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Paradise is not a physical place, it's a Spiritual, non physical, non intellectual, Intuition of your own Eternity of Being.

Living in the past is depression, living in the future is anxiety, anxious for it to arrive. Living and Being Alive in the present moment is Peace and Fulfillment Contained in the Ever Present NOW.

The I.Q. is not the Intuition, the Conscience, the Inner Small Voice.

Traveling to New York for the first time there is the wonder and exhilaration of seeing it for the first time. But then I kept wanting to see new things I had seen in books, on TV and in movies to keep feeling that wonder and exhilaration. It got addictive and exhausting to always be walking and moving toward that new thing to see.

It was not a healthy practice to always wanting to be traveling and seeing famous world sites.

Although it would be nice to see Bethany, Jerusalem, the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, and Bodh Gaya the fig tree of enlightenment of Buddha.

But it really is a trap thinking places can enlighten and bless you in an eternal manner.

Listening with your whole heart and being while fasting and praying is the most rewarding Journey to your Higher Self, your real Self, your Human Spirit.

The Intuitional Truth of your True Self, your higher Self in Heaven and your Higher Spirit Mate of the opposite gender, that is the true paradise.

God created or really emanated humans as male and female and each human has their opposite partner.

In high school I thought I found my True Spirit Mate going steady for 3 years but it was just a foresight of the Real Thing.

Now and then I yearn for the oceanic bliss of Teenage Love which is so powerful since it is the first experience of Love Bliss but fortunately not the best or highest example of it

High School Love is extremely passionate and clingy being so dependent on the other for a Self not totally discovered as yet.

Humans are spiritual in Essence and many factors allow or hinder the Knowing of that, such as Diet, Stressful Work, Alcohol, Drugs, Dead Water laden with inorganic minerals, over or underweight and extremes of temperature in the weather.

Finding paradise is futile if you are looking for a physical place or a physical partner because they are material and all matter is like grass that withers and is burned in the fire.

Great suffering and dis-illusionment and grief give birth and passage to the Real World of your True Spiritual Identity.

Doing a two day fast on living juices will help you discover your Intuition, your Conscience who is your Partner Guiding you from Heaven, the true Paradise Above, while all the material world suffers below.






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