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Eusebius Pamphili, Bishop of Cęsarea in Palestine, was the "Father of Church History" according to the Catholic Encyclopedia.


Eusebius was a 4th-century pioneer who's work gave a chronological account of the development of Early Christianity from the 1st century to the 4th century.


Eusebius, asserts in his History of the Church:

"Those ancient Therapeuts (Essenes) were Christians, and their ancient writings were our gospels."


The Therapeuts, Essenes, Pythagorians and Magi, received their rule of life and origins from the Gymnosophites, name given by Philo, etc. for the Buddhist yogi Missionaries from India.  


Encyclopedia Britannica: GYMNOSOPHISTS (Lat. gymnosophistae, from Gr. γυμνός, σοφιστής, “naked philosophers”), the name given by the Greeks to certain ancient Hindu philosophers who pursued asceticism to the point of regarding food and clothing as detrimental to purity of thought.


Diogenes Laėrtius, biographer of the Greek philosophers, (ix. 61 and 63) refers to them, and asserts that Pyrrho of Elis, the founder of pure scepticism, came under their influence, and on his return to Elis imitated their habits of life, to what extent does not appear. Strabo (xv. 711, 714) divides them into Brahmans and Sarmans (or Shamans).

In the 2nd century CE, early church father Clement of Alexandria knew of Buddha and wrote the following:

   "Among the Indians are those philosophers also who follow the precepts of Boutta, whom they honour as a god on account of his extraordinary sanctity." ( Stromata (Miscellanies), Book I, Chapter XV).


Theravadin Buddhist missionaries by edict of King Ashoka (273-232 B.C.) after the Third Buddhist Council in 241 B.C. were sent to many countries, including Kashmir, Afghanistan, Burma, Ceylon, China, Nepal, Tibet, and importantly, Egypt and Syria in the Middle East, which had an influence on groups such as the Neo-Platonists, Gnostics, and the Essenes.


King Ashoka was the third monarch of the Indian Mauryan dynasty and has come to be regarded as one of the most exemplary rulers in world history.


His empire stretched from the parts of the ancient territories of Khorasan, Sistan and Balochistan (unpartitioned) in what is now Afghanistan and possibly eastern Iran, through the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, to present-day Bangladesh and the Indian state of Assam in the east, and as far south as northern Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.


His edicts posted on pillars throughout his kingdom prohibited the killing of living beings:

''I have enforced the law against killing certain animals and many others, but the greatest progress of righteousness among men comes from the exhortation in favor of non-injury to life and abstention from killing living beings.'' - Asoka's Edicts


After his bloody conquest of Kalinga in the eighth year of his reign, Ashoka renounced military aggression and resolved to live according to the dharma. He spoke of Buddhism only to fellow Buddhists and adopted a policy of toleration for other religions.


He spread Buddhist teachings through inscriptions known as the Rock Edicts and Pillar Edicts. He enjoined officials to be aware of the needs of common people and to dispense justice impartially; dharma ministers were appointed to relieve suffering and look to the special needs of other religions, women, outlying regions, and neighbouring peoples. -Merriam Webster/Britannica Encyclopedia


From the fact that they often lived as hermits in forests, the Greeks also called them Hylobioi (cf. the Vāna-prasthās in Sanskrit writings).


The Buddhist missionaries to Palestine and Egypt became known as the Pure followers of the Enlightened Saviour (Light of the World) or Essenes as well as the Therapeuts, who began converting man away from the Slaughterhouse Altars and Temples of the Jews.


Like Buddhists, the succeeding Essenes discontinued all teachings of Retribution or Karma, teaching forgiveness, rather than "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" excuses for killing and endless revenge, becoming regarded as Immortals having blessed and deathless life.




In, summary, Buddhist missionaries are said to be the founders of the Essenes and then the Esoteric or Gnostic Essenes were the founders of Christianity.






Letter from Prince O. M. Chenrezi Lind, Kut Humi Lal Singh, or the Tashi Lama, who was the first Tibetan Lama to ever come to America. It was he who gave authentic fact to the removal of WORLD-WIDE HOLY SEE OF SPIRITUAL BUDDHISM of the Tibetan Lamas to actual establishment in the Ecuadorian Andes:

SPIRITUAL GRAND LODGE AND ETERNAL ORIENT THE SEVEN EASTERN ESOTERIC SANCTUARIES & UNIVERSITIES: Maha Bodha Mandala (7 International Centers) Chygatzeh, Tibet, The Ch’an Chang Lob Sanctuary, Sinkiang (Old Northern Tibet), Imperial Order of Karakorum, Kara Nor,Sinkiang, Kara Nor, China & Chygatzeh, Tibet.

