) and (4) JohannDollinger (most famous German Theologian) and others, inopposition to Papal Infallibility proclaimed in 1870, being for“De Vita Contemplativa” which teaches a frugal life of discipline,

growing your own vegetarian diet for sustenance, allegoricalview of N.T., Christian exegesis and Theology, beside the factthat Eastern Christianity outnumbered the West during the firstmillennium. Thus in our search for origins, rather than Jeromewho assembled the Latin Vulgate Bible which Prof. Szekely reliedon for doctrines to give a Vatican Church of Rome perspective,

we have included Johanine, Samaritan and Alexandrianpanoramic views.


 Moses was an Egyptian with a name of royal origin, asSigmund Freud points out in “Moses and Monotheism”, whowas initiated in the deep Egyptian Mystery School which meansthat the “Book of the Dead” gave origin to the TenCommandments, and the contemporary Pharaoh ascended thethrone in 1375 B.C., just before the Exodus. Moses derived hisdoctrine of Monotheism from Amenhotep know as Ikhaton of the18th Dynasty of Egypt who preached One God, One Faithinfallibility to keep a vast Empire extending to Syria-Palestinepolitically united, as Roman Christianity imitated. It started asAton, and Adonai meaning “Lord” or “Father” of Jesus as thename for God, altho the Jews adopted Jahve (Yahve or Jehova)

from the God of volcanic displays of Sinai and Arabia, giving theterrible and lower character they desired to express theirvengeance. Thus, armed with a mean God of war, they lived ingory war till they had conquered a vast “Promised Land”,

sacrificing animals as their only rite and for food inpsychopathetic worship.




 After these final words, everyone remained silent, save onewho formulated a new problem: “Master, what if a ferociouswild beast attacked my brother in the forest, and was about to





claw and kill him: Should I let my brother perish or should I killthat ferocious beast? In this case would I not violate God’sCommandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, if I killed the ferociousanimal?


 The Anointed answered, “Since the beginning of the world ithas been said that among all the creatures that inhabit the earth,

man alone was created in the Image of God. For this, the beastsshall be subject to man, and not man subject to beasts. Thereforeman is not transgressing the Law when he has to kill a wild beastto save his brother. But he who kills an animal without cause, justfor the morbid sport of killing, or for its flesh, or fur, or skin(leather one should not use), or for its tusks, such a personindeed has violated God’s Law of “Thou shalt not kill”. Itcertainly is a truth that whosoever slaughters innocent victims,

sooner or later shall receive just punishment, because the soul ofthe slaughtered animal shall lie in wait to seek revenge, and inany coming struggle shall favor (or karmically compel) anyassassin’s sword, or similar circumstances, to destroy the life ofsuch a guilty individual just as he killed the original victim.




 “Master, Moses, the leader of Israel allowed our forefathers toeat flesh of clean animals, and he designated the beasts that areunclean which were forbidden for food”, remarked one listenerwho still held a doubt concerning flesh being a forbidden food.

“Master, would you remove this doubt within me concerningflesh eating. You prohibit the eating of all flesh of animals, yetMoses allowed some to be eaten. Which Law comes from God,

yours or that of Moses?”


 Jesus then replied, “Our Heavenly Father gave us the TenCommandments thru the teachings of Moses for your forefathersto honor. These were severe laws, wise and unchangeable for apeople of a more advanced or higher evolutionary maturity. Butthe people of Israel were not ready to understand or obey theseCommandments. So Moses prayed to the Lord, saying, “Myheart is heavy with sorrow for my people are like little babeswith infantile minds, and are not able to understand your TenCommandments in their literal meaning, and much less in theirSpirit. So allow me, oh Lord, to modify these TenCommandments with new interpretations that are within themental capacity of being understood, and then broken down to





something that has a capacity of being taught, practiced andobeyed. Then, when they have progressed to a higher level ofevolution of greater understanding and maturity, they shallunderstand and obey these original Ten Commandments of yourLaw in all its integrity, both in the literal meaning and in theirspirit. So Moses broke the stone tablets whereon the TenCommandments were written, and for every law therein, gaveten explanations to make them more acceptable and easier tofollow in the daily lives of dull infantile minds. This gave themten times ten commandments.


 When people stray farther and farther from God’s ways, themore and more laws they need to govern them, which alsomeans the more and more steps or grades they need to reachGod. The reverse is true also, in that the closer people get to God,

the less laws are needed. In other words, the less steps they needto reach the Highest, until no laws are required, no stepsremaining in the stairway because one has fully ascended intoDivinity, one with God.”




 They all listened to grasp each word and then remainedastonished by the wisdom of the Savior’s explanations, but whenhe finished, they begged him to go on, “Tell us more, for we areanxious to learn about all of life’s mysteries which you alone arenow revealing to us.


 The Savior consequently went on teaching them: “As I havejust illustrated, these-ten-times-ten commandments thus havebeen arbitrarily compromised so there existed exceptions to“Thou shalt not kill” in the rigor sense of the Word. Altho thiscommandment prohibited the killing of every sentient being, inthe mentioned case we discussed, and in other emergencies, menhave arbitrarily allowed for the killing of animals, but nothumans, because these people were so low and gross in the scaleof evolution.” This answer at once brought up the question:

“Master, if there was this reason for killing animals, then whatwere the other cases or reasons for killing animals, when killingis allowed?”


 The Spiritually Anointed responded: “Certainly there seemsto be a Cosmic Reason which I shall try to explain. Life is alsoruled by Ages, Cycles or Periods. A Cycle is like the time orperiod of infancy in the life of a child, when he or she lives





happily in the parental home where he/she need not work, findfood, clothing, shelter, toys and affection. After the child hasgrown out of the period of infancy, it enters the following period,

the period of adolescence. Thus, it has become time for the childto prepare and leave its happy parental home to go work outside,

earning his food by the sweat of his brow.


 The same thing happened in regard to the Life Cycle ofMankind, which in its infancy resembled a child in its infancy.

The first inhabitants of earth lived happily in their Paradise onEarth created by their Heavenly Father, without any need towork because all their needs were taken care of, without a needto struggle to get food for their table. But when they had grownup or out of this Paradisian Infancy, they entered Adolescence,

having to abandon their Eden, to go populate and cultivate theearth which the Creator had prepared for their need in evolution,

to make them earn their daily food by the sweat of their brow.

They remembered so vividly their Divine Origin, which had beenso sweet and delightful, when they were able to know andconverse with their Heavenly Father, just as carnal children speakwith their parents, and this memory (genetic intuition) remainedso impressed in their minds that they did not forget it since. Thetruth of genetic intuition in all envisions this happy, innocentParadisian State when one needed not to work, having one’sHoly Table provided for by the Lord whenever one needed food.

With these wonderful memories remaining unforgettable, everenduring in their minds, in tears they begged that their HeavenlyFather would let them return at once to Paradise where they hadlived their happy infancy. Of course, this made it hard for themto concentrate on their earthy work, or at least face the hardbattle for self survival, to earn their own subsistence, cultivatingthe land.


 So this their Heavenly Father did in his Omniscient Wisdom,

making it possible for them to forget their disturbing memoriesby submerging mankind in a deep slumber, that made themunaware of their Divine Origin and glorious past. To do this itwas necessary to bury the Divine Spirit in a solidified denseearthy substance of human embodiment thru the eating of foodsthat make this possible. Now, the best foods for this process ofmaking the human body more dense and gross are all flesh foodsand alcoholic drinks. These foods allowed the Divine Spirit todwell in a human embodiment so dense that it could not





manifest its Super-Conscious State, but instead, only its lowermaterialistic manifestation. Such mind-dulling, stupefying drugsor narcotics, of which animal flesh and wine are only examples,

(since they include L.S.D., marijuana, tobacco, medical drugs,

agro-chemicals in foods, etc.) so cloud the human spirit indensity that not one ray of spiritual sunshine can get thru torevivify the spirit buried therein. All this came about as theEternal Selfless Divinity within mankind transformed little bylittle into the transitory human personality, of a lowly grossexistence of selfish earthy being. Consequently human beingslost their insight as to the purpose of life on earth, and theglimpse or intuitive knowledge of what awaits mankind beyondin the magnificent heavenly realm or planes of being beyondphysical existence.


 Losing contact with his spiritual insight with knowledge ofthe Higher Self, or Enlightenment, man’s mind became earth-

bound, sub-human, with all the faulty characteristics of a lowerbeing, with its hate, selfishness, resentment, wars, haughtiness,

vanity, vices and evil habits of a bestial personality when itremains buried and engrossed in matter. With this greaterdensity of embodiment hiding the Spirit in gross matter, theHighest was able to accomplish the need of letting mankindforget its Divine Origin, his home-sickness and brooding tearsabout losing his Paradise on earth. Thus, in time he even deniedthat such a Paradise even existed, speaking of it only as afabulous legend. The people of earth were engrossed in earthyworks, cultivating land, breeding cattle, fishing and other tasks,

that they had no time to talk of days gone by, or the possibility ofany higher state of life on earth.” Just as soon as the Healerexplained these things, one of the Disciples inquired, “Master, isthere any hope for a better future for mankind?”




 The Messiah and Healer replied, “The Heavenly Father hassent me with this wonderful message of the Heavenly Realms, orKingdom of Heaven, that shall soon be restored to earth. If youwant any part in this Kingdom you must make clean your robes,

garments of the soul, so they shall be immaculately spotless andwhite like fallen snow and flowering lilies. In other words, whatis needed is a Higher Way of Life, and Honoring the originalCommandments of the Lord. Now is the time for good works,





showing you really repent your past errors. Only those whoovercome shall be allowed in the Coming Heavenly Kingdom.


 The human race has already gone thru the lowest eras or agesin the Cycle of Evolution, descending the deepest it could go intomaterialism, and henceforth started scaling to a happy return tothe Heights of a Heavenly Paradise living in the Spirit of theHeavenly Father. For this Ascension, the human organism needsto be unburdened, freed from its useless ballast or overweight.

The ballast was needed to enable mankind’s descent, but now forthe Ascension it becomes necessary to get rid of or lighten theload on ship. This requires the dematerialization and rarificationof the human body substance, which is a process just opposite ofwhat was needed before to materialize and to make it dense.

Since that came about by the eating of animal flesh and drinkingalcoholic beverages, now in the upward cycle of mankind thisbecomes a burden since it prevents further ascension, making itnecessary to get rid of the excess ballast. Thru this densificationand rarification of the human embodiment, mankind has becomeconscious of what is needed and his part in living in the NewAge of Mankind’s Life Cycle in the Spiritual Age already at hand.


 Let me emphasize, now is the time to let loose and take off, orfree the Spirit of all this heavy matter in the gross physicalembodiment of mankind, making it lighter or subtle (Sattwic isthe Yogi name for it), since this is the only way to lift up our TrueBeing and soar up to the Spiritual Heights, and return to thePaternal Home from which mankind has strayed to acquire thedeep knowledge and experience which Life has given humanity.


 To eliminate this heavy gross embodiment under which ourSpirit is smothered, means First: to not eat any more slaughteredflesh, nor any other slaughtered animal product. More directly,

you must not participate in the slaughter of any living sentientbeing by eating of the products of its carcass. As I have beenteaching you, YOUR FOOD SHOULD BE FRUITS ANDVEGETABLES. Along with this requirement is also the tenet thatyou should not drink alcoholic beverages. The juice of grapestaken right after pressing without fermentation is an excellentbeverage which gives strength (if taken alone in the place offood) and does not produce drunkenness, as happens if it is usedafter fermentation which produces intoxicating alcohol. The bestof all beverages and the purest Living Water is provided inNature, in the mentioned foods, which cannot be improved upon





or substituted for by non-living or inorganic beverage substancesused by man. By this process of purification working thru boththe physical organism and the Spirit, mankind shall awaken fromits millenniums of slumber, which the Heavenly Father hasbrought about to make man’s progress possible. By practicingthis Spiritualizing Dietetics, Vitarianism, exclusively, you shallstart to have a glimpse or foresight beyond this present worldinto the wondrous world or realm which the Heavenly Father hasprepared for those who are worthy of a life of greater glory,

enriched by past earthy experiences, knowledge and wisdom inyour return to your Heavenly Origin.”


 Then, speaking especially to the disciple who asked for aclearer explanation as to why the Spiritually-Anointed-Oneprohibited the eating of animal flesh, which Moses had allowed,

and which one of the Laws, whether those of Jesus, or those ofMoses, came from God, the Savior said: “From the detailedexplanation I have just given, you should be able to understandthat both Laws came from Gods, those of Moses and mine, theirdifferences existing only due to two distinct Periods or Ages ofMankind, for which they were designed. The earlier Law ofMoses prepared for Man’s decent into materialism, and my Lawfor the New Age in the Spiritualizing or Ascension of Mankind.”




 All of the listeners remained Spellbound by the Wisdomcontained in this explanation. Taking advantage of this, Johnbesought within himself to continue, breaking the silence byformulating a relevant inquiry, and then letting the AnointedSavior speak the answer thru him.


 “You will be asking the Lord within yourselves, as youcontemplate these Teachings of Wisdom, who is the trueauthentic Messenger of God but he who is known both by theSupreme Wisdom he teaches, as well as by what he eats anddrinks. If he eats animal flesh, and drinks alcoholic beverages,

and calls himself a Messenger of God, accordingly such a teacheris a Hypocrite, a deceiver and a liar, which must be the case withSimon the Magician. Is that what our Lord teaches?”


 Then the Anointing Savior or Healer (“Jesus Christ”)

answered thru John, “Such an interpretation is MY TRUETEACHING. (The meaning of the word ORTHODOX). TheSacred Scriptures confirm this to be True. When Daniel and his





companions became God’s Messengers before KingNebuchadnezzar, they intuitively could not accept thestimulating mouth-watering spicy flesh meats prepared for theirdelight, nor did they partake of the intoxicating beverages of theKing’s table, but instead they only partook of the most frugalfoods, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, which, when eatenuncooked, contain within themselves the purest living water forthirst.


 They strictly remained true to this Divine Intuition withoutdefiling their bodies, which maintained them pure enough tohave the sensitivity and strength to not lose their Higher orSUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS, and thus remained capable ofreceiving the Spiritual Guidance they then needed. In this waythey retained their Spiritual Gifts and the contact with theHighest, which made them the Great Sages of their time, and theDivine Messengers and Prophets who even amazed the men ofWisdom of their day. These Divine Teachers keep their physicaland Spiritual Bodies Immaculate, pure, clean and sensitive, so asto receive the clear and full Guidance of the Most High, and thusarranged that the right things would happen at their auspiciousright time. The Divine Faculty of SPONTANEITY which theyenjoyed was not only due to their strict, pure, vegetarian diet, butalso because they lived strictly on LIVING PLANTS,

VITARIANISM, just as Mother Nature teaches us, withoutdestroying their LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES. Just as I also havetaught in my Commandments for you, so also Daniel and hiscompanions became DIVINE APOSTLES (word for Messengerand Apostle used is one in Aramaic) because they strictly obeyedthe Commandments of the Most High (Living God of Daniel,

Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego.) Only if one practices thehighest human virtues, that is, if one lives a frugal life based onpure, holy and righteous living, sincerely dedicated to hardwork, in an unselfish way promoting the material and moralwell-being of mankind, shall you receive the highest honors orLaurels of the Living Crown, and be SPIRITUALLY ANOINTEDas an Apostle and Faithful to the Most High. (In Aramaic thisword for Anointed Spiritually Celebrated, made merry orrejoiced, as is the meaning of Christ, Messiah.) Since this path ofSupreme Sacrifice is long, troublesome and wearisome to reallyreach the Supreme goal, everywhere you find false prophets,

teachers who falsely pretend to be the Faithful of the Most High,





and even seek to demon-strate their claims by practicing the evilart of BLACK MAGIC. (Opposite of true Magi, or Wise).


 For this, they evoke the spirits of those who have died, withwhose aid they are able to produce raps on doors, cries, movetables and chairs or other objects, so as to attract those who arenot cautious and are easily impressed making them believe thatthey really possess occult powers. However, only the lowestspirits, those of infantile souls, and quite often in many cases ofthe subhuman spirits, lend themselves to such manifestations,

but never the truly respectable and advanced spirits. It is becausethese ethereal spirits are composed of very subtle vibrations (likearomas, etc.) so they are incapable of any kind of manifestationin this gross material world.


 To make them manifest, these Black Magicians make use ofthe physical bodies of those who assist them in sessions, secretlydrawing out an immense reserve of one’s VITAL LIFE FLUID orForce, without their victims realizing what was being done.

However, this Vital Force is what gives Strength and Energy toman. With recourse to this energy, the invisible spirits are able toconger up these Spirit phenomena.


 Just like a tree wilts, withers, dries up and dies if its vital sapis tapped and totally drained, so also a human being will soonpass away if one continues to lose their vital force. This is why itis very important not to assist in such waste of the Vital Forces,

or, in other words, it is dangerous to participate in spiritistseances. Those who assist exhaust their Vitality until they areweak as if they had done the heaviest physical labor, or climbed asteep mountain. If they continue to assist in such dangerousseances, they can lose all their reserve of Vitality, becomingobsessed, demented, paralyzed idiots or crazy.


 However, this is not the worst that can happen to the unwaryfriends of Spiritism. These mischievous spirits may take over thehomes of the dead mediums, haunting their houses till they areuninhabitable. The most precious objects become theirs to enjoyand play with, only to take pleasure in smashing them and doingthe most damage possible. There are cases where these spiritsalso possess the domestic pets, such as dogs, cats and goats, sothese animals become able to walk on their two legs, eitherbackward or forward, just like human beings, causing mischieffor humans. They may even obsess your bodies, without youbeing able to prevent it, so that you start doing all kinds of





dishonest and repugnant things against your will.


 Nevertheless, there is a way to cast them out. These spirits arealso very timid like a small child. They may be frightened awaywith the use of spiritual weapons, choosing those which aresharp, piercing and painful like knives, spears, and especiallyswords and sabers. All you have to do is make believe you areengaged in sword play with them, swinging your saber overyour head as if you are attacking your imaginary invisibleenemy, crying out, “Get out, you evil spirits!”, so they areobliged to leave the premises in terror. However, if these spiritsare persistently established in a place, you have to resort to moreeffective means. In such cases you have to resort to the mostpotent means of exorcising all these evil spirits and get the bestresults. That Most Potent Power is God. All the inhabitants of thishome invaded by evil spirits, should go on a fast for a few days,

continuing to pray with the Faith or vision that the HeavenlyFather will come to the rescue, and if they put this in practice,

Almighty God will surely cast them out. God has put impassablegates between this world and the world beyond, and these gatesshould never be forced open by unworthy, immature humans.

These gates can only be opened by those worthy of possessingthe KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. All of you can getthese Keys someday, and you can get them fasting and praying,

doing good works and behaving in the way I teach you.” (SeeMatt. 16:19-22, 17:20)


 Then the Divinely Anointed began showing how all of thisrelates to the UNFIRED LIVING FOODS DIET. “Since LivingFoods contain the most sublime essences found in Nature whichare derived from the combination of sunshine, air and water(beside soil), their composition is so delicate and fragile that theyare easily destroyed or can evaporate, simply by cooking them.

Thus cooking these Living Foods deprives human of theirsublimest essences which contain indispensable mental andspiritual energies and substances, which make possible man’sdevelopment on the higher planes. Cooked food only feeds thephysical body, while Living Food not only nourishes thephysical body more completely, but also the Spiritual Body, thebrain, and the mind wherein dwells the Intelligence, Wisdom andthe Higher Concepts necessary for advanced attainment.


Editorial notes: Not only does one squander away Vital Force(gained by living food, Living Breath, etc.) in Spiritist Seances,





but those who masturbate and waste away sexual fluidscontinuing to have reproductive losses and orgasm, likewiseinvoke the subhuman spirits, which drag one lower and lower,

and thus are not even able to ever get on Living Foods, and wellup their force to become Spiritual Joy to become a Fountspringing up into Life Everlasting. Also one will note that certainpeople use others spiritually to gain their own ends, whichleaves them exhausted, so that their presence, conversation, etc.

in cases can reduce a victim to a skeleton by such vampirism.

They are weak willed in their own hearts, and thus use up one’swill power undeservingly.


 While it is true that the New Testament Bible did develop intoone of Mankind’s Great Masterpieces of allegorical narrativefable, and does give morally impressive instruction, yet it hashistorically been used to foment wars, political persecution, andthe very opposite, offensive characteristics by righteous fanaticaldogmatists. Just like the saying of wise men in proverbs andpolitics, gossip and selfish manipulations forever on the lips ofthe worldly multitudes, the Bible became a mixture of all those tosatisfy Rome’s desire to control its Holy Empire by universalcreed.


