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        Christ was present among and worked through

many Apostles and Disciples, so He was a Living

Spirit and not limited to one man or woman in the



       John was the first to be touched and moved by

Christ, and then others too were touched by the Spirit

of Christ.

        Gautama in India was touched by the Spirit of

Christ or Goodness and Light, which is the meaning

of Buddha: In-Light-enment or being awake or reborn

in the Light of Christ and God.

In the Synagogue of the Marcionites on Mount

Hermon, built in the third century A.D., the Messiah's

title is spelled Chrestos. According to Tertullian and

Lactantius, the common people usually called Christ


Chrestus means ''the Good One'', "useful implement,"

and "upright servant," as well as "merciful one," and it

was used to "depict the good and beneficial work of a

moral servant." On the other hand Christos in Greek

means drugged!


No human in physical form or other Form can

be totally enlightened or absolute Light and Goodness

like only God is. Only God is In- Light -ened or

Absolute Light and Goodness, not even Christ can

equal the Perfect Good of God. This ends the

competing and claims of being a true Christian or

enlightened in the Buddhist sense because only God

is Truly Perfect and InLightened and Christ is the only

Real Christ-ian, since all humans are less than Christ

but can be in His fold and guidance as a Christ



Eventually all humans and other beings will be

returned to the Spirit realm, because all beings are

from God. To be born in Spirit is to accept your

Divinity as a Human Emanation of Christ and God.

Yaldabaoth was born in ignorance and was not

emanated because He received his Spirit from

Sophia, but not from Sophia's partner and thus he is

an incomplete, ignorant of God, being.


We can be One with God in the same sense that a

grandchild is one with his grandparents and thus One

with the Family as a whole. One but not equal to God,

because no one, not even Christ can equal God. God

is One and Only and we are emanated from Christ

who was the first emanation of God. We can also

never by like Christ in totality but can be guided by



God is One, before All, before birth and death and the

material world and we are emanated, through Christ

as a paired, male-female human that can never be

equal with God. The good news and the upshot is that

we are one with the Oneness of God as a child is a

member of the family.


How could God die or be born, since He is beyond all

earthly existence, although the source of it in Form

essence. Christ is not the Absolute totality of God,

He was His emanation and He was sent to humans in

the material world as a Spirit in order to free them

from their mortality and materiality in order to return

them to the Pleroma or Spirit Realm.


Christ is an Aeon and could never incarnate

in matter, but He could commune with humans on the

earth. John and his students or disciples communed

with Christ and did his bidding and good works on



Mohammed and Moses communed with God and His

Angels but not the Christ Spirit. Islam and Judaism

need to accept Christ as the First Emanation or First

Son of God and Barbelo or Man (Christ was the son of








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