From: The Maha Chohan of 6th Root Race To: The Maha Chohan of 7th Root Race

Matter: Initiation to White Lotus Order of Gurus Agharta, Wesak 29/07/1954 Rev. Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom, Box 7, Kaweah, Calif. U.S.A.

Beloved Maitreya:

Much obliged for your letter, journals, Transcendental Truth Teachings and Spiritualizing Dietetics courses. It is only by example that you can teach mankind. By the spoken word it is almost impossible, because there is the probability of being misquoted, misunderstood or misconstrued. It is better to be a living example of your own teaching.

Since you continue to inquire about Siegmeister’s perverted vision about myself, may I state just as I did in my 1942 "Discipulos y Maestros" book in Spanish that I sent you: The Real Disciple seeks to emulate the teachings of his Master, is sincere and humble in dignity without speaking evil to anyone or vanity in his own accomplishments. As I said then and truly believe, one should live in harmony with Nature, never straying from her demands and procedures, knowing that all excuses for the contrary to be evil.

Sleep 8 hours, eat enough but never excess, abstain from eating all flesh foods, spices, hot peppers, alcoholic drinks, smoking, the use of all drugs and perfumes, bathe frequently, do not use heavy clothing, and exercise the body and mind daily. These rules keep me in the best of health by practice. This was also the basis of our teachings on Biosophy which I sent you at Lake Quilotoa.

I realize that you are sincere in your efforts, but there are many who willingly seek to mislead you. Your example in the 7 months fast, and now the renewed attempt to achieve the legendary abstinence from the need for solid food is colossal as it is historic, because you have not based it on miraculous gifts or superstitious faith, but findings from experimental procedures described in your teachings. Your books, Spiritualizing Dietetics, etc. are landmarks that will illumine sciences in the New Age. However, I would proceed much more cautiously, remembering the Golden Mean in moderation, because those seeking to emulate their teacher are treading a dangerous path, without your spiritual foundation, nor seen the photos you sent me showing the ghastly skeleton your body became after 7 months without solid food. Taoist Masters and Yogis are rumored to have achieved long periods without solid food. Our legendary Hyperborean forefathers are said to have nourished from solar energy in the air, before they partook of the luscious fruits of their earthy Paradise.

But all that is only legend. If they ate no solid food, their bodies were not solid, since it follows that being nourished of vaporous substances in the air, their bodies too would be vaporous substances like the clouds. Is the Message of Maitreya to become only a cloud in the mind of mankind, or shall it become the exemplified emancipation of mind and body thru illumined Wisdom of Life, Biosophy, applicable to your greater self spread throughout mankind,-true Karuna? The human mind has been tricked so often, until now show stunts are associated with charlatans and miracle mongers. Remember, that the Great Enlightened Ones by their example in practical life, appeared quite human, solid bones and flesh, like the rest of us, yet they were radiant in Wisdom and steadfast in peace. Illumination is Spiritual Transformation, not just another physical change in form or appearance,-matter being ever-changing with no lasting permanency.

As you now witness during your fasts, and with your Message to mankind, the greatest events are only faced with disbelief and scorn. When I arrived as the first Tibetan Lama or Teacher to come to the U.S.A. in 1933, I found the same disbelief. Seeing a Master of the Great White Brotherhood face to face, the impostors claiming to speak in the name of the Hierarchy found no comparison to their dreams, astral psychism, i.e. their own saviors and foolhardy path of salvation, rejecting the true teaching of the East. Ironically enough, living on the isolated mountain top, your message washeard all over the world, capable of bringing a beaten trail of sincere admirers to the door of your hut, but now people do not believe your fasts or accept your teaching. The esoteric engenders intrigue.