 In our “INTRODUCTION” (pages 3-6), beside Editorial Notes(p. 25, 26, etc.), we illustrated how SIMON MAGUS, not onlymade himself the scape-goat of Roman Religion as the founder ofGnosticism, hoping the critics of Catholicism would adopt hisdoctrines, but they use the kernel of his teaching as the GospelTruth for the Chair of St. Peter or the Pope. Due to my ownrevelation after Heavenly Baptism or Initiation giving Birth to theNew Age as Father of the New Race in 1942, and after readingthe New Testament being convinced that Christ’s death was ahoax or of deeper significance allegorically, believing that mymission was Resurrection of John the Initiator, I can see just howSimon pieced together the first Gospel of Jesus. Simon was adisciple of John Baptist, but John’s teaching had opponentssaying he did not fill the public tradition and Jewish scripturalprophecies on the Savior. Young Simon, in envy of his teacher’spopularity, and subconscious desire to be the answer to theexpectations of the public, suddenly became convinced he wasthe Savior answering the problem. John, as we shall later explain,

received the Gnosis of his teaching from the original Sanskrit“Golden Text of the Holy Grail” (to give it a label), which





Buddhist Yoga Missionaries were spreading in Syria-Palestineand Egypt as “Essenes”. Simon kept this as the mysteriousGnosis heart of his Gospel, and then filled in the prophecytradition by Eastern Reincarnation theory that he had been theZealot Josephus mentions seeking to uproot the Scribes andPharisees with a virtuous life but also using the sword, for whichhe was Crucified. This creates a split personality ideal, Simonready to cut the soldier’s ear off as the N.T. narrates, and John’senviable virtues of not killing anything, so we have the AnointedSavior Resurrect in John, and Simon Peter, his Rock of Faith butcounter-virtue of bravery ready to give his life for truth andjustice in the flesh. The subconscious rapidly invents the sceneryand characters for dreams, giving birth to visions and theingenious scheme of the N.T. The mystery of “I bring thee notpeace but the sword” and all kinds of allegories all begin to bepieced together, in rivalling Apostles, John and Simon Peter ofthe N.T. but fulfilling the Old Testament in Gnosis or Holy SpiritIncarnate Universally. The Church of Rome cites Simon forsaying he was the Highest Power (God Almighty), who appearedin Judea as the Son (Jesus Christ) in the story of the Crucifixion,

then in Samaria as the Father and other nations as Holy Spirit.

The Church of Rome had only to invent the legend that Simonwas only trying to make himself into another Jesus, but theGnostic Initiates know that Simon was the author. But theAllegories of inner debate, flesh and spirit within us all, were likethe Arjuna-Krishna debate the battlefield of the Bhagavad Gita,

so why spoil the Mystique of the Gnosis with expositions?




 The Healer pursued even profounder perspectives byexplaining, “The Commandment ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, must beunderstood as including also ‘THOU SHALT NOT KILL ANY OFTHE FOOD THAT NOURISHES YOUR BODY’,- not only givingyou muscular strength, but also mental power, so that your mindis clear, alert, able to grasp concepts and assimilate them,

enabling you to understand and put them in practice. One needsto eat Living Food because ONLY LIVING FOOD GIVES LIFE,

since it quickens both body and soul, and acquires sensitivity ofSpirit, or in brief, gives you physical and intellectual power.

Living foods take away the boring stagnation of mind, badtemper, evil characteristics, pessimism, and moreover become





sunshine that brightens one from within, so that which hasdarkened can be illumined. They replace gloom with gladness,

obstinacy with affection and happiness, grudging and hate withfriendliness, sincerity and willingness to help others, pessimismwith optimism.




 In turn, Dead Foods bring Darkness within you, extinguishone’s Spiritual Vision, so everything becomes obscure, gloomy,

making one a pessimist, bored with life, aggressive, seeking tohurt others, hostile, not allowing anyone to live in peace andfinally making oneself very ill, suffering aches and pains, so as todie prematurely. A very WISE LAW OF MOTHER NATURESTATES: FROM LIFE COMES ONLY LIFE, AND FROM DEATHCOMES ONLY DEATH! Everything that deadens and kills yourbody, darkens your insight and destroys the Spirit within one.


 Do not eat what has been killed by fire, frost or freezing,

because fired, baked, boiled, frozen and rotten foods also shallburn your body, freeze your blood circulation and scald yourbody, just like a plant that is watered with boiling hot water. Benot like the foolish farmer who planted cooked wheat: His fieldsbore no grain losing his entire crop. Be like the sensible farmerwho planted living seeds, which brought forth vigorous plantsand a good crop, yielding a hundredfold increase.


 Eat only Living Food such as the FRUITS of your orchards,

the plants or vegetables from your gardens, and the ripened(clabbered) milk of your animals, without cooking them, becausethe same Infallible Wisdom of the Lord which made your body,

also made Living Foods appropriate for nourishing that body. Allthe fruits are the most healthful when they are fully ripened. TheCreator knows best how to prepare food (without cooking) usingonly the warmth of the sun, which does not cook vegetablesgrowing in the garden, fruit ripening on the trees, or the milkripening in a crock, only vitalizing them, seasoning and coloringthem with solar energy, which becomes the Vital Force thatmoves our bodies, giving us strength and health. The elephants,

the camels, horses, oxen and others that are the mightiest beaststhat tread the earth, generally graze only on green grass. Whatbetter confirmation is needed for the TRUTH IN LIVING FOODSBEING THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE!







 Immediately, some who were gathered there, neverthelesspersisted in asking: “Master, how can we prepare our dailybread, without wheat nor fire?” They knew John lived in thedesert, using no other clothing but that which grew on trees andate no other foods but that which grew of its own accord in thewilds (carob husks, berries, buds and tender shoots of plants andtrees), but they could not believe such a life was for them andtheir families. No meat, no bread, no wine,-what indeedremained in life for them to look forward to?


 The Oracle of Healing responded, “The sun is the greatestsource of heat, of power, health and Life. Without the sun, thewhole earth would turn to perpetual ice and snow. The sunprovides all the heat that is ever needed to prepare your food.

Listen and I shall tell you how to make “Living Bread”. (Breadand meat mean food in Aramaic: nourishment)


 First soak a portion of the seeds from any select seeds youhave (wheat can be used for quick results if other vegetable seedis inconvenient), in an earthenware tray so the angel of Watermay enter and moisten the seed. If the tray is placed in the sun,

then both the Angel of sunshine and the Angel of the Air shallpenetrate the moistened seed and awaken, revivify and startnewborn growth in the seeds. To realize the natural (genetic)

purpose of the seed selected and of all seeds, plant the seed andkeep it well watered after planting, so it can grow the greenvegetables or grass or plants you wish to eat. These vegetablesand green grass are a delightful and agreeable health food in thisform used as a tender salad vegetable, giving them their greatestnutritional potency, and fulfilling the natural (genetic) purposeof growing green plants for food. (See Genesis 1:12,29)


 These vegetables, wheat grass or selected plants may beliquefied if they are crushed with appropriate stones, pressed ina wooden press or squeezed thru a cloth, much like one pressedjuice from grapes and fruits.


 To eat crushed grains in wafers would be like your forefathersin coming from Egypt, and bringing with them their slavery toflesh pots and bread-eating habits. Even if you put the wafers inthe sun from sunrise till it reaches midday to turn them over toremain until the sun sets to be fully scorched by the heat, as theydid, and leave them there till the morning dew gives them theirsweetness like honeycomb to please your palate, making them





tender to chew, all this was and is of a clouded understanding,

since it produces not only a lack, but the destruction of livingsolar energy by the prolonged hot withering, scalding andbaking of the plant food in the sun all day, killing the food. It iswithout any doubt that the Angels of Heaven which make seeds,

sprout and grow green vegetables from them, also know how toprepare our daily food without baking any dead bread.


 Celebrating the change of the seasons, in times of need orother emergencies, you may have to use sun ripened and driedgrapes, fruits, vegetables dried green in the shade, or honey tohave something to share with your friends or guests.


 The Heavenly Father and Mother Nature provided Fruits andVegetables for our Holy Table (Missa, Mass, etc.) as our dailyfood and drink, and which we shall graciously receive inthanksgiving (Eucharist) if we understand and Love our God inheart, mind and soul. This food is the true Heavenly Mannabecause it is the Living Bread cast down from Heaven andtherefore, as Living Food, Fruits and Vegetables contain thedelicate and subtle essences (vitamins, enzymes and minerals)

which make them whole, complete and true Living Food. Beingprepared by the Heavenly Angels, with the natural intensity ofsolar fire on plants growing with roots in the moist earth theylive to become part of the strength, vigor, health and long life ofour bodies. Only such growing and living food can bewholesome because it contains all the nutritional ingredients andessences the complete living body requires.


 This was the kind of food that yielded 969 years of life toMethuselah. This same living food maintained the pure and holy(Essenes) who freely made the Exodus from Egypt without thelong 40 year war conquering the wilderness. It is the source ofthe Immense Power developed in the workers who ate thereof tobe able to transport and lift those enormous blocks of stone intoplace building the pyramids ages ago in Egypt.


Publisher’s Note: Here is the English translation of the Spanishversion using a word for word translation, which differs from thetranslation done by Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom.


Chapter 33 of the Spanish Version:


1. Various health-seekers asked at the same time: Master, howshall we cook our daily bread?


2. Jesus responded: The sun is the principal source of heat,

energy, health and life. Without the sun the earth would be a ball



of ice or snow. This same sun gives us the precise temperature tocook our bread.


3. Listen attentively and I will tell you the procedure to cookyour bread with the sun.


4. Soak a portion of grain, that could be wheat, barley, rye, etc. ina porcelain pan so that the Angel of Water can penetrate insidethe grain and make it soft.


5. Place the pan of soaking grains immediately in the sun so theAngels of Sun and air infuse the grain with their beneficialforces, enlivening and awakening their germinating force thatsleeps within all seeds.


6. Keep the grain moist and in the sun until it sprouts. Thesegreen sprouts have an agreeable sweetness like honey andbecause they are vegetable sprouts they give the grain a highernutritive power than regular unsprouted grain.


7. Right away while fresh, grind the sprouted grain in a stone ormetal mill until it is converted into dough.


8. From this dough make thin cakes like our parents did whenthey fled their captivity in the plateau of Pamir.


9. Put these loaves or cakes in the early morning sun and keepthem there until the sun reaches its highest point at midday, thenturn them over so the other side can be embraced by the Angel ofSunshine, and leave them there until the next morning so that thecalm of the night and the morning dew completes the job givingthe cakes an agreeable flavor like pancakes with honey and asmooth softness on the palate when you chew them, the softnessis produced by the dewdrops.


10. If it is cloudy with little sunshine, you can extend the cookingtime another 24 hours.


Note: Where there is little sun (nowadays in the modern era ofAquarius) you can use electric or gas ovens to imitate the sametemperature as the sun in order not to destroy the germinativepower of the grain that makes up this bread. To find the righttemperature take some of the spouted grain that has been put inthe oven and then see if it will sprout. If it doesn’t sprout thenthe temperature was too high and you need to lower it until thegrain sprouts. Cooking the bread at this precise temperature willconserve all its nutritive potency.


11. Undoubtedly the Angels of Heaven who made the goldengrain that sprouts and grows can also make our daily bread.


12. For your holidays you can make a special bread sweetened





with raisins and honey and seasoned with anis and cinnamon todelight our guests.


13. This is the bread that your Celestial Father and your EarthlyMother provide for your dining table responding to yoursupplication and prayer, “Our Father who art in heaven, give usthis day our daily bread.”


14. This bread is the manna from heaven because it is known bythe Angels of Heaven and is a living bread, a complete foodbecause the heat of the sun didn’t snatch away the subtle anddelicate ingredients that remain intact, alive and active givingstrength, vigor and health and also a long life to the sons anddaughters who partake of this whole grain bread, whole becauseit contains all the ingredients and nutritional factors that thehuman body needs.


15. This is the same bread that kept Methuselah strong for somany hundreds of years (969) and the same bread that fed yourparents in their exodus from Egypt and the same bread that gavetremendous strength to thousands of slaves who dragged andlifted huge stone blocks to construct the pyramids.


Here are the Editorial Notes explaining why Dr. JohnnyLovewisdom did not translate the Spanish version exactly as itwas published. Editorial Notes: Those who have not received theTrue Initiation of John, the Illumined Initiator, still being bread-

lovers do their utmost to censor and pervert all the JohanineScriptures and his Initiation. John neither ate meat, or bread,

drank wine, or preached doctrines advocating grains or bread forfood. The Aramaic Peshitta N.T. originals help in interpreting thetrue teachings: As in Matthew 13:31,32 where it speaks of thegrain of mustard seed, the word for seed is used for any plantgrown as a crop, such as grain, vegetables, etc., many of ourvegetables being of the mustard family. Whether one uses wheator grains or vegetable seeds depends on the climate one lives in,

what seed is available and prefers for food. In cold Canadian,

Siberian, etc. climates, wheat grass, buckwheat lettuce, sunflowergreens, tender pea vines, etc. give a quick garden within aprotected warm room with windows. In a warm tropical orsummer climate one never needs to use grosser grain foods thatdestroy the soil, since so many tender vegetables adapt so easily.

The baking of bread must be replaced by the photosynthesis ofgreen plants which give chlorophyll, or iron and other mineralsin nutritional needs. If one resorts to drying greens this must be







done in a dark room or bags since sunshine destroys chlorophyll.

Another key in translating that a bread-eater’s psychology missesin this chapter is that of the Aramaic word used here forsprouting or the springing up in growth of a plant which isidentical to the Mark IV parable of the sower indicating that seedthat fell on stony ground and lacking earth, the seed could nottake root, withered and died, so that one must use earth to plant.

Otherwise, just soaking wheat and sprouting, or even growing avegetable from grain or other seed in a pan without earth, is likethe farmer who plants cooked grain expecting something fromunfruitful conditions like fools. The burning sun can be deadly toliving tissue, causing cancer, sun-stroke, etc. in humans, or it canburn papayas, pineapple, and other fruits and vegetables whileon the growing plant so they rot rather than ripen. Off the plant,

in warm climates you can cook vegetables and fruits in the hotmidday sun. It matters not whether one scalds, scorches, orburns, it kills the living plant tissue which withers and diesrendering such food to be dead just as much as when it is cookedon a stove or oven. A blade of grass grown from wheat, or anherb, or green leafy vegetable is the same word as is the case withMt. 13:26, Mk. 6:39 and Heb. 6:7 in Aramaic. Secular clergy andothers were able to pervert John’s Initiation by putting thepunctuation in the wrong places and using double meanings ofsome words, contrary to John’s teaching against the use of grainsand the use of fire to cook, living from that which natureprovided freely.


 The profane, secular priest soon elaborated ceremonies of theHoly Mass, using bread and wine, against the will of the realEstablisher and Initiator. At the Last Supper, in the JohannineInitiation, the allegory must refer to wine fruit or grape juice, andliving bread meaning succulent vegetable, fruit or plant yieldinga fount of living water springing up into Life Everlasting,

referring to God’s Paradisian Plan in Genesis and for theKingdom of Heaven on earth. Living Water was the secretUniversal Alkahest or Solvent that Alchemists sought to obtainLife Everlasting, or the Eternal Living Fire fed on Living Water,

shedding the Living Light that would uplift all mankind andbeings on earth beyond suffering in shackles of misery. In theTrue Initiation of John, one becomes a Son of God, or the “Son ofthe sun of the Sun, since the sun was only a lens thru which theLight and the Source of all Life and Omnipotence passes from



the Center of the Cosmos.


 Simon Magus remained with a split personality of the fleshfighting his spirit within his mind, so while holding some ofJohn’s spiritual doctrines of a blood-free sacrifice adopted inChurch Mass, yet he allowed for popular patronage bypermitting bread and wine. As seen in the Gospel of Paul in hisEpistles he is ever saying that he is justified by spirit and not theLaw of God, by grace and because he is an Apostle, Minister, etc.

just as Christian clergy imitated in Church doctrines.


Publisher’s Note: Sprouted grain bread is useful as part of a systematic,

detoxifying, transition diet leading toward a mucuslean or mucuslessdiet of fruit, plus herbs as needed; lettuce, spinach, celery, carrot,

parsley, basil etc. Sprouted bread, cooked brown rice, cooked potatoesand rye crisp bread are transition foods and not ideal. The same holdstrue for raw milk and cultured raw milk products. Grains and raw milkproducts help slow down the elimination process. The reason we candeduce this is because in the text of the God Spell it says that Moses’ lawon diet was superseded by the new law given in the God Spell. Since rawmilk products and sprouted grains are mucus forming and thereforeeventually disease producing, they are not ideal foods, yet useful inslowly detoxifying the body. Consult The Healing Transition Diet in theappendix of The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus for more information.




 Once the Healer’s commentary ceased, one of the listenersstill could not fathom its depth of meaning so as to come up withthe question: “Why is it bad to eat bread, or do you blamestomach aches, indigestion and difficulty to evacuate the bowelsas being due to bread eating?”


 The Savior continued, “All this is due to many causes. Theprincipal cause is that people do not know what they sufferfrom. The Living Food I have been advocating, certainly does notcause the pain and trouble when dead bread is eaten with it,

because Living Foods contain all the ingredients necessary forgood digestion, evacuation and health. Let us imagine we arewatching the food as it goes thru the body’s digestive organs.


 In the mouth food is chewed with the teeth. You shouldslowly masticate your food mixing it well with the saliva till thefood becomes wholly (simply) Living Water, so one can fullyenjoy the satisfaction of one’s appetite. As one chews, the LivingFood turns more and more into Living Liquid, so it begins toflow down the throat into the stomach, where the food begins to





flow down the throat into the stomach, where the food beginsdigestion, then meets with the bloodstream, giving blood its vitalforce. The more we chew our food in the mouth making it aLiving Liquid, the easier it is for it to be transformed into the LifeStream of our body. One should never gulp food down withoutchewing it, turning it into a liquid similar to saliva, to avoidstomach trouble, and to assure one that one will not have otherdigestive troubles, and to get the full benefit every mouthfulprovides. Even the soft foods like ripened fruits and clabber mustbe mixed well with the saliva, fully tasting and gaining fullsatisfaction, before allowing it to be swallowed, to give healthand strength. Then, travelling from the stomach to the intestines,

this liquid food shall return to a soft mass, after the LivingLiquid is absorbed and the fiber contained sweeps out the oldresidues of past meals from the intestinal tube, allowing for fullassimilation and evacuation without troubles.


 When you eat baked bread, especially if the outer covering ofthe grain is removed, this will cause a pasty mass to be formed inthe intestines, which sticks to the walls of the digestive tube,

gathering unused waste matter from past meals causing theintestine to get bigger and bigger, obstructing passage, no matterhow hard one tries to move the bowels. This in turn producesfermentation and decay in the masses retained, giving gas,

digestive ailments, pain and suffering constipation.


 Moreover, the fiber in Living Food has a very important partin the process since it enables food to travel easier thru theintestines because the fiber acts like a broom, sweeping,

brushing, scrubbing, pushing and cleaning out the intestinalpassage effectively, leaving them free from food waste, withoutsticking and clogging therein. All of this is very necessary for,

not only having normal and undelayed evacuation of the bowels,

but for a clean and pure blood stream.


 Also, the fiber in food also stimulates the production of awaxy or oily surface to the mass of food waste, to lubricate orprevent adherence so the wastes do not stick to the intestinalwalls, allowing for their easy evacuation. This is like ananointing balsam that purifies, heals and prevents rottingputrification so as to cause the healing of injuries, irritation,

ulceration and formation of hemorrhoids. Often this waxysubstance covering our foods (uncooked fruits and vegetables) isalso a necessary purifying and appetizing essence (enzymes)





required to produce the mouth-watering flow of saliva, assuringgood digestion, appetite and a clean breath in the mouth. Thefiber in food gently scrubs the teeth without hurting theirsurface, preventing cavities, rotting of foods further in theintestines causing intestinal fever and other internal fevers. Thewaxy, or oily coverings contain a purifying essence that preventsstinking, fetid or evil smelling bowel evacuations.


 If one has evil smelling evacuations, it is a sure sign thatwhere they came from,- the digestive tract,- is also in disorderand evil-smelling, in fermentation and putrification, due to theunused, improper and incompatible food substances that oneeats, or does not chew well in good food. This endangers one’shealth, poisoning the blood with internal toxic wasteputrification causing irritation, ulcers, tumors, hemorrhoids andother ailments.


 Perhaps you have observed how water fowl, the swans, geeseand others, oil or wax their feathers with an oil that is secreted bya gland which prevents their feathers from getting wet or causingmud to adhere to them, even if they go into dirty and muddyswamps, always remaining immaculately clean. In the same waythe wax or oily essence contained in the covering or peel ofwhole living foods, internally anoints one’s digestive tractpreventing the adherence of food wastes and filth, so that it willalways remain clean so that the living liquid nourishment ofliving food can be absorbed thru the membranes into thebloodstream, keeping the blood immaculately pure, which is thebasic foundation for maintaining perfect health.


