Agrarian Means: Farming, Gardening, Horticulture or Fruit Tree and Berry Cultivation, Growing Your Own Salad Vegetables and Berries.


Agrarianism is a social/political philosophy which values rural society over urban society, the independent farmer is seen as superior to the paid worker.


Agrarianism sees farming as a way of life that can shape the ideal social values. It stresses the superiority of a simpler rural life as opposed to the complexity of city life, with its banks and factories.


Agriculturalism was an early agrarian social and political philosophy in ancient China that advocated peasant utopian communalism and egalitarianism (equal value of all people). 



The philosophy is founded on the notion that human society originates with the development of agriculture, and societies are based upon "people's natural propensity to farm." (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden)



The Agriculturalists believed that the ideal government, modelled after the semi-mythical governance of Shennong, is led by a benevolent king, one who works alongside the people in tilling the fields!



The Agriculturalist king is not paid by the government through its treasuries; his livelihood is derived from the profits he earns working in the fields, not his leadership. 



Unlike the Confucians, the Agriculturalists did not believe in the division of labor, arguing instead that the economic policies of a country need to be based upon an egalitarian self sufficiency.



They encouraged farming and agriculture and taught farming and cultivation techniques, as they believed that agricultural development was the key to a stable and prosperous society.



The philosopher Mencius once criticised his chief proponent Xu Xing for advocating that rulers should work in the fields with their subjects.



One of Xu's students is quoted as having criticized the duke of Teng in a conversation with Mencius by saying: ‘A worthy ruler feeds himself by ploughing side by side with the people, and rules while cooking his own meals.



Now Teng on the contrary possesses granaries and treasuries, so the ruler is supporting himself by oppressing the people’.



The whole economic system based on money and not on produce like fruits, vegetables and dairy products supports the artificial lifestyle of the city with its stressful traffic and air pollution.



The Industrialization of farming is the cause of so many problems. The American people started out as subsistance farmers working the land, but the large city created an artificial lifestyle away from the land, cut off from the soil by concrete and asphalt jungles.



Farming became a mass market industry like Ford's car factories, and thus began the demise of the small family farm.



The most noble profession is farming. All wealth originates with the land, making farming the only truly productive enterprise.



Agrarianism claims that agriculture is the foundation of all other professions.



Paradisianism or the Paradisian way of life is to,

"Build Paradise, and eat the fruits thereof."



Growing a garden in the suburbs or country is

building your own paradise that provides food,

exercise and the enjoyment of seeing the fruits of

your labor.







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