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Humans are emanated or spiritually created beings. God first emanated

Barbelo, creating without a partner. Then God emanated Christ the

Son with Barbelo. Christ's partner Mind was emanated and

they together emanated Adam and Eve the first spiritual Humans. This

is according to The Apocryphon of John.


In the Mandaean Liturgies for the Dead we read the standard formula:

I go to meet my image and my image comes to meet me: it caresses

and embraces me as if I were returning from captivity (like the

prodigal son or daughter).


This occurs after death with the release of the body and psyche or

natural mind or during life by a process of consciously dying or

detaching from the emphemeral, unlasting body, lower psyche (as

opposed to the higher Mind Nous and spiritual being Pneuma) and

physical world.


This conception is derived from a Zend Avesta (the canon of Persian

Gnostic religion of Zoroastrianism) doctrine according to which after

the death of a believer ''His own religious conscience in the form of a

fair maiden appears to his soul and replies to its question as to who

she is,


      I am, O youth of good thoughts, good words, good deeds, good

conscience, none other than thine own personal conscience... Thou

hast loved me... in this sublimity, goodness, beauty . . . in which I

now appear unto thee. Hadokht Nask 2. 9 ff


Or thine own personal Higher Self i.e. conscience.



Our most important relationship is to our Higher Self which is the spiritual part of

your lower self in a material body. The Higher Self is your anchor in the

spiritual realm or pleroma.


Your spiritual partner is also your paired higher spiritual self. Our conscience that

bothers us sometimes or whispers advice is our higher self or conscience

helping us from above. If you are male on the earth the still, small voice can be

feminine meaning it is the higher self of your spiritual twin. She or He is another

aspect of you, your mirror image, your Divine twin. Your higher self is both male

and female since you are one with him or her.


The being of Light that you meet at death or near death or ascension is your

higher Self. The tunnel and the white light at the end of it is your Higher Self.


Everyone has their anchor or true form in the spirit realm.


Other names for your spiritual mate are:

Adam's Eve and Eve's Adam,  Spiritual Consort,

Life Partner, Anima-Animus, Real Soul or Pneuma Mate,

Spiritual Soul Mate, Spiritual Partner and he/she is always,

already with you.




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