Editorial Notes: It was recorded that John abhorred the sight ofshambles where the flesh of sacrificed animals was sold, whichmakes evident that he understood the great living intelligencewith which each part of the digestive tract functioned changingthe Living Liquids of grass or other foods that animals and maneats into the living bloodstream, and thus could not see howbrute men, especially theological doctors at the Temple ofJerusalem, etc., could ignor such Omniscient Works of God,

worthy of beholding reverence, sacrificed for flesh to satisfy thelust of their bellies. Even modern myopic bible critics talk gliblyof pious petty theories, speaking of these holy men as beingrustic ignoramuses, not realizing that they had been trained atthe Carmelite Colleges of the Essenes, and lived practical, usefullives teaching others up to advanced ages. Living Longer lives,





the ancients developed greater, more complete and more matureperspectives as compared to hasty faddist short-thinkingsolutions of today’s overnight scientific marvels. John himselflived beyond the century mark. St. Irenaeus (192 A.D.), on theauthority of Polycarp who had it from St. John himself and allthe old people of Asia, that the Savior was not crucified, hadsaid, “As the chief part of 30 years belongs to youth, andeveryone will confess him such till 40 years, but from the 40th tothe 50th year he declines into old age, which our Lord havingattained, he taught us the Gospel and all the Elders who, in Asiaassembled with JOHN, the disciple of the Lord, testify and asJohn himself taught them. And he remained with them till thetime of Trajan” (who ruled till 117). The Koran also states that,

“Yet they slew not Jesus Christ, neither crucify him, but he wasrepresented by one in his likeness”. The evidence from thoseauthoritative sources and others, shows not only that anallegorical interpretation of the N.T. Bible is justified, but alsothat the chief hero was telescoped into appearing to be 3 or morecharacters to the Uninitiated reader (as even advanced critics stillremain): Our Lord Jesus Christ of Christians is only the title ofJohn, the Establisher-Initiator of his Church, while John, theApostle Beloved of Christ, is still the same person thru whom theLord speaks God’s revelations. Today priests continue the samepractice in that outside the alter and pulpit they speak asordinary people, but thereon they officiate as the Lord Christincarnate, in other words a vicar of Christ. Our mission on earthin the Apostolate of the laity, or priestly power of all humans, isto be the Lord God in action, which most people are so farremoved from being that they cannot imagine themselves asbeing or doing in practice. Matthew 27:32, Mark 15:21, Luke 23:26all state that Simon of Cyrene’s time (a Galilean who was aZealot, Josephus said was crucified) took Christ’s (John’s) placein the crucifixion. In John 19:15 it specifically uses the word usedto indicate both EXALT and Crucify so as to conceal the realmeaning when Pilate said, “Shall I crucify your king?”, the Jewsdemanding his crucifixion. So they took Simon of Galilee andcrucified him as “The King of the Jews” in mockery of theirunjust demands. Both Pilate and Herod had been enemies butbecause they agreed as to finding no fault with John, or “Jesus”

himself, and became united in the mystic knowledge of John’sInitiation, they all became fraternal friends, which also became





the day the Gnostic Christians or Followers of John and all theEssenes abandoned the Jews to their self-made fate. ManyGnostics condemned the Jewish doctrine, save a few groups ofEssenes unaware of the mystic secret. All this was hidden underallegories about the resurrection of John and Jesus as theyremained concealed under new titles. Thus John, as founder ofthe Mandaeans, in Samaria he was known as Manaendros, orManaen of Antioch, and Cerinthus or Merinthus of Ephesus.

Manaen of Antioch described as the foster brother of Herodconfirms the Gnostic fraternal relationship among those whocould not bear the “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” dogma of hatefostered by the synagogue, and the Essenes continued inBuddhist doctrines in Antiochian, Ephesian and GreekPythagorean as well as Alexandrian Circles but with latersanctions as being “Gnostics” by the Roman Church afterConstantine in the 4th century.


 Returning to the testimony of this chapter, as to the InnerSanctuary Gnostic Teaching, not only is there acknowledgementof an external “Exoteric” baptism and anointing of the body, butTrue Initiates of John had to comply with the Esoteric deeperINNER BAPTISM of Living Water and INNER ANOINTING ofthe Living Chrism, that only Living Food cast down fromHeaven provide. The vibration, aura, smell, elimination andother tell-tale signs confirm the Inner Initiation of GnosticChristians of St. John. “Meat” and “Bread” in Aramaic texts, onemust realize had no word for food and thus they mean food.

Moreover, to become part of the Anointed Savior’s Mystical bodyand blood of Christ, they can say “I am the Living Bread castdown from Heaven, If any man eat of this bread, he shall liveforever, and the bread I give is my flesh for the life of mankind.”

Other bread is death, and whenever he spoke of food you mustknow it is LIVING FOOD and Living Water that he speaks of, orit is not of him, neither Living or the Chrism of the Anointed. InAramaic the word for “whole” also means simple and guileless,

as in Mt. 10:16, Rom. 16:19, as is the frugal food of the poor, likethe carob husks in which the peel or covering is eaten, which onemay correspond with eating the peel on ripe bananas, papaya,

apple, cucumbers, carrot, etc. which contain valuable minerals,

enzymes and the Inner Chrism of the Initiate. (We find prudenceis required as to thorny pineapple, citrus peels, etc. since one canonly discover the Path of the LIVING WORD in experience, and





not sharp delineations of words, dogmatic laws and polemies.

The Golden Mean easily distinguishes the True Initiate, yet theuninitiated will find exception because they seek fault.


 Thus, the followers of Simon, as the Rock “Petros” of theFaith of the Roman Church, and John, the Initiator, Manda orGnostic Christian who knew, rather than holding to blind faith,

separated into the Seven Churches of Asia, or Eastern Ecclesiaand Western Papacy, with Inner and External teachings. WhatChristianity had on the surface differed from the deepest innercore like the Heavens and earth, so far and yet so near really, ifone gets an inner perspective of the True Initiation.




 Then the Anointed Savior continued teaching them aboutmaking meals Sacred or Sanctifying their Eucharistic Table intheir homes. First he told them, “NEVER EAT WITHOUTHUNGER. Do not sit at the Table until you are called by theAngel of Hunger. The feeling of hunger is produced by the cellsinvolved with food assimilation, when they are free and readyfor a new ration of food. When there is no appetite it means thatthese cells are still trying to digest a previous meal. If you eat inthat case, you are provoking indigestion, stomachache anddiarrhea.


 When you gather at the Common Table in your homes, youshould also do so contented, rejoicing and in good humor. Leavebehind all thoughts that cause serious worry, because these arecontagious and will sadden others around one, and the foodeaten under such conditions becomes toxic. Your mind shouldemanate Love, forgiveness and beauty like the aromatic flowerswith which you should decorate your common table. Again Irepeat, never sit at the table unhappy, irritated and in bad humor,

because these Satanic emotions decompose the blood, thedigestive juices and poison one from within, which in extremecircumstances can cause paralysis within you or even suddendeath.


 Always bear in mind, that the Common Table is your ALTAR,

and the place you eat your food is a Holy Sanctuary, where youactually prepare for the Transubstantiation of food and drink intothe health, strength and Life of your blood and body. For thisreason you should adorn the Holy Table (Holy-Mass in Englishor “mess table”, Missa in Latin) like you do an Altar, with





aromatic blossoms from your garden, and beautiful thoughtsflowering in your hearts. Thus, in this auspicious environment(like, if not actually a Paradisian Garden), the Head of theCongregation shall start the silent ceremonial with blessingthanks for the food that never failingly is provided each day.

With clean hands he takes part in the food in the sight of allthose present establishing a solemn disposition. Once peace andcalm is established thru-out the congregation, with the Headthanks is given to the Lord (the Holy Eucharist of Church ritual)

spontaneously realized each day when correctly done.


 As this is performed, with the head of the Table of thosegathered, they participate in the transformation of living foodinto pure living blood that shall give health, peace and the Joy inLiving, beside the Wisdom of good works, righteousness, justice,

honesty, charity and love. However, in order that all these thingscome about, or that the Lord shall bless and consecrate ourLiving Food, and be Present at our Holy Table, there must beperfect harmony, mutual pardon, peace and love among thecongregation, because the pure holy feelings of each one presentelevates the joy and happiness of everyone which begetsrejoicing in the Lord or the Spontaneity of the Divine SpiritualPresence.


 Where there is Peace, Harmony and Love, there also is God,

because God is Harmony, God is Peace and God is Love. In God’sPresence we find his Angels, and among them also the Angel ofJoy, who shall dwell and swell in your hearts with Rejoicing,

Gladness and Happiness, and who give us intense Living Joy.”


 Then the Master Healer began to teach about the amount offood we should eat, saying, “Altho there may be many and muchdelicious food on your Table, eat only of a few kinds, and onlythe amount needed to satisfy hunger. One should seek theAttitude of Gratitude in the most precious habit of NOT EATINGIN EXCESS, since it is the vice of Gluttony that makes one ill, andworse violates God’s Commandments. It is advisable to measurea certain amount of food when eating, neither too little or toomuch, always in balance. One should eat neither a great amount,

nor a great variety of kinds of food mixed together. One has toeat only a few kinds of food in one meal, because many kinds ofdistinct classes in general neither tolerate one another, nor canthey even combine well. To the contrary, they may repel oneanother and cause disorder, warring with one another, giving





one an upset stomach and internal pains. The root cause of thetrouble is the fact that each kind of food has a determined anddifferent time for digestion, being absorbed by the blood andused in the structural economy of one’s body. When certain foodsof rapid, easy digestion are thru digesting, they must pass fromthe stomach to the intestines, and consequently carry undigestedfoods of difficult slow absorption with them. This provokesfermentation and putrification in the intestines, causing swellingor fetid gases, ulcers, hemorrhoids, constipation and result inevacuations that are troublesome and evil smelling. All of thisteaches one the valuable lesson coming from such disorders,

which is that even the healthiest foods eaten together with otherfoods that need a different time to digest, can cause digestiveailments. To avoid this, one should eat one class of foods (fruits,

or a vegetable meal) with only two or three kinds in a meal(carrots, greens and clabber plants in a meal) or what one knowsto combine well by previous experience, giving no trouble.


 The truth about these matters is that if you mix many foodstogether in one meal, eating your fill of them, it is quite probablethat this mixture of foods will make you feel bad, because theintolerance of one kind, or incompatibility with another kind ofantagonistic food, will decompose the whole concoction withinyour bowels.


 So let not the vice of gluttony overcome you like the servantwho was invited to eat at the Table of the Lord, and because hewas an insatiable glutton he greedily devoured not only his ownshare of food but also that of all the others, becoming so full thathe vomited all he had eaten. This blunder so displeased the Lord,

that he was sent away from the table and never invited again. Soone should never rapidly devour a meal. Eat very slowly, takingtime to avoid acquiring excessive weight, a bulging belly, whichis a bad example, against nature and a sign of illness, caused byexcessive gluttony, which is VICIOUS EATING or LIVING TOEAT and NOT EATING TO LIVE. Do not eat like pagans whorapidly devour all they can, get drunk and defile their bodieswith every abominable thing they can do.


 Beside, eating one’s food slowly, taking one’s time, of onlywell chosen and adequate foods for one’s well being, one willrequire less food, because your whole body is better nourishedfrom the food that is well chewed and mixed with the saliva andslowly eaten. In turn, when food is rapidly gulped down, the





body only makes little use of it, or absorbing less than half of it.

The rest of it, being unusable, is cast out in evil smellingexcrement. Chew each mouthful carefully with your teeth,

slowly taking time to mix it well with saliva, until it becomes aLiving Liquid so the Aquarian Angel may Transubstantiate it intoLiving Blood, that will be Pure, Vibrant with Health, Energy andStrength.


Editorial Notes: This Chapter on the Holy Eucharist seeks tobring out the Attitude of Gratitude that Spontaneously prevails ata Paradisian Meal when the partakers are Spiritually advanced,

beyond the worldly mind with its maximum of exceeding incomplaints, calumny and vexation, as well as God’s Presencewhen Garden fruits become one’s food and object of one’s work.

Idleness does not bring true Spontaneity of Joy and Thankfulnessin Living. Perhaps one of the best and earliest records of the basicChristian principles, which today is lost in vain sanctimoniousceremony and outer ritual, is the Doctrine of the Twelve Apostlesor “Didache”. This is dated to have appeared about the year 90A.D., being a Manual for Piety and not a ritual, and believed tobe of the “Saints” (Christians) of the “Ecclesia” (Church) ofAntioch. No one was to be permitted at the Holy EucharisticTable but those who were Baptized in the Name of the Father, theSon and the Holy Spirit in LIVING WATER. The original wordscontinue from John’s Initiation, altho the meaning now given isfar from the Essence of the Essene Purity or Living Gnosis.

According to the Didache the “Our Father” was to be prayed 3times a day by the Saints, at 9 AM, 12 and 3 PM, according to St.

Clement of Alexandria, “altho the PERFECT CHRISTIAN, ORGNOSTIC, PRAYS ALL THE TIME”, showing that the FirstChristians, or Gnostics, practiced or lived their Prayer, ratherthan make words replace being Love, or GOD IN ACTON INOUR LIVES, feeling His Joy, Thanks and Charity toward all.

Similar to the Didache, also this chapter warns against the false prophetswho do not live by the Table Manners and Habits of Saints, greedilygulping down their food in excesses, ending in vomiting, gas andindigestion.




 Another factor that is necessary for good digestion and assimilation offood is deep breathing. Air is the MOST IMPORTANT FOOD. You canlive many days without any food, but within a short period we can die for





lack of air. So one should make a habit of breathing deeplyalways, because the Elemental Spirit (Angels, fairies, fays, fauns,

elves, pixies, etc. found in myths, fables, traditions and poetry ofall nations ancient and modern) of Air is as necessary for thedigestion of food as air is needed for fire to burn fire-wood in thehearth. If one does not breathe well, digestion becomes difficult,

so that we only use a SMALL PART OF THE FOOD WE EAT, andthe rest is cast out into the privy, or worse if the wastes clog theintestines, enlargening one’s abdomen or produce false fatness(edema).


 So, remember that all the false stoutness that one has to carryaround with one wherever one goes always, like a heavy load,

from which one can never be free, unless one sticks to a strictdietetic discipline consisting of fasting, and eating only fruitsand vegetables, which means a VITARIAN REGIMEN. It iscommonly known that excessive weight is an obstacle in verymany jobs, occupations and athletics. It shows the disadvantagethat a fat or corpulent body has against a lean one. A beautifulbody among humans does not consist in being stout, but ratherin slender stature and lean of flesh. The less excess weight aperson has, the more strength a person will have. One can domore, and one is the least worn out by prolonged mental andintellectual works.


 My Beloved Disciples, you can do much good for the fat folkby advising them to fast, and partake of a VITARIANDIETETICS, and helping them practice this Discipline, which isthe only way one can take away excessive weight and give thema graceful figure as well as lean stature.


Editorial Notes: To some who read this translated originallyAramaic Scripture, it will seem preposterously coincidental thatJohn the Baptist, or Jesus speaking thru him, would be using thevery words and teachings that Johnny Lovewisdom has used orcoined for naming his doctrine (Vitarian Diet, VitalogicalSciences). However, until I had seen this Scripture and studied itin detail, I had not been so assured that I was the spiritualincarnation of John, and thus can account for the identicalteaching, altho where other translators have failed (in the N.T.

Bible, Szekely Version etc.), I have been able to supply theAramaic correction in interpretation, to correspond identicallywith the Living Word of the Living God speaking from within atpresent. Thus, it was not necessary to use obsolete





expressions of the first century when the message can be given inthe required scientific language of our time. Many people havewondered why on our diet one gets so slender, not realizing thatworldly foods of vicious and passionate excesses breedpassionate corpulent flesh. Carnal foods give a carnal body andCarnal passions. Spiritualizing Dietetics gives birth to a NewRace and New Age. We are literally burdened the least by theflesh, beside the vicious desires that obesity engenders. Withouttraining, working at the typewriter and formerly growing myParadise, I can easily lift my body weight chinning with myarms, or what most men of similar conditions find impossibledue to superfluous flesh. Moreover, this Chapter brings out theimportance of building lung capacity which so aided me in myearly twenties climbing Andes mountain-sides, which accountsfor good digestion, oxidation of body metabolic wastes, andresultant joyous entrancement with Life. Papius, who was ahearer of John among those resurrected from the dead by theChrist, claiming he, John, was alive still in Hadrian’s time (117-

138 A.D.), does not seem absurd to me, considering the obstaclesJohn’s Initiation removes from living longer.




 Verily, verily, I say unto you, you are what you eat: Foodcharacterizes the consumer, determines one’s actions and howone reacts in everyday living. If you eat the flesh of animals,

which are dead carcasses in a rapid state of decomposition andputrification, this also shall be your fate, beside animalizing one’scharacter, because this flesh is impregnated with their bestialcharacter or emotions of the dead animal. These lower evilemotions become one’s nature, making one live like an animalwithout being aware of anything else. It is a sad, painful world,

unworthy of humans, one’s heart becomes callous, even hurtingand killing others, becoming criminals, beside pessimists, selfish,

stingy, materialists and atheists without God or Lawless. In turn,

if one eats only Living Food, as do Vitarians, these foods willhumanize one, give one a humanitarian Character, allowing oneto ascend to higher levels of attainment, and even Spiritualize theconsumer to become Divine in Nature, in which Happiness,

Beauty and Love reign. This Higher Heavenly Sensitivity refinesone’s behavior so one becomes incapable and unworthy of hate,

jealousy, insults, and hurting or killing anything. All one’s





actions become Noble, one becomes charitable, honest, righteousand truthful, a model citizen, working to help others selflessly,

pacifists, having Faith in God and obeying His Laws, in a word,-

SPIRITUAL. Such is the radical and decisive nature of theinfluence and power of the food we consume on the characterand behavior.


 However, even if one eats only Living Food, one can EATWRONG, if one does not know HOW TO EAT! This is why it isespecially important to learn about Right Eating. One needs toknow one is eating correctly, which is EATING TO LIVE, and notjust LIVING TO EAT. Be not the friend of Gluttony. Be FRUGALin diet. Never eat till your stomach is too full to eat more. TheGolden Rule in Dietetics is to stop eating while one still has agood appetite for more. On this Vitarian Diet you may eat threetimes a day if one desires,- at sunrise, midday and sunset. Oneshould NEVER eat one mouthful outside these times, becausethis shows one has a vicious habit of “snacking” all the time.

Eating continually, or between meals, does not allow one to feelwell, because it interferes with the digestion of the previousmeal, giving digestive disorders. Moreover, beside disorderlyeating courting disorder one is living in Gluttony, which theDivine Law severely punishes.


 However, one should eat only twice a day for the best ofhealth, which means going without breakfast. The final goal indietetics is the ideal of eating only once a day, when the sun is atits zenith. However, if one has indigestion or a stomach ache or aheadache or does not have an appetite, one should NOT eat anymore meals, fasting until one is ready to eat again with a goodappetite. Also, to overcome digestive disorders one can partakeonly of the purest Living Water, which may be found in the formof Lime or Lemon juice: sour limes or lemons are best, althosweet limes or lemons are very good too (but they containsugars). Such juices cleanse and refresh the digestive tract, althothe best healing method is to live exclusively from the fragranceof flowers and tree blossoms. A feverish stomach or any kind ofinternal fever responds well to partaking of such Living Watertreatment, because fire is quenched with water.


 Aside from such Living Water, I prescribe partaking of NOOTHER SUBSTANCE to heal the stomach (or other ailments),

because the HEALER WITHIN you knows how and whatHealing Agent, that of itself, make one well again. Any other





 remedy that mercenary medicine men prescribe is erroneous,

and only destroys the healing action of the OMNISCIENTINTERNAL HEALER (SAVIOR) within one. You may not be ableto see this Inner Healer within your body, and within everyone,

but by his works you know how wonderfully he heals yourinjuries. The Vitarian Regimen, along with fasting, instead ofmaking one weaker, gives one strength, insuring one of soundhealth and longevity. The Heavenly Father, who is the Author ofthe Human Body, knows perfectly well how many meals andhow much food one needs to maintain health in the physical,

mental and spiritual being of everyone of us. To be able to dothis, one should eat only the fruits and vegetables in season ofone’s particular environment, both in accord to climate and timeof year, to derive the most benefit from them.


EDITORIAL NOTES: Water from springs, streams, wells andearth sources, not only is dead water, but contains salt, iron oxide(rust), limestone and other inorganic minerals which accumulatein human cell tissues making older people’s bodies lack theelastic, flexible qualities of youth, hardening arteries, stiffeningjoints, making bones brittle so they break easily. Distilled water isstill dead water beside an unstable chemical causingunpredictable changes to better or worse. Dead inorganic waterdeposits itself in the body, taking 3 weeks or more to eliminate,

radioactively tagged molecules have shown. In turn, living water,

such as found in limes and lemons contain 97.6 % water in aliving plant substance with enzymes and vitamins, which includeliving organic lime and other minerals we need to restorebalance, and yet lacking food calories they act as cellularcleansers or purifiers, healthwise. One needs no water for shortfasts, which makes them doubly effective as “dry fasts” and forlonger periods one can use this citrus Living Water without foodcalories. It is a symbolic and literal truth that the long thornedfruits, especially ungrafted citrus, thorny pineapples, etc. containthe FLAMING SWORD guarding the path to the tree of Life inParadise, and lacking food calories, seem designated to dutiesrelated to purification during fasting and prayer, or “morningand Sunday rest fruits”.


 A 7 year University course can only get one started EATINGRIGHT, since I have spent 7 times 7 years working at itsproblems, learning still each day. Yet in the beginning it seemedso simple. Leaving home, going to wilds or jungle seemed like all





there was to it. The wilds have fruit once a year requiring winterhibernation, and the jungle had none to speak of, until manplants mango-forests, banana plantations, and the like. Buddhaspent 6 years living in wilds till he was unable to stand erectbecoming a skeleton, and a mango diet will make one a skeleton.

I experienced the untoward effects of tropical jungle life inEcuador, finding only dense impassable forest without fruits, sogoing to live in a cacao grove, where I had avocados and bananasin abundance, doing worse. Plantains, the only banana I had anappetite for, is for baking like “the bread of the tropics”, physicone, and bananas and avocados I have classed as worst, near nutsand seeds of fruit which I consider the FORBIDDEN FRUITS ofParadise. Fig leaves were really banana leaves, since plantains arenamed “musa Paradisiaca” due to this fact. Unable to breathe thedensely humid hot jungle air of jungles, toxic from gases ofrotting vegetation, I became so weak, that I could hardly standup, let alone climb avocado trees. Plenty of ripe ones fall to theground which one can share with hogs that root out junglegrowth, but also carry all kinds of parasites, ascarid intestinalworms, amoebic dysentery, etc. In a short time my body wasdown to a 6 foot 4 inch skeleton from dysentery weighing 97 lbs.

