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Irenaeus, the most famous heresy hunter and gnostic opponent



From The Gnostic Gospels by Professor Elaine Pagels:


Irenaeus declares that Christ

''did not despise or evade any condition of humanity, nor set aside for himself the

law which he had appointed for the human race, but sanctified every age . . .

He therefore passes through every age, becoming an infant for

infants, thus sanctifying infants; a child for children, thus

sanctifying those who are at this age . . . a youth for

youths . . . and . . . because he was an old man for old people ...

sanctifying at the same time the aged also . . . then, at last, he

came onto death itself.''


To maintain the consistency of his theory, Irenaeus revised the common tradition

that Jesus died in his thirties: lest old age be left unsanctified by Christ's

participation, Irenaeus argued that Jesus was more than fifty years old when he

died. (unquote from The Gnostic Gospels)


(editor- Here we have the greatest heresy hunter Irenaeus saying that Jesus never

died on the cross, rather he died in old age! 


Today we have protestant christians claiming that all

gnostics are devil worshippers based on the writings of Irenaeus,

when Irenaeus himself denies that jesus died on the cross at age

33! The crucifixion is the basis of the orthodox, protestant and

catholic creed that jesus died on the cross to expiate all our sins

by shedding his blood, when clearly the bible says that God wants

mercy and not sacrifice!


This goes to show that the whole cruci-fiction hoax was created by Simon Magus

aka Simon Peter Barabbas, son of the infamous Abbas, leader of the jewish revolt

against Rome in Cyrene. Simon Magus in the Acts of the bible claimed he was

god himself and is the same Simon Peter Barabbas the fisherman of Galilee who

drew his sword and cut off the ear of the roman soldier. This same Peter Simon

Barabbas is the one who carried the cross for Christ i.e. John and was crucified,

for terrrorist rebellion against rome. He survived the crucifixion by chance and then

claimed he was the king of the jews and god incarnate, later going to rome where

he is known as the magician Simon Magus.)


Aleister Crowley was a known devil worshiper but to lump all

gnostics in with Aleister Crowley is unwarranted. G.R.S. Mead

who wrote the book Fragments of a Faith Forgotten on the Gnostic religion was a

theosophist studying with H. P. Blavatsky.


H. P. Blavatsky said she never joined the masonic order. Lucifer is the Shining

One or Yehoshuay the first emanation of God and not satan the devil

who is an offspring of Yaldabaoth. Blavatsky was worshipping

the Shining One in paradise who liberated Adam and Eve from

Yaldaboath's domination by teaching them to eat from the

prohibited tree of good and evil and not the tree of life.


The devil was exchanged in the bible genesis story for Christ the Shining One

who liberated Adam from the ignorance of good and evil.




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