I am happy for the friendship and guidance the Ven. Anagarika N. K, provides. She speaks often of you in her letters. Time will prove the Essence of Truth and Spirituality in our mission. Your status as the Saint of the Andes, and the Great American Yogi, depends on the exotic and mystical intrigue of the High Andes, the New Tibet, and World Spiritual Shrine, as the Hierarchy has foreseen for the New Age and the Coming 7th Root Race. Mr. Sheppard exploited the exotic quality, but he and Siegmeister are the type of people who will betray their best friends to get a fast dollar or personal glory they gain from it, yet posing as humble humanitarians. We must avoid them at all cost, continuing our mission establishing a colony of true disciples who will not fail us in the Andes of Ecuador, for which we have already publicized the Advent of Maitreya, thru many sources, as well as Helena Petrovna Blavatsky stating it would be South America in the last century. You must find a Colony site with an ideal climate to start a new Eden capable of sustaining an international following. Lake Quilotoa was no place for such a venture.

Just as the Cosmic Hierarchy established itself in Hyperborea, and continued in the heart of Asia from age to age in the succession of Maha Chohans and the subordinating Great White (or Spiritual) Dynasty of Gurus, the New Race and Age (in spite of the misconstrued presentation of Sheppard and Seigmeister) since 1942 has historically recorded the transference of the focal point of Cosmic Power, Spiritually to the Andes. The Father of the New Race and Age, Maitreya, embodied in your aspirations to the Highest and Innermost Essence of Buddhahood, must establish the new Spiritual Dynasty to guide the yet unborn part of the Aquarian Race that will gradually appear in centuries to come. Each Dhyana Buddha established their line of High Spiritual Teachers, Lamas or Gurus on earth, and Maitreya, the Lord of Enlightened Love and Compassion, Love Wisdom, shall be the Realization and qualification with the Celestial Hierarchy of the Cosmic Realm.

The Lhasa Hierarchy of Dalai Lamas that the materialistic West gives credence too is only of the political capital of Tibet. The Maha Bodha Mandala of Tdashi Lumpo, Chygatzeh, till now has been the Esoteric and True Spiritual Capital of the planet earth. But the Hierarchy has sensed ominous trends in the future of Tibetan Sanctuaries. On this mandate the great work of the mission we under took must continue to firmly establish the Maha Maitreyana Mandala and Lineage of Spiritual Direction of the New Race and Age. My advent in New York in the Great Shambhala Celebration of the deceased Dalai Lama, the 13th and designated the last in his line, announced the Impending New Age.

Then nearly a decade later, my departure from Ecuador, or the New Tibet, symbolized the Birth of the New Age and the 7th Root Race, coinciding with your spiritual experience in 1942. The Sacred Trust of your published declarations made in 1945 in "Lessons from the Life of LoveWisdom", we judged your Spiritual Potential and Authority for leadership in the Spiritual Hierarchy. (The funds for your return to Ecuador will be provided for this.) This is why the Sugma Red Lama, Dr. Dickhoff, in his book published in 1947 recorded this plan for posterity described as that of Maitreya, the World Teacher with his Spiritual Center in Ecuador.

In the Inner Realm call upon the Mandala of Cosmic Power, in my namesake with the Mantra "Aum Mani Padme Hum" in your Bodhi Contemplations to permeate our work with Spiritual Dynamism. Transcending mental functions, live in the Plane of Spiritual Principles which Spirituality is and the Real Hierarchy is. Spiritually in Truth and Love, I thus assure you of our support in the Cosmic Mission. Best of wishes, with my Blessing of Health, Peace and Protection in Maitreyana Mandala.

Signed, Kut Humi Lal Singh, Prince O. M. Chenrezi Lind


By 1933, Prince O.M. Cherenzi Lind, Maha Chohan, Master K.H. and Ven. Hutulktu Kwang Hsih, arrived in U.S.A. In his 1934 Wesak Message he wrote in year of my First Spiritual Initiation, -"The Lord Maitreya is not yet fully manifest, and let it be understood, will never be a person, altho the sense deluded mystics and the anthropomorphists of religion will give him a human form, with whiskers and all. The Lord Maitreya will only be a Cosmic or Universal aim and urge, endeavor and value, principle in idealization,- not a man, messiah or a divinity."

Lovewisdom is not a person, but Superconsciousness, so the physical person giving the Maitreya Message is not to be worshiped, disciples being only those who live in LOVE-WISDOM doing its Teaching. Maitreya or the Messiah, the One Expected is Christ, the first Emanation of God and He is freely accessible to all regardless of race, rank or economic status.







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