Frightened by a heart attack, I came to my senses and fled to highmountains where I put on 25 lbs. in 6 weeks, and 10 lbs. eachmonth till I was 205 lbs. just eating vegetables, since food couldbe oxidized in the rare mt. air giving health. But after gardeningat two locations, I was again tempted to try a higher junglealtitude, but only to come down with malaria, skin ulcers, etc.

Then back to the top of the Andes at the crater lake Quilotoa,

which was nice, but I despaired with 20 year wait ahead to see iffruits would produce enough for my needs. Abandoning it to runback to California, I only jumped into a worse hell; plenty of fruiteverywhere but every bit poisoned. Weed-killers, pesticides,

fertilizers and preservatives on fruits and vegetables destroyedthe liver and kidney function and paralysis set in, ending up ashuman trash in a State Hospital “Snake Pit”, against my ownwill, to receive a barrage of antibiotics, worsening the paralysis,

neurosis, and finally the balance mechanism needed for walkingwas lost. Once rescued by kind friends, I fled to Ecuador to findnow it is likewise plagued by chemical pesticide farming. Onecannot dream such things away!


 The Baptism or Initiation of John is no longer practical, no





civilized person is able to adapt to such a life, no longer areliveable places found where one can live freely from what growsof itself. Newspapers tell us that, “Millions of Americans havebeen eating carrots heavily contaminated with endrine, aldrin ordeldrin, this group of deadly poisons is incriminated as the causeof kidney, liver and heart disease. Carrots absorb unusually largequantities of dangerous pesticides. Excessive residues oftoxaphene or endrine are found on leafy vegetables such ascabbages, parsley, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. 70% of the produceon the market today is coated with dangerous wax, paraffin, thatnever leaves the body after it is consumed, responsible for cancerand other ailments.” And so on endlessly, with no stop in sight.


 But, let us suppose you know all this, and do succeed infinding a place to grow your own food. Yet, because one hasbeen poisoned by food in the past, now the new life withoutpoison may be unbearable at times. One will get spasms,

numbing, and neurosis trying to fast or living on pure liquids,

since the fat of the body yields back toxins when used. After yourteeth are formed, damage done, is hard to undo, and excesssweet fruit destroys enamel. Often the return to nature maycreate one’s own POLLUTION PROBLEM WITHIN, so one canlive neither with others, nor with oneself. One has to dodge fromout under the stars, into outside shelters. In the Andes there iscontinual field and volcanic dust in the air, so rain water turnsmuddy, and if one does not use vegetable soap to wash the hairoccasionally, the pretty blond hair of northerners will create acloud of dust all around one every time one moves the head, andone cannot stand stuffy enclosures. Worse, one may lackoxidation of food wastes, not breathing well, eat wrong foodstogether at wrong times, the wrong way, lacking foodmetabolism, so that the intestines produce methane, sulphurousand other gases so stinky and toxic that neither alone, nor withothers, can one live within walls. Tiny vermin can invade the hairand clothing making one unwanted in people’s homes. Justcooking green vegetables drains out the body’s calcium supply.

WRONG EATING is a dangerous weapon!




 One should work from sunrise to sunset six days of the week,

because WORK IS THE GREATEST DUTY OF MAN, the DivineObservance of God’s Presence, and the BEST TEACHER FOR





MASTERY IN LIFE. During these days one should partakeexclusively of the VITARIAN Diet. However, on the seventh day,

one shall rest, consecrating it to the Heavenly Father completelyby Fasting, or partaking only of Living Water in its purest form(limes, etc.). This seventh day, along with fasting, one shoulddevote to Spiritual Prayer, or Meditation, Studying the SacredScriptures and other Spiritual works, and this New AgeTeaching... In this way you shall be partaking exclusively ofSpiritual Food the Seventh Day, for not only from (material) foodliveth man, but from every Word of the Heavenly Father.


 If it is at all possible, go out into sylvan solitudes or thedesert on that seventh day, away from the hustle and bustle ofworldlings, to give Praise to the Lord, Fast and Contemplate, andbe alone with the Heavenly Angels of Sunshine, Air, Water andespecially the Angels of Joy and Fasting. This is the Path ofAttainment by which the Divine Angels prepare one for thedeath of self, for rebirth in the Heavenly Kingdom or Realm ofLife Everlasting in God’s Presence.




 If you have worked hard at your work all day, after sunsetyou shall be tired and need to rest. Then the Heavenly Fathershall send you the Angel of Sleep, who shall replenish yourstrength, and give you rest as you sleep. To be able to sleepduring the night, you must not sleep during the day, because theday is for work and the night is for rest. Once your body is wellrested and peaceful, your soul will become able to leave yourbody to visit the Heavenly Kingdom, where the Heavenly Powers(Spiritual Beings, Angels, Gods, etc. same word in Aramaic) shallreceive you lovingly, teach you Higher Wisdom, and theMysteries of the Higher Spiritual Realms.


 Only those who have complied with the Commandments ofMother Nature will be fully able to awaken and becomedistinctly aware of the wonders of the Heavenly Realm. Onceyou are able to remain awakened or conscious in the SpiritualKingdom within you, shall you be blessed with the GreaterSpiritual Activity in Omnipotent Life Potential working in theWill of God. Then, each day will greet one with increased Joy inLiving, because overcoming one’s burdens in the sensual plane,

one’s work conforms to Truth and Spirit every moment of thatday and always.





Editorial notes: Generally people live on the lower emotionalplane, dreaming in the animalistic pleasure or pain attractionsthey create by thoughts, but meditation on the Higher Planes intime actually gives into Life therein. One’s dreams becomesymbolic, illumining one’s path. Finally, after receiving HigherSpiritual Initiations, one no longer remains unconscious,

sleeping most of the night dwelling on the astral desire plane.

The Higher Initiate sleeps very little, spending 20 hours more orless on the Higher Super-Conscious Realms out of 24, since Juicyfruits, succulent vegetables and clabber are directly assimilable,

and 4 hours is all the rest required. The Elders of the HIGHERHEAVENLY HIERARCHY on earth (Great White Lodge of Gurus)

who are cleansed receiving all the Higher Initiations, the InnerBaptisms of Living Water, Spiritual Anointing use the morninghours of each night to guide those who are ready to progressrapidly on the Higher Realms and their New Age application.

Sensual folk find escape, either sleeping and dreaming while thebody struggles with unnatural food burdens, or seek escape withnarcotics, smoking and drinking and patronizing night lifeestablishments, if not worse drugs.




 Now, the Savior, speaking thru John, spoke especially tothose under his leadership, saying, “Beloved Disciples, you whoaspire to become Apostles of the Healing God Spell, (Physician-

Priests), must always teach thru your Living Example. Youshould never allow yourselves to become victims of mindbending drugs of any kind, much less narcotics and alcoholicdrinks. The Apostles of the Healing Spiritual Entrancement shallabstain from all drinks and stupefacient drugs, no matter whatthe occasion. They shall only partake of pure Living Water,

whenever they assemble and give praise to God. Just as it is mostdifficult to straighten a crooked tree which has grown old, soalso it is trying to convert an old chronic alcoholic. But you canavoid difficulty by planting the tree with care from the seed, sothe roots grow deep, straight down and the trunk straight upwith strong guiding stakes to protect it from growing crooked.

Likewise, in order that mankind shall not entirely turn todrinking and drug addiction and the crooked path going fromone pleasure to another, you must become the Guiding Stakes,

The Elder, Masters or Teachers, teaching the young folk thru





selfless service by your LIVING EXAMPLE, in not letting anysuch corrupting influence completely swallow mankind. Then asthe children and youth mature into men and women of mankind,

they shall ever remember your exemplary teachings, andcontinue to teach their young folk, in turn, becoming theirguiding stakes. Only by this Everlasting Self-Vigilant Path shallwe uproot these terrible vices from this present world, andestablish the Disciplined, Abstinent, Healthy, Powerful andHappy New Race.




 You who aspire to become the Apostles of the Healing GodSpell, shall ever be the BRAVE GUIDES, who, without truce orcompromise, shall untiringly combat the evil vices thataccompany alcoholism. By this I mean, opposing such mindbending vices as using any kind of dope, opium, tobacco,

gambling, prostitution, and many more, because such evil habitsbring the downfall and ruin of man in his wearisome ascensionclimbing up to the snow-capped Heights of Perfection requiredto purify and guide mankind from its defects. The pioneers to theHeights of Illumination are ever being attacked on their pathupward by these loathsome bandits who often leave their victimsbeaten and mortally wounded by the wayside. Here, I am notreferring to the flesh and blood bandits, but even more so toone’s own evil habits, harbored within one’s soul, often in subtleforms, which likewise may catch one unaware, leaving onebeaten by the wayside, worse than by such marauders.


 Your work as GOOD SAMARITANS shall come to the rescueof these brave Pilgrims abandoned on the wayside of this Roadin Life. Help them overcome their moral and physical suffering,

give them a helping hand in support so they can get to asheltered place where regeneration shall be possible. One of theplaces that one finds many of these victims abandoned by thewayside in everyday life is in the prisons, where you may helpby working in the regeneration of these deserted moral victims.


 The First Teaching they need to learn is that THERE IS NOPERFECT CRIME, meaning there is no crime withoutPunishment. These victims should know that they too have aHigher Master Teacher, or Tutelary Spirit, that is invisiblywatching over one, unknown, but allowing for reward in one’sgood works, and punishing one’s evil ones. Just as soon as these





shackled victims begin planning new violations, they arediscovered, which they need to know before they continue suchmental paths, since their own thoughts betray them. Each newthought at its very moment of conception is automatically beingrecorded or engraved in the LIVING ARCHIVES of NaturalGenetic Memory where one’s Tutelary Master arranged for one’sfuture as to such crooked intentions.


 This is because the Life we live is a SCHOOL OFEXPERIENCE, in which one profits by one’s downfalls. TheInvisible Guiding Teacher allows one to realize one’s evilintentions, which even in one’s perversity teach one the Lessonsof Life. They are what cause one to undergo all kinds of bitterexperiences, punishments and warnings, to eventually get sotired and weary in such a vicious path, that one finallysurrenders, repents and rectifies one’s conscience, at the sametime he arranges Justice to trap one, giving one time at areformatory. This is why we have prisons, so the shackledvictims can be forced to reform and tire of sin. Like the prodigalson learned, by forced work one learns to earn an honest livingso as to avoid future detention. Again we see how the HeavenlyFather tenderly loves his sons and daughters and has realcompassion for those who fall. He does not want to destroy orkill anyone: He only wants to give one ANOTHER CHANCE inLife to make straight one’s path, reform, regenerate and learnhow to become useful members of Mankind. (end of scripture)


This is the end of the scripture as translated by Dr. JohnnyLovewisdom. The publisher will here include Chapter 41, 45, 46and part of 30 (table salt), translated from the Spanish languageversion because these chapters were not translated. Chapter 41:


1. In the New Spiritual Age, that has now begun, the deathpenalty will be abolished and replaced by the sentence ofmandatory regeneration of the delinquent, because the deathsentence opposes the supreme law of “Thou shall not kill”

because only God has the right to take away life.


2. The death sentence translates into hate your neighbor throughcruel vengeance in applying the hateful penalty of an eye for aneye and a tooth for a tooth.


3. The law of hate is outdated and is now replaced by the Law oflove, the highest law in the world (Universe) because it is thislaw that makes possible your existence. This Law motivates youto serve everyone without looking at who it is, like the Good





Samaritan who felt sorry for the injured person lying on theroadside. The law of love means compassion, pity and pardon,

that the sick will find health and the fallen will rise up again, theignorant will be instructed, educated and disciplined, teachingthem a profession so they can make a living honorable throughtheir own work.


4. Compulsory regeneration will miraculously empty theprisons, reduce the number of judges and police officers andreduce the ignorance in the lowest social spheres, elevating theircultural level.


5. The truly regenerated criminal generally is born in their nextreincarnation as an honest, decent, respected, hard workingcitizen who has an immense wealth of practical knowledge, arecreators of industries, arts and trades. They are a positive factorin the general progress of society.


6. By comparison, for each criminal that is not regenerated andcondemned to death, another criminal will be born in the nextlife with other reborn criminals and they will fill the prisons, thegambling halls, the whorehouses, the crackhouses, the insaneasylums etc. They are a major factor in the backsliding of societyin general.


7. By way of the mistaken justice of the death penalty the crimein the world will be artificially increased, filling our streets withbad citizens and our prisons with prisoners freezing socialprogress in its tracks.


8. The judge that condemns a human being to death will receive avaluable lesson because giving a fatal sentence to a prisoner willsentence that very judge to being the parent of that criminal inthe next life.


9. Now, being his own child the judge will do all that he can tohelp the child progress, educating him, teaching him until finallyafter so much sacrifice the child is converted into a usefulmember of society, respectable and good, someone whocontributes to the social and economic well-being of the country.


10. This will serve to teach the former judge that if they ever areagain in such an important position they need to judge as if theaccused was his own child and sentence them to mandatoryregeneration and not to death, because only in this way will theynot reincarnate in a retarded fashion, and they will beregenerated in this very life which will further their evolution.


Chapter 45: Begins on the next page.





1. To end these lessons I see that I have not mentioned thehighest virtue of Purity and I am referring to Sexual Purity.


2. Procreation is a Supreme Law of Life put in place by theCelestial Father to perpetuate the human race. Procreation is asacred, sublime act that must be respected and executed withimmaculate purity.


3. Executing the act of procreation as God commands it, underthe most scrupulous purity, the parents assure themselves of aprize from the Celestial Father and that is a sound andoutstanding descendency. The most advanced souls who arewaiting on the other side are obliged to return to the earth tocontinue their education; these same souls seek pure bodies toincarnate in and prefer naturally those bodies produced byparents of immaculate sexual purity. Only this will ensure thebirth of beautiful children with slender bodies and gifted with awholesome health and above average intelligence of notablespiritual and moral qualities.


4. Children from such a pure birth the Celestial Father watchesover and pours down His blessings and good fortune which willassure a bright future for these children and will constitute thegreatest happiness of their parents.


5. To achieve a birth of such optimum conditions, the parentsbefore performing the sexual act must purify and strengthentheir bodies. This is achieved before anything by an adequatediet.


6. The proper food for parents who are about to conceive a childis fruit and vegetable based, raw vegetarian diet. This becauseonly in a raw state do vegetables conserver all their vital force.

They should avoid all meat and alcoholic beverages and aboveall give up all tobacco because these vices excite the lowerinstincts of men making them commit fornication. On the otherhand raw vegetarianism awakens the higher faculties, the Divinein the man inducing him to the a pure sexual life.


7. The immense importance of raw food vegetarianism for theprocreation of extraordinary children is revealed in the SacredBible where it mentions the birth of Samson. The mother ofSamson was visited by a Divine messenger announcing that shewill have a very wise son and who will also be the strongestphysically who ever lived. But there was a demand that thefuture mother must comply with and that was that she only eatraw vegetarian food and that her only drink will be pure water.





She must eliminate all meat and alcoholic beverages. Shecomplied with these rules and the son that was born was sostrong and robust that at 14 years of age he fought a lion thatattacked him and killed it with his bare hands. Later in his life hefought the Philistines who attacked and he defeated and killed allof them. Due to his extraordinary intelligence he was electedjudge and king of the Israelites.


8. If parents wish to have such extraordinary children, they needto imitate the parents of Samson. Before they engage in theprocreative act they need to go on a strict regimen for at leastthree months before conception and the mother must continuethe regimen throughout the pregnancy and breast feeding so thatthe son will partake of the food of the mother. During the threemonths prior to conception the couple must live a pure, calm lifebreathing the pure air of the country or the seashore. I repeat thatno meat should be eaten, nor alcoholic drinks drunk, norcigarettes smoked and their food should only be raw vegetarianmeals and pure water, exercising, breathing pure air andsunbathing.


9. Only in this way, imitating this couple, and before all else theexample of this magnificent mother that God used as the modelfor mothers of all times. This couple can rest assured in the birthof a robust child that could be the next Samson.


Chapter 46 (Note: Some are “called” to have children and some are not.)


1. Procreation in its maximum purity is practiced by the animalssuch as the deer, horses, camels, elephants etc., because the maleanimal only seeks the female and the female the male when theyare in heat and apart from this time they refuse all sexualrelations even though they live together in brotherly harmony.


2. When human beings begin to follow this Natural Law that theanimals respect so rigorously, then they will have reached thehighest grade of civilization and culture.


3. But... when the sex act degenerates into a vice, a mere sensualpleasure, then it is no longer called procreation... it is fornication,

which means the lowest relaxation of the most sacred function ofprocreation.


4. But... when the sex act degenerates to the most profoundabysm of sodomy (homosexuality), and all means of regenerationhave failed then imminent justice condemns such depraved,

incorrigibles to be burned alive, like the inhabitants of Sodom,

Gomorrah, Zeboyim and Admahs. These cities were swept by the





divine broom into the garbage so that they could be burned inone trash heap, one bonfire.


5. Nonetheless... such depraved individuals can save themselvesfrom being burned alive if they repent in time with their wholeheart and begin to energetically battle their terrible vice in orderto uproot it completely from their brain and heart. From therethey need to vehemently reject all those thought and emotionsthat invite the vice. In this Titanic fight the Sodomites can serveto show that the long fast, raw vegetarianism and above allprayer or asking help from heaven are the most effectiveweapons.


6. Because it is true that the Supreme goal of man on earth is toreach the highest summit of purity, dignity and culture, it is alsotrue that sodomy is the opposite point or in other words thelowest abysm of impurity, indignity and culturelessness.


7. For this reason the Mother Earth refuses to accept the ashes ofsuch depraved individuals, opening at the scene of the crime ahuge abysm that is full of putrid, salty waters that kill all beingsor germs that are alive, so that no life can prosper in thosewaters, for which reason this dark lake is called the Dead Sea,

which serves to always remind the cities that Sodomy willexterminate them until the most absolute sterility is realized.


Publisher’s Note: In the following verses you will note that amodern day addition was made to the original scripture. EmilMogner translated the Aramaic original into German in 1899 andhe must have added the following verses since it mentions theGerman ship Neptune and the year 1903, which is just 4 yearsafter 1899 which shows he made a later revised edition.


8. Nonetheless, homosexuals condemn themselves until theyconsider the forces that have induced them to this vice.

Nowadays science is inclined to consider homosexuality as adisease, a psycho-physical-biological disorder caused by manyfactors but above all by a stimulating diet.


9. A known case to consider is the German steamship Neptunethat in 1903 lost its propeller and just drifted at sea for a longtime. They used up all their living calories found in freshvegetables, fruits and cereals, so that the crew had to eat deadcalories found in boiled preserves, meats, beef jerky, sausages,

cold cuts, smoked meat, ham, fish etc. Also they drank all sorts offine liquors that they were transporting in large quantities intheir storerooms like whisky, cognac, port, wine, beer, etc. And





because they were transporting many bales of Bolivian coca leafmost of them chewed it to quench their thirst, still their hungerand forget about this conflictive situation. They also transporteda large stash of Havana cigars that they smoked whichstimulated them further.


10. This diet was so stimulating that it favored the abnormaldevelopment and growth of certain glands which convulsed inthe blood of the veins of these rough sailors dragging them intoan orgy of homosexuality. Some of them preferred suicide ratherthan be forced by their companions into such a repugnant vice.


11. The doctor on board in his report said that these men movedaround like zombies, dazed, always irritated, puffing likelocomotives with excess pressure that escaped in spurts from thesecurity valve.


12. Finally a strong wind pushed the boat to the coast of Panama,

where the crew could eat the right foods again and this returnedthem to health, in other words living calories that are found onlyin fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and cereals all of which theyconsumed in large quantities. These living vitamins had thevirtue of calming the excitement of these sailors changing themback to normalcy. It was if they were awakened from a lethargicdream state of a horrible nightmare.


14. All of them were completely ashamed what they hadparticipated in during this collective drunken binge, in acts soshameful and repugnant that now in their right minds theysincerely deplored and vehemently condemned. The doctoradded that during the rest of their long trip not one sailorbackslide into homosexuality.


15. If any cities for their unfavorable geographic location or forany natural or man-made disaster don’t have access to foods thathave living calories such as fresh greens, vegetables, fruits andcereals and are forced to consume for long periods of time deadvitamins that are found in all types of meats, preserves or inother words all canned food and boiled food, they will findthemselves swept away like the sailors on the German boat calledNeptune, carried away to such a deplorable vice, such anannihilator of vital force.


16. This is because such unnatural food decomposes the blood, ittoxifies it, dirties it, which creates leukemia, which is cancer ofthe blood, the putrefaction of this precious and vital liquid and italso creates internal putrefaction which manifests in external





putrefaction, in other words a grave moral putrefaction.


17. Nowadays the cities and governments are well informedabout the precise causes that lead to this deplorable vice and alsoabout the most effective remedy to fight off this evil in order tosave the citizens from complete moral decadence.


