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Pilate asks, “Art thou the king of the Jews?” But Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of the world...If my kingdom were of the world I should not be delivered by the Jews.”



(Editor's note: John the witness of the Spirit of Christ is being asked if he is the new Jewish king.



He says, no my kingdom is not of the material world as it was for the Jews.



John was Galilean from northern Palestine, not southern Judea. The Jews would have honored and loved him if he were one of them.)

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia informs us:


The population of Galilee was composed of strangely mingled elements-Aramaean, Iturean, Phoenician and Greek. In the circumstances, they could not be expected to prove such sticklers for high orthodoxy as the Judeans. Their mixed origin explains the differences in speech which distinguished them from their brethren in the South, who regarded Galilee and the Galileans with a certain proud contempt.



Pilate said to them, “But you have the custom that I should release one unto you at the Pasch. Will you have that I release the king of the Jews?”



They all cried again saying: “Not this man but Barabbas! Now Barabbas was a robber.”



What Pilate’s use of the patronymic of Jesus Bar-Abbas (Matthew 27:17), or Son of the Father, really means is an Aramaic equivalent of “a chip off the old block”,



showing that Simon the Zealot is of identical character as his father, Judas, the father of the Zealot seat of violent Jewish anarchists, as told by Flavius Josephus in his Jewish history, and now inferred, justifying his crucifixion in lieu of Jesus the Nazarite Essene.



Simon was a Zealot, son of Judas (his father or abba), father of Zealot riots, and yet one of the “brethren” who believed in Jesus (i.e. John). The Synoptics accuse “Jesus” of a part in sedition,-as a murderer and as a prisoner.



So now, as I explained in The Paradisian God Spell, Simon Peter sent Judas, his “son” meaning co-conspirator, to the priests earning 30 pieces of silver for the capture of Jesus the Nazarene.



Simon continues his falsification as “son” or disciple of Jesus, first seeking to defend him from capture (Simon Peter cutting the ear of the Roman soldier), and yet later denies knowing him thrice.



But once John was at the High priests, he was recognized by them, and thus they use him to capture Simon in the end.



Pilate scourged Jesus (John not Jesus Barabbas) with a reed and crowned him with thorns, which threw the Jewish persecutors off their guard, they continue out of the city where they seize Simon, a transgressor in the Cyrenian riots, make him carry the cross and crucify him as Jesus, king of the Jews.


[From the Jewish Encyclopedia: Judea was full of robber bands, says Josephus (l.c. 10, 8), the leaders of which each desired to be a king. Josephus mentions Judas as "the founder of the fourth sect of Jewish philosophy, who taught that God is the only Ruler and Lord, and neither death nor any dread should make them call any man Lord"; and at the same time he says, "The nation was infected with their doctrine to an incredible degree, which became the cause of its many misfortunes, the robberies and murders committed." "B. J." ii. 17, 8). "It was then that Judas, the son of Hezekiah, the above-mentioned robber-captain, organized his forces for revolt, first, it seems, against the Herodian dynasty, and then, when Quirinus introduced the census, against submission to the rule of Rome and its taxation..Of Judas' three sons, Jacob and Simon fell as martyrs to their cause in opposing the Roman rule under Tiberius Alexander. ("Ant." xx. 5, 2)]



Bar means Son, so Son of Abbas is the meaning of Barabbas. Simon Bar Abbas is Peter the fisherman of Galilee, the one who pulled his sword on the Roman soldier and denied Christ three times and of whom Christ said get thee behind me Satan, all of which shows he was a violent Zealot robber/thief just like his father the founder of the Zealots.



Obviously, when Jesus Barabbas was released, Pilate had him unbound but taken by force to carry the cross to Calvary.



Pilate was forewarned by his wife (Matthew 27:19) not to do anything to the “risen John the Baptist”, so he avoided that with the ruse of another Jesus to crucify Simon the Zealot.



No one outside the Apostles of John knew which one was Jesus Christ, because even the high priests servants had to be shown who he was by the kiss on the cheek by Judas. Jesus is the Living God, not a person.



Everybody was happy, Simon certainly wanted fame as
“king of the Jews”, which in turn was contrary to John’s ideal as an Essene Nazarite. Since Simon repented, he was saved also.



Jesus (Barabbas) did not die for us, and had no merit to save us. Jesus Barabbas or Simon had murder, theft, and sin plentifully, but not the theorized blood of the Lamb of God, to purchase the salvation or take away sins of himself nor the world.



excerpts from The Buddhist Essene Gospel of Jesus Vol. I









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