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Johnny Appleseed


       As to the forerunners of the Paradise Builders, I would like to mention an American Pioneer born 1774, whose bicentennial should have been the ideal celebrated by the nation and inhabitants of U.S.A. John Chapman, better known lovingly to all as "Johnny Appleseed", is described by reference books as a wandering cultivator and promoter of apple orchards in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. His example was followed by the Indians who established orchards in settlements as the West opened up. 


       Sylvester Graham for whom whole grain bread and crackers were named, came forth near the end of Johnny Appleseedīs life (1774-1847) to continue the cause by preaching and writing about the return to the Fruit and Vegetable Diet, as did the physician, Dr. Russell Trall, among the Founders of Natural Hygiene, but today are ignored in the smaller Encyclopedias, while John Chapmanīs work became a legend without rival.


       Who can say, but could it be that peacefully exemplifying a Paradise Builder did more to propagate the ideal of growing fruit as God-Given Food, than a century of angry debating, whole grain bread campaigns that encourage erosion, and all the books and demonstrations against medical competition which only made for heavy indoctrination in schools and public on "need for animal protein", "Fad diets like Vegetarianism", etc.


       Before we can talk much of Fruit as an ideal food of man, we need fruit, which comes by Natural Paradise building from fruit seeds and not by writing, diet charts, and exclusive fruit diets from market produce obtained by chemical and radioactive mutations, weapons of poisons, freak surgical adaptations and other tricks on Nature.


       Now, if a treeīs productive years are increased multiple times when planted from seed, this means, saving twice as much energy or work by growing seedling trees in the long run, beside the greater wholesomeness of the fruits that are grown on trees with greater adaptation to environment, as compared to plants obtained by surgery, - grafting, scarring to give early fruit cuttings, layering, etc.


       Planted from seed, however, the tree bears in 3 years and it will live 15 or more years. This exemplifies our thesis that when one uses seedlings, the longevity of the tree increases twice or many times more than when grafted tree cuttings or other parts of older trees which carry an inflexible cellular structure of inherited age with them.


       When the whole tree is well selected from quality fruit of a seedling tree, of qualities true to seed it has the heredity adaptation to oneīs environment, beside the plantīs individual period of Juvenile upbringing with its formative years, creating resistance to disease, weather conditions, etc.


       Thus, it can be seen in the application of such insights and logic, and many other principles, Paradise building differs radically from Organic Gardening and Farming in its motives and methods.


       Organic farmers grow animals for organic meat, flesh, fish or fowl if not eggs while our objectives forbid this, even hoping to eventually eliminate the use of clabbered milk and animal transportation of building and food supplies, altho at first while pioneering these have become necessary, just as some may need to use fire for certain adaptations.


       However, the lands of Paradise Builders are true Wild Life Conservation areas, some trees will be planted and kept just to satisfy the needs of our feathered friends and other beasts of the wilds to avoid harm to our most esteemed fruits which may be second choice to them. Trees in our Paradise also have souls or spiritual being which we commune with, console, encourage, sympathize with and love, realizing our symbiotic Unity to the survival of Life.


       I see myself in the Spirit of Life, the genetic unity the identical substance of the pineapple, orange, loquat, papaya and other trees thru-out El Paraiso. All this is in your garden too if you have not discovered it, - much more nearer to seeking God in adorned churches and temples.


       Among the beasts one may discover new friends in every new venture, millions to chose from. Each day greater Love for all.

from "Paradise Building" by Johnny Lovewisdom 1975


note: Animal farms both organic and conventional do more to create climate imbalance than do burning of fossil fuels.

Physics : July 07, 2005

Global warming could be controlled if we all became vegetarians and stopped eating meat. That's the view of British physicist Alan Calverd, who thinks that giving up pork chops, lamb cutlets and chicken burgers would do more for the environment than burning less oil and gas.

Writing in this month's Physics World, Calvert calculates that the animals we eat emit 21% of all the carbon dioxide that can be attributed to human activity. We could therefore slash man-made emissions of carbon dioxide simply by abolishing all livestock.

Moreover, there would be no adverse effects to health and it would be an experiment that we could abandon at any stage. "Worldwide reduction of meat production in the pursuit of the targets set in the Kyoto treaty seems to carry fewer political unknowns than cutting our consumption of fossil fuels," he says.

Physics World is the international monthly magazine published by the Institute of Physics.

Source: Institute of Physics






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