18. The principle remedy consists in starting an active educationcampaign for all citizens including talks on radio programs,

articles in newspapers and magazines and the printing ofinformative brochures. This education campaign must make thepeople see what a collective disaster this wasteful, destroyer ofhuman energy can cause.


19. At the same time, the governments should concernthemselves about how to give the people the precise food thatthe human body normally needs, advising them that all our liveswe can live healthy and strong if we eat nothing more than rawvegetarian food.


20. The principle food of humans is raw vegetarian foods whichgive the maximum strength to men giving them the vital force,

virility and health and not only humans but also the strongestanimals that tread the earth such as the bull, the horse, camels,

elephants, etc.


21. To eat a vegetable is to eat a piece of the sun, becausevegetables absorb the sun’s rays which they incorporate withintheir tissue and this stored energy is given to the people that inturn eat these sun charged vegetables (fruits and grains alsocome from vegetation) giving them a vigorous vitality.


22. If we plant grains of wheat, beautiful green plants will beproduced. But if these grains are boiled first and then planted,

nothing will come forth and we will find a rotten seed in the soil.


This is because life only comes from what is living


and death comes from that which is dead.


23. To illustrate to the people about these basic truths of life inorder to launch an energetic repression of this dangerous vice,

will assure the people of a pure and moral life, saving them fromthe horrendous ordeal that Sodom and Gomorrah suffered.


Chapter 30:


8. Unfermented Grape juice is an excellent natural beverage thatstrengthens one and doesn’t make one drunk like fermentedgrape juice which has the intoxicant alcohol in it. But the best ofall drinks is pure water because this can never be surpassed byany artificial drink made by man.





 Also, you must overcome table salt because it’s poisonous tothe human body, as science has demonstrated. Millions of peopleand animals too, have never eaten salt and they are in the best ofhealth. They would have died if salt were so indispensable totheir health. Nonetheless, the human body needs vegetable saltand not mineral table salt. Mineral salt cannot be assimilated bythe body because it lacks the right atomic vibration which onlyvegetable salt has. Mineral salt when it passes through a livingplant, receives an accelerated atomic vibration, transforming itinto vegetable salt. Mineral salt is deposited like garbage insidethe body especially in the arteries, provoking the dangerousdisease called arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and alsoblindness, deafness, dementia, etc. Vegetable salt that is foundnaturally in all vegetables and fruits is easily assimilated by thebody, is very healthy, it disintoxicates and purifies the blood, thetissues, lowers and normalizes blood pressure, gives health,

vitality and strength, preserves good eyesight, hearing and themind in a clear, sharp, awakened state to a very advanced age.







 In the history of the Great White Brotherhood, Lodge andOrder of Gurus, the most renown of Tibetan Masters, whohappened to be of Kagyu lineage, was Marpa. He studied underNaropa, who had been abbot of Nalanda University, the greatestcenter for Buddhist studies that the world has ever known.

Naropa taught Marpa who in turn, was the teacher of Milarepa,

Tibet’s Great Yogi, Saint and most renown Guru. Thru the mostimprobable difficulties, Marpa had raised himself from farmer tothe status of local clergy, the equivalent of a college professor,

doctor or lawyer in the west, and then he made a difficultjourney to India. By the time Marpa reached India, Naropa hadretired to a simple forest dwelling in Bengal, and altho reputedas one of the greatest of Buddhist Saints, Marpa wasdisappointed by his humble mean, expecting a more religioussetting. But Marpa paid him and explained that he was a priestand farmer in Tibet, not willing to give up this life he chose, andwanted the teaching to translate into Tibetan to make money onit. Naropa agreed easily, gave the instruction, all going verysmoothly. When Marpa joined his journey-companion from Tibetto return, comparing teachings acquired, Marpa learned his





efforts were worthless. They already had what he had studied inTibet, but his companion had found a fantastic higher teachinggiven by the greatest of Gurus. When Marpa told Naropa of this,

Naropa explained he could only get that from Kukurepa, wholived in the middle of a lake of poison. Marpa by now wasdesperate, so he made the journey to the island in the Lake ofPoison to such an extraordinary teacher and evidently greatmystic to be able to live where he did. But what Marpa foundwas even more disheartening.


 Kukurepa was only an old man who lived in filth midsthundreds of female dogs. The situation was outlandish to say theleast, but when Marpa tried to talk to Kukurepa, all he got wasgibberish, nonsense. Not only was Kukurepa unintelligible, butMarpa had to be on guard against the hundreds of bitches.

Making friends with one, another would growl and threaten himby snapping at him. Marpa, almost beside himself, gave upaltogether trying to take notes or getting any secret doctrine. Butas soon as Marpa lost hope, Kukurepa began to talk intelligiblyin a coherent voice, and the dogs stopped harassing him, andMarpa thus was able to get the extraordinary course.


 But when Marpa joined his Tibetan companion, and theystarted the long trek back, crossing a river, Marpa began tellingabout how now he had obtained an even more valuable teaching.

Becoming jealous, feeling uncomfortable and restless, andcomplaining about the excess baggage of Marpa’s prizedmanuscripts as he shifted to accommodate himself, he tipped theboat and they lost everything... When Marpa got back to Tibet, hehad nothing but many stories to tell of his travels and studies,

but nothing solid to prove his knowledge and experience butunbelievable tales. What’s more he gradually realized that hiswritten notes only covered parts of the teachings that he had notunderstood. What he understood, he had had no need of writingdown, because it was a part of his own experience and part ofhim in practice. Realizing this, Marpa lost his desire to gainriches from a teaching, or be a prestigious teacher, now reallyseeking Enlightenment. He saved up gold till he had enough toagain travel to India, but now found Naropa cold and hostile.

When Marpa offered him only the major portion of his gold,

Naropa asked for all of it, and then given more and more endingup with inferring that Marpa was trying to buy his high teachingby deception.





 Once all the bags of gold were given Naropa threw the goldaway, tossing it about in the air: “What need have I of gold. Thewhole world is gold for me!” This was a moment of greatopening for Marpa however: he opened up, giving uppreconceptions and prejudices and became able to absorb all thegreat teaching. Not only do you have to be able to give up all ofone’s material possessions, but all the mistaken concepts one hasfrom the past, to be able to readily absorb the complete Truthwhen it is given. Mastery is one continual process, of findingopenings into the falsely educated mind, prejudice-bound to newlearning, and only when we forsake all hope attached to pastsensual training, by surrendering completely do we realize thatthe whole thing was not a lot of gibberish and snapping bitches.


 We have briefly retold a 1970 lecture given at Boulder,


Colo., U.S.A. therapeutic community by Chogyam Trungpa,

former abbot of Surmang Lamasary of Marpa lineage in Tibet. Iwish all the disillusioned people who spend funds and efforts tocome here hoping I would have time to talk to them or expectinga great University or other marvel, had read stories like the one


above. Great Masters appear as ordinary and full of faults asthose who are disappointed judging them, expecting somethingelse, or in other words, it takes a Master to recognize a realMaster. Moreover, there are many who wish they could studyhere with me as if that would solve things. Yet, I am a greatbeliever in discipline, or a DISCIPLINARIAN, demanding somuch that very few could ever come up to my demands.

Studying our courses, and teaching yourself, avoids a bossydisciplinarian. In fact, if you can even support reading mycourses, you do better than average, not to speak of the abuseand displeasure practice will cause you. What the EasternVajrayana and Dhyan, Ch’an or Zen schools taught aboutParadoxes such as “Abide in the Abode of the Non-Abiding”, wastaught in ancient Greece (535 B.C.) by Heraclius, who said, “Thatwhich is at variance with itself, agrees with itself.” Life is aParadox. Good depends on evil, and Truth depends on error, Lifeis dependent on this process of dying to ourselves, Illuminationon overcoming illusions. In Western logic, if anything oreverything were rational, Life would lose its purpose, not havinganything to teach us or for us to learn. The opposites cancel oneanother, and Life ceases to manifest,- Nirvana, Illumination orthe Void.





 When we open up, really surrender to Cosmic Will or LOVEALL, we are ready to give up past prejudices, publicly confessour sins and foolish errors to help all others on the Path.

Selfishness or egotism causes people to cover up their errors,

trying to be so artificially consistent. When someone revealsone’s secret sins in public especially, it offends or mortally injuresone worse than a whiplashing or physical wound. Traditionally,

in Western monasteries, the head disciplinarian of a Rule like theTrappists, have had to discipline members actually with awhiplashing which willingly they knew they deserved. Becausemodern society encourages avoiding pain, using pain-killers,

pacific persuasion by rationalization, logical arbitration aboutTruth, the world keeps compromising till everything ends inconfusion and self suicide. In 1945, when I began writing, Iwarned “Words were constructed to conceal the Truth”, and laterin Transcendental Truth Teachings, I admitted Truth cannot betold,- simply because it is not consistent or logical. Life istransforming eternally, only change being permanent. My ownlife story on the physical plane is of the same lot, and some thinkeven more unfortunate, as to other flesh and blood. The fruit ofphysical pitfalls in the lessons learned, the wisdom gained and


Eternal Spiritual Plenitude of Consciousness is the real Worth.


 On September 17th 1977, the ad hoc members of The PristineOrder of Paradisian Perfection called together, altho not “toorder”, a meeting in which they openly declared they did notabide by the Inner Ordinance or Rule of the Order. They franklynow admitted they only wanted legal status, so as to remain inEcuador as “Paradisian Missionarios” or workers, evadinggovernment restrictions against increasing Immigrants,

privileges without penalties, as if that solved problems forthemselves and those wanting to join them. Those concernednow wanted no restrictions on diet, a free hand in what theywere doing, and did not want to be any part of the “Sublimestand Strictest Discipline on earth”, which they had joinedsupporting, to get approval, which now caused themdispleasure. The rich being able to enjoy all pleasures seeksuicide: Love is not pleasure-seeking. The Gates of Paradise donot open just because you have a few thousand dollars to spend,

and you feel cheated if you are not accepted as a member becauseyou cannot live up to the diet and Rule. As Rajneesh wrote in“Hidden Harmony”, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a





mystery to be lived.” This is the point in the Strictest Discipline.

Do you LOVE LIFE, or prefer to enjoy all you desire and crave?

Why join a discipline and Order if you cannot honestly toleratethose principles of seeking Illumination of the Founder? Whypretend what you aren’t? People are not even able to live up tothe Rule outside the Order, and yet they seem to imagine justjoining us without freedom, being forced, they will obey theRule. On the contrary, all I can say is “You are not a Paradisian,

so run along back to your cities and food pleasures, but withoutfurther pretext as being one of us.” Remember that “Whom theLord loveth, he chasteneth, he scourgeth everyone he receiveth.

Persevere under DISCIPLINE..”


 My mother deeply loved me, and could not tolerate anyonephysically beating me but she had a better way. When Imisbehaved, she told visitors about my acts of mischief, and Iknow how it hurt to have my sins revealed in the background ofher acts of loving kindness, so inconsiderate of her selfless love.

Is Discipline out of style in the 20th century? One of the axiomsof Modern Science is that the Scientific Discipline of anyexperiment or system proves its worth in practicality. We do notpretend to be Logical, altho Logos is revealed in the HiddenHarmony.


 At the time of the September 17th meeting it was a Paradox...

at headquarters, much worse than seeking Peace living in aVolcano, claimed of the “Saint of the Andes”. I was incarnatingKukurepa living here on my symbolic island in a Lake of Poison,

in the “Sacred Valley of Longevity”. The neighbors to the southand west had been spraying for nearly a decade, trying anarsenal of agro-chemicals, on demonstration to educate the valleyinhabitants and neighbors to the east followed by poisoning myirrigation water by their run-off from sprayed crops whichcaused severe illness till I had to give up irrigating to avoid thepoison, which stunted production. The farmer right at theentrance to our Paradise began spraying former pasture plantedto beans. To top that, as I felt my body stiffen from spray drift,

another neighbor to the east began creating a breathing problemwith diesel (crude) oil fumes by a malfunctioning motor in hisraw sugar cane grinding mill. The diesel fumes ended 3 weekslater when he had harvested his crop but was followed byanother farmer burning brush to clear land. The only solution toall these problems would be the formerly planned move to





“Shambhala” lands, which after visiting the region, in a recentjournal I pondered about another possible “Mirage in the desert”.

Worse, rather than giving any compassionate support as said tobe the purpose of the Sept. 17th meeting, the group was outrighthostile, telling me that I should pay back the cost of the land tothe donor. This was the Ultimate, I could not go there in peacewithout upsetting those who once pretended to become disciplesunder a discipline I founded as the Order. Both Shambhala andNew Eden lands were impractical, to me at least, and worse bygoing there, I became a participant in the money wastingdecision, I had been against, and now I was to be punished for athird bad decision in buying land they insisted on buying againstmy will... To top it, after their glowing description, I hadpublished the same in my journal, and I was blamed for spaceand support I gave to what I was not able to verify, due to myhandicap preventing the long hikes to see the lands.


 One of the former members, rather than repenting their dietviolations that give Vitalogical chastity, wrote me, “We all haveyour ideals, but Gods and Goddesses don’t need ‘The StrictestDiscipline on earth’. Discipline is for Sinners. As long as we arebuilding Paradises all over, why not let it stand at that?” To saythe least, such a concept of my teaching is COMPLETELYWRONG. Super-market builders in Loja called what they haddone “El Paraiso”, and many who oppose the VitalogicalSciences, are also building Paradises by planting nut groves, etc.

Gods and Goddesses are the Spiritually REBORN initiates,

without menses or seminal losses, living on living food, not fromhot soup pots, dead and seminal substances, cheese, and suchthings. “Whosoever is born a God, committeth not sin becausetheir SEED ABIDETH WITHIN THEM, and they cannot sinbecause they are born of God. In this the children of God andchildren of the Devil are distinguished.” (I-John 3:9) The wholeconcept of the Lovewisdom Message sets it apart from all otherteachers, and there are hundreds who have failed in ParadiseBuilding colonies of the past. My strict adherence to disciplinehas the objective of avoiding past errors, rather than repeat them,

as our expelled or former members insisted in repeating. None ofthose former members applied for studies to become InitiatesSpiritually, or got their Doctor of Vitalogical Sciences degree asthe INNER ORDINANCE or Rule of our Order requires, whichrequires living by strict dietetic rules and not having sexual





losses, writing theses showing complete understanding andmastery of these principles. Unless one is Spiritually gifted,

Spiritually Entranced in this work, it is difficult or impossible, sowhy pretend you are a member of the Heavenly Hierarchy, Gods,

etc. The Spiritual or White Brotherhood or Order of Gurusguiding mankind are not just weak-willed folk seeking refugefrom civilization, so why join us. If you are capable, you are aPROVEN GURU and are able to live up to the Rule, and detestand abhor living the wrong way so much that our Yoga or “Yokeis sweet and burden light”.


 The PRISTINE ORDER OF PARADISIAN PERFECION areGods and Goddesses living at our “Camp of the Saints” in theStrictest Discipline on earth, guiding the Destiny of mankind.

Unless one conquers lower appetites, desires, craving in self, itcannot do anything for others, guide them, or Save or Rescueman from his present dilemma.


 The SECONDARY ORDER OF THIS PARADISIANPERFECTION are individuals living the Strictest Discipline alonelike hermits in their own Paradisian Retreats.


 The TERTIARY ORDER OF THIS PARADISIANPERFECTION are those who started wrong getting married,

raising children, etc. but repent and now live up to our StrictestDiscipline. Needless to say, the Pristine Order living under thefounder’s direction has its Inner Rule and government approvedStatutes authorizing the Inner Ordinance, the VitalogicalSciences, and teachings of the Founder. The sponsors of theOrder, students and subscribers to publications are not whodetermine the Strictest Discipline, and donors and candidates inno way oblige the Order to care for them, but are here on trial.

We are not an Asylum for the Homeless and Refugees. We havearranged for the establishment of the LOVEWISDOMFOUNDATION in the U.S.A. where our books and teachings,

beside our journal shall be published and distributed in thefuture. This will involve world-wide publicity, T.V., etc. all ofwhich does not help in ridding the evils of civilization, trying toestablish the example. Thus, we must become, as we preach, anESOTERIC SANCTUARY where only the Elect shall be invited.

Possibly in the next few journals you shall be given the addressand instructions. Henceforth subscriptions and books will bemailed by the Foundation, and centers which publish ourteachings in other nations and languages in Sweden, France,







England, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Canada, etc. as in the past.

We will no longer attend to letters coming here with a notesaying, “Please send us all the Free Information you haveavailable”. We have data from the past, out-dated and a dollar isnot enough postage to mail it. Only students having completedcourses of study and who live by our discipline will be invited tothe Inner Esoteric Sanctuary, and this present location will beanother error we preach against making.




 “Maha” is Great or High, “Maitreya” refers to the Super-

Conscious Illumination or aspects of the New Age LovewisdomMessage of the Avatar, Buddha and Christ, and “Yana” is theVehicle or School supporting same. “Mandala is the Circle orCenter, which altogether connotes “NEW AGE WORLDSPIRITUAL CENTER”, since the Great White Brotherhood,

Lodge and Order was transferred from Tibet to the High Andes,

where we speak of it as the Higher Heavenly Hierarchy.


 In 1942, the arrival of the New Age and activities of the Great


White Brotherhood in the Andes was published in books fromColumbia - Chile in the Andes: (1) “Factores y Beneficios de laIniciacion Espiritual por El Tibetano, Maestro K.H. Pr. O.M.

Chenrezi Lind (Bogota) (2) “Plan Evolutivo del Mundo”, porSamariter, Orden Samaritana Internacional, Casilla 1763, Santiagode Chile. “Samariter” is the pen-name of Martin Slotosch Loth,

who brought the Samaritan Order to the Andes of Chile fromGermany and seems to be who translated “El Evangelio de laSalud de San Juan” (Healing God Spell of Saint John) intoSpanish, just as Emil Mogner has been accused of the Germantranslation made in 1899 from the Aramaic Original, since theOrder officially holds these matters confidential. (3) TheAmerican Weekly published the version of Lamas, etc. in theAndes, the Father of the New Race and Age, etc. 1942 to 1944, butdistorted. In the Spiritual Initiation of Lovewisdom, in the“Maitreya” book you may have wondered about the propheticsymbol of the PUMA, the Mountain Lion of the High Andes,

known also as the Panther or cougar in the U.S., being a lionwithout the mane of the species living in Asia and Africa. Leo, orLion is the Lovewisdom initiatic symbol as well as that of theLiving Buddha (Kut Humi LAL SINGH), the above sketch givinga view of our Esoteric Sanctuary terrain, a lion of Asia





(with mane like (J.L.) with a Paradisian companion approachingin the background, but pumas and poisonous serpents are whomwe choose to live with. You may have heard about recent nuclearbomb tests at Lop Nor and former Eastern Esoteric Sanctuarysites of the White Brotherhood, Lodge and Order, but now in theHigh Andes our Esoteric site is within the 50 kilometer borderarea north from Peru where only Ecuadorian citizens can reside.

This will avoid Yanquis with their dollar and “free” conceptsmoving in on us. In no way can people pretend to join, until theyare familiar with life in Ecuador, beside becoming initiated in theVitalogical Sciences by thesis and experiences living in theStrictest Discipline.


 The higher reaches of the river valley contain hidden hollows2,000 to 2,500 m. of sites unseen by man due to rugged terrain ofjagged peaks reaching 3,000 meters at most, being ideal fororchards of groups of trees of subtropic and temperate warmregions, dry and windy. Then there is an abrupt drop of the riverstream over falls levelling out to 1,500 meters (lower than ourplace at Sukhavata) with dry, sunny climate that takes awaygloom and shadows of cloudy or humid opposites. The soil issandy and stony insuring mineral richness and aeration of theroots that fruit trees prefer. Former inhabitants left silentreminders of rock wall fences still intact, avocado trees thatyielded 10,000 per crop whose giant trees we will be partaking of,

beside cherimoyas, guavas, rose apples, oranges, limes, lugmasapotes and other goodies turning up with each exploration by afaithful Scribe of our Order. Buddha received Enlightenmentsitting under a “ficus religiosa” or Bodhi Tree and the climate isideal for figs, beside grapes and dry Calif. climate fruits.


Plans are being drafted for a Scriptorium or Library forthousands of rare books we have collected for the Archives,

where the Masters of Wisdom may concur, study, write andprepare manuscripts to be distributed to centers publishing ourworks around the globe for guidance of mankind in the NewAge. Basically, the location answers our needs of Sanctuary,

without attending to novices who complain about the StrictestDiscipline, having the needed atmosphere for SpiritualEntrancement for Disciples who find Godly goals and SupremeJoy living the Perfect Way.





 “First will begin an unprecedented war of all nations (WorldWar I, II). Afterwards brother shall rise against brother, oceans ofblood shall flow (as witnessed in present civil terrorism). Only afew years shall lapse before everyone shall hear the mightystamps of the Lord of the New Era, Maitreya. The Banner ofShamballa (Camp of the Saints) shall encircle the Central Lands(Ecuador) of the Blessed One, “wrote Guru Avananda. Mdme.

Blavatsky added that after North America is destroyed byearthquakes and “volcanic” (nuclear blast) fire, the New Race, the7th Race will appear on the 7th Continent, South America,

characterized by a complete clairvoyant development.


 “In the Era of Maitreya, the World Teacher,- Now,- flowersshall bloom in profusion and out of season and women shallwear them. Music and dance of South America shall becomepredominant. The country named Ecuador S.A. will become theSPIRITUAL CENTER, the Tibet of the West, after Maitreya theWorld Teacher has established himself over all the Earth underthe Banner of Maitreya,- which is Truth and Justice for allEarthlings. OM MANI PADME HUM.” The Red Lama (SungmaOracle) copyrighted this in his ETERNAL FOUNTAIN in 1947,

while I was in my Temple of Metta-Aum Initiation, at LakeQuilotoa, having been guided to it by a vision of a natural templeof a lake within a mountain peak with the Ogdoad Symbol:

which the Red Lama commented saying “The Cathedral ofNature is the True Church for man, and the human body is theTemple of Divine Universal Spirit.” The Founder of Theosophy,

Mdme. Blavatsky, described SHAMBHALA as a mysterious placedue to Prophetic Events. It is mentioned in the Puranas as wherethe Kalki Avatar will appear. The Kalki Avatar is the last ofManvantaric incarnations of Vishnu. He is the MAITREYABuddha of Buddhists and Soshish, the Savior of the ZoroastrianParsis, but of whatever religion, he returns on a white horse, etc.

is the Word of God, the HEALER (Jesus) of Nations comes callingall those cleansed with blood-juice of Paradisian fruits (Vitalogy!)


 In his Wesak Message of 1942, Master Kut Humi Lal Singh,

Prince O.M. Cherenzi Lind, the Tashi Lama which H.P.B. (Mdme.

Blavatsky) credits as the Head of the GREAT WHITEBROTHERHOOD, since he created the office of Daila Lama whoattends to outer political affairs,-- announced the beginning ofthe New Aquarian Age, the Spiritual (Bodha) Renaissance, and





coinciding with my Day of Spiritual Birth, Dec. 13th, 1942. Sotogether with the Sungma Red Lama, they jointly declared unityin Spirit behind the Advent and Banner of Lovewisdom, theWestern translation of Maitreya Buddha. It should be explainedthat Kut Humi is the Master of the Hyperborean Race (namehistorically given to the Finnic Race) in relation to the 2nd Ray,

which is that of LOVE-WISDOM, according to Archives of oldH.P.B. quotes. Also, K.H. personal stationary (in our archives)

gives the Flag or Banner of Love-Wisdom, as that of the SpiritualGrand Lodge and Eternal Orient (meaning of Great WhiteBrotherhood), with an embossed seal showing his identity as“Tashi Hutulktu Kwang Hsih” and signature of Prince O.M.

Cherenzi Lind in America and “Schernrezig-Lind in Europe,-

Tibetan being impossible to translate. Tashi Hutulktu is the TashiLama, while “CHENREZI”, said to be the Celestial Son ofAmitabaha which both refer to incarnations of the Logos,

equivalent of the Patriarch Archbishop, Pope, etc. being the HeadVicarage of Christ Incarnate in Christian terms of the West.

Combined Eastern Christians and Buddhists established theLama Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood. “KWAN HSIH”

of the Tashi Lama refers to the Prince of Ch’an office, head of theLargest Buddhist Denomination, located at Ch’An Cheng Lob,

Tiwa, Sin-Kiang, Northern Tibet, and is the Chinese Buddhistterm for logos Incarnate in Male Principle. Kwan Yin is the LogosIncarnate in female principle, which Anagarika Nirgidma King,

used in her published works as President of the Bodha Society ofAmerica Inc., or Violet Blossom Reed who “mothered” me in theMaitreyana Initiations. Thus, the Kwan Shi Yin and Kwan Yin,

are given the equivalent of “CHRISTOS-SOPHIA” in ChristianGnostic terminology by H.P.B., explaining to our readers how itrelates to our group. Both the letters of Pr. Chenrezi and VioletBlossom refer to myself as their Spiritual Son and their DearDisciple as well as Cosmic Brother, which accounts for so muchcriticism my early writings offer my Teachers because of theInner Wisdom nature, and not knowing the meaning of titles andnames given to the High Initiations I received living as a Hermit,

oblivious to the prophetic mission they prepared for theLovewisdom Message spiritually. Their guidance was precededby the Universal Spiritual Union and the Great UniversalSpiritual Brotherhood (Maha Bodha Mandala) started in 1913 thatbegan the largest Buddhist Movement in history, claiming 800million. (When training as Maitreya)







“Only Living Food Gives Life and Joy of Living!” “The God-

Endowed” (The 1976 version had a drawing of John with elevenstars around his head, with the above captions.)


 “The Healing God Spell of St. John” of the Samaritans,

Gnostics or Primitive Christians of St. John, originating in theEssene Order of Mt. Carmel, had been intended for the Healingof the physical body, but there was more, a Spiritual or Meta-

physical Healing Scripture and doctrine also, in the teachings ofthe illumined John. Combining The Healing God Spell with the“GOLDEN TEXT OF THE HOLY GRAIL”, presented in the book“NEW LIGHT IN AN OLD LANTERN”, gives one an all-sidedview of Salvation in the New Spiritual Age thru Regeneration.

Today’s Holy Bible hardly does any of that: The first chapters tellabout the Pristine order of Paradisian Perfection as a foundation,

but from there on, with the descent of the human race into sin,

the Scriptures become confused, and the Truth lumbers under theburden of ignorance. We have sought to dedicate much of thiswork to purging and removing the undesired physical weightgained by ignorance, and likewise the mental problemsconcerning the Scriptures and their authors, but now we wouldlike to give a foretaste of Spiritual Insight into Illumination in theteachings of John.




as rendered by Joseph C. Bonner (1900-1963)


John 1: The Principle is Activity in your Immortal Spirit. TheActive Principle is adnate to the Deity, which is the One EternalPrinciple. It is the First Emanation of the God-head. All thingsare manifest by IT, and not one thing exists without IT. IT is theLIFE and the LIGHT of all Mankind. Altho this Immortal Light isaglow within the Unenlightened yet they fail to realize it. Thereappeared a Celestial Being, an Emanation of Deity, called theGod-Endowed (Yohanan, John). This one made himself manifestto testify to the existence of Immortality in order that others, byhis act, might know. He was not the Active Principle, butappeared only to bear witness of emanating Embodied Light.

This is the True Light which, when united with a mortal,

enlightens that sentient being. It is already within our “littleworld” (microcosmos) for thru IT the individual evolves, while





the “worldly” know not why. IT is bound up in the “I”, yet theindividual fails to realize “I” from “IT”, but to those who do, ITgives to them the Power TO BE; “Reborn” as children of Deity,

those who know they are--something more than just a personphysically, born of carnal desire by the will of man, -- a DivineBeing. When the Divinity becomes activated within us, we canbehold IT’S Radiation, emanating from incarnate beings whohave become “reborn”,- One with the Father,- consumed with theOneness of Reality. Because of its universality all can partake ofthis “Eternal Gift”, instead of “Temporal Gifts”. Natural Law istaught by every Liberated One, but Godliness, in fact is attainedonly thru Union with “+” (the Immortal Divine Spirit), yourIlluminator. No one can see Deity, the Un-manifest, ever! Onlythe Shining One, the First Emanation of the God-head, isrevealed. Such is the testimony of THE GOD-ENDOWED, John.




Brother Bonner further comments: “The God-Endowed(Yohanan) broke thru the veil of illusion and became conscious ofthe Divine World as any mortal in any age can. He repudiatedthe false teachings that it is gained in some after life when oneloses his outer vesture. No Messiah, or Maitreya, will ever freemankind. (Luke 22:45) Yeshu went up the mountain (ofconsciousness) and meditated deeply until he obtained Unionwith Divinity, the Spiritual part of soul (nous), freeing him fromNaphesh, the animal or desire part of the soul.” Christ is thename of “+”.




 While helplessly meandering about this spiritless wilderness,

the WORD of Deity manifest itself to one who became God-

Endowed, making him a son of the “Father of Waters”. After thatthe God-Endowed came out of the wilderness and went along theshores of the Jordan proclaiming his Lustration and Reformation,

misconceptions having been wiped away, and all his doctrinewas: “Change your view”. The Divine Theocracy is here, -- Now!

People came from the surrounding countryside, even the SacredCity, to hear him reveal “the Well” in their midst that turns oneaway from all wrong action into the Way of Peace. The God-

Endowed wore the cherished garb of a Patriarch, cloaked abouthis hairy body with (a hemp rope) apron fastened about hiswaist, and his food was what this wilderness yielded. As the





people were taught to await a Divine Incarnation, they wonderedabout this God-Endowed (John), whether or not he was the“Expected” (Messiah, Meshaykah in Aramaic; Maitreya inSanskrit). Ultimately the Ecclesiastical Court, hearing of this Seer-

Evangelist, sent their priests and elders from the Sacred City tointerrogate him. When he observed those Tsadukim (Sadducees)

ritualists decrying him for teaching the Divine Lustration, “Youcult of Serpent - charmers!” he cried, “Who forewarned you toflee from the retributive force of your Karmic acts? The Reapersscythe even now is striking at the root of your ‘Trees’, like anyother tree that does not bring forth its fruit is cut down forfirewood. You had better mature that spiritual fruit, which givesone the right to wear religious garb and expect no immunity bysupposing that A - BRAHAM will Father you, for let me tell youthat the ‘ALL-Father’ is able to raise up from these Arabians, sonswith a holiness greater than yours!” “Who are you”, theyretorted, “The Expected?” Emphatically he denied it, “I amNOT!” “Then who are you, - Elijah?” “No!” he replied. “Thenwho are you?” they insisted, “Give us an answer that we candeliver to those who sent us. Whom do you consider yourself tobe?” “Tell them,” he replied, “I AM THAT,-- which is written inthe book of Spiritual Vision (Isaiah): “A Voice calling from out ofthe Silence: prepare to meet thy Beloved! Be found worthy of thatExultant Life. Raise up that which is in the low place! Drawdown that which is on high. Then your obstacle is removed andthe hard sought goal is won. Let everyone unite with their‘Beloved’! Bring forth the Shining One for all mankind to see thyImmortal Spirit made manifest!” Those sent to interrogate himsaid, “If you are neither the ‘Expected’, nor a God-Incarnate(Elijah) nor that Foreteller, why do you perform the SprinklingRite?” The God-Endowed replied, “I lustrate them to the GreatWaters about them for a ‘Change of Mind’ then, following this,

there comes a mightier consciousness far superior, which even Ihave not become like-minded enough to grasp the many ways ofhis Wisdom. It is He who will lustrate you with the sacred firefrom the holy fire of the Holy Spirit. This Fan-Bearer winnowsthe chaff from the wheat to gather the kernel On High while thehusks are consumed by His Fire.” The Commoners that hadgathered were now astir asking, “What shall we do?” “You have‘two coverings’, he replied, “unburden yourself of one! And,

whoever has Spiritual Bread, share it with others! The men of





Learning and the orthodox religionists officially occupy theChair of the Law-giver (Moses). Therefore, give heed andpractice whatever precepts they tell you, but do not match yourconduct with their actions for they only preach what theypractice. Besides, they think up heavy unportable burdens foryou to shoulder which they could not so much as stagger aboutwith, themselves. They only flaunt gaudy amulets and add extratassels to their robes. All their religious performances are only tocreate a spectacular effect. They insist on being seated at the headcouch at festive meals and the highest ranking seats at theAssemblies. To be made obeisance to publicly in the market placeand addressed as “RAV” (Teacher). Never call them Rav for onlythe EXPECTED (Messiah) is your teacher, and call no earthlyman “Father”, for you have only one who dwells on High and allof you are His children. Let me tell you, unless your Virtuegreatly exceeds that of the learned and the religionists, you willnever attain to the Realm of the Divine.” Others sought hisLustrations but being merchants, asked, “What must we do?”

“Charge no more than what is just,” he replied, “And do notaccumulate earthly treasure for yourselves, which moths andcorrosion destroy, or for thieves to steal. Sell your surpluswithout regret and provide yourselves with the purse that neverwears out. Possess the Heavenly Treasure that is endless whereno thief can venture and no moth can ruin, for whatever treasureyou have, your consciousness will be dwelling upon it.


 Be not anxious about Life, what you will eat and what youwill clothe yourself with. Is not Life more important than food,

or the body more than raiment? Look in the air at the featheredbirds. They neither sow nor reap nor store up food because yourFather on High feeds them. Are you not more superior thanbirds? Tell me, which of you by holding a thought can add onecubit to your stature? If you have not even power to do that, whybe anxious about other matters. Consider how the desert liliesgrow, they neither weave nor spin. Yet I say to you not even“Solomon” clothed with all His Radiance is to be compared withthese. Therefore, if The Unspeakable can clothe the fields withherbage one day, only to be used to fire the bake-oven tomorrow,

will he not clothe you much more? You faithless! So stop beingconcerned about “What should I eat”, or “What should I wear”.

That is all that worldly people are interested in. The KNOWERon High knows what you need. Therefore just seek the Divine





Realm, and everything will come to you. So stop taking thoughtabout tomorrow for it will bring its own anxieties. Each daybrings its own trouble.


 Those called to duty as soldiers asked, “What are we to do?”.

“The virtue of a law-enforcement officer is to be manly, therefore,

do not spy or falsely accuse others with threats or violence toextort, but be content with your pay.” He continued to addressthe postulants with many other admonitions. All this occurred atthe place of affiliation (Bethany) beside the Jordan where theGod-Endowed was lustrating. (The Aramaic word for baptizingmeans lustrating, since the Initiator ‘Baptist’ did not dip withwater, but his disciples did, which shows how words of doublemeaning were used to create N.T. Bible allegories.)




 He went out from there, accompanied by his companions,

and came to his native village where he had been reared. On theRest Day he entered the Temple of the Nazoreans, and, as it is thecustom, went up to the reading stand whereupon the God-Freedwas handed the Scroll of Spiritual Vision (Isaiah) unrolled at theplace for that day’s reading.


 He began: “The Breath of The Unspeakable is upon me.

Because of this I AM ANOINTED and now commissioned: ToHerald the Message of The Divine to those who have it not; Toarouse their slumbering spirit; To reveal the Way ofEmancipation to the enmeshed soul by restoring sight to theSpiritual Eye! To Liberate one from the adverse nature and toproclaim that the appointed time to BE,- is NOW!” Then furlingthe Scroll, handed it back to the attendant, and, as he returned tohis seat every eye in the Temple stared at him for he said:

“Today’s Scripture reading which you have just heard,- has cometo pass in me!”




 The custodians of the “Healing God Spell of Saint John” havesaid that in the New Age, this text will complement the Study ofthe Holy Bible. However, not only do we need the help of the“Healing God Spell” but the Holy Bible itself contains so manychanges and additions that to be able to read and understand itas Primitive Christians of the first three centuries did, manymisconceptions must be clarified.


 The Holy Bible is composed of the “Old Covenant”

(Testament) and the “New Covenant” which is really Covenant





Anew, or “Ancient Restored Teachings”. Basically, both the“Covenants” refer to the “BIBLE OF THE WISE MEN FROM THEEAST” (or India), referred to as the “NIVIHIM” or “TheProphets”, which were not mere Seers, but rather “SpirituallyIllumined” since they were Buddhist Yogis. They dared to teachopenly the true or “orthodox” doctrine of Spiritual Illuminationmeaning Buddhahood. ”The members of this school vigorouslyrepudiated the emptiness of blind formulisms and the goryritualisms performed upon altars in Temples. They preached thatthe useless slaughter of lambs, doves and other animals was avain sacrifice. This school, which Jesus (God-Freed) typifieswhen he denounced the Rabins and their Levites (Priests) formaking great emphasis of trivial things, such as the washing ofhands, fasting and ceremonial acts, for maintaining commerceeven on the very steps of the temples selling doves, incense,

candles, lucky tokens and other religious merchandise,- whilemisleading the people by withholding the real spiritual meaningsof the Doctrine,” as quoted from “NEW LIGHT IN AN OLDLANTERN” by Joseph Bonner.


 This “Bible of the Wise Men”, the Initiated or Illumined is theGnostic Spiritual Doctrine of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD,

Lodge (Ekklesia or Church), and most fully revealed in theEssene Order and Colleges of Mt. Carmel, which used the text“Initiation of Ioanaes” (John), meaning of Apocalypse, which isnot open to public circulation, like the rest of the PeshittaAramaic Bible. These were the White Friar Carmelites, known inthe O.T. as the “Sons of the Prophets” or NIVIHIM who receivedthe White Mantle of Elias (Elijah) apostolically thru Initiations ofInitiates. The Illumined Gnostic Mani, not only established theDoctrine thru-out Persia, but went with the earliest recordedmissionaries to Northern Tibet (Turfan Turkistan) establishingEsoteric Doctrine in 272 A.D., enabling the largest Center ofMahayana Buddhism, or Ch’An to later get dominion in the 8thcentury, or the White Lotus Order of Gurus, etc.


 The books of the Holy Bible were given strange untranslatednames, which told their significance, but eventually these nameswere no longer associated with Spiritual Initiations or Teachings,

and supposed to be naming NON-EXISTING PROPHETS or theirScriptures. Here is their meaning: FIRST BIBLE (Book of God)

consisted of:


 (1) GENESIS, The Origin or Principle; (2) EXODUS, The Way





out or The Name: (3) LEVITICUS, Priests or God Spoke; (4)

NUMBERS, A District or In The Desert; (5) DEUTERONOMY,

The Second Law or The Word (s). This is the TORAH, or The 5Books of the Law or Doctrine, or orthodox Israelites.


 THE MEGILLOTH means Rolls, referring to Legends, read atfestivals: (1) Song of Solomon, or Bride and Bridegroom of NewTestament; (2) RUTH, or Spiritual Love, human seeking theDivine; (3) LAMENTATIONS, The Mourning of burning of theTemple and City of Jerusalem 50 B.C.; (4) ECCLESIASTES,

Preacher, or Oration read at the feast of Tabernacles; (5) ESTHER(Astar) Name of a star, Venus and Myrtle, relating to the Persianera. Purim feast.




 (1) JOSHUA, Iesus (Jesus) or God Freed (Savior); (2) JUDGES,

Deliverers, Book of Guides of Mankind, High Bishops; (3)

SAMUEL I-II, or Books of the Heavenly Kingdom of God, andKingdom of Judgement, which are completed with the Kingdomof the Beloved, and the Kingdom of Peace, called (4) KINGS I - ,


Book of Spiritual Vision (not the name of any Prophet), (6)

JEREMIA, The God Exalted or only “Book of Prophecy” in theBible; (7) EZEKIEL, Revelation or Unfoldment; (8) MINORPROPHETS: Hosea (Help of God), Joel (Almighty) Amos (PackCarrier), Obadiah (God’s Laborer), Jonah (God’s Spirit), Micah(Who is like God), Hahum (Comforter), Habakkuk (Love’sEmbrace), Zephaniah (Mystery of God), Haggai (Festival),

Zachariah (Remembered of God), Malachi (God’s Divine), whichcompletes the BOOK OF INITIATED.


THIRD BOOK OF BIBLE or “Ketuvim”, Non-Canonical OtherWritings:


(1) Psalms (Hymns of Praises), (2) Proverbs (Maxims of thePeaceful. HEBREW APOCRYPHA: (1) JOB (The Accuser), (2)

DANIEL (Judge me, God), (3) EZRA-NEHEMIA (Divine Help) (4)

CHRONICLES (Diaries). This finishes the ancient traditions,

handed down thru Egypt and the Far East, telling of a Race ofGod-men, coming from the Paradise of the Wise Men, but laterdue to long winters the Patri-archos (Great Fathers) Nivihim,

Initiated Gnostics, Essenes, Yogis, Lamas, Magi, etc. wentunderground (Esoteric). The sons of the rulers of Palestine wentto Essene Schools, with John as was the case with Herod Antipas,





who secretly saved John-Jesus from death by beheading andcrucifixion, substituting others, to appease the anger of the Jews.




 Testimony of my Life, incarnate as St. John, if the reader maypardon my intimate feeling of oneness, was made by FlaviusJosephus in the year 53 A.D. when he became a disciple of Banus.

Banim means sons, and in the aforementioned “Golden Text” (p.

95), where it says “Sons (banim) with holiness greater thanyours” (translated incorrectly as “stones” in both Luke and Matt.

3:8-9), it refers to the All-Father as A-Brahm, of which are theAyran and Jewish people. Along with Philo of Alexandria whoheld that Essenes, Pythagoreans, Magi, Therapeuts, etc. weremissionary brethren with “Gymnosophists” from N.E. India(Buddhist Yogis or “naked philosophers”), the Ayrans, Egyptiansand Jews, all derive their legendary origin from Central North-

east Asia, born of God,- Brahman, altho the Lord was consideredtoo Sacred for mortals to name. Josephus invented the term“Jesus Christ”, as a Greek equivalent to Aramaic allegories, and“Banus” is evidently a Greek accommodation for “Sons of God”

or FIRST CHRISTIANS OF ST. JOHN. The “Sons of theResurrection” or “Sons of God” (Lk. 20:36), who neither marrynor father children, or Eunuchs, is the identical definition Yogisuse for Initiate disciples, “Brahma-charins”, of which John wasthe Illumined (Buddha) Messiah (Maitreya), and his GnosticChristians learned to turn the Jordan (Ganges) back to the sourceon the Holy Mount “Hermon” (Himalaya), and many otherallegorical legends,- used to tell of Kundalini Serpent Power,

Chakras, reincarnation, karma, and other Yoga teachings on the(+) Cross, Yoke or Union with Immortal God.


