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Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom



Carmelite Roman Catholic monk in Quito, Ecuador for 7 years.



FOUNDER of International University of Natural Living in 1962, an

international correspondence school with many students worldwide,

which was officially approved and accredited as a university by the

government of Ecuador in 1975.



Exclusive founder and developer of the Vitalogical Sciences into 7

divisions of research presented thru its International University.



In 1943 when on a 40 day fast at Lake Quilotoa he was visited and

initiated by Master Kut Humi Lal Singh, Maha Chohan, Prince O.M.

Cherenzi Lind, Tashi Lama of Tibet, (the first Tibetan lama to visit the

U.S. 1933). He appointed Dr. Lovewisdom to be his successor.



Even when tempted for fame when presented to 25 million readers in

the U.S.A. as the Father of the New Race he sought only to be a

Spiritual Father of the New Age and Race of Paradisians dedicated

to, "Building paradise and eating the fruits thereof." 



In the West this coincided with world recognition as the "Saint of the

Andes" appearing to millions in magazine articles in Europe and

Latin America. 



Appointed Patriarch Archbishop of Ecuador of Apostolic Gnostic

First Christians, including ancient Catholic and Eastern Orthodox

Churches as the Foundation of the Heavenly Ecclesia

internationally. Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom received his Doctorate in

Sacred Theology as the Patriarch Archbishop of Ecuador on

November 30th 1968, from the Gnostic Christian Church of St. John

in Nantes, France, chartered by the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of




A total of 24 Doctor’s Degrees honor and authorize Dr. Lovewisdom’s

research establishing the Vitalogical Sciences as mankindīs future

hope for Survival and Ideal in Living a Healthy and Heavenly Life.




"Pioneering the Restoration of Paradise, or the original model of

Divine Design for manīs life, devoted to keeping of fruit trees, which

provide the Living Water of Everlasting Life, giving the Purity, Joy of

Living and all the Blessings of Godīs Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

How the Alchemy of Living Plants, transmuting elements of earth,

manifests the Divine Materialization, which with God Consciousness

can make our life a true Paradise."  


Doctor Johnny Lovewisdom from the book, The Lovewisdom Message on Paradise Building





The book Spiritualizing Dietetics, Vitarianism is a classic on raw food and the spiritual life. 

When the doctors and professors went to study the centenarians in Vilcabamba they used Dr. Lovewisdom as consultant and guide.


Viktoras Kulvinskas was greatly influenced by Johnny's writings which is very evident in Survival into the 21st Century.


Dr. Bernard Jensen highly respected Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom and wrote a forward to his book on Vitalogical Hygiene.


He boldly stated many years ago in the thirties and forties that seeds, nuts, grains and beans are not for human consumption (even sprouted or soaked) and now science is proving him correct.


Johnny is not perfect and makes errors like everyone. Not believing pesticides were harmful was a big mistake. It caused paralysis and destroyed nerve tissue, leaving him unable to walk.


I remember the last time I saw him; when I entered the door he flung his arms wide apart and beamed with a big smile. I forgot all about our differences and we talked for hours. This is what it was all about.




Posted on the Lovewisdom group bulletin board :

do you think it would be correct to say that dr lovewisdom must have been doing something wrong in order to lose the will to live and die? and if so? what?

I don't know why Johnny died after (a friend) sold his farm with
the intention of helping Johnny build the Camp of Saints, but I
see it as a rebirth and certainly not an end.

Dr. Lovewisdom died at the dawn of the Third Millennium, a very propitious and symbolic time. Dr. Lovewisdom ushered in the New Age, real or symbolic, and then departed.

I would be hard pressed to say that Johnny did something wrong. I
would be just as hard pressed to say that Johnny did no wrong.
Dr. Lovewisdom often wrote about mistakes that he made.

He lived an extraordinary life, and left and extraordinary legacy. His
mistakes are all a part of that. His life is a lesson for us to
learn from, mistakes and all.

If it was time for him to make a transition from this life, and he lost all will to live in preparation to go, than that was no mistake. Dr. Lovewisdom's
spirit lives on.

Dr. Lovewisdom was a real person with real problems, who sought to
overcome the imperfections of humankind. He failed in his
lifetime, but the dream lives on.






His last words were that, Paradise (and the Camp of Saints) is not a place but rather a state of consciousness, i.e. the spiritual realm or the Immortal Spirit residing in each being.

Thus Paradisian really means one who follows their Immortal Spirit within.





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