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In Western Civilization the idea that there are three-parts
that make up a human being: mind, body and spirit came from Socrates and it was written down by his pupil and friend Plato in BOOK IX of the Republic:

"The second proof is derived from the nature of the soul: seeing that the individual soul, like the State, has been divided by us into three principles, the division may, I think, furnish a new demonstration.

Of what nature?
It seems to me that to these three principles three pleasures correspond; also
three desires and governing powers.
How do you mean? he said.

There is one principle with which, as we were saying,

a man learns,

another with which he is angry;

the third, having many forms, has no special name, but
is denoted by the general term appetitive,

from the extraordinary strength and
vehemence of the desires of eating and drinking and the other sensual appetites which are the main elements of it; also money-loving, because such desires are generally satisfied by the help of money.
That is true, he said.

(Editor: i.e. MONEY BOUGHT PLEASURES like: living to eat, fine wines and alcoholic drinks, exotic cars, mansions, estates, having to buy the latest cell phone/computer.

Could we combine food, thirst, sex and creature comforts with wisdom-rationality?

Like eating a living lacto-vegetarian diet, sexual conservation or karezza, living comfortably but not excessively comfortable in a home garden paradise?)

If we were to say that the loves and pleasures of this third part were concerned with gain, we should then be able to fall back on a single notion; and might truly and intelligibly describe this part of the soul as loving gain or money.


I agree with you.

Again, is not the passionate element wholly set on ruling and conquering and getting fame?
Suppose we call it the contentious or ambitious–would the term be suitable?

(Editor: Being famous, respected by the world, competitive instead of cooperative in learning the truth, your reputation, honor, societal value, social status, social media popularity, how the main stream media sees your lifestyle, do my aunts, uncles, cousins love me or hate me? It's all so irrelevant, not important, but we worry about it, foolishly, unwisely.

It includes wanting to fight people physically or mentally to dominate or conquer them which includes boxing matches and MMA bouts, having to be right all the time and the anger that comes when people do not agree with us.)

Extremely suitable.

On the other hand, every one sees that the principle of knowledge is wholly directed to the truth, and cares less than either of the others for gain or fame.
Far less.

(Editor: This principle of knowledge, that childlike openess to learning is our True Self, the Real You, not the ego willful, contentious, angry spirit that the archons gave us or the bodily somatic desire of the material body which is desire-appetite-money seeking. What part of the tripartate are you acting from? Is it only from the lower two levels or can you let the highest aspect within you guide the lower aspects of your being?

’Lover of wisdom,’ ’lover of knowledge,’ are titles which we may fitly apply to that part of the soul? 

(Editor: A lover of wisdom is a philosopher; philo means love and soph means wisdom thus we get Lovewisdom. Wisdom is Higher Knowledge, Divine Truth, Intuition, Your Conscience, Life Experience.)

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