 Irenaeus held that “Jesus” was not “crucified” or dead, livingto an advanced age as John, as does the N.T., Koran, GnosticScriptures universally, just as in the N.T. he was accused of beingthe Resurrection of John, altho his disciples knew he wasAnointed Savior with Illumination. The Council of Nicea of 325established the doctrine that it was not Christian to say Jesus wasa mortal, died or was born, but an Immortal Son of God forever,

even if Josephus claimed he had lived with the same for 3 yearsin the wilderness, “The Letter killeth, only Spirit maketh live”.


 “The Golden Text”, originated in Hamadan, capital city ofMedia, India, held in veneration as the “Code of the Initiated”,





which was brought from Malabar to Antioch, Edessa, etc. and toEssene Colleges, and translated from Sanskrit into Syriac(Western Aramaic), the origin of our translations. I am able toaffirm all these things in this life, and so prove my identity withJohn, tracing the Spiritual Initiation in Illumination (Sambodhi,

Buddhahood) on the Jordan at Bethany to Yoga origins. Syria hadthe earliest branch church at Urfa (Edessa), so that from 45 A.D.

to 272, Christianity had its “First Christian State” or governmentof Christian Gnostic teachings, long before the Church wasorganized by Rome’s Emperors. The falsehood of Simon “Peter”

being the Rock or Cornerstone of the Christian Faith, is told by I-

Peter 2:7 writing from Babylon, refuting Papal claims Peter wentto Rome, just as Savior (John’s) rejection of Peter, as Satan, andrejected cornerstone (Matt. 16:23, 21:42). Peter was afraid to go tothe Crucifixion, meaning Exaltation in Aramaic, and was unableto give up body-consciousness (Simon, clay pot, not leper,

condition or consciousness). True Stone “A-banim” is a play ofwords with “banim”, Sons of God, which the Roman VulgateN.T. ignores. Only a purified diet of Living Water will explainwhy the Savior defended Mary who sat with him under the figtree in the Garden, at Bethany (house of Figs) when Marthascolded her for not serving guests of their brother Simon,- incooked clay consciousness, needing baked bread, rather thanliving bread (grapes, figs, etc.) which at the Lord’s Supper, theSavior said was his body and blood. The Roman Church acceptedby Emperors, sought every way possible to pervert the wholestory of the Illumined (Baptist - Buddha) sitting under the Bodhi(ficus religiosa, fig) tree of good fruit that blossomed inPalestine’s wilderness with the Messiah (Maitreya’s) Message,

encouraging non-violence, so they hid the word meanings withtown names, personal names and sacred words of censoredinterpretation and only gave the gory details of the unjustcrucifixion, rendering it into a mystery of living after dying onthe cross fulfilling Jewish doctrines of Salvation by “the blood ofthe lamb of God”, symbolic of giving one’s life to save others.

With such a message the New Testament became a tool forshaping young men’s minds into becoming willing loyal soldiersfor the Holy Roman Empire of the Papacy, later used by everyChristian military power, even to fight one another, or savepagan nations (like U.S. military gospel against draft-dodgers,

C.O.s and AWOLS). Unwittingly by hiding all the Aramaic





allegories and word plays, as well as many that remained inGreek versions even, Jerome’s Latin Vulgate thus favored thevulgar soldiering instinct of bestial men, with pagan mysteries ofdrinking the blood of Salvation in wine, battlefield strategy of theHindu Gita story of Krishna in the Aryan invasion of India andJewish invasion of Palestine as a “Promised Land”. Unless weunderstand that the Gymnosophists were Buddhist yogis, andthe White Brotherhood, Lodge (Ekklesia) and Order of Gurus inTibet and Himalayas, had the same origins as the Essenes,

Therapeuts, Pythagoreans and Magi, one can always be ledastray by doctrines against the GNOSTIC FIRST CHRISTIANSOF ST. JOHN, since both the Gita of Yogis like the Bible ofChristians embody vulgar teachings glorifying bloodshed, unlikethe pure doctrine of the Buddha which spread thru-out the worldwithout bloodshed.


 The Old Syriac text of the Ancient or Primitive GospelRestored is a translation of the original single Gospel in Sanskrit,

“KRISTNASANGITA” coming from Asiatic Christians of Indiawho took up the Yoke, Yoga or the Cross (+), which is the Greekletter (X) or “Christ” (christcross). The four gospels that followedthis Single Gospel introduced the Palestine scene and John, theIllumined Savior, eventually running riot with all kinds of namemeanings left untranslated giving contradictions and all mannerof miracles, which would embarrass sincere seekers of truth, soto prevent anyone from finding out, Roman Rulers destroyed allthe contrary evidence and censored what they could not hide.

This early text was used by earliest Mono-phytes, Jacobites,

Marcionites, etc. who denied the Savior was God made man,

named Jesus, of a human genealogy, instead holding that manmakes himself acceptable to God, as John preached on theJordan, and James, Bishop of Jerusalem. James is the Englishadaptation for Jacob, and Jacobite Mono-phytes, still teachingfrom their Peshitta Syriac N.T. Bible, at Antioch, (from whom theofficial charter of the Apostolic Gnostic Christians gainsverification), hold fast to the doctrine that Jesus Christ, God theFather and the Holy Spirit are all One Spirit, Light, or Essence,

not three, or a Trinity of Persons.


 James of Jerusalem, in his Protevangelion stated Zacharyknew Mary when the Savior was conceived, but when Mary wentto live with Joseph, James and his brothers became the brothersof the Savior, just as the Apostles James and John were sons of





God, the Bestower (Zebedee). The story of the Crucifixion was ofSimon Peter’s Gospel, giving the main part of the First completeGospel, along with parts from other Gospels and Epistles, whichthe Essene missionaries of Buddhist-Yoga assembled to form theessential doctrine of Kristna and Buddha combined, realized inJohn.


 Tatian of Samosata, born in the year 110, a disciple of Justin,

lived an ascetic life establishing the doctrine of Encrates or “Sonsof Resurrection” (Brahmachayra) and abstained from animalflesh. He is usually accused of being the author of the“Diatessaron”, the Single Gospel, by the Roman Church, sayinghe “combined the four into one simple text”, and just like theSingle Gospel’s origin being in India essentially, the Yoga-

Buddhist tenets adapted to Palestine scenes with John and hisapostles, soon incorporated it as local history forgetting theeastern source. Now, the missions at Malabar, India are regardedas branches of Antioch as the “source”, but the Hindus knowbetter. Harnack well established the facts that in Tatian’s timethere was no N.T. Canon, nor were texts regarded as inspired,

and that about 160, the Peshitta, the Greek text and Vetus Italica(old Latin) had appeared.


 The first of the Single Gospels to be translated from Syriac(Aramaic) into Greek was done by Marc John (Marcion), alongwith 10 of Paul’s Epistles. As a consequence, Marcion’s PrimitiveChrestians were found thru-out the whole world, Epiphanius,

and Jerome and Augustine regarded him as being a “Man ofLetters”, a bishop’s son. He said it was Paul’s Gospel obtainedwith the approval of James in Jerusalem, who with John’steaching, was the source. Later, Basilides, an Old Testamentscholar, used his knowledge representing the “Oracles ofMatthias (or Matthews) combining Gnostic allegories withHebrew prophecies and legend. Valentinus elaborated the mostRoman Catholic presentation of the Gnosis, involving Egyptianmysteries, adding the mystical Virgin Mary who gave birthwithout knowing man.


 It was Bardesanes (155-233) of the Valentine school, who wasbrought up by the Abgars, Kings of Edessa who established thefirst Christian State, mentioned above, acknowledging theGnostic Christians of St. John as the true Establisher ofChristianity, that published the Codex Nass-aryan more widely.





He studied in early Mahayana Buddhist Universities in India,

taught Natural Living basically, beside doctrines of SpiritualRebirth, Reincarnation, Karma, etc. He wrote “The Hymn of theRobe of Glory”, about his quest for Immortal Divine Wisdom (+)

whose source is the East. Like Buddha and John, he was educatedby Essenes with princes.


 Mani (216-275) was brought up by parents who were earlyfollowers of the Gnostic Christians of St. John, is the establisherof the FIRST UNIVERSAL (Catholic) CHURCH, and not only aZoroastrian scholar, but studied in Buddhist Universities in Indiaat the sources of Christian Gnostic doctrines. “In the years ofArdashir King of Persia, I grew up and reached maturity. TheLiving Paraclete came down to me and spoke to me. In the Houseof God there is nothing evil.” He taught “The Father of Greatnesscalled forth the Mother of Life, and the Mother of Life calledforth Primal Man. Primal Man armed himself with five gods orangels, angels of Sunlight, Breath of Life, Water, Fire and Air.

This Primal Man went forth from Paradise into the battlefield ofthe world, to preserve the Peace of the Realm of Light.” He thentells how the Avatars were sent out in different ages of Man,

“into India thru the apostle Buddha, into Persia thru the apostleZoroaster, into the land of the west thru the apostle of Jesus(Savior)”. He was against marriage to give birth to children. Onemust not commit suicide, build houses, destroy plants or animallife in Nature except vegetables used for food. Mani is derivedfrom Primal Man, Emanation of the Highest Godhead, the Christ,

Buddha, Ormuzd. His teaching established his teaching thru-outPersia, to India, to Turkestan (manuscripts found at Turfan,

Northern Tibet, Sin Kiang), to Egyptian schools, Rome and St.

Augustine once was a disciple even.


 We have also illustrated how jealous pretenders becamedisciples of the Illumined, hungering for truth, only to later seekpersonal glory, perverting the original teaching so radically thatemperors and even modern rulers could wage wars and commitall nature of sins in the old name of religion. We hope the personwho reads these Scriptures may find the True Immortal DivineSpirit within, yet invisible to the human eye, except in CreativeWorks of love and Wisdom. Likewise, I know from thousands ofhours, days and decades of study of all great Esoteric Scripturesand Holy Books, the beautiful meditations and contemplations ofImmortal Divine Spirit blossom in a fragrance that gives Delight





and Happiness forever. The Messiah or Expected One, isMaitreya now blossoming within the Heart of many of mydisciples. In the West and East the Sign or Mark of John is theGreek letter Christ, also meaning Anointed or Messiah of HolySpirit, which is universally a CROSS, (+), The Sweet and LightYoke of Yoga, ever reminding one in the simplest way ofIMMORTAL DIVINE SPIRIT that it stands for. THE HEALINGGOD SPELL OF THE GOD-ENDOWED means SpiritualEntrancement or UNFOLDMENT, the Peshitta description of“Gospel”, because it enables one to unfold like the petals of aROSE REVEALING THE WISDOM emanating the fragrance ofLOVE, The Tree Of Life (+) bearing spherical fruits of LivingWater...


 The Oldest Gospel in existence (Library of Congress, dated128 A.D.) of Marcion, or Mark (Marc-John) even in the later N.T.

version censored by Rome, reads: “There went out to him (John)

ALL THE COUNTRY OF JUDEA and all they of Jerusalem andwere baptized (illumined) by him on the Jordan, confessing theirsins,” showing that John was the leading religious Teacher of histime. Then, “After John was taken up, Jesus came into Galileepreaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and saying “theKingdom of God is at hand, do penance and believe in theGospel.” From this we see that as John had predicted, after hisSpiritual Illumination on the Jordan, the Holy Spirit of Godwould become fully manifest in his life, as John gave himselfcompletely to God, so the Savior (or “Jesus”) could completelymanifest in him, BORN AGAIN and ANOINTED (or “Christ”) ofthe Holy Spirit (The Comforter, Gnosis in Greek and beingManaen in Aramaic). The Roman Church Fathers selected onlythe corrupted versions, suspicious of Essenes originating in theOrient, causing emphasis of “Massacre of Innocents”, whenpeople were searched to locate John, escorting him to study withchildren of the rulers, thus becoming “foster brother of Herod,

the tetrarch,” at the Essene College of Mt. Carmel;- Similarly, thebeheading and crucifixion stories were created in common gossipof profane public, conditioned by the bloody sacrificesencouraged by Jewish ritual killing, in conscience-tormentedfeeling as to Buddhist-Essene abstinence from bloodshed. Peoplelove such illusion.


 In “The Works of Josephus”, he is among the royaltystudying with the Essenes, we find: “The Essenes (meaning





Saviors or Healers) also, as we call a sect of the samekind of life as whom the Greeks call Pythagoreans...Herod had


these Essenes in such honor and thought higher of them thantheir mortal nature required. Now there was one of theseEssenes, whose name was MANAHEM (Manaen in Aramaicmeaning Gnostic knower of the Spirit of God), who hadforeknowledge of future events given him by God. When Herodwas a child going to school, he saluted Herod as the King of theJews...Manahem clapped him on the back, saying, “Thou wilt beKing, and wilt begin thy reign happily for God finds thee worthyof it, and remember the blows that Manahem hath given thee asbeing a signal of change of thy fortune...Thou wilt excel all menin happiness, obtain everlasting reputation, but wilt forget pietyand righteousness and crimes will not be concealed from God,

and he will punish thee for them”...Now some of the Jewsthought the destruction of Herod’s army came from thepunishment of what he did against John called the Baptist, forHerod slew him who was a “Chrestus (Good man inGreek)...Pilate made a canal to bring water to Jerusalem, andthere “was about this time, a teacher...He was the Christus(Anointed in Gk. phonetically the same as Chrestus), and whenPilate...had condemned him to the cross, those who love him didnot forsake him and he appeared to them the third day...Jesus(Savior), a wise man (Gnostic) for he was a doer of wonderfulworks...Judas who caused the people to revolt when Cyreniuscame to take an account of the estates of the Jews...The names ofhis sons were James and Simon, whom Alexander commanded tobe crucified....A certain magician (Magi), whose name wasTheudas, who persuaded a great pact of people to takebelongings and follow him to the Jordan for he told them he wasa prophet and he would by his own command divide the riversand afford easy passage over it. Fadus (procurator of Judea) didnot permit it, slew many, took Theudas alive and cut off his headand carried it to Jerusalem. (When Albinus was procurator) “heassembled the Sanhedrin, and brought before them the brother ofJesus (Savior) who was called Christus (Anointed of Spirit),

whose name was James, and some companions and when he hadformed an accusation against James, and some companions andwhen he had formed an accusation against them as breakers ofthe Law and delivered them to be stoned...There was a man whofalsely pretended, on account of the resemblances of their





countenances, that he was that Alexander who was slain byHerod. He got a great deal of money,...was carried in a sedan,

maintaining a royal attendance,...and received more presents inevery city than ever Alexander did when he was alive. Cesarlaughed at the contrivance...but put him to death.” All this wequote from Josephus written 93 A.D. What caused Simon ofGalilee to be crucified, in place of the Anointed Savior John(resurrected) was Josephus’s testimony that he was a Zealot, andin the N.T. he used his sword to attack the soldier who came toescort Jesus away...really to royal protection. Thus the N.T. Biblestates Simon of Cyrenius time or incident took the Savior’s place,

carrying the cross and being crucified, because in his Galileanresemblance and dialect he was identical to that of the Savior (orJohn). A similar earlier incident of the carrying of the head of awonder-worker of the man on the Jordan river to Jerusalem,

clearly explains how confusion in tales arose, especiallyencouraging Herod to enact the crucifixion and resurrection,

theatrically dramatized about Alexander, in order to save John.


 Also, it helped appease the rioting mobs of Jewish orthodoxy,

who could only be pacified seeing bloodshed, jealous of thepower of these Oriental wise men, “Prophets”, Essenes, etc. TheCrucifixion of Simon of Galilee fulfilled the Sacrificial “Lamb ofGod” tradition and prophecies, to enhance John’s repeated“resurrections” prestige, and it saved the honor and sacred vowenjoined by Essenes to whom he owed all his good fortune andhappiness. We have told you how Herod, Pilate, beside Josephusand Philo, contemporaries to John, from birth to Hadrian’s rule(130 A.D.) all greatly honored the Gnostic Essene Savior, neverrevealing his whereabouts, but secretly “sub rosa” (Latin foresoterically,- “under the rose”) concealing the mystery of thecross of Eastern origin. Both Herod and Pilate were reminded oftheir sacred Fraternal vows and made the most of the occasion tofrustrate the Jewish sacerdotal opposition,-- mocking their ritualsand traditions by a circus of Satire complying with the ridiculousdemands,- as ever escorting John to a new territory to appearagain spreading his Teachings thru-out the Near East.


 Remember that Essenes means Healers or (life) Saviors,

coming from the same root as “Jesus”, or Savior (any oneEssene), applying especially to John, as well as the Anointed ofHoly Spirit title “Christ”, (+) Immortal Divine Spirit. Now,

reading Luke 1:78 (Rheims version), “The Orient from on High





hath visited us”, which for a version for Jews would bedistasteful, so Matthews 1:23, he is called “Manuel” or God withus. In Samaria, John was known as the Comforter, Manaen (orGnosis, Gnostic in Greek) with “Manaendros” (Gnostic-Man), asthe Roman Church liked to pin on him, along with Simon Maguswhom Rome stole their doctrines from under the title of Paul (A-

Paulo, Apollo meaning “Sun” like Simon). In Antioch God withus, “Manuel”, was briefly “Manaen, foster brother of Herod”, inEssene form, while in Ephesius “Merinthus” (Cerinthus) writesthe Revelations of Apostle John. Since the Gospel of John is onlypart of John’s story, it could be that “+ John”, Mark John or Marc-

ion, being an Essene Bishop’s son, too, like John (God-Endowed),

son of bishop Zebedee’s and Zacharias’ son (Bestower ofApostolic Essene lineage), is the continuance of John tillHadrian’s time, writing his 128 A.D. clue translation in Greek,

that completes a Gnostic N.T. Gospel of St. John,- altho notpersonally, since Marcion differs from John in points as did Paul(Simon), altho writing under John’s seal of the + (Christ).


 The Gospel warned that he who lived by the sword shall dieby the sword, even John’s mercy being unable to save Simon ofGalilee, who was symbolically substituted for compliance withthe Sacrificial Lamb myth of the deluded priests,- the founder ofGnostic Christians, Nass-Aryans or Mandaeans, Manaen beingsaved eternally. John, Savior Anointed in Holy Spirit “Manaen”,

had no fear, knowing his Immortal Karma, generated in Esseneschool days where he was trained along with Herod, beside theadmiration Pilate had for the Essenes, made the occasion acelebration of millennial Rosicrucian mystery, now longforgotten due to man’s profane mind choosing to dwell in a gory“historicity” of Crucifixion, not EXALTATION to Glory in God.

As the Immortal Divine Spirit, +, unfolds, blossoming “sub rosa”

in Esoteric Wisdom, we become aware only of Everlasting Life inPeace and Rejoicing of Spirit, Fearless Like Manaen, theComforter. (The Essenes, Esoteric Rosy Cross, WhiteBrotherhood, August Order of Living Immortals shall be tracedin my coming volume of the Autobiography “MAITREYA” to theorigins of the Paradisian Hyperboreans in Asia).







 In the life of Gautama there came a time when sitting under a fig tree, he received TrueInsight, became Enlightened attaining to Sambodhi, and thus, became a Buddha. When hisformer followers conspired not to honor him because he violated his former first vow, givingup his ascetical practices, calling him Gautama after his family name, he replied, “Call me notafter my private name for that is rude and careless in the way of addressing an Arhat. TheBuddhas bring Salvation to the world and therefore they ought to be treated with respect aschildren treat their father.” “He who looks for me, the true Tathagatha, in any material form,

or sees me thru any audible sound, that man has entered an erroneous path” (Vajracchedika).

“Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are not enlightened by fixed teachings, but by an intuitionalprocess that is both spontaneous and natural” (Diamond Sutra). “Know, therefore ohBrahman, that I am the Buddha”. There is no guilt in names, if one has an unknown way ofSalvation, not a rehash or new arrangement, really worthy of them.


 Buddha prophesied that 500 years after him another Buddha would appear. At the start ofthe Christian era, John the Establisher, Initiator (meaning of “Baptist” in Aramaic) foundedChristianity. John’s Gospel tells us, “There was a man sent from God whose name WAS John.”

But after John had gone to baptize or initiate disciples on the Jordan with a bathing ritual, hesaw a dove rest peacefully on his head or his shoulder one day, experiencing such exaltationand illumination that he gave testimony that “I saw the Spirit coming down as a dove fromheaven” that Spirit remained on him, Spiritually Anointed. Hence he gathered followers whobelieved he was the Anointed Savior, “Jesus Christ” in the Greek form, completely reborn asGod’s Spirit of Salvation. This eccentricity caused friends, relatives and followers to beconcerned and thus came the rumor that John had lost his head, and disputing of formerfollowers, who claimed he had a messiah-complex, and those who could accept that he was theprophesied Messiah. Those who knew him as born of the flesh, argued with those whobelieved in the Faith of the Spirit, that he was really reborn of Spirit. As the son of Zachary, theHigh Priest who knew Mary while she was betrothed to Joseph (as the Protevangelionconfirms, altho Roman Church versions add genealogies absent in Aramaic mss.), John hadthe priestly authority to preach, as well as to cast out the Temple-of-Jerusalem sacrificial flesh-

mongers and money-changers saying, “Make not the house of my father a house of traffic.”

By his own intuition, he became the Anointed Savior, beside being able to prove his ApostolicSuccession by legal rights, like Sakyamuni Gautama, royal also in Buddhahood. Johnattributed all works to God, and his Apostles were to follow him in works and in HIS NAME.

“Where two or three are gathered in my Name (Anointed Savior-Healer), there am I in midstof them.”


 John’s Apocalypse indicates that the Spirit of the Anointed Savior shall again reincarnate2,000 years later. On Dec. 13th 1942, Johnny Lovewisdom experienced a Spiritual Initiation, aBaptism of Heaven, receiving in him the Spirit of Avatars, Buddha and Christ, appearing tohim in the clouds of Heaven gloriously, which thereupon authorized and enabled him toreveal a vast new Lovewisdom Message. He had not read any life story of Jesus, the bible, northe life of Buddha, but henceforth he declared he was the Vehicle of the World Teacher,

Buddha and Christ, confirmed by his 1945 Autobiography, altho of later curiosity he studiedtheir lives and teachings, to be able to present the true story of his former incarnations, nowperverted in myth and mockery. Intuitively he is guided so as to reveal a comprehensive NewAge Encyclopedia of Vitalogical Sciences by which man would restore Paradise to earth, butalso entangles the mystery of ages-old secrets as to his incarnation as to the origin ofBuddhism, Christianity, and other doctrines. Other titles of this book might have been,

“Hermit, Saint of the Andes and Father of the New Race and New Age”, “Tibetan Yoga in theHigh Andes since 1942”, “A Paradisian’s Search for Paradise”, or “MAITREYA,






 T H E H E A L I N G G O D S P E L L










Copyright 1976 by


The Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection


Printed and Published by


International University of the


Living Science of Man


Casilla H, Loja, Ecuador








“One Jesus Christ, Indivisible


born of and in Spirit, not of


mortal flesh, crucified in all.”




 “Now, there was about this time a healer, a wise man, if it belawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works,-

a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drewover to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles. Hewas anointed and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principlemen among us, had condemned him to the cross, those thatloved him at first did not forsake him, for he appeared to themalive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretoldthese and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him;

and the tribe of the anointed, so named from him, are not extinctat this day.” From the “WORKS OF FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS”,

Antiquities of the Jews, Book 18, Chapter 3, Translated byWilliam Whiston from the original in Greek, Published by S.S.

Scranton Co. 1909, we have adapted our quotation as the classicalbit of evidence of the historicity of Jesus Christ, other than theNew Testament narratives on the legend to determine if it was


*originally an introduction, moved here due to its length and advanced topic.





entertaining fiction, or an allegorical book of philosophy such asexpertly designed by Essenes, Therapeuts and Gnostics oractually a historical document. In this new work, unlike ourother manuscripts, where we voice the doubt of Bible Critics asto the authenticity of this evidence in Josephus, except as aninterpolation, now we shall declare a “Scriptural Holiday” byaccepting the positive view, affirming that indeed this evidenceactually be true, adding to a sense as to the infallible Word of AllScriptures. Does this change the evidence as to the N.T. beingfiction, Allegory or History?


 There is a confirmation of the above cited evidence in thesame Works, Book 20 Chapter 9: “Festus was now dead, andAlbinus was but upon the road; so he assembled the Sanhedrin ofjudges and brought before them the brother of the healer whowas called anointed, whose name was James, and some othersand when he had formed an accusation against them as breakersof the law, he delivered them to be stoned”... However, unlike theWhiston translation, I have used “healer” the meaning of Jesusand “anointed” as the meaning of the Greek word Christus,

since, unless indicated in the text, such can be descriptive wordsrather than names of persons, places, etc. Christian Apologistswill naturally insist they should be capitalized, but let us take theunbiast scientific viewpoint. There are even ten different Jesusesmentioned as names by Josephus, so James was the brother ofwhoever was called Messiah in Hebrew, or Christus in Greek orAnointed in English. Josephus finishes the paragraph saying that“King Agrippa took the high-priesthood from Ananus, and madeJesus, the son of Damneus, high priest”. Then, ”Jesus, son ofGamalied, became successor of Jesus, son of Damneus,” andGessius Florus became successor of Albinus! Christus or Messiahwas the title of the High Priest and King, just as “Jesus” was thename of healers or saviors, coming from the verb to save just asEssene and Therapeut spoke of healers as well as the cult ofSaviors among Palestinians. Josephus gives one of the mostelaborate descriptions of the Essenes, beside the Jewish sects ofPharisees and Sadducees.


 In his own life story Josephus states that “One whose namewas Banus lived in the desert and used no other clothing thanthat which grew on trees and had no other food than what grewof its own accord, and bathed himself in cold water frequentlyboth by night and by day, in order to preserve his chastity: I





imitated him in those things and continued with him 3 years.”

He does not tell of what sect Banus was, altho he does say he didnot content himself with the trials of Pharisees, Sadducees andEssenes, but took recourse to this other fourth sect. At 19,

Josephus began to conduct himself according to the rules ofPharisees. At 26 he travelled to Rome with 3 priests “whosupported themselves on figs and nuts, and showed piety towardGod even under affliction”. Then he spent many years asGovernor of the Galileans and tells of encounters with Jesus,

leader of a seditious tumult of mariners and poor people, settingfire to Herod’s Palace and plundering the land. Also Josephuscautiously reveals a fourth sect of Jews who followed Judas aGalilean. “They have an inviolable attachment to liberty: and sayGod is to be their only Ruler and Lord. They also do not valuedying any kind of death, nor do they heed the deaths of theirrelatives and friends nor can any such fear make them call anyman Lord, and since this immovable resolution of theirs is wellknown to a great many, I shall speak no further about that matter;

nor am I afraid that anything I have said of them should bedisbelieved, but rather fear that what I have said is beneath theresolution they show when they undergo pain, and it was inGessius Florus’ time that the nation began to grow mad”. TheJews went wild and began a revolt against the Romans. Judas’zealous sect is identified as Zealots.


 Thus far, does anything told of these Galileans disagree inany way with what the N.T. Gospel of Christ teaches? Moreover,

Luke 6:15, Acts 1:13, also identifies Simon as a Zealot of theGalilean’s sect of what became known as Nassarenes andChristians, and Matthew 13:55 identifies Simon as the brother inthis sect of James, Joseph and Judas. In Josephus’ Works, Book 2Chap. 7 of Wars of Jews, he tells of a practice of pretenders of theresurrection miracle such as a spurious one pretending to beAlexander slain by Herod, his father, and he, along with hisbrother Aristobulus had risen from the dead, since he greatlyresembled Alexander and was instructed in his affairs, using thisfor the extortion of great sums of money, which greatlyentertained Cesar who nevertheless put him to death. In thissame book -chapter he continues telling of Simon the Essene,

gifted in prophesy, just as Judas the Essene is told of elsewherewith the same gift and immediately after these individuals hetells of Judas, the Galilean of the fourth sect of Jews that started





the revolt in Galilee. Josephus doesn’t try to trace any of thesestories but labels them by Essean, Galilean, Zealot, etc. accordingto opinions as to whom their acts resemble, just as todayreporters label characteristic actions to certain sects.


 Just as the N.T. confirms, Judas who headed the Zealots hadsons or followers, James, and Simon who were crucifiedaccording to Josephus (Antiq. 20:5). This follows an explanationof the legend of “a certain Magician named Theudas persuaded agreat part of the people to take their effects with them and followhim to the river Jordan, for he told them he was a prophet”,- justas John the Baptist did,- and that he would by his own commanddivide the river and afford them easy passage over it, and manywere deluded by it.” Fadus stopped him, and slew many. Then hetook Theudas alive, cut off his head and carried it to Jerusalemidentical to what is told of John the Baptist in the N.T. Bible.


 In Catholic tradition Thadeus is St. Judas, the Apostle andBrother of the Lord who wrote an Epistle of the N.T., lived aslong as John the Apostle, tells of the Enoch Book of Essenes, etc.

The Followers of Paul and Simon Peter quarrelled and broke up,

never to meet again, so Paul’s follower Luke, in Acts 5 states thatSimon Peter teaches “We ought to obey God rather than men”

filling Jerusalem with doctrine, beside the resurrection Savior,

and then tells of Judas Theudas who resurrected or rose but theyshould not speak in the name of Jesus or these men. Both Judas(Theudas) and Simon (Peter) went to Mesopotamia to the GnosticEastern Church (Essene), after these happenings. Simon (Peter)

and the Savior-Healer or Essene Christ were Crucified accordingto both Josephus and the N.T. Gospels, giving undeniable facts ofhistoricity to the N.T. Bible.


 When ever the historical Apostle’s tales told of instances thatwere at all adverse, risky or condemned by the doctrines of theRoman Catholic doctrine established and first organized by St.

Constantine at Nicea in 325 A.D., they were like the publicopinion polls of gossip and scandal recorded by orthodoxhistorians, as of foreigners, Gentiles, Magicians or Gnostics,

Galileans, Samarians, etc. When the deeds or stories of theApostles took on extremes but favoring the Jewish or RomanChurch dogmas, they were labelled “Essene”, or of a fourth sect,

the “Zealots”. According to Valentinus (most famous Gnostic)

and Basilides, the tradition of the Apostles came with the Gnosis(Wisdom) or Holy Spirit witnessed by Theodas (according to





Valentinus, Josephus, etc.) and Matthias (according to Basilides,

Acts 1 adding he was Joseph, Basabbas or Barnabas or Justus,

called Judas: Acts 15) so as to round up all the authors ofPalestine’s tales. Naturally Thomas, author of the Gnostic Gospelof Thomas, or the “Oracles” or “Secret Sayings of Jesus”, as theTwin or Spiritual Double of the Lord as Jesus’ Brother Judas,

Theudas, the Risen John the Baptist and Apostle combine to givemankind the First Christians of St. John in Antioch and fashionedthe original New Testament God-Spell. Mysteriously, Josephushaving been trained by Essene Gnostics, explains that the reasonwhy he did not write more about the fourth sect of Judas theGalilean was because, “nor am I afraid that anything I have saidof them should be disbelieved but rather fear what I have said isbeneath the resolution when they undergo pain” causing Revoltto Rome, destroying Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and spreading fromGalilee and Samaria to Antioch, Ephesus, Edessa, etc. thisSavior’s work according to Simon Peter “began from Galileewhere John the Baptist preached the Gospel of Jesus of Nassarethand how he had appointed him with the Holy Spirit and withpower who went about doing Good (Chrestus) and healing allthat were oppressed by the devil, for God was with him” (Acts10:38).


 Now to establish our claim that Simon Magus, Magician ofSamaria told of in Acts 8:9 who became a Christian and receivedthe Apostolic power thru the laying on of hands as a follower ofPhillip, and who the Roman Catholic Church accuses to be thefounder of the Gnostic First Christians that turned the EasternChurch into opposition to Rome, and that these Gnostics, Magior Magicians were precisely known also as Essenes andTherapeuts, we have the following proofs. Concerning this inJosephus’ Antiquities 20:7 we read that Simon, a Jew, pretendedto be a Magician (Gnostic) giving council to Drusilla to marryFelix who gave birth to Agrippa, etc. while in Book 17:13, hedescribes Simon the Essene interpreting a dream, (altho suchsciences were of Magi and Gnostics) with stories of N.T. natureor similarity beside Archelaus divorcing his wife Mariamne alsowith a prophetic dream, etc. This Simon, Gnostic, EsseneMagician while in Jerusalem persuaded the Jewish nation theyshould exclude King Agrippa from the Temple of Jews, accusinghim of not living in a holy way, later described in Catholictraditions as “St. Simon of Jerusalem, a brother of our Lord”. In





Catholic tradition, Simon and Judas preached in Babylonia(Mesopotamia), Judas ending in martyrdom, decapitated,

identical to the head taken to Jerusalem story as told of Theudasby Josephus, beside the story of John the Baptist, while also inCatholicism it is claimed that both the remains of Simon Peterand St. Judas were taken to be placed in a crypt in St. Peter’s ofRome. Likewise, Simon Peter wrote his Catholic Epistle I fromthe Church of the Elect in Babylon whereof he writes, althoRoman Catholic N.T. Bibles always carry a footnote, saying it isnot so, rather Babylon is figurative for Rome! Encyclopedias statethat St. John the Baptist’s body was buried in Samaria, at the footof Mt. Carmel, where the famous Colleges of the CarmeliteOrder, the Essenes and the Gnostic First Christians werefounded, as well as the Samaritan Order whose God-Spell wenow translate.


 The foregoing description of names contemporary toJosephus and the First Century Christian Era in the N.T. Gospels,

shows where the First Christians or Essene Gnostics obtained thehuman prototypes for their spiritualized allegories which becameChristian Scriptures. As we have shown in our work “SacredTheology of the Seven Churches of Asia” about Gnostic Christianorigins of God-Spells, the First Church Fathers historically inEastern and Western Churches both attribute that: “THOSEANCIENT THERAPEUTS (Essenes or Gnostics) WERECHRISTIANS AND THEIR ANCIENT WRITINGS WERE OURGOSPELS AND EPISTLES”, and Philo verifies that Therapeutsspent time in study composing and expounding these SacredScriptures, seeking the hidden, mystical or allegorical meaning,

rather than merely adhering to historical accuracy or details incommon worldly meaning. Josephus thus became the source ofJewish History that gave the original arch-types selected toillustrate symbolic, mystical or spiritual significance of thehappenings in all our lives and provide means in ideals to ahigher life. As the Christians preach even today, all their sins andthe sins of Christian Apostles as bloody warriors, Zealots, etc.

were washed away when they accept Christ nailing their sins toHis cross, whose glory we sing and feast by tradition.


 But some may say or ask: “But what on earth has any oldJesus myth got to do with my life after nearly two thousandyears of fighting about a religion of love? Just this, that what wethink about determines whether we are happy and have any ideal





to live for, or whether we lose all faith in Life seeking to destroyour bodies, or become heirs to suffering thru drugs, killing,

eating animals, crime, etc. The whole Roman Empire was in aCivil War started by the revolt and mystical tales of GnosticEssenes, just as today’s Governments are tumbling in corruption,

with even the same scene in the Middle East. Our futurehappiness in what we do for a living and how we do it, isdetermined by better and higher ideals inspired from what kindof God-Spell, ideal or Spirit we are lead by as much as it was inJohn Baptist’s time. Even the same sects of vegetariancontroversies, how to plant or earn a living, how to eat food,

treat pain, heal disease, the value of money, taxation, politics, etc.

are all part of Life this moment as when Josephus admiredEssenes, etc.


 But what about John the Baptist? Josephus must have a lot totell about him, having been a disciple of Banus 3 years who livedidentical or perhaps was the N.T. Prototype of John the Baptist,

Banus being the local term for the Bather or Baptist, like Baños isBaths in Spanish. “Now some of the Jews thought that thedestruction of Herod’s army came from God, and that very justlyas punishment of what he did against John that was calledBaptist, for Herod slew him who was a Good man andcommanded the Jews to exercise virtue, both as to righteousnesstoward one another and piety toward God, and to come tobaptism, for that the washing with water would be acceptable tohim if they made use of it, not in order to the putting away ofsome sins, but for the purification of the body: supposing stillthat the soul was thoroughly purified beforehand byrighteousness. Now, when many come in crowds about him, forthey were greatly moved by hearing his words, Herod whofeared lest the great influence John had over the people mightput it into his power and inclination to raise rebellion, thought itbest by putting him to death to prevent any mischief he mightcause and not sparing a man who might make him repent of itwhen it should be too late.” Antiquities 18:5.


 First, this reveals why John the Baptist was the Prototype ofthe Savior Healer, “a wise man if it be lawful to call him a manfor he was a doer of wonderful works, as a teacher of men whoreceive truth with pleasure...who was anointed (Christus orMessiah)...for whom Messianists or Christians are named. Takenote that John is called “Chrestus” in Greek, and “Chrestos in





Latin or Good in English. Jesus defines God saying, “Why callme Good (Chrestus), One is Good (Chrestus), God.” “None isGood but God.” (Matt. 19, Luke 18).


 In the second century, Sueton wrote about the Jewish revoltreaching Rome, caused by “impulsore Chresto (One Chrestus,

like John, instigating)”. Justin Martyr explained this at once, “Weare Chrestians (best of men), and so it can never be just to hatewhat is Chrestus (Good); therefore to hate what is Chrestian isunjust.” “Those that lived according to Logos were reallyChristians concluded the Gnostic St. Clement of Alexandria,

explaining why the Word (Logos) was exemplified in Socrates,

Plato, Pythagoras, etc. The Gnostic First Christians believed theywere the true Messianists or Christians, which orthodox Jewishdoctrine denied, except among the Essenes. Antioch thus becamethe Church of the Apostles that spread the God Spell (Gospel) toall other parts of the world, so that the earliest Christian Church(Marcionite) that is dated by inscription (318 A.D.) reads “TheLord and Savior (Jesus), Chrestus (Righteous)”, not “Christus” orMessiah. This evidence shows that the traditional First Christiansof Antioch were Gnostic Chrestians of John, the Good. TheEssene Dead Sea Scrolls are shown to be dedicated to the veryTEACHER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS or “Chrestus” in Greek. Eventhe Catholics called Judas (St. Jude), brother of our Lord orThaddeus “the Loving” Apostle of the Lord. Simon who was ason (follower) of John Baptist (John 21) was also “son ofTheodas” or Judas which Josephus tells about, identifying all theZealots who were stopped at the Jordan River, that becomePrototypes of Spiritual Rebels (that originated in John theBaptist’s beheading) to Rome even. Finally, it is Judas Thomas orthe Spiritual Twin, Double of the Savior that reveals the nature ofthe Lord, that is to say, know Christ our Healer first hand by Hiswounds in our flesh: “Do Penance for the Kingdom of God is athand” being the identical words of John Baptist and Jesus. Handsand feet pierced going barefoot and weeding thistles and thornsout of Paradise, heart speared with conscience of God’s Law, andhead crowned with thorns of Righteousness but scorned byindignities of worldly calumny, in the wounds of Logos, Gnosisor our Inner Lord we know Him as Initiates of Christ. TheSpiritual double or “Christus-Chrestus or Savior of GnosticChrestians in the physical body was John the Baptist, a Goodman, risen as Theodus and Judas, showing the play of allegorical





words of the SAME SOUND but different spelling. Thus, theSpiritual Double is purified in the Baptism of Fire in theResurrection to the Holy Spirit, showing the Monophysticconcept of Jesus Christ as Light-Fire in persons purified as Johnthe Baptist in the physical “Temple of a Living God” or washedof sins with the Baptism of Living Water (Juicy Fruit diet) givingthe Immaculate Conception without menstrual or seminalbloodshed. The Mystical allegories of the N.T. and GenesisParadise explain today’s Truth.


 All the God-Spell writings of the N.T. reveal the Gnosis,

which signifies Truth, Good, Love, Love or Spirit of God thrutheir mystical allegory spiritualizing the contemporary history ofPalestine in the first and second century, along with traditionalmyths, just as the Gnostic Essenes had taken the gory tales ofMoses, Jephtha, David, Sampson, Elijah and other war criminalswho slaughtered thousands, beside the bloody sacrifices ofinnocent harmless sheep, doves and other animals on Jewishalters in Temple worship, denying their value before God,

participating only in unbloody offerings to God and mysticallyinterpreting sacrifice as the overcoming of our animal naturesand sin. The Spirit of Jesus (Saviors) is Indivisible, One in all wholive in Him.


 People who read the N.T. Bible taken outside of the Jewishhistory of old Palestine in the first century are generally shockedat the cruelty and the mockery of the crucifixion story. If theywould insert the story of the N.T. Jesus Christ in with the rest ofall the gory tale, where crucifixions and the setting up of allkinds of ignoble traitors (some of whose names were also Jesus)

and making mockery of Jewish tradition about the AnointedPriest-Kings in a recurrent sadist circus, who would want to bepart of any Anointed-King Son of David the champion of WarCriminals and assassins? With all the fraud Josephus tells ofmiracle-pretenders of his day, one would easily suspicion suchclaims for a man of virtue and holiness. People are finallybeginning to question the integrity of Kings who claim God is onthe side of Killers and criminals who attack peaceful people inaggressive wars. Only if we understand the Crucifixion story as amystical initiation in allegorical symbolism is its true worthdiscovered. The vicarious atonement of animals never saved manfrom his sins, and much less the killing of any human scapegoatsacrificed, as Christians now claim. People should read Josephus





and see for themselves.


 Luckily, I was not overwhelmed by Jesus’ crucifixion, when Ifirst read the N.T. Bible in 1944. However I was mysticallyawakened, with tears running down my cheeks as I read aboutJohn the Baptist who lived so close to my ideals at that time as ahermit, and yet was beheaded for the Truth he preached, just asin my work “Lessons from the Life of Love-Wisdom” or my 1945Autobiography I described my former reincarnations, includingliving before as John the Baptist. Thus, I have realized mySpiritual Return, or Resurrection of John, as the Eternal ApostleBeloved in Christ. My early background with a conscienceagainst bloodshed and killing, in my first journal at LakeQuilotoa Sept. 13, 1946, I began preaching, “For nearly 2,000years the world has lived in the Passion of Jesus, martyrs,

crusades, stigmas and all the bloody manifestation: He said hebrought the sword and not peace. It was a necessary Purification.

Instead of the horrible passion scenes, I bring mankind theMessage and Gospel of the Eternal Youth Life, a Profound Peaceto abide in a Divine Race...” Pain only punishes personal errorsin ignorance, ignoring Truth, till the Spirit is purified toGodhood. As the Gospels label them, the Virgin Birth, the LivingGod-Spell and the Resurrection are all Spiritual Initiations, butthe Crucifixion was intended to awaken in mankind anabhorrence to war crimes and the Slaughterhouse